Chapter 800: World Of Man

    Chapter 800: World Of Man

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    When he flipped to the first page, he was greeted by six majestic, golden words: One Finger To Break Seven Worlds!

    Even though Mo Wuji hadn't seen the contents at the back yet, he felt his scalp turning numb. One finger to break seven worlds? There was such a sacred art in Cosmos Edge?

    He believed that his Wheel of Life and Death and his Spiritual Will Arrow were considered impressive sacred arts, but in front of this one finger, they really did not seem like much.

    As he continued flipping, he was greeted by golden words. He could feel the energy of Creation flowing out the pages.

    "It all began from primordial chaos. The cosmos split, forming millions of dao insights and millions of worlds... In this Dao, All Dharmas are empty. In Emptiness, there is no form, feelings, thought, will consciousness..."

    From this, Mo Wuji finally understood where the Seven Buddha Scripture came from. So it turns out the Seven Buddha Scripture was a complete plagiarisation of a portion of this Seven World Finger.

    An extract actually became one of the three supreme treasures of the Buddhist School of Thought. Mo Wuji was sure that the Seven World Finger was not a sacred art of the Buddhist Dao. The Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor was actually able to extract the Seven Buddha Scripture from the Seven World Finger, even though it was a plagiarisation, demonstrated that this fella was definitely a genius.

    When he thought that even the Seven Buddha Scripture was merely an extract of this Seven World Finger, Mo Wuji's interest in this sacred art soared greatly.

    Mo Wuji took out two extreme grade immortal veins. Thereafter, he completely immersed himself into the study of this Seven World Finger. At this instant, not only was his brain furiously trying to decipher this Seven World Finger, his dao revelation channel was also involved in the deduction and the integration of the cultivation of Seven World Finger with his 108 meridians.

    Time flowed slowly; the extreme grade immortal veins under Mo Wuji gradually shrunk; Mo Wuji's cultivation also became more stable. Even though he was at God Physique Level 7, such long periods spent in study had caused his body to go thin.

    Loud rumbles resounded throughout the hall. However, compared to when Mo Wuji was cultivating the Seven Buddha Sacred Art, the current rumbles were more majestic.

    "Ka!" The loud sound of an explosion jolted Mo Wuji up from his study. He looked at the huge golden gate he just destroyed, but his heart remained indifferent.

    He guessed that it had at least been two to three years since he started delving into the Seven World Finger. Even though the time he spent on the Seven World Finger was much more than he had with the Seven Buddha Sacred Art, Mo Wuji was clear that what he knew was not even a drop in the ocean.

    His Seven World Finger seemed to be lacking something; it seemed to be lacking the boundless and majestic energy of Creation...

    The majesty of Creation... Mo Wuji suddenly thought about that grey stone that he obtained from here. The reason why he chose that grey stone was because the stone contained a sort of primordial energy of Creation.

    Could it be that the stone is the key to cultivating the Seven World Finger? If that's the case, then the Three Emperor Buddhist Emperor was a good guy after all? To leave the stone behind for him to use?

    Regardless of whether this was the case, Mo Wuji decided to retrieve the stone. He had been here for close to four years, but he actually hadn't taken a proper look at the stone.

    The stone looked very ordinary. The moment Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to try and communicate with this stone, he instantly felt a majestic primordial energy. At this instant, his understandings towards the Seven World Finger became clearer by a bit.

    However, it still felt like a body without a spirit. It was lacking a sort of cosmos-tearing aura. [1]

    Mo Wuji continuously tried to resonate with the energy within the grey stone, working hard to use that energy to allow him to gain insights on the Seven World Finger.

    "Boom!" An intense tremor exploded within his sea of consciousness. Immediately, he felt that this grey stone had fused with his Undying World. Finally, he had a faint understanding why the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor wasn't able to cultivate the Seven World Finger; it was because he didn't have a world of his own.

    The boundless and majestic dao energy fused together; Mo Wuji could even feel the process of the creation of the Heaven and Earth from the primordial universe.

    At this instant, his Undying World became more tangible. Even though his Undying World had yet to gather all five elements, it now had a power of origination. That grey stone shrunk rapidly until it finally disappeared.

    A clear enlightenment surged into Mo Wuji's mind. Mo Wuji suddenly stood up, and stabbed forward with his finger.

    At this instant, space disappeared. In fact, at this instant, everything disappeared.

    With this finger, everything within this space dissipated like clouds; everything seemed to have been extinguished and exterminated.

    "Boom!" The hall that Mo Wuji was in exploded; all the seals and arrays were turned to dust. The outside seawater, however, was unable to enter into this space. This entire space had been destroyed by Mo Wuji's finger.

    However, even if it was any more power, this finger would still dissipate. After some time, space returned, and the seawater came flowing in. Mo Wuji closed his eyes and he remained within the water.

    There was a clear insight still lingering within his dao revelation channel. Even though he was extremely weak at this moment, he wasn't willing to move. He would rather suffer the pressure of the seawater than to miss this enlightenment.

    The Seven World Finger was truly able the to break seven worlds. The reason why he was only able to destroy this ruins was because he was still unable to fully display the finger's true might.

    The Immortal Mortal Technique went into reverse circulation. In an instant, 108 minor circulations joined to form a major circulation. The major circulation concentrated around his dao revelation channel, continuously supplying energy to it.

    Mo Wuji's personal insights towards the Seven World Finger became increasingly clear. Currently, he was unable to break seven worlds with a single finger. However, this finger of his was gradually becoming a sacred art which could release seven forces capable of killing worlds.

    If his one finger could consecutively release seven World Killers, wait... there's no need for seven, as long as he could consecutively three World Killers, he was confident that he could eliminate Bao Bu with his current cultivation.

    After Mo Wuji gained enlightenment on his own World Killers, another insight appeared in his mind.

    A concept of his Seven World Killers derived from the Seven World Finger appeared. Not only that, he came up with a name for his First World Killer - World of Man [2].

    Just as Mo Wuji thought of the name 'World of Man', the second to seventh names of his Seven World Killers appeared in his mind.

    Second World Killer: Heaven and Earth; Third World Killer: Fortune; Fourth World Killer: Yin Yang; Fifth World Killer: All Creation; Sixth World Killer: Falsehood; Seventh World Killer: Returning Mortality.

    Mo Wuji inhaled deeply. Through the development of his Immortal Mortal Technique, the Seven World Finger actually became his own unique skill. The moment he thought of his Seventh World Killer, he knew that it was related to his Immortal Mortal Technique.

    Mo Wuji's dao insights belonged to him. Even though he had borrowed the help of the Immortal Mortal Technique, he was still able to rapidly gain understanding on his Seven World Killers.

    The Heaven and Earth is the furnace, Fortune is the labour, Yin Yang is the charcoal, All Creation is copper...

    In this world, was there a difference between Man and the copper burning within a furnace? It didn't matter whether a thing is living, or just another one of the All Creations within the Heaven and Earth, that thing is either an ant that was going to be burned in a furnace or a material to burn that ant for the Heaven and Earth.

    Only through breaking the falsehood of this dao will, can one break the seven worlds and obtain a new life for oneself. That was the true meaning of being a mortal; it's not about being an ant with the constant threat of being burned or crushed.

    "Boom!" The immortal elemental energy around Mo Wuji surged strongly. His dao will moved with greater fervour, breaking out of his sea of consciousness as it started to revolve undyingly around his body.

    Mo Wuji took a step forward. The sea in front of him automatically split into two. He seemed to instantly appear at the surface of the Oblique Sea. The pressure of the Heaven and Earth came looming; his energy got stronger and stronger.

    Mo Wuji was very clear that the Immortal Emperor Stage, which had always been so elusive, was appearing right in front of him.

    At this instant, he didn't use any immortal pill. Even though he had the Emperor Dao Fruit, he also didn't consume it. He was sensing a Dao which belonged to him; he was sensing a road that was only for him to tread on.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" Ten thick bolts of lightning came crashing. Not only didn't Mo Wuji take out any magic treasure, he flew towards the lightning and punched.

    The Heaven and Earth was a huge furnace. To get out of this furnace, he needed to find a world which belonged to him.

    "Crack! Crack!" The tearing sounds of bones cracking could be heard. Even though it was only the first wave of lightning, it had already caused injuries all over Mo Wuji's body.

    Mo Wuji's Level 7 God Physique was like a paper tiger in front of this terrifying Lightning Calamity.

    However, Mo Wuji was unafraid; he didn't even take any pills. His vitality channel went into furious motion and he charged back up to the surface of the sea. The injuries on his body only served to bolster his willpower and his fighting spirit.

    Boom! Boom! Boom! The lightning bolts got increasingly savage. Mists of blood exploded out the exterior of Mo Wuji's body. However, the expression in his eyes didn't change; he still continued to charge up and release his punches.

    He had enough of being pressured and oppressed. He needed his own voice to speak.

    His punches struck against the lightning bolts; the bones in his hands continued to shatter.

    Boundless amounts of immortal spiritual energy were being swept towards Mo Wuji. The moment the third wave of lightning descended, Mo Wuji's aura had already soared to the max.

    "Ka!" The sound of a Grand Dao of the Heaven and Earth breaking could be heard. An aura that was more than ten times more majestic than before burst out of Mo Wuji's body.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" The third wave of lightning bolts descended down on Mo Wuji. However, the expression in Mo Wuji's eyes became increasingly calm. He knew that he had stepped into the ranks of the Immortal Emperor Stage; he was now a true Immortal Emperor.

    The instant he stepped into the Immortal Emperor Stage, he gained enlightenment on things he didn't understand before. At this instant, the lightning sword and lightning web skills that he learnt in the Cultivation World had become his sacred art.

    Ever since he entered the Immortal World, Mo Wuji rarely used his lightning-type skills. It wasn't because he didn't like them, but because they were not strong enough. But now, as he advanced to the Immortal Emperor Stage, his skill had become his sacred art. From now on, not only did he have his Four Halberd Strikes, Domain Crushing Fist, Wheel of Life and Death, Spatial Imprisonment, and Spiritual Will Arrow, he also had the Seven World Finger and the lightning-type sacred art.

    Boundless lightning continued to descend down on him. By now, Mo Wuji didn't even bother retaliating. He allowed these violent lightning bolts to land on him as he retrieved an immortal vein and sat down.

    Lightning continued to crash. Mo Wuji's majestic aura gradually began to shrink in. Once again, he had returned back to his appearance as an ordinary mortal. Perhaps, he could be the only person that could tell others that he was a mortal, but he wasn't a mortal that could be simply trampled on.

    Mo Wuji kept the immortal vein. He uttered a long shout. Thereafter, he retrieved his flying treasure. He was going back to Oblique Space Sea Island. It was time to receive his compensation.

    [1] The creation of Heaven and Earth is the myth of Pangu. Hopefully, this short extract of the myth will make the motifs clearer. In the beginning, there was only primordial chaos in the world. Pangu was born from within a black egg. With his might, he cleaved this black egg in two; the top half forming the Heaven, and the bottom half forming the Earth. This is not the full myth, but it should explain about the tearing force required in the creation of a Heaven and Earth.

    [2] Not trying to be sexist. The author is referring to the world of people, and I can't say Human's World as there are those from the other races as well. Thus, I used Man with the capital 'M'.
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