Chapter 801: Oblique Space Sea Island

    Chapter 801: Oblique Space Sea Island

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    After only three to four days, Mo Wuji landed on the pier at the territory of the Red Eyes Turtle.

    "Are you that Mo Wuji... Tier 9 Pill Emperor?" Someone exclaimed the instance Mo Wuji entered the pier.

    Mo Wuji didn't mind because he knew that the Red Eyes Turtle would definitely get people to take note of him. It was all within his expectations that someone would obstruct him when he appeared. It would be odd if no one came forward to stop him.

    He was certain that if he wanted to leave now, these people would obstruct him until the Red Eyes Turtle arrived.

    "That's right, I am Mo Wuji," Mo Wuji continued walking as he spoke. Even though he had a slightly more favourable impression of the Red Eyes Turtle, he would still turn against the Red Eyes Turtle if he dared to obstruct him forcefully.

    The fella obstructing him was a red haired man and Mo Wuji guessed that he was a transformed demonic beast. While he was speaking, Mo Wuji had already noticed the flying messenger sword sent out by that fella.

    The best flying messenger sword coupled with spatial transferring technique, this method was much faster than using a communication bead.

    "Pill Emperor Mo, the Great Grand Emperor had always spoken highly about you. The Great Grand Emperor repeatedly reminded us to invite Pill Emperor Mo to his residence as an esteemed guest," The red haired man said anxiously as he should have realised that he wasn't a match for Mo Wuji.

    "Forget it, I don't have time so goodbye," Just as Mo Wuji was prepared to leave, a flying sword flew over.

    The red haired man grabbed the flying sword and said instantly, "The Great Grand Emperor is currently attending the Oblique Space Sea Island Conference with the seven other Great Grand Emperors as well as experts from all across the island. The Great Grand Emperor invited Pill Emperor Mo to attend it as well. Additionally, the Great Grand Emperor said that it's okay if Pill Emperor Mo didn't wish to attend and he would even come over to hold a welcoming dinner for Pill Emperor Mo."

    Mo Wuji stopped and asked, "What conference is this about that so many experts are attending?"

    The red haired man hurried to reply, "It is time for the Oblique Space Sea Island to open its defensive array and because we're going out to trade, the conference is to allocate the names who are eligible to go out."

    Mo Wuji asked doubtfully, "We still have to go through allocation to leave the island? Doesn't anyone who wants to leave gets to leave?"

    This time, it was the red haired man who was doubtful because he believed that such clear matter should be obvious to Mo Wuji. Fortunately, he reminded himself that Mo Wuji was a person held in high regard by the Great Grand Emperor so he hurried to answer, "The Oblique Space Sea Island's defensive array is a natural array and it will open once after a period of time. My Oblique Space Sea Island has abundant of resources as well as dense immortal energy but we lacked many things as well. Therefore, when the array is open, experts of the Oblique Space Sea Island would be able to leave the island to trade for other items."

    "Why was there a need for the limitations of names?"

    "Because the defensive array is a Area of Spatial Irregularities and after the array is open, one would need the Tier 9 Black Spatial Fruit to leave and the production of this Black Spatial Fruit is limited..."

    When Mo Wuji finally understood, he was secretly shocked. The Black Spatial Fruit was indeed one of the most valuable peak tier immortal fruit in the immortal world because it contained energy from the Laws of Space and one could use it to enlighten Laws of Space's sacred arts.

    Once someone ate the Black Spatial Fruit, one would indeed be able to sense the changes in space in a very short period of time. In this way, one would be able to breeze through the Area of Spatial Irregularities without any danger. However, Mo Wuji still couldn't believe this group of people from the Oblique Space Sea Island actually used the Black Spatial Fruit just to cross the Area of Spatial Irregularities. It was simply a waste of the item.

    "Alright, I will go over. Hand me the location of the conference," Mo Wuji said without any hesitation.

    "Ah..." The red haired man didn't respond promptly because he was still thinking of ways to hold Mo Wuji back once Mo Wuji rejected him. He certainly didn't expect Mo Wuji to accept the invitation so readily.

    Fortunately, he wasn't in a daze for a long time as he hurried to pass Mo Wuji a jade letter containing the map, "Pill Master Mo, this map contained the route towards Oblique Space Sea City and that is where the conference was held."

    Mo Wuji took over the jade letter before saying casually, "Many thanks, goodbye."

    Once he said that, Mo Wuji's figure flashed and had left this plaza. This red haired cultivator was still in a slight daze and even though he was a Class 8 immortal beast, he was sure that he wouldn't survive a slap from Mo Wuji. Luckily for him, this Pill Master Mo agreed to visit the Oblique Space Sea City and didn't cause any inconvenience for him.

    Mo Wuji had already guessed the existence of a big immortal city in this place and just like his prediction, that Oblique Space Sea City should be one of the bigger gathering ground on this island. He was about to leave the Oblique Space Sea Island so he did have the intention to visit a more crowded gathering area to trade. Mo Wuji was fully aware of how wealthy the people of this island were.

    He compared the map on the jade letter given by the red haired man to the one he asked from Ape Mo previously and found out that they were basically the same.

    Mo Wuji didn't head towards the Oblique Space Sea City immediately as he chose to return to his residence first. He wouldn't take the longer route like what Fox Chunchun did as he would take the shortest possible route right to his destination.

    Even before a slightly mighty spiritual will could sense Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji had already left.

    After two hours, Mo Wuji's flying treasure stopped by the water pond. The sight in front of Mo Wuji made his face turned gloomy because the defensive array he set up was completely destroyed. Water within the pond was also swept away and even the soil of the pond was dug several metres deep. As for his previous cultivation venue, it had disappeared completely without a trace.

    "Could this be Big Brother Mo?" A surprised voice was heard and a short, black haired man darted over.

    "Yes, I am indeed Mo Wuji," Mo Wuji retracted his anger and killing intent but he had made his decision to not even listen to the explanations of whoever destroyed his place.

    "Big Brother Mo, Big Brother Ape told me to wait for you here. Big Brother Ape wanted me to let you know that you should head to the Oblique Sea now and never return. Bao Bu contacted a few other experts to get rid of you and even the Red Eyes Turtle ain't harbouring any good intentions," The black haired man hurried to explain.

    Mo Wuji knew that this Big Brother Ape was Ape Mo and in this place, Ape Mo was the only person he had a decent relationship with.

    "Where is Brother Ape now?" Mo Wuji asked.

    The man replied anxiously, "The Oblique Space Sea City is currently discussing about the opening of array so Big Brother Ape went over too."

    "Do you know who destroyed my residence?"

    "It was Bao Bu. Because he couldn't find you, he came back to wreck your residence."

    Mo Wuji nodded before handing a jade vase to the messenger man, "Many thanks, this is a True Emperor Pill and it could help you step into the ranks of Class 9 immortal beasts."

    "True Emperor Pill?" This short man received the jade vase excitedly and before he could even express his gratitude, Mo Wuji had already left without a trace.

    "Big Brother Ape's friend is truly different," The man muttered to himself before leaving.


    Mo Wuji didn't bother concealing as he simply controlled the flying treasure and travelled through the Oblique Space Sea Island on a direct path without fear.

    He was clear that no matter how concealed and cautious he made his way to the Oblique Space Sea City, he would still be unable to prevent the impending war. Since it was not unavoidable, why bother?

    Many immortal demonic beasts chose to remain silent as Mo Wuji breezed past their territories.

    However, not every immortal beast had such tolerance as a several metres long grey centipede extended its domain and opened its mouth in an attempt to swallow Mo Wuji and his flying ship.

    Mo Wuji raised his hand to release lightning explosions and one of them entered the centipede's mouth. It wanted to puke but was unable to do so as it exploded into two halves.

    Fortunately for the centipede, Mo Wuji had no intentions to kill it and after injuring this Class 8 immortal centipede, Mo Wuji simply ease past it without slowing down.

    As if everyone already knew of Mo Wuji's prowess, nobody tried to stop or obstruct him after this. The speed of his flying ship had reached the maximum and in just one day, he landed right outside the enormously majestic city.

    Ever since he stepped into the Cultivation world, Mo Wuji had rarely seen cities which was built on bricks because most cities were constructed by all sorts of arrays.

    Presently, he actually saw a wall made entirely from bricks carved with four words which had dao spirituality circulating around it. The four words were 'Oblique Space Sea City'.

    There was a plaza on the outside of the city and within the plaza was a pathway. This pathway leads to the entrance of the Oblique Space Sea City as it splits the massive plaza into two.

    Cultivators of the many different races were walking around and it was evidently very crowded.

    Mo Wuji kept his own flying ship as he walked directly to the entrance of the city. At the same time, his spiritual will covered the entire sky as it extended outwards. Even his spirit storage channel wasn't resting.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to reach the entrance of the city, he came to an abrupt stop. He sensed the defensive array of the Oblique Space Sea City and recognised that it was a Grade 9 immortal array.

    Grade 9 immortal arrays might be extremely impressive to others but Mo Wuji didn't mind. What he was surprised was the material used to build the wall he saw. A material like this was definitely not ordinary because it was a Grade 9 immortal material called the Lightning Soul Rock.

    Currently, Mo Wuji could be considered as a Grade 9 Smith Emperor so he would naturally know what the Lightning Soul Rock was.

    The Lightning Soul Rock was extremely rare in the Immortal World and had an exuberant price tag on it. Even if a non-lightning attribute cultivator used it forge a magic treasure, it was still extremely useful and precious.

    The Lightning Soul Rock had a few uses as it could suppress one's spiritual will and bound the opponent's primordial spirit. Besides this, it could turn into a peak grade lightning attribute deathtrap array if it was fused with a deathtrap array.

    Mo Wuji was cursing in his heart as the b*stards in the Oblique Space Sea City must be really wealthy to think they would use such a precious item to build a wall in the city.

    It was still acceptable if they used it to build the wall but the most infuriating fact was how terrible the person's skills was. With that many pure Lightning Soul Rock used, it was only a Grade 6 immortal equipment forged. Furthermore, this equipment could no longer be refined and could only be used here as a wall. All in all, it's only use was to merge with Grade 9 immortal array on the outside to aid in the locking of cultivators' primordial spirit and igniting the lightning attribute deathtrap array.

    If this Lightning Soul Rock wall was also a Grade 9 immortal equipment, Mo Wuji would really reconsider his decision to enter the city. And if he did enter, he would need to prepare beforehand. A Grade 6 immortal equipment which could not be refine was of not much difference when compared to rubbish.
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