Chapter 802: I Have A Little Injust

    Chapter 802: I Have A Little Injust

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    Even though he didn't need to prepare anything special, Mo Wuji still used his spirit storage channel to permeate through as he installed void array runes within the defensive arrays of the Oblique Space Sea City.

    After gaining enlightenment over array runes back when he was in the Sword Qi River in the Sword Qi Prison, Mo Wuji became increasingly interested in array runes. Such void arrays could not only be installed within voids, it could also be casually installed in the sea, underground or within any matter.

    If Mo Wuji's array runes technique was put into consideration, even a peak Grade 9 array master might not be able to win Mo Wuji in an array battle.

    "Haha, Brother Mo, I have been looking all over for you and I've finally met you," A clear and bright voie could be head as a striking red's Red Eyes Turtle walked over with a smile.

    "Brother Mo, why are you here?" Another voice was heard as Mo Wuji saw the tall Ape Mo.

    Despite not being as tall and huge as before, Ape Mo was still considered tall at around 2 metres. Moreover, the dao spirituality around him had solidified even further and from this point alone, Mo Wuji knew that Ape Mo had joined the ranks of a Class 10 immortal demonic beast and would not be much weaker than Red Eyes Turtle.

    "Congratulations Brother Ape for advancement in Dao," Mo Wuji walked forward to greet Ape Mo with a smile.

    After greeting Ape Mo, Mo Wuji clasped his fists towards Red Eyes Turtle, "Great Grand Emperor Red Eyes, long time no see."

    Mo Wuji's attitude towards Ape Mo and Red Eyes Turtle was completely different because Ape Mo was considered his friend while the Red Eyes Turtle could only be considered as someone he knew.

    As if he didn't notice how Mo Wuji placed less emphasis on him as compared to Ape Mo, Red Eyes Turtle continued smiling, "The Oblique Space Sea Island is currently having their conference so Brother Ape Mo and I are here to welcome Brother Mo. If Brother Mo doesn't mind, you could go over and have look too. Oh yes, Bao Bu and co. are all aware of your arrival."

    How could Mo Wuji not know what Red Eyes Turtle meant with his last sentence? He was threatening Mo Wuji saying that since he stepped into the city, he should forget about escaping from here. The moment Mo Wuji tried to leave, Bao Bu would definitely chase after him.

    "Brother Mo, hurry up and leave because Bao Bu and co. are waiting there for you," Ape Mo was worried that Mo Wuji would really head inside so he hurried to transmit a message to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji nodded towards Ape Mo before saying to Red Eyes Turtle, "Alright, I've heard that the conference is about the division of the Black Spatial Fruit and since I'm also interested in it, let's go to the conference together then."

    "Haha, Brother Mo is indeed straightforward, this way please," Red Eyes Turtle laughed as he extended his arm to direct Mo Wuji. In his heart, he was despising Mo Wuji for being so ignorant even as death closed in on him. Instead of pleading him, Red Eyes Turtle, for help, he even dared to mention about the Black Spatial Fruit.

    Ape Mo could only sigh as he was completely helpless as well. At this moment, Mo Wuji could really forget about escaping anymore.


    The distance between the entrance of the city and the Oblique Sea Island Hall of the Oblique Space Sea City was about a few thousand metres.

    Even as Red Eyes Turtle was walking speedily, Mo Wuji continued to walk at his own pace as he casually started chatting with Ape Mo. With every step that Mo Wuji took in this city, he would use his spirit storage channel to install a void array. As Red Eyes Turtle noticed Mo Wuji's slow pace, he could only stop to wait for Mo Wuji as he started planning on how to obtain the most out of Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji was a Tier 9 Pill Emperor so one could imagine how much more time Mo Wuji would spend on concocting pills in the future. To detain Mo Wuji on his own might be impossible now so what he needed was to maximise the number of pills he would obtain from Mo Wuji.

    After an incense worth of time, Mo Wuji saw the Oblique Sea Island Hall.

    The hall was also made of the lightning soul stone and even though the lightning radiance was concealed, Mo Wuji could still sense the immense oppression and energy from the lightning source due to the limited abilities of the smith master.

    "Brother Mo, please enter," Red Eyes Turtle extended his warm warmly once again.

    Mo Wuji didn't stand on any ceremony as he entered willingly. The hall was incomparably wide and it was designed luxuriously. Within the round shaped hall, there were tens of people seated down and once Mo Wuji entered, all the eyes and attention fell on Mo Wuji.

    "Mo Wuji, I was still thinking that you don't intend to return from the Oblique Sea. Are you here to return my item?" Bao Bu's icy cold voice could be heard as faint killing intent started shrouding Mo Wuji.

    Red Eyes Turtle didn't mind Bao Bu's killing intent as he turned to Mo Wuji with a smile before saying, "Brother Mo, let me introduce some people to you. I will skip myself and Bao Bu since you knew us beforehand. Let me introduce you from Condor Hen onwards. This man with an imposing appearance is Condor Hen..."

    Mo Wuji saw that the person Red Eyes Turtle was pointing at was a black robed man with an aquiline nose, long face and thin ears. From whichever angle Mo Wuji looked at him, he didn't look like someone with an imposing appearance.

    Mo Wuji lamented in his heart because if he let Red Eyes Turtle and this Condor Hen stand on a performing stage, this sentence alone would definitely come with a round of applause.

    "... Beside Condor Hen on the side nearer to myself are Wu He, Sen Lan, Ye Yizhong, Peng Fei'Er and Xue Lu respectively. The eight of us have a special term of address for ourselves in the Oblique Space Sea Island, called the Oblique Sea Island Eight Great Grand Emperors. Of course, Ape Mo has also followed closely behind us as he stepped into the ranks of Class 10."

    When Red Eyes Turtle was introducing, Mo Wuji had already noticed that Wu He was wearing a crimson robe with faint fog exuding from him. Even without using his spiritual will to scan, Mo Wuji knew that he must be a fella with centipede extract and energy in him.

    Ye Yizhong was the only human race expert among everyone. Despite not being able to tell whether this fella was born from the Immortal World, his human race energy was clearly felt by Mo Wuji.

    As for that Sen Lin, Mo Wuji guessed Gods Race because this fella had tree bark as his skin and was similar to those Dao Emperors from the Gods Race which he previously killed. Peng Fei'Er looked extremely handsome with his pale skin but Mo Wuji was unable to guess which race he came from.

    That fella called Xue Lu had a spirituality just like his name[1] as he exuded faint energy of blood. Mo Wuji had never seen a blood race cultivator but Mo Wuji could tell that this fella should be one of them.

    Red Eyes Turtle didn't introduce the rest of the people there and Mo Wuji could guess from their spirituality that they were the weaker fellas.

    Golden Iron Crane and Fox Chunchun didn't come and Mo Wuji wondered if its because they were not done refining their magic treasures or because of other matters.

    Ape Mo pulled Mo Wuji and said, "Brother Mo, sit beside me."

    Mo Wuji nodded as he ignored Bao Bu and as he walked to a seat beside Ape Mo.

    Noticing that Mo Wuji didn't express or say anything, he sat down too as Red Eyes Turtle hurried to say, "Fellow Dao Friends, this is the Tier 9 Pill Emperor, Mo Wuji whom I've talked about."

    "A Tier 9 Pill Emperor is indeed different, even Brother Bao Bu's words could be so casually ignored," Condor Hen said faintly.

    Mo Wuji knew that this Condor Hen must be extraordinarily powerful because otherwise, Red Eyes Turtle wouldn't mention him first and Ape Mo and co. wouldn't be so fearful of him.

    "Fellow Dao Friends, previously, this Mo Wuji stole my item and I've yet to settle this score with him. Today, I shall settle my scores with him so I please everyone to be magnanimous enough to allow me so," Before Mo Wuji could say anything, Bao Bu casually stood up.

    Nobody spoke because everyone was certain that Mo Wuji was bound to be concocting pills for everyone here in the Oblique Space Sea Island in the future. Mo Wuji would naturally be needed to be taught a lesson before detaining his soul.

    "Great Grand Emperor Bao Bu is right but before that happens, I want to ask some questions," Wu stood up as he clasped his fist and his urge to speak was clearly evident.

    Bao Bu saw that Wu He had stood up so he said, "That is of course, Brother Wu please go ahead."

    Wu He pointed at Mo Wuji before saying in a stern tone, "This fella is extremely arrogant and was extremely unbridled on his way to the Oblique Space Sea Island causing restrictions of some of our friends on this island to be damaged. A grey centipede of my clan was in closed cultivation but this fella broke through his defensive array and even injure him with a lightning ball. Every please discuss whether it is just for me to demand for some compensation?"

    Everyone heard Wu He's words and started their own discussions. Everyone was certain that Mo Wuji would be concocting pills for this island in the future but one could imagine the amount of good items would be on a Tier 9 Pill Emperor's storage ring? Before sealing up Mo Wuji's primordial spirit, one would definitely earn a fortune if he could get a share of Mo Wuj's items.

    "Of course it should be the case. A treasure of my residence was also stolen by this fella and it showed clearly how vile this fella was," Bao Bu was the first to respond.

    He knew that Wu He had the same thinking as him as both wanted a share of Mo Wuji's items.

    "Brother Mo, could this be true?" Red Eyes Turtle looked doubtfully at Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "It is indeed true but Red Eyes, don't tell me there are still rules on this island? Compensation is needed even if I accidentally tore an immortal residence and injured a grey centipede? You should know that as a Tier 9 Pill Emperor, I will be respected and admired wherever I go in the Immortal World."

    The crowd found this funny because this fella was clearly used to be arrogant and domineering during his time in the Immortal World.

    Before waiting for Red Eyes Turtle to speak, a cold voice grunted before saying, "Tsk, my Oblique Space Sea Island had always been a fair place and whoever, even a Tier 10 Pill Emperor, would face the same consequence for the same crime offended. Mo Wuji, do you have anything else to say?" Condor Hen grunted as he shouted after slamming the table.

    This time, even Red Eyes Turtle sighed as he said, "Ai, Brother Mo violated the rules of the Oblique Space Sea Island and even I am unable to help your cause."

    Mo Wuji asked surprisingly, "I only broke some restrictions and I didn't even destroy his immortal residence..."

    Condor Hen replied coldly, "If you destroyed someone's else residence, do you think you would still be alive now?"

    Mo Wuji hurried to clasp his fist, "So destroying someone's residence would cause one to lose their life? Oh no, I really didn't know that this was such a just and safe place. Since this is the case, I must definitely compensate but how do I go about it?"

    "On the account that you know Red Eyes, just hand over your storage ring," Wu He said faintly.

    "Alright," Mo Wuji didn't hesitate as he handed Wu He his storage ring.

    The storage ring Mo Wuji retrieved only had a few rubbish spirit stones from the Cultivation World and nothing else. However, the restrictions on his storage ring was very strong so Wu He could forget about opening the storage ring in a short period of time.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji took out his storage ring willingly, Bao Bu sat down because what he needed to do next was to share the gains with Wu He.

    "Fellow great powers, when I've heard that the Oblique Space Sea Island is a just and safe place, I am truly rest assured which is why I am more than willing to compensate. However, I have a little injustice to report too so I wonder if I am allowed to speak?" Mo Wuji said once again after taking out the storage ring.
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