Chapter 803: The Crushing Finger

    Chapter 803: The Crushing Finger

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    The entire hall quietened down as everyone looked surprisingly at Mo Wuji. Was this fella too used to being admired and respected in the Immortal World that he became dumb here? Fair and just? How did this fella become a Pill Emperor?

    "Haha, Pill Master Mo can definitely do so. Our Oblique Space Sea Island is indeed fair and Pill Master Mo would be able to experience it personally very soon," Wu He said while laughing because he was currently in a good mood. With the storage ring of a Tier 9 Pill Emperor in his hands, how could he not feel good?

    "That is great because I am a person who fancies justice too," Mo Wuji said pleasingly before pointing at Bao Bu, "Some years ago when I left for the Oblique Sea, this person tore apart the restrictions of my immortal cave and destroyed my entire immortal cave. I could forget about this but the 9000 over peak grade immortal veins and a peak grade cleansing marrow pool was swept away by this fella too. According to Great Grand Emperor Condor Hen explanation previously, this fella should be slaughtered. May I plead the fellow Great Grand Emperors for your just opinions."

    Some slightly weaker fellas lowered their heads because if it wasn't for the fact that they weren't qualified enough, they would have started laughing hysterically. 9000 over peak grade immortal veins? Does this fella thinks that immortal veins are like soil on the roadside?

    Wu He nodded his head seriously, "Pill Emperor Mo is right and should definitely punish Brother Bao Bu. We allow Pill Emperor Mo to punish Brother Bao Bu as you wish."

    "Yes, we have no objections," The other Great Grand Emperors agreed while Bao Bu revealed a slight expression of ridicule and was too lazy to even bother opening his eyes fully.

    Mo Wuji saw that Red Eyes Turtle didn't comply and agree with the rest and his impression of Red Eyes became slightly better.

    "Since this is the case, I shall not be courteous then," Mo Wuji chuckled as he clasped his fists in one round.

    Before his round was completed, Mo Wuji suddenly raised his arm and drew out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd before sweeping out millions of halberd radiance towards Bao Bu.

    "Kacha!" All the tables and chairs within the round shaped hall were instantly destroyed by Mo Wuji's endless halberd radiance.

    Terrifying and wild killing intent instantaneously filled up every corner of the space and at this moment, everyone in the hall could feel that icy cold killing intent. In fact, even the space started to tremble under the pressure of such killing intent.

    Presently, everyone wouldn't care about anything else except to extend out their own domain.

    However, the instance everyone extended their domain, that immense whirlpool-like energy started surging towards everyone.

    "Kakaka!" Despite not bearing the brunt, the domain who a few slightly weaker cultivators were ripped apart under Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain. Those immortal demonic beasts who had just stepped into Class 9 even spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as they scurried back anxiously.

    Even the domains of the Eight Great Grand Emperors started trembling under the wrath of Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain. This included Bao Bu as his own domain had been torn apart too.

    Bao Bu knew that this was trouble and because he didn't put Mo Wuji in his eyes, he didn't expect that Mo Wuji would actually be this frightening. Suddenly, he was being crushed by Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji knew that he was still a distance apart from Bao Bu in terms of strength and it wasn't that close till the extent that he could easily crush or restrain Bao Bu. Currently, he made use of the fact that Bao Bu had yet to take him seriously so that he could kill Bao Bu in the shortest possible time before using this as a warning to others.

    "Boom boom boom!" Bao Bu finally responded as he hurried to extend his domain again but it was instantly swept away by Mo Wuji as the endless halberd radiance locked onto the entire space around him.

    Bao Bu panicked as he quickly grabbed his Qiankun Hook.

    "Kacha!" Mo Wuji slashed his Half Moon Weighted Halberd and his halberd radiance didn't take long to destroy the Qiankun Hook radiance. Soon after, the entire space around Bao Bu was under Mo Wuji's control once again.

    "Everyone help..." Bao Bu only murmured two words and he could instantly feel that his body was being confined. Less than a second later, he saw a finger.

    An energy similar to that of the world collapsing and exploding surged towards Bao Bu's mind. If he was considered an ant in his World of Man, this finger controlled the entire World of Man as it directly transcended the endless void and slowly oppressed against this ant.

    At this moment, his one finger was the dictator of the entire Heaven and Earth, the origin of the vast universe. Under his finger, everything could be exterminated, everything could disappear.

    "No!" Bao Bu cried out devastatingly as he wanted to burn his entire blood essence just to escape this finger. However, his blood essence had been restrained and everything was under absolute control of this finger.

    If he had one more chance, he, Bao Bu, would definitely not offend this Pill Master Mo in front of him.

    However, he wouldn't have that chance again as he could only stare blankly at the destruction brought along by this finger onto his body.

    Mo Wuji was still one step in the void and after he executed his spatial imprisonment sacred art, he pointed out his finger as he wanted to test his own Seven World Finger.

    Once the finger was out, the space around them started to distort and change. Mo Wuji shut his eyes and everything within his will started to clear up.

    In fact, he even had a sensing that under finger, everything became ant-like and his finger was like the dictator of the entire World of Man as it controlled even the adjudication of all life and death.

    Even if Bao Bu was one of the Eight Great Grand Emperor, one of the peak grade expert of the Oblique Space Sea Island, he was still only an ant under this finger.

    So this was how it worked, Mo Wuji opened his eyes.

    "Bang!" Bao Bu's fleshly body was lacerated as it turned into a blood fog and disappeared far away. Even his primordial spirit had disappeared without a trace under this same finger.

    Mo Wuji opened his hand to sweep up the storage ring. He knew that he had underestimated his own Seven World Finger because with this finger, there was simply no need to execute his spatial imprisonment sacred art first.

    This was because after this finger, all space became fabricated.

    Mo Wuji was even clearer about the Seven World Finger's "...In Emptiness, there is no form, feelings..."

    Under this finger, all the rules became imaginary while all the space could be disregarded.

    He had only executed his first World Killer- Seven World Finger so how terrifying would it be if his entire Seven World Finger was completed?

    Back when he was in the Immortal Reverent Stage and he executed his Seven World Finger, it basically swept away his entire body's immortal energy and spiritual will. Now that he stepped into the Immortal Reverent Stage, his one finger only caused his face to turn pale. Because of this, he wondered how it would be if he executed his Spiritual Will Arrow now.

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath before saying, "My apologies, my attack was slightly too heavy and have destroyed some of the flowers. I am sorry, truly sorry and yes I know, I know I will definitely compensate because this place is fair and just. There is no need for anyone to remind me."

    Even after Mo Wuji completed his silence, the entire hall remained silent. The few Class 9 immortal demonic beasts, who spat out blood earlier on, were staring at this scene in absolute fear.

    The seven Great Grand Emperors, including Condor Hen, were all shivering with a back full of cold sweat.

    If they hadn't realise what kind of existence they had offended at this very moment, they wouldn't be fit to be one of the Eight Great Grand Emperors.

    How long did it even take for Mo Wuji to oppress and eventually kill of Bao Bu? Even with the join attack of the Seven Great Grand Emperors, they might not be able to finish off Bao Bu in a short period of time and might not even be able to stop him from escaping. Now that Mo Wuji had killed off Bao Bu using just one finger, it implied that Mo Wuji was capable to restraining any single one of these Seven Great Grand Emperors left.

    Condor Hen was equally speechless as a layer of fear grew in his thin eyes. Even so, he continued to say, "So do you mean to say that, just because Pill Emperor Mo is strong, you came to my Oblique Sea Island to kill people so arrogantly?"

    Once he regained his composure, Condor Hen felt that Mo Wuji only managed to kill off Bao Bu because it was a sneak attack. If all the Great Grand Emperors here including the other experts around joint hands to attack Mo Wuji, they might have a chance of succeeding.

    "So whatever you said previously was b*ll**? I should gain compensation because others destroyed my residence but I followed your words to kill Bao Bu, who was the one who destroyed my residence, and this is considered arrogance? Very good, this place is indeed fair and just. Then I guess I wouldn't have to go by logic anymore..."

    The moment Mo Wuji said out the last word, he took a step forward as he threw out a punch. This was Mo Wuji's sacred art, Domain Crushing Fist.

    Simultaneously, the void array runes which Mo Wuji installed had already locked onto the space around Condor Hen. The Seven World Finger would exhaust himself very quickly so he mustn't keep using it as there were still many experts around.

    Condor Hen felt Mo Wuji's killing intent as he instantly retreated but just as he moved half a step backwards, he felt some slight warping of the space around him.

    Condor Hen had never experience void array runes before so he didn't know that the type of array runes Mo Wuji set up could only scare someone. Even if Condor Hen continued to retreat, he wouldn't face any danger. However, with Bao Bu as a vivid example, who would still dare to touch a warped space? Without daring to move, Condor Hen threw out a punch.

    "Boom!" Terrifying flame exploded in mid air and Condor Hen could actually sense that Mo Wuji's punch actually extended out a domain. His domain was already oppressed by Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain and this domain extended out from the punch actually directly put off his punch

    "Bang!" The terrifying flame coupled with the Domain Crushing Fist resulted in an intense immortal energy adding to a flame which directly turned Condor Hen's arm into nothingness. Condor Hen could no longer care about the warping of the space behind him caused by the array runes as he retreated wildly.

    Mo Wuji didn't chase after him because he knew that he wouldn't be able to do so even if he chased after him. Condor Hen was already frightened by how Mo Wuji managed to kill of Bao Bu so there was a little fear during his fight with Mo Wuji. Once Condor Hen retreated and realised that the array runes didn't affect him, he would come to his realisation.

    Mo Wuji was very satisfied with this punch because it had been long time since his Domain Crushing Fist merged with his Scholar's Heart. Now that he managed to merge them together, even if Condor Hen realised about the array runes, he would still be hurt badly. The only difference was that this Condor Hen's arm was already gone.

    Mo Wuji's fight with Condor Hen only lasted for an instance and when everyone came to their senses, the battle had already ended and Condor Hen had an arm lacerated by Mo Wuji.

    Condor Hen's face turned gloomy as he realised that he was frightened by Mo Wuji and even lost an arm in the process. At this moment, he was certain that if everyone worked together willingly, they would still be able to get rid of Mo Wuji. Despite so, he didn't continue to speak because he knew that nobody would stand up at this moment to support him. If he continued to offend a vicious and ruthless man like Mo Wuji, he might be the next one to follow Bao Bu's footsteps.

    An unknown immortal fruit was swallowed by Condor Hen and that lost arm instantly restored. Everyone was well aware that because of this arm, Condor Hen's strength had decreased significantly and it wouldn't recover fully within a few million years.

    Mo Wuji chuckled and said to the extremely quiet crowd as he said, "Everyone please take a seat and we shall start talking about the Black Spatial Fruit."
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