Chapter 804: Plotting Against Mo Wuji

    Chapter 804: Plotting Against Mo Wuji

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    Red Eyes Turtle said in a hoarse voice, "Brother Mo is right and now that the misunderstandings have been cleared, we should sit down and discuss this."

    Even as he addressed Mo Wuji as Brother Mo, his heart was in a perilous situation. When he first received news of Mo Wuji's return to the Oblique Space Sea Island, he did have the intention of detaining Mo Wuji at his small Black Tortoise Mountain alone. However, he thought of the fact that news of Mo Wuji's return would definitely be leaked out too. Bao Bu would definitely be aware of Mo Wuji's return and if he were to capture Mo Wuji himself, there was a high chance that he would offend Bao Bu and the other seven Great Grand Emperors.

    At the thought of this, he didn't choose to capture Mo Wuji forcefully. Currently, he was secretly rejoicing and fearful that he didn't try to capture Mo Wuji himself. Looking at how terrifying Mo Wuji was, the Red Eyes Turtle would have already disappeared from the surface of the world if he even attempted to do so.

    "Yes...yes..." The others started taking out their own stools and nobody dared to mention anything about Mo Wuji's compensation for destroying the furniture.

    Ape Mo was beyond elated because he would have never expected Mo Wuji to become so strong. However, he wouldn't say anything at a moment like this and because Mo Wuji still had the upper hand in this situation, there was no need for him to offend anyone else now.

    Once the crowd settled down, Mo Wuji scanned through the crowd with his eyes. As Wu He felt Mo Wuji's scan, he felt a slight chill because he had just forced Mo Wuji to hand over his storage ring. What should he do if Mo Wuji chooses to find trouble with him now?

    At this moment, even an idiot would know that the storage ring Mo Wuji gave Wu He was nothing but rubbish because why would someone with a character like Mo Wuji hand over his precious items just like that? Moreover, Mo Wuji drew out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd which clearly indicated that he still had other storage rings with him.

    If obtaining Mo Wuji's storage ring earlier on felt like drinking a cup of ice cold water in the summer, all he was feeling now was uneasiness as if he was being roasted in an oven.

    If it wasn't for his pride, he would have taken the initiative to return that storage ring to Mo Wuji.

    Just as Wu He was considering if he should return the storage ring to Mo Wuji, Condor Hen's voice could be heard in his mind, "Brother Wu, do you think that just because you return the storage ring back to that fella, he would let you go? He would kill mercilessly and Bao Bu was one fine example. Bao Bu had never intended to kill him as all he wanted was to hold Mo Wuji accountable but what happened to him eventually? Having taken his storage ring, you still hope that he would let you go? That is simply a foolish man's dream.

    Give up on this impractical idea and once we leave the Oblique Sea Hall, the seven of us work together to make use of the Oblique Sea Lightning City as well as the grand killing array. At that point in time, we would definitely be able to get rid of him. I will continue contacting the rest of them and you simply need to acknowledge in silence..."

    Almost concurrently, Red Eyes Turtle and the four others received Condor Hen's message.

    How could Mo Wuji not notice the fluctuations in the space surrounding them? However, because Condor Hen's cultivation level was high, Mo Wuji was unable to discern what he was telling the rest of them. Mo Wuji noticed that Ye Yizhong was about to greet him but stopped right after he almost stood up and this made Mo Wuji guess that their plan should be to deal with Mo Wuji together.

    Even so, Mo Wuji was not afraid at all. It was true that the city was refined by lightning soul stone but these lightning soul stone had been destroyed. Despite having the Grade 9 defensive array city, the standard of construction and refinement of the lightning soul stone was simply too low. Additionally, he had made some preparations beforehand by installing the void array runes all over the city. If they were to get into a fight, Mo Wuji, a Grade 8 array master, was confident of controlling the entire defensive array of the city. Even if he was unable to do so, it was sufficient for him to protect himself.

    "Dao Friend Wu He, I wonder where this Black Spatial Fruit is located at?" Mo Wuji's eyes landed on Wu He.

    Wu He sighed in his heart because he really didn't want Mo Wuji to put the attention on him. Now that Mo Wuji questioned him directly, he really didn't dare to not answer. If he chose not to answer Mo Wuji, it would be giving him an excuse to act and Wu He really didn't have the guts to give Mo Wuji any excuses to act against him at a point like this.

    There wasn't any peak grade deathtrap array within this hall and even on the outside, he wasn't capable enough to ignite it.

    Just as Wu He had no idea how to reply Mo Wuji, one of the Eight Great Grand Emperor, Sen Lan, spoke abruptly, "Dao Friend Mo is a member of my Oblique Sea Island so you would naturally be given a share of the Black Spatial Fruit. However, every time before we divide the Black Spatial Fruit, we would always gather here to undergo a round of transactions. Of course, we could split the Black Spatial Fruit first if Dao Friend Mo couldn't wait."

    The instance Sen Lan's words were out, Condor Hen was elated because everyone else understood Sen Lan's intentions. This was their agreement to Condor Hen's plan to eliminate Mo Wuji together.

    Even though the Oblique Space Sea Island had a chain deathtrap array which could join up with lightning attacks, this grand array was basically never ignited. After all, the powerhouses had already been finalised and confirmed throughout the countless of years. The Eight Great Grand Emperors controlled the island and they would naturally be in control over the grand array too.

    Nobody would be allowed to ignite the grand deathtrap array alone and now that Sen Lan had spoken to stall Mo Wuji, it was to allow someone else to go ahead to ignite the deathtrap array.

    The reason why time was needed was because Bao Bu's storage ring was with Mo Wuji and one of the array flag needed to ignite the grand array was in Bao Bu's ring. Now that they were unable to retrieve Bao Bu's array flag, they would need time to think of a new way to ignite the grand array.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "I am naturally fine with it. However, I am on a tight schedule so if there isn't any decent item, I am afraid that I would not extend my stay here."

    Mo Wuji was not aware that all eight array flags were needed to ignite the grand deathtrap array of the city but he had guessed that these fellas were clearly trying to stall time. There would only be two reasons why they would want to stall time and the first was because they were trying to evacuate the Black Spatial Fruit and second would be that they were trying to trap him.

    He was not afraid of having the Black Spatial Fruit shifted elsewhere because if they were unable to take out a Black Spatial Fruit for him, he would go visit each and every one of the Great Grand Emperor's residence accordingly. He basically didn't believe that they wouldn't bring out the Black Spatial Fruit if he were to cause such a ruckus on the island.

    As for the possibility of them trapping him, they would at most make use of the lightning attributed deathtrap array which he wouldn't even be afraid of.

    "That is of course. I shall start the ball rolling humbly then. The item I am willing to give up is a Grade 8 immortal array plate called the Ten Thousand Protective Array. What I need is a peak grade offensive magic treasure..."

    Once Mo Wuji finished speaking, Sen Lan was the first to speak.

    Mo Wuji was shocked because even though the defensive array plate was a decent item, how could this be considered a good item? In his eyes, an item like this was no different from rubbish. If he wanted, all he needed was materials and he would be able to forge out piles and piles of such an array plate.

    "I have a Grade 8 immortal equipment called the Flowy Flying Immortal Spear and if possible, I would like to trade this with Brother Sen's defensive plate," Ye Yizhong hurried to respond the moment he heard of the defensive plate.

    "My offer is the Heavenly Domain Ring and this magic treasure could not only attack as it could defend too," Mo Wuji said with a trace of convincing excitement in his eyes.

    Moments later, Mo Wuji reacted. Sen Lin's Grade 8 defensive immortal array plate was meant for him and his guess was that Sen Lin's purpose was definitely not for an offensive treasure. He wanted to test to see if Mo Wuji was proficient in array dao because if Mo Wuji was, he wouldn't be so enthusiastic about the array plate.

    Evidently, these fellas wanted to use the deathtrap array of the city to trap him.

    Regardless of whether his guess was right or wrong, Mo Wuji didn't hesitate as he made his offer. He didn't only kill one or two Immortal Emperors and he would definitely have obtained a few Grade 9 immortal equipment from their storage rings. He was a Grade 9 Smith Master himself and despite having just stepped into it recently, he could still barely forge out Grade 9 immortal equipment.

    Flashes of unwillingness was seen from Ye Yizhong's eyes and soon after, he shook his head and didn't continue to offer an even higher bid.

    "Alright, this defensive array plate shall go to Dao Friend Mo then," Sen Lan said as he handed Mo Wuji the plate instantly.

    Mo Wuji also took out the Grade 9 Heavenly Domain Ring as he tossed it over while sneering in his heart. It was true that none of the Gods Race members was decent being.

    This fella was truly cautious to think that he would use this method to confirm that he wasn't a top grade array master. Being a Pill Emperor alone would require a long and arduous amount of years coupled with the mammoth amount of resources so it would simply be impossible for a Pill Emperor to also be a top grade immortal array master.

    The pity was that this fella didn't know that he cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique. Back then, Smith Emperor Xu Suren did tell him in his face that those who cultivated using the Immortal Mortal Technique would find it easy whether they were learning Equipment Dao, Pill Dao, Array Dao or even talisman. Moreover, their ability to gain insights on such daos were also multiple times greater than average people. The truth was indeed like this because ever since he started cultivation, he had also been able to deduce many things from one case using his dao revelation channel.

    This was why he knew Array Dao and wasn't bad in Equipment Dao too.

    Mo Wuji was certain that Bao Bu didn't reveal the entire situation of his water pond residence because otherwise, Sen Lan would have known that he was an immortal array master of a decent grade.

    "I want to trade off a Grade 9 Diamond Fantasy Gravel and I want to trade for a fist type sacred art..." The second person to speak was Xue Lu.

    A trace of disappointment flashed across Mo Wuji's eyes as he even shook his head.

    Wu He had been watching Mo Wuji intently and as he noticed Mo Wuji expression, he was shocked as he knew that Mo Wuji was not interested in these items.

    It wasn't only Wu He as even Condor Hen, who was intending to plot against Mo Wuji, was starting to worry. If they were to keep using such average items to trade, Mo Wuji might not have that much patience to wait here.

    Nobody was willing to trade with Xue Lu and without waiting for anyone else to speak, Condor Hen took the initiative to clasp his fists towards Mo Wuji and said, "Dao Friend Mo, my previous attitude towards you was wrong. However, Bao Bu is my friend so I hope that you would bring out his storage ring to trade. Please state your price Pill Master Mo..."

    After a short pause, Condor Hen continued, "Naturally, if Dao Friend Mo is willing and is open to state your price, the pre-condition was that Pill Master Mo must not take away any of Brother Bao Bu's items. If Dao Friend Mo is willing to trade, you must not use your spiritual will from now on. Otherwise, our negotiation is over."

    Everyone heard these words and didn't continue speaking. Evidently, everyone knew what Condor Hen's intention was as he wanted to retrieve Bao Bu's array flag to save everyone's time.

    Mo Wuji didn't think that Condor Hen would actually want his storage ring and no matter what Condor Hen's intention was, Mo Wuji had already used his spirit storage channel to surpass Bao Bu's storage ring's restrictions. Others might be able to detect when he used his spiritual will but even if Condor Hen was ten times smarter, he wouldn't be able to guess that he had a spirit storage channel.
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