Chapter 805: A Deal To Everyones Delight and Satisfaction

    Chapter 805: A Deal To Everyone's Delight and Satisfaction

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    Mo Wuji was a Grade 8 immortal array master and also a Grade 9 Smith Emperor so poor standards like Bao Bu's restriction had never posed a problem for him. Moreover, Bao Bu had already been killed so the restrictions on the storage ring were even simpler to remove.

    In fact, Mo Wuji didn't break the restrictions of Bao Bu's storage ring as the spiritual will from his spirit storage channel had already wind open the restriction and he had already seen everything within the storage ring.

    There were at least 40 immortal veins and half of those were even of the peak grade. In addition to that, there was also a pile of Tier 7 immortal herbs as well as small pile of lightning soul stone. Mo Wuji suspected that these Eight Great Grand Emperor had found a massive lightning soul stone mining area which was why the luxurious use of the stone to build this city before splitting the remainder among themselves.

    When Mo Wuji saw a stalk of the Void Nirvana Root, he finally understood why Condor Hen wanted to trade for Bao Bu's storage ring. The Void Nirvana Root was a supreme treasure as it was one of the few treasures without a grade or tier. If he didn't have the Void Nirvana Root, even Mo Wuji would do everything in his might to trade for it.

    Mo Wuji didn't hesitate as he swept away 60% of the lightning soul stones, taking away about 10 peak grade immortal veins as well as half of the immortal herbs around. As for the Void Nirvana Root, he sent it directly into his Undying World.

    Given his current strength, as long as he placed his Undying World near to the storage ring before using the spirit storage channel to shift the items, no one would be able to see anything. While he was transferring the items, there was absolutely no trace of any fluctuations in space caused by spiritual will.

    Mo Wuji kept this items because he wanted to find out what kind of offer Condor Hen would come up with.

    "So what do Dao Friend Mo thinks about it?" Noticing that Mo Wuji kept quiet, Condor Hen asked once more.

    Mo Wuji rubbed his forehead before saying with a frown, "Offer me a price and I'll see if it is suitable. If I don't fancy it, I will not accept this trade. After all, I obtained Bao Bu's storage ring and because he is also one of the Eight Great Grand Emperors, his items would probably not be any worse than yours..."

    Just as he said this, Mo Wuji saw an array flag within Bao Bu's storage ring. Evidently, this was the array flag to control the defensive array of the city.

    Throughout these years of cultivation, Mo Wuji had faced countless of encirclement and dangers before. Once such an array flag appeared, he knew that his previous guess that Condor Hen wanted the Void Nirvana Root might be wrong. For a treasure like the Void Nirvana Root, Bao Bu wouldn't have told Condor Hen about it. It was very likely that Condor Hen was actually after this array flag as Mo Wuji's spiritual will could sense that this was actually an array flag which needed the use of other array flags to ignite the grand array of the city.

    This was meant to say that there was a high possibility that to ignite the grand defensive array, all Eight Great Grand Emperors would have to come together to control it. Bao Bu's array flag was merely one of the eight array flags needed to do so. Now that he had gotten rid of Bao Bu and if he didn't hand the array flag over to Condor Hen, they might find it difficult to activate the defensive array outside. In other words, they might spend much more time doing so.

    If this was the case, the purpose of this trade would be fairly obvious. They were planning to stall him here while they think of a new way to activate the deathtrap array without the use of the eight array flags.

    Mo Wuji sneered in his heart as he started using his spiritual will to carve out array runes on the array flag. If he didn't know Array Dao, it would be well deserved if he fell for their trap. Now that they actually used a deathtrap array in front of a peak grade immortal array master like Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji would teach these fellas a lesson on why they shouldn't offend an array master.

    Just like Condor Hen and the rest, Mo Wuji was indeed hoping that they would activate the Oblique Space Sea City's grand defensive array to deal with him. If they didn't activate the defensive array, these experts would rely on their joint attack to go head to head against him. When that happened, his only option would be to escape. Even though he managed to kill Bao Bu, it was only because no one else intervened. Moreover, Bao Bu was arrogant as he treated Mo Wuji as the same Mo Wuji back when he was still an Immortal Reverent which was why it was no surprise that he was killed by Mo Wuji's finger.

    Once the city's defensive array was activated, it would be a different case because as long as he could gain control over the array here, he wouldn't fear the encirclement of all these experts. The worst case scenario would at most be him escaping once he realised he couldn't beat everyone of them.

    "My storage ring is here and Dao Friend Mo can check it out..." Condor Hen actually threw out his own storage ring left it suspending in the air.

    Mo Wuji said faintly, If Dao Friend Hen is truly sincere in trading, please remove the restrictions on ur storage ring."

    As he spoke, Mo Wuji had also thrown out Bao Bu's storage ring to suspend in the air to indicate that he didn't have any other intention.

    Watching Mo Wuji threw out Bao Bu's storage ring, Condor Hen and the rest heaved a sigh of relief. The time between Condor Hen's mentioning of the trade to Mo Wuji's act of taking out the storage ring was simply too short. If Mo Wuji could remove the storage ring's restriction within such a short period of time, his array dao would be too terrifyingly strong.

    Condor Hen hurried to say, "My apologies, I actually forgot about that."

    Just as he said this, Condor Hen removed all the restrictions on his storage ring and at this moment, everyone else could look at Condor Hen's items.

    There was a total of 50 immortal veins but there was only about 10 peak grade ones. Mo Wuji's guess was that Condor Hen had kept most of the items in his storage ring.

    He was also feeling disdainful because if it wasn't for the fact that he wanted Condor Hen to take the array flag away, he would really not mind calling this deal off.

    There was also a large pile of lightning soul stones and was in fact, much more than Bao Bu's storage ring. There were similar amount of immortal herbs, and all sorts of jade letters...

    The content of the jade letters were basically all cultivation techniques and some simple sacred arts.

    A simple and unadorned pill furnace appeared within Mo Wuji's spiritual will and Mo Wuji was instantly attracted by it.

    The pill furnace he was currently using was still the Grade 8 pill furnace which he forged himself. Before this, his pill furnace had always been a below average Grade 8 pill furnace.

    As for this pill furnace, Mo Wuji was convinced that it wasn't an immortal grade equipment and that it must have surpassed the grades of immortal equipments. There was an indescribable feeling felt by Mo Wuji as if this pill furnace was calling out for him to refine it.

    What a great item, this was definitely a great item. Mo Wuji finally understood why Condor Hen was confident that this would attract Mo Wuji. It had to be this pill furnace because Mo Wuji was Tier 9 Pill Emperor which was why he must be extremely enthusiastic about such a pill furnace. A good pill furnace was something most pill masters would not be willing to give up on.

    Mo Wuji had no choice but to admit that Condor Hen succeeded because he really wanted this pill furnace. Even if he was unaware of their plan to use the array flag, he would still have went ahead with the deal.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will went past the pill furnace as he saw a golden coloured jade letter. Mo Wuji had seen many jade letter before but there were very few that were golden in colour.

    His spiritual will seeped through it and when Mo Wuji saw the content of the jade letter, he almost jumped out in shock.

    This was actually a jade letter which described the refinement of a puppet and this was the first time Mo Wuji had a thirst for something. It was true that he was a Grade 9 Smith Emperor but he was never proficient in refining or forging puppets.

    Smithing and refining puppets were two different matters because to refine puppet, one must not only be proficient in smithing, one would need to be proficient in array dao too. Beside this, one must have a certain level of understanding towards some other knowledge.

    This was in fact, not to refine the average kind of puppets but a puppet with equipment spirit just like Da Huang. Therefore, the knowledge required would be multiple thousands times greater. This was also the main reason why good immortal puppets were so rare.

    This jade letter did not only introduce how to refine puppets, it even introduced some methods and techniques to refine puppets with equipment spirit.

    Even if there weren't any pill furnace, Mo Wuji would not let this trade go off just because of this jade letter.

    Da Huang was a puppet but was already considered as his friend since a long time ago. Initially, Da Huang had even fought and defend against countless of experts just to protect Mo Wuji and was eventually destroyed by the combined attack of three Immortal Emperors and one Quasi-Emperor.

    Up till today, Mo Wuji was still unable to forget Da Huang last words, "Master, please leave now...Da Huang is unable to beat them..."

    This sentence brought along immense emotions and a tint of unwillingness to leave this world from Da Huang but he was still eventually destroyed into pieces.

    In Mo Wuji's eyes, Da Huang was merely a child who's wisdom had yet to be matured and just when he was starting to grow and observe the world, he was killed by several experts.

    Revenge had to be sought after but before he did that, Mo Wuji really wanted to bring Da Huang back first. A part of Da Huang's equipment spirit was still kept in his Undying World.

    He had always wanted to look for a master who was proficient in the refinement of puppets to learn from him but had always failed to find one. Today, he finally saw a sliver of hope.

    "Dao Friend Mo, do you want to trade? All I need from you is one word," Condor Hen started to become anxious.

    "Trade!" Mo Wuji didn't hesitate as he pushed Bao Bu's storage ring towards Condor Hen and grabbed Condor Hen's storage ring before sending it into his own Undying World.

    Condor Hen remained emotionless and was in fact, slightly solemn and respectful. In his heart, he was jumping with joy and the instance he got Bao Bu's storage ring, his spiritual will opened up the restrictions without hesitation.

    EVeryone knew that Condor Hen was removing the restrictions so nobody dared to disrupt him but a Class 9 immortal beast actually stood up to say, "I have a peak grade physique tempering technique and I am interested in exchanging for a good flying immortal equipment."

    This time round, there were indeed interested parties in this physique tempering technique. Even though the few Great Grand Emperors didn't bid, those of lower status than them were bidding for it crazily.

    However, at a moment like this, Mo Wuji didn't bother about it anymore. He was entirely focused on the golden jade letter itself.

    Concurrently, Condor Hen didn't bother about it as his focus was on opening Bao Bu's storage ring.

    Mo Wuji only took a few breaths worth of time to open Bao Bu's storage ring but Condor Hen actually took over a few minutes and could barely used his spiritual will to open Bao Bu's restrictions.

    The first thing Condor Hen saw in Bao Bu's storage ring was the array flag and that was when he heaved a huge sigh of relief. Next, he kept the storage ring and actually didn't do anything else.

    The remaining Great Grand Emperors were relieved as they noticed Condor Hen's lack of action. This indicated that the item was in their hands.

    Mo Wuji predicted that Condor Hen should be done with opening Bao Bu's storage ring so he stood up to say, "It ain't early now and I doubt these trade will not end anytime soon so why don't we discuss about the division of the Black Spatial Fruit before everyone else comes back to trade again? I think I need to head back to rest soon as well because I have yet to have proper rest ever since I've came back from the Oblique Sea."

    Xue Lu stood up and said, "I agree with Dao Friend Mo's suggestion because the Black Spatial Fruit is indeed of slightly more importance. After all, the defensive array outside the Oblique Sea would be opened after a few more days."

    The other Great Grand Emperors stood up and Red Eyes Turtle nodded before saying, "Since this is the case, let's go look at the Black Spatial Fruits first."
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