Chapter 806: Falling Out

    Chapter 806: Falling Out

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    Just as Mo Wuji walked over to the entrance of the hall, he stopped abruptly to ask, "How many layers does the Black Spatial Fruit Tree here have?"

    Mo Wuji was a Tier 9 Pill Emperor and despite not seeing a Black Spatial Fruit before, Mo Wuji was pretty knowledgeable when it came to the characteristics of the various fruits and fruit trees. The Black Spatial Fruit Tree had a few layers and the higher the grade of the tree, the more layers it would possess.

    Take for example a Black Spatial Fruit Tree with three layers. Once the all the Black Spatial Fruits on the first layer had been harvested, this first layer would start growing out new Black Spatial Fruits. However, in terms of age, this new first layer of fruits would be much younger than the fruits grown on the second layer.

    Mo Wuji guessed that because of the frequent ventures out of the Oblique Sea Island, there should be a significant number of layers grown on this tree. Even so, they would most likely always pick from only the first layer.

    Concurrently, Mo Wuji guessed that the age of the Black Spatial Fruits shouldn't be too old because with their system of taking turns to pick, the fruits would only be considered average regardless of how many layers it had.

    An average Black Spatial Fruit would require at least 3000 years to form some traces of the Laws of Space while the better ones were all above 100,000 years old.

    Mo Wuji wouldn't be requesting for such old and good Black Spatial Fruits as he simply wished to obtain some 3000-5000 years old ones.

    This was because the Black Spatial Fruit had another important use and that was to concoct the Black Spatial Pill. This Black Spatial Pill also allowed one to enlighten the Laws of Space and was in fact, worth slightly more than the fruit itself. Mo Wuji already had his own enlightenment towards the Laws of Space but his Ping Fan would require a large amount of Black Spatial Pills.

    Wu He hurried to reveal a pleasing smile before saying, "Dao Friend Mo would definitely not be disappointed because the Black Spatial Fruit Tree here at the Oblique Space Sea Island has 10 layers and we will only harvest one layer every 500 years..."

    "What? 10 layers?" Mo Wuji stared shockingly at Wu He because he knew that once a Black Spatial Fruit Tree grew to 10 layers, it could be considered as a peak grade tree already. Such a tree would only grow a layer every few millions of years and any changes in between the years would cause instant death of the tree.

    10 layers... That would require almost tens of millions of years before growing to that form. Without mentioning about the fruits, even this tree alone would be a priceless treasure.

    Red Eyes Turtle added, "It is indeed true that the Black Spatial Fruit Tree on our Oblique Space Sea Island had 10 layers. Moreover, ever since we found this tree, each of us only took one Black Spatial Fruit each from the 10th layer and after that, none of us touched it anymore. Everytime we head out, we would take turns to harvest from the 1st layer to the 9th layer."

    Mo Wuji's heart was in mad glee because if he really obtained a ten million years old Black Spatial Fruit, his understanding towards the space would certainly increase to yet another level. Once that happened, his spatial sacred art would also improve yet again.

    "Where is that Black Spatial Fruit Tree located at?" Mo Wuji was slightly impatient presently.

    "It is right in the center of the Oblique Space Sea City," The one speaking this time around was Great Grand Emperor Sen Lan as he spoke with a disdainful tone. He couldn't believe Mo Wuji would actually dare to covet for the ten million years old Black Spatial Fruit which even they couldn't bear to touch.

    "Alright," Mo Wuji only answered with one word before increasing his speed.

    "Attack!" Just at that very instance Mo Wuji stepped out of the hall, Condor Hen threw out two array flags before shouting.

    In fact, even without Condor Hen's shouting, everyone else who walked out had already thrown out their array flags.

    This included the seven Great Grand Emperors and Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji had his void array runes carved out within this grand deathtrap array but he would still need his own array flags to coordinate the use of the array runes. Without the use of his array flags, his array runes would only have the form but not the spirit.

    "Boom boom boom!" Explosions could be heard as the entire Oblique Space Sea City turned gloomy as lightning radiance started forming in the air and a terrifying killing intent condensed in the city.

    At this moment, every cultivator in the city stopped their own actions instantly as everyone here knew clearly that the grand deathtrap array had been activated.

    Every cultivator here was in extreme shock because under such deathtrap array, all they could do was to stay at their own spot before drawing out their defensive treasures to block against the lightning bolts and killing intent which was about to be released from the deathtrap array.

    "Kacha! Ka ka ka ka!" Lightning bolts fell and the deathtrap array, which had never been activated throughout the countless of years, was finally activated and all the buildings and architectures here were met with great calamity.

    Multiple lightning bolts fell on Mo Wuji's body but there was not a single response from Mo Wuji as he continued to throw out his own array flags.

    There were his own array runes within Bao Bu's array flag so when the eight array flags landed, the deathtrap array of the city was activated and after Mo Wuji threw out his own array flags, he could sense clearly every corner of the space in which the deathtrap array was divided into.

    The deathtrap array of the Oblique Space Sea City was originally a Grade 9 array but now that it combined the attack from the lightning soul stone wall, this deathtrap array actually became weaker. This was mainly because of the low standard of the lightning soul stone wall.

    Once the standard of the deathtrap array was lowered, there would be an increasing amount of lightning energy. The average cultivators, who were afraid of lightning, would be attacked by the endless amount of lightning bolts and once faced with the encirclement of experts, it was true that they would fall very soon.

    Mo Wuji was not the average kind of cultivators because he was not only a Grade 8 array master, he was also not afraid of lightning bolts at all.

    "Surround and attack that man..." Once the explosive lightning bolts fell on Mo Wuji, Condor Hen could sense Mo Wuji's position and didn't hesitate as he drew out his own magic treasure to charge towards Mo Wuji.

    Condor Hen was certain that once he started attacking, the other six Great Grand Emperors would follow suit. Under such a deathtrap array, all six of them could see Mo Wuji clearly but Mo Wuji would be unable to extend his spiritual will at all. Moreover, not only did Mo Wuji need to endure the lightning bolts and blade radiance from the lightning soul stone wall and deathtrap array, he would have to suffer the combined attacks of the seven Great Grand Emperors.

    He believed that today would be Mo Wuji's doomsday even if Mo Wuji was truly beyond talented.

    A sky overwhelmed with blade radiance and compacted lightning bolts continued to form up as Condor Hen revealed a slight smirk. The killing energy and intent of his Eight Cloud Rope had finally reached a maximum.

    It was only soon after that Condor Hen noticed something was amiss. The blade radiance and lightning bolts were actually charging towards him and not Mo Wuji. Additionally, he didn't see anyone else attacking Mo Wuji together with him.

    Despite losing an arm to Mo Wuji earlier on, Condor Hen was not an idiot. If he still wasn't certain that Mo Wuji was actually a peak grade array master and had meddled with the array flags, he could just kill himself now.

    A devastating Winding River was already landing and a feeling of despair grew in Condor Hen's heart. He didn't bother pleading for his life because he was well aware that Mo Wuji wouldn't bother listening to his plea.

    Condor Hen used up all his remaining energy in his one last attack as not only did he not withdraw his Eight Cloud Rope, he didn't even bother trying to dodge Mo Wuji's Winding River.

    Even if he were to die today, he wouldn't let Mo Wuji walk away completely unharmed.

    Enormous killing intent swept towards Mo Wuji as a sensing of danger crept into his heart. There was also a slight change in Mo Wuji's expression because he never expected Condor Hen to be this fierce and resolute. He was actually willing to exchange his life for Mo Wuji's head after finding out that Mo Wuji had control over the deathtrap array.

    At this moment, all of Condor Hen's killing intent had swept towards Mo Wuji and had also locked onto the space around him. Mo Wuji was clear that as long as he didn't wish to risk his life, he could break free of Condor Hen's locked space and would certainly decrease the severity of attack from his Winding River. That would mean that Condor Hen would hold the upper hand and even his Winding River would at most injure him and not kill him.

    However, even if Mo Wuji were to be injured, he wouldn't retract his own weighted halberd. He was an expert with a Gods Level 7 Physique and with the aid of the elemental storage channel, he would definitely risk his life to make sure that Condor Hen wouldn't walk out of here alive.More importantly, Mo Wuji was clear that he only had the slightest of control over the deathtrap array here. A while later, once the other Great Grand Emperors realised this and broke free of his control over the deathtrap array, killing Condor Hen would be tough. This was why he needed to kill Condor Hen swiftly

    "Boom!" The Eight Cloud Rope instantly ripped Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain apart as it crashed into Mo Wuji's chest.

    "Kacha!" Mo Wuji could feel the cracking of his ribcage as a deep blood scar exploded near Mo Wuji's waist.

    "Ai!" At the same time, Mo Wuji's Winding River crashed explosively into Condor Hen and a blood fog appeared at the bottom of the river.

    Condor Hen shut his eyes in despair but if he could still speak, he would want to shout with all his might: 'Mo Wuji is not that strong, we have been frightened by him.'

    Just as the Winding River was tearing his fleshly body apart, Condor Hen could sense clearly that Mo Wuji's strength was not till the extent that he could deal with the combined attack of all Eight Great Grand Emperors. Their first move was already a mistake as they shouldn't have made use of the deathtrap array to deal with Mo Wuji. They should have attacked Mo Wuji together at the hall and even if they weren't able to kill off Mo Wuji then, they would have gained the upper hand in the fight.

    Presently, they had made the wrong move over and over again. First, they allowed Mo Wuji to kill Bao Bu and then kill Condor Hen. As long as Mo Wuji carried on to kill another two more, this Oblique Space Sea Island would definitely not be able to contain Mo Wuji anymore.

    Mo Wuji swallowed a Tier 9 healing pill as his vitality channel started to circulate rapidly while picking up Condor Hen's storage ring.

    Even though Mo Wuji had yet to recover fully, he continued to throw out multiple array flags before throwing out a fist.

    Mo Wuji's target this time around was the Gods Race's Sen Lan because Mo Wuji had wanted to kill this fella for a long time coming. He was well aware that his control over the deathtrap array would only last for maybe ten more breaths before being blast opened.

    Just as the lightning bolts from the deathtrap array was landing on himself, Sen Lan knew that he and his fella Great Grand Emperors had been plotted against by Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji was a peak grade array master and Mo Wuji knew clearly their purpose of bringing out the array plate.

    In his heart, Mo Wuji was simply too mighty and now that he knew that Mo Wuji could control the deathtrap array, his first instinct was to break free and leave before anything else.

    Just as he opened up an array gate, all the space around him had been locked onto by a killing intent.

    Sen Lan had experienced Mo Wuji's fist sacred art which broke off Condor Hen's arm and this flaming killing intent was now locked onto the space around him. How could he not know that Mo Wuji was targeting him now?

    An ebony staff turned into a pitched black space as Sen Lan shouted, "Dao Friend Mo, I have nothing to do with this matter and I am willing to compensate. Everything is initiated by Condor Hen..."

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji's fist merely ripped Sen Lan's defensive space and didn't manage to crush Sen Lan himself.

    Mo Wuji knew that things were not going as expected and while he wanted to execute his Remnant Chasm sacred art, he changed it by throwing out a finger.

    To kill Sen Lan in the shortest possible time, he had to use the most decisive of methods.

    Sen Lan was also shocked at how Mo Wuji's fist was actually much weaker than before.
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