Chapter 807: Killing Sen Lan

    Chapter 807: Killing Sen Lan

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    Split second later, Sen Lan came to her senses. Previously, Mo Wuji's finger which crushed Bao Bu was simply too frightening but the truth was that even though Mo Wuji was stronger than them, it wasn't to the extent where he could crush every one of them easily.

    Sen Lan really wanted to shout to warn the others but he had lost his chance to do so at the sight of Mo Wuji's same finger. The only difference was that previously, that finger was towards Bao Bu and now, the finger was charging towards him.

    There seemed to be an instant change between Heaven and Earth as boundless energy surged over making Sen Lan feel suffocated and tiny. At this instance, the laws around him started changing and everything seemed to have transformed until it was no longer related to Sen Lan himself.

    Sen Lan suddenly felt like a small ant in a massive world. If the space was a swamp, he would a negligible any struggling in the swamp. The space started tearing apart, time started to turn sluggish and everything else started to collapse. Even though the energy of death and destruction from Mo Wuji's finger had yet to land on him, Sen Lan knew that that was something could happen at the very next moment.

    "No!" Sen Lan cried out from the bottom of his heart as he started burning his blood essence rapidly in a resolute attempt to break free from this finger. Once he broke free of this finger, he would be able to shout out to the others to tell them that they didn't even need to make use of deathtrap array to deal with Mo Wuji. All they needed to do was to combine forces to fight him head on and even if they were unable to kill him, they wouldn't be restrained by him too...

    By burning his blood essence, Sen Lan suddenly felt the easing of the space around him. Traces of excitement flashed across his eyes as he seemed to have broken free from the deathly World of Man. At a moment like this, even his breathing became much smoother.

    "Everyone doesn't need to be afraid of him, he only has that one..." Sen Lan started shouting desperately as he regretted lowering his aura from the very beginning. If he wasn't that fearful of Mo Wuji from the start, he wouldn't have ended up in this situation even if he didn't underestimate Mo Wuji.

    As he was shouting his lungs out, Sen Lan's ebony staff had already brought along every bit of his remaining immortal energy before charging towards Mo Wuji. When he broke free from Mo Wuji's finger, he could sense that Mo Wuji had yet to recover fully from the previous battle. Therefore, he was convinced that he could use his staff to injure Mo Wuji severely.

    Sen Lan's words were suddenly disrupted as traces of extreme fear appeared in his eyes. An expression of disbelief was revealed on his face as he saw Mo Wuji tracing out a Yin Ying imprint mark...

    A type of deathly energy shrouded him as this was definitely different from the finger earlier on. He had experienced the finger twice as one was for Bao Bu while the other time was the one he broke free off.

    That finger was suffocating and vast while this one had a deathly energy which was growing exponentially. It was locking onto Sen Lan's life force much more rapidly than that finger.

    No, it should be said that his life force was being swallowed at an immense rate and every time one breath of his life force was swallowed, that deathly energy that locked onto him grew denser.

    Sen Lan found a trace of life force within this deathly energy but that trace was not in his space. Only by sending himself into the area of deathly energy would he be able to grab hat trace of life force.

    It was at this moment that Sen Lan finally understood how Mo Wuji had never intended to kill him using that finger sacred art. What he thought was the finger sacred art was simply an energy Mo Wuji stimulated and only because Sen Lan had witnessed the finger that killed Bao Bu before which was why he was that fearful of it. Because of this, the instance he broke free of that finger, he felt elated and couldn't wait to launch his counterattack on Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's main intention to kill Sen Lan with this Wheel of Death Imprint. He could still see the seals Mo Wuji was striking out with his hands as he blasted out marks of this Wheel of Death Imprint...

    The ebony staff swept up a pitch black space which locked onto Mo Wuji. Within that pitch black space, there were countless of pitch black radiance lacerating Mo Wuji's domain as it exploded towards Mo Wuji's Dantian and heart.

    Mo Wuji's face was slightly pale. He was unwilling to reconcile to this because he knew that if he didn't block off that ebony staff's energy, his Wheel of Life and Death would be left with a scar. Once that happened, Sen Lan could escape with his life intact and it would be tough for him to kill Sen Lan again.

    Could it be that he had to risk his life again just like he did with Condor Hen? If he had to do this every time he fought, Mo Wuji's injuries would worsen by the minute.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart because he was still not strong enough. If he was sufficiently strong, he would be able to block off Sen Lan's attack directly.

    I must not suffer another heavy injury, Mo Wuji thought to himself as he used the spiritual will from his spirit storage channel to sweep up a Spiritual Will Arrow. He didn't dare to touch the spiritual will from his sea of consciousness because the Spiritual Will Arrow formed from that would be too terrifying. In fact, it would result in him being in a state of weakness after that.

    The Spiritual Will Arrow from his spirit storage channel wasn't meant for attacking Sen Lan directly but to explode against the spiritual will energy which Sen Lan used to control the ebony staff.

    "Boom!" The clash of spiritual will caused an explosion and Mo Wuji spat out a mouthful of blood. Waves of emptiness started to spreading from his spirit storage channel.

    Bang! Concurrently, his Wheel of Life and Death swept away all the life force from Sen Lan.

    In the same instance Sen Lan fell to the ground, the ebony staff landed on Mo Wuji and several blood scars were formed.

    Mo Wuji raised his hand to retrieve Sen Lan's storage ring before swallowing several healing pills. He was inwardly ecstatic because even though his Spiritual Will Arrow didn't block off the entire killing intent from the ebony staff, it weakened the attack on him. If one day his Spiritual Will Arrow sacred art of his spirit storage channel grew even stronger or immediately formed the Spiritual Will Arrow Net sacred art, he would be able to trap every attack against him using the arrow net. In this way, he could finish off experts of the same stage as him easily.

    Just like when he killed off Condor Hen, he wouldn't have been injured if he had his Spiritual Will Arrow Net to lock onto and block off Condor Hen's attack.

    The lightning bolts of the deathtrap array had disappeared along with the killing intent.

    Mo Wuji knew that Red Eyes Turtle and four others must have released the deathtrap array, which he had temporary control over. They must have realised that he was an immortal array master which was why they kept the array flags belonging to them.

    The entire Oblique Space Sea City was a mess as countless of cultivators had been killed by the deathtrap array.

    "Brother Mo, you're okay," A slightly exhausted Ape Mo cried out in joy as he saw that Mo Wuji was fine. Following which, he noticed the corpse of Condor Hen and Sen Lan.

    Ape Mo wasn't the only one as the other five Great Grand Emperors had also noticed the corpses of Condor Hen and Sen Lan lying on the floor.

    Mo Wuji was standing right next to Sen Lan's corpse which clearly showed that Sen Lan was just killed by him.

    "Brother Mo..." Red Eyes Turtle's eyes retracted from Sen Lan's corpse as his throat started to dry up.

    Mo Wuji raised his hand to throw out two balls of flame to burn Condor Hen and Sen Lan's corpse into ashes before saying coldly, "The few of you activated the deathtrap array of the Oblique Space Sea City to kill me? Since this is the case, don't blame me for turning nasty. The few of you can leave now but as long as you're still on the island, I will personally visit each and every one of you."

    Once he said that Mo Wuji grabbed out an array flag to start installing arrays.

    Red Eyes Turtle hurried forward to clasp his fist and said, "Brother Mo please slow down, this matter really had nothing to do with us. Previously, Condor Hen and Sen Lan wanted to activate the deathtrap array and you should know that Condor Hen transmitted the message to inform me of his decision to activate the deathtrap array. If I don't agree, my small Black Tortoise Mountain would disappear from the Oblique Space Sea Island once Brother Mo leaves this place. After all, Brother Mo will not be staying on this island in the long run while we still needed a place to stay here."

    "Yes indeed, yes..." The other four Great Grand Emperors stood out one after the other in agreement of Red Eyes Turtle's words.

    The few of them thought to themselves that if they didn't release the deathtrap array in time, the one trapped would not be Mo Wuji but the few of them.

    Wu He was trembling in cold sweat because he knew that if the five of them delayed the releasing of the deathtrap array for any longer, the next person to be killed would be himself.

    The truth was that Wu He's guess was not wrong because Mo Wuji's plan was to kill Condor Hen, Sen Lan then Wu He and then the others. After killing off Bao Bu, Condor Hen and Sen Lan, Mo Wuji was well aware that he was still not strong enough. Perhaps he would be strong enough to crush these fellas easily when he reached the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage but now was certainly not the time to do so.

    Whether it was Condor Hen or Sen Lan, Mo Wuji had to pay a little price for it.

    "Haha!" Mo Wuji laughed out loud but his face was still cold as ice with not even the slightest of smile. There was only an absolute aura that was constantly on the rise, "So according to the words of Great Grand Emperor Red Eyes, it should be right that I was assassinated? It should be right that I was plotted against by everyone using the deathtrap array and then suffer severe injuries?"

    The five Great Grand Emperors were all completely helpless because did Mo Wuji look severely injured? He appeared to be in better shape than anyone else but nobody dared to say anything because even if the five of them were to join up to attack Mo Wuji, they wouldn't be able to do anything to him. Once Mo Wuji managed to eliminate one of two of them, they could expunge their own title as the Eight Great Grand Emperors.

    "Brother Mo, I've just received the truth of the previous incident. It turns out that the grey centipede was the one who obstructed Brother Mo which was why Brother Mo would be infuriated. Since this is the truth, how could I still accept Brother Mo's storage ring," Wu He could no longer bother about his pride as he hurried to apologise to Mo Wuji and even returned the storage ring.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand and said in an equally serious tone, "Regardless the reason, I was wrong too and because this is such a fair and just place, I should compensate since I am in the wrong. By returning the storage ring to me, isn't that equivalent to Dao Friend Wu slapping my face?"

    Mo Wuji would naturally not want the storage ring back because why would he need a storage ring filled with a few useless stones from the Cultivation World?

    Wu He was shocked because and was still feeling uneasy. Because Mo Wuji refused to take back his storage ring, Wu He suspected that Mo Wuji would still act against him.

    Just when Wu He was feeling uneasy, Mo Wuji suddenly asked, "I've heard that this place produces lightning soul stones so if Dao Friend Wu feels bad, perhaps you could give me some of the lightning soul stones."

    "This is not a problem as I have some," Wu He didn't hesitate as he brought out a storage ring and handed Mo Wuji all the lightning soul stones in the storage ring.

    The lightning soul stones might be a peak grade treasure in a place like this but it was nothing but rubbish on this island.

    "I didn't know that Brother Mo needed such items as I, Red Eyes, have some of these too," Red Eyes Turtle also took out a storage ring for Mo Wuji.

    The remaining of them followed suit as everyone handed Mo Wuji storage rings filled with lightning soul stones.
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