Chapter 808: Peak Grade Black Spatial Fruit

    Chapter 808: Peak Grade Black Spatial Fruit

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    Mo Wuji kept these storage rings without any hesitation before clasping his fists and said, "We shall let bygones be bygones and now that the main culprit has been executed, why don't we go take a look at the Black Spatial Fruits?"

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, the five Great Grand Emperor were overjoyed. Mo Wuji's words meant that he would no longer pursue on this matter and as for the Black Spatial Fruits, they would simply have to give Mo Wuji a few. This was inevitable but they still hoped that Mo Wuji wouldn't ask for too many ruthlessly.

    "Brother Mo, I shall not head over then," Ape Mo hurried to say.

    The Black Spatial Fruits on the Oblique Space Sea Island were all controlled by the Eight Great Grand Emperors and even though Ape Mo had advanced to become a Class 10 demonic beast, he was still not considered one of the Great Grand Emperor. He came here only because he hoped to receive a Black Spatial Fruit as a reward for his advancement into the Class 10.

    "Brother Ape, you would naturally have to come along. In the future, there will be seven Great Grand Emperors, you and Brother Mo..."

    Before Red Eyes Turtle could finish his sentence, Mo Wuji interjected, "Dao Friend Red Eyes, after leaving the Oblique Sea City this time around, I would be leaving the island so the five of you plus Ape Mo shall be the Six Great Grand Emperors. There is no need to include me."

    Ape Mo hurried to say, "Brother Mo, we have some familiarity at first sight and after staying here on the island for over a few million years, I am already sick of this place. If Brother Mo doesn't mind, I would like to follow Brother Mo out."

    The truth was that even without the Mo Wuji incident, Ape Mo was already intending to leave this island. He had advanced into a Class 10 beast and would be of no use even if he continued staying here on the island. Moreover, with the Eight Great Grand Emperors controlling everything on this island, Ape Mo wouldn't enjoy as much freedom as he would outside of this island.

    Mo Wuji laughed as he said, "This would be great! I have a school in the Immortal World and since Brother Ape is bored of staying here, follow me back to my school then."

    "This shall be it then," Ape Mo replied promptly.

    "Congratulations to Brother Ape for breaking away from the Oblique Sea Island. Brother Red Eyes, we should hurry take a look at the Black Spatial Fruit," Xue Lu chuckled because Ape Mo's departure would not affect them at all. Moreover, it would even reduce the fight for resources here on the island.


    Black Spatial Fruit was indeed in the centre of the Oblique Sea City and just as Mo Wuji approached the centre, he could already sense the dense immortal energy.

    In the Oblique Space Sea City, the area closer to the periphery of the Black Spatial Fruit Tree was not allowed to have any buildings. There were all sorts of restriction arrays there and anytime someone approached it, they would be trapped and killed by the array. Unless it was time for the natural defensive array to be opened, no one was allowed to open up the restriction array here.

    Presently, due to the upcoming opening of the natural defensive array of the island, the restriction array around the Black Spatial Fruit Tree was released.

    Entering the restriction array of the Black Spatial Fruit Tree would require an array flag which the Eight Great Grand Emperors would take turn to control. Every one of the Eight Great Grand Emperors would be able to sense it wherever and whenever someone tried to approach the array.

    The person holding on to the array flag this time around was Peng Fei'Er, who barely spoke and looked extremely delicate. Mo Wuji felt that this person was the hardest to see through including this person's cultivation level as well as race.

    "Since I am in charge of the array flag this time around, let me open up the restriction then," Peng Fei'Er took the initiative to step out before throwing out an array flag.

    The array flag swept up a faint and weak white light as it entered the restriction array in front of them.

    The originally blurry restriction array let out a 'Ka ka' sound which followed by the gradual opening of the restriction array and the surging of the dense immortal energy. Even Mo Wuji, who had been used to cultivating within dense immortal energy, could feel that extreme immortal energy surging towards him.

    In front of Mo Wuji's eyes was indeed a massive tree which was about several metres long. This massive tree was right in front of them yet it gave them a feeling of endless void. Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to scan through it and confirmed that it truly had 10 layers.

    The tree was full of either green or grey Black Spatial Fruit and the highest layer had six transparent Black Spatial Fruits. A mysterious spatial energy exuded from that six transparent Black Spatial Fruits and Mo Wuji was incredibly excited about it. This was indeed a ten million years old Black Spatial Fruit which value was uncomparable.

    Besides the transparent Black Spatial Fruit on the top layer of the tree, Mo Wuji noticed the dark grey Black Spatial Fruit which was on the third layer from the top. Mo Wuji knew that this should be the Black Spatial Fruits which was about to be picked and harvested. When a Black Spatial Fruit started growing, its colour would be green and as time passed by, the colour would fade to become faint green. From faint green, it would continue fading to become dark grey, grey, white, faint white and eventually transparent, which was the hardest to achieve.

    Red Eyes Turtle chuckled and said, "Brother Mo, we will be harvesting the Black Spatial Fruits on the third layers and if Brother Mo wishes, you could pick a few and leave with it. The Black Spatial Fruits on the first layer were all 4000-5000 years old which contained clear energy of the Laws of Space."

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said, "I am in fact not in need of the third layer's Black Spatial Fruits so I would actually only need one of it. The Black Spatial Fruits on the highest layer are actually of important use to me so I wonder if I am able to pick a few of it?"

    Mo Wuji's words made the remaining Great Grand Emperor's mouth cramped up. There were only six of the top layer Black Spatial Fruits and if Mo Wuji wanted to pick a few of it, what would happen to the entire Oblique Space Sea Island?

    "Aiya!" Mo Wuji suddenly held onto his waist as he seemed to be some sort of pain.

    "Brother Mo, what happened?" Ape Mo hurried to ask.

    MO Wuji said with a low voice, "I believe the deathtrap array from earlier on hurt my muscles and bone and there are still some pain now. I wonder if there would be any repercussions in the future. This place is truly dangerous so I might need to stay here for my recovery for a period of time."

    Red Eyes Turtle didn't wait for Mo Wuji to continue speaking as he said, "Brother Mo, there are six Black Spatial Fruits which are over a few thousand years old. If Brother Mo doesn't mind, you can pick two. After all, this tree is the symbol for our Oblique Space Sea City. If we were to pick too many for you, we might not be able to answer to the people of the Oblique Space Sea Island."

    Even though he was speaking, Red Eyes Turtle was actually feeling extremely speechless. He, Mo Wuji, would actually feel pain in his waist?

    "Ai, my waist seems to feel better now," Mo Wuji muttered to himself before appearing to have heard Red Eyes Turtle's words as he clasped his fists and said, "Many thanks Great Grand Emperor Red Eyes and the other Great Grand Emperors for your generosity. If the few Great Grand Emperors visit the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos in the future, I, Mo Wuji, would definitely welcome you ceremoniously."

    Mo Wuji already knew that he would at most be able to take away two of these transparent Black Spatial Fruit and in fact, he would be happy even if he had only managed to get one. Now that the Red Eyes Turtle had immediately offered him two of the fruits, why would he not be satisfied? As for the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, Mo Wuji had already intended to sweep the entire Gods Race away once he returned. Given his strength now, it shouldn't be a problem for him to maintain a foothold in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. Mo Wuji certainly didn't mind offering such casual favour to these Great Grand Emperors.

    "Many thanks Brother Mo then and please go ahead to pick your Black Spatial Fruits," The few Great Grand Emperors hurried to clasp their fists.

    It was certain that Mo Wuji was going to take away the Black Spatial Fruits. Why would they not be satisfied if Mo Wuji was only going to bring away only two thousand years Black Spatial Fruits?

    Mo Wuji was not going to stand on any ceremony as his body flashed and had already darted up the tree. Two Black Spatial Fruits were instantly cut off using his spiritual will and kept into two jade boxes.

    After Mo Wuji landed back on the ground, Red Eyes Turtle initiated to pack another two more Black Spatial Fruits from the third layer into two jade boxes as he presented in to Mo Wuji and Ape Mo respectively.

    He was afraid that Mo Wuji might come up with any more funny ideas to taunt them and for Ape Mo, he was originally going to receive one anyway.

    To leave the Oblique Space Sea Island, it didn't mean that one person had to have one Black Spatial Fruit each to leave. Usually, two Black Spatial Fruits would be responsible to bring five people out and back into the island. The person holding the Black Spatial Fruit would walk in front while everyone else followed closely behind. On their return trip, they simply had to do the same thing.

    Mo Wuji had obtained several benefits and he knew that prolonging his stay here would cause others to hate him. He casually clasp his fists as he said, "Fellow Dao Friends, you can continue dividing your Black Spatial Fruits and I shall not disturb everyone else. Ape Mo and I shall take our leave first."

    Upon hearing this, the few Great Grand Emperors of the Oblique Space Sea Island finally heaved a sigh of relief as they finally managed to send this lord away.

    "Brother Ape, where is the position of the exit of this natural defensive array?" The instance they left the Black Spatial Fruit Tree, Mo Wuji questioned.

    Ape Mo explained, "We would need to be on a transfer array from the Oblique Sea City which would transfer us directly to the entrance of the natural array."

    "Let's head there now unless Brother Ape has anything else to do?" The Oblique Space Sea City had became a mess after the destruction caused by the deathtrap array which was why Mo Wuji really didn't feel like prolonging his stay any further.

    Ape Mo replied, "I have nothing else as I have already sent a message out. Once I've cultivated to this point, there is no longer a point for me to stay here on this island."


    Perhaps it was because of Red Eyes Turtle and the other Great Grand Emperors' repeated warning, Mo Wuji was transferred out the moment he reached the transfer array even without the need for him to pay any immortal crystals.

    Once he exited from the transfer array, Mo Wuji's spiritual will was instantly blocked. There seemed to be a layer of formless barrier in which his spiritual will and sight were unable to pass through.

    "Brother Mo, spiritual will would not work through here because this is natural peak grade defensive array which nobody would be able to break apart," As if he knew Mo Wuji had used his spiritual will to check, Ape Mo explained.

    Mo Wuji was inwardly shocked because he was certain that even if his array dao standard had reached Grade 9, he might not be able to open up this defensive array too. He condensed his spiritual eye and a blurry silhouette appeared in front of his eye. As he used his spiritual eye to further look into it, his head started to feel dizzy.

    Mo Wuji hurried to withdraw his spiritual eye and was incomparably shocked. After advancing into the Immortal Emperor Stage, the grade of his spiritual eye was also very high. Even so, he was still unable to look through and find out any tiny clue about this defensive array.

    "Brother Ape, I want to go behind closed doors for two days. Once this defensive array is open, call me immediately," There was still about two days time before the opening of the natural defensive array and Mo Wuji wanted to make use of these two days to analyse the puppet creation jade letter.

    "Brother Mo, go ahead and I'll call you when it's time," Ape Mo had always been thankful for Mo Wuji because if it wasn't for Mo Wuji who gave him the Transformation Dao Fruit, he would have never been able to step into the ranks of the Class 10 demonic beasts in such a short period of time.
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