Chapter 809: Cosmos Edge Wants Mo Wujis Arrest

    Chapter 809: Cosmos Edge Wants Mo Wuji's Arrest

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    The moment Mo Wuji sent his spiritual will into this puppet creation jade letter, he knew that he had obtained a treasure. It was unknown who left this jade letter behind. If it was an average smith, or even an ordinary Smith Emperor that saw this jade letter, they would definitely find it hard to understand and accept. This was because the smithing methods described in this jade letter contained dao will. This means even if a person learns the smithing methods within this jade letter, he still wouldn't be able to infuse the dao will within the methods.

    However, Mo Wuji did not feel the same. He believed that it's because this jade letter had high requirements; one had to be a Grade 9 Smith Emperor at the very least. It just so happened that he was a Grade 9 Smith Emperor.

    The creation of an immortal puppet was extremely complex. As he read through this jade letter, Mo Wuji felt that he was standing in front of an unopened gate of smithing. He believed that if he could push through this gate, his smithing standards would experience a huge qualitative leap.

    Unfortunately, two days was truly too short. Just as Mo Wuji immersed himself into his study, Ape Mo's message came. The natural arrays of Oblique Space Sea Island had opened; it was possible to leave now.

    Mo Wuji could only keep the jade letter. When he walked out, he saw that the Five Great Grand Emperors were present. Seeing Mo Wuji emerge, these Grand Emperors all came to greet him.

    A passage appeared in front of Mo Wuji. Even though Mo Wuji could not use his spiritual will to scan this passage, he could tell that this passage was relatively chaotic space.

    "Brother Mo, you're the guest. You can go first." Red Eyes Turtle grinned and gestured with his hand.

    It was true that Mo Wuji had disgraced the Eight Great Grand Emperors. However, after Mo Wuji's leaves, the power dynamics in Oblique Space Sea Island would change. It could be said that the five of them would earn much more them before. After all, they didn't really lose much to Mo Wuji; they only lost some lightning soul stones.

    "Many thanks, Brother Red Eyes. Many thanks, Grand Emperors. Since this is the case, then I won't be too polite." Mo Wuji wanted to leave as soon as possible. When he was at Cosmos Edge previously, he was completely unable to investigate anything. Now that he was going to return back to Cosmos Edge, he was definitely going to investigate on Shuyin's whereabouts.

    Honestly, Mo Wuji did not hope for Shuyin to be in Cosmos Edge. He only hoped that Shuyin was safe; Cosmos Edge was truly too chaotic and complex.

    "Brother Ape, follow behind me." With that, Mo Wuji walked into that spatial array gate.

    Ape Mo hurriedly followed suit. At the same time, he transmitted, "Brother Mo, there are large amounts of spatial blades within this array gate; there are even several spatial tears. You can only sense these spatial irregularities if you consume the Black Spatial Fruit."

    Mo Wuji waved his hand and said, "There's no need to worry. I will definitely be able to get through it."

    Mo Wuji had already learnt about the Laws of Space back when he was in the cultivation world. That book, The Brief Theory of Space, had been especially helpful to him. The Spatial Imprisonment he learnt from it was even able to imprison Grand Emperors. His understanding towards the Laws of Space was definitely more effective than a 10,000-year-old Black Spatial Fruit.

    Ape Mo was very clear of Mo Wuji's strength. Even when he was within the Oblique Sea City's killing array, Mo Wuji was still able to slaughter two Grand Emperors. It was not strange that he was so confident that he could get through this spatial array gate.

    The moment Mo Wuji stepped into the array gate, he could feel the ripples caused by the spatial blades. It was just as he expected; this spatial array gate wasn't a killing array in nature, but a protective one. Within this array, Mo Wuji could clearly sense the spatial blades, as well as other spatial irregularities.

    Ape Mo followed behind Mo Wuji. Shock continued to grow within his heart. He discovered that Mo Wuji's understanding towards this space was much stronger than any Grand Emperor of the Oblique Space Sea Island. Even consuming a 10,000-year-old Black Spatial Fruit couldn't help achieve the speed that Mo Wuji was currently going at.

    In merely an incense's time, Mo Wuji felt a sensation of extreme lightness. He knew that he had already left the Oblique Space Sea Island.

    "Brother Mo's understanding towards the Laws of Space is staggering. This is the fastest I took to leave the array." Ape Mo, who was following behind Mo Wuji, sighed in praise.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "I'm indeed slightly knowledgeable towards the Laws of Space. Wait..."

    After saying that, Mo Wuji handed a jade letter over to Ape Mo, "Ape Mo, this is some of my insights towards the Laws of Space. From now on, you can call me directly by my name.

    Ape Mo was indeed a person worth befriending. Back in Oblique Sea City when Mo Wuji was oppressed by many powers, Ape Mo didn't strike him when he was down. From that, Mo Wuji knew that Ape Mo was a principled person.

    "Thank you, thank you..." Ape Mo emotionally accepted the jade letter with both his hands. He was clearer than anyone else about the value of this jade letter. This jade letter contained insights towards the Laws of Space. If he could gain some control and understanding towards the Laws of Space, his power would definitely rise by another level.

    Such a precious item could not be bought anywhere else in the world.

    Mo Wuji retrieved a flying treasure and patted Ape Mo's shoulders, "I will need to go into seclusion for a period of time. Help control this ship towards Cosmos Edge."

    "It will require at least three months to get to Cosmos Edge. Wuji, you can rest assured and enter your seclusion." Ape Mo suppressed his elation as he replied Mo Wuji resolutely.


    With Ape Mo controlling the flying ship, Mo Wuji entered the internal cabin of the ship and retrieved Condor Hen's storage ring. What left Mo Wuji speechless was that Condor Hen's storage ring was the one that he had handed over. It could be seen that when Condor Hen was trading storage rings with him, Condor Hen didn't really hide anything.

    What delighted Mo Wuji the most was Sen Lan's storage ring. The goodies within the storage ring of this Gods Race expert was truly enough to pile into a mountain. The only thing that was lacking was lightning soul stones; it wasn't even half of what the others gave him.

    When Mo Wuji opened one of the jade boxes within Sen Lan's ring and saw a pearl surrounding by lightning, he almost went slack-jawed.

    He actually saw a Lightning Origin Bead. This was not the first Origin Bead [1] that Mo Wuji obtained; so he was sure that this was a Lightning Origin Bead. Even though his Undying World didn't require a Lightning Origin Bead, he knew that the value of this Origin Bead was no lower than the five base Elemental Beads. From a certain perspective, the value of this Lightning Origin Bead was even higher.

    This huge reward left Mo Wuji incomparably elated. He carefully closed the jade box, formed additional seals on it, then sent it into his Undying World. During this trip to the Oblique Space Sea Island, this Lightning Origin Bead could rank third among his rewards. In Mo Wuji's perspective, the greatest reward was the golden jade letter introducing the construction of immortal puppets. Then came the Seven World Finger; and third was the Lightning Origin Bead.

    As for the Black Spatial Fruit, the pill furnace and the lightning soul stones, they were all top grade rewards. This was especially so for the lightning soul stones; he had so many of them that he could form a small mountain. Mo Wuji prepared to use these lightning soul stones to forge a magic equipment.

    After Mo Wuji arranged everything within the rings, he went back to that golden jade letter. He started to study the methods to forge immortal puppets.

    Time passed gradually. Heap after heap of smithing materials were forged into various kinds of immortal puppets. Gradually, Mo Wuji's understanding in the construction of immortal puppets got increasingly profound. Even though he hadn't started constructing immortal puppets with equipment spirits, he didn't face any problems with constructing Immortal King level puppets.

    This was also because Mo Wuji was originally a Grade 9 Smith Emperor, and the construction of immortal puppets was considered a branch of smithing. The techniques used were roughly the same.

    However, to Mo Wuji, this was far from being enough. Not only didn't he want to rebuild Da Huang to its original state, he wanted Da Huang's spiritual intelligence to be no weaker than before, stronger even.

    Mo Wuji estimated that three months had already passed. He stopped his practice and walked out to the deck of the flying ship.

    "Wuji, I have learnt much during these few months..." Ape Mo said elatedly when he saw Mo Wuji come out. It was as he said, during these three months, he had gained an understanding of one of the Laws of Space. Mo Wuji's position in his heart had only grown stronger because of this. Mo Wuji was probably the only person who would give such a jade letter away.

    Mo Wuji was just about to speak when his spiritual will detected a flying ship sailing by. The flying ship was an ordinary Grade 7 immortal equipment, but he recognised the cultivator on the ship. It was Yan Wei.

    Mo Wuji first met Yan Wei back in Heavenly Chasm City.Yan Wei was a disciple of the Waterfall Immortal Sect, his cultivation was at the intermediate Immortal King Stage, and his character was not bad.

    Currently, Yan Wei was riddled with injuries and he seemed to be on the run.

    "Ape Mo, let me control the ship." Mo Wuji accepted control over the flying ship and increased its speed. In merely half an incense's time, Mo Wuji's ship appeared in front of Yan Wei's flying ship.

    "Even if I, Yan Wei, die, I wouldn't... Pill Emperor Mo, it's you..." Yan Wei only got through half his sentence when he noticed that the person on the deck of the other ship was Mo Wuji.

    "Brother Yan, long time no see. What happened to you?" Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said.

    "Brother Mo, you should leave as soon as possible. Posters of you are pasted all throughout Cosmos Edge, calling for your arrest. As long as one is able to catch you, the rewards can be as high as a million god crystals, tens of immortal veins, and even a plethora of magic treasures..." Yan Wei soon recalled that Mo Wuji's circumstances were even worse than his, and he hurriedly cried out in warning.

    "It's you? Mo Wuji?" Another flying treasure charged over and stopped not far from Yan Wei. A late-stage Immortal King was standing on that flying treasure. He first noticed Yan Wei, then he saw Mo Wuji.

    "That's right, I'm Mo Wuji. What is it?" The moment Mo Wuji laid eyes on this late stage Immortal King, he knew that it was a cultivator of the Gods Race.

    Mo Wuji's hatred towards the Gods Race seeped deep into his bones. Otherwise, back in Oblique Space Sea Island, he wouldn't have decided to kill Sen Lan right after Condor Hen.

    "No, no, there's nothing. I will be leaving." This Immortal King directly manoeuvred his flying treasure as he prepared it to speed away in the opposite direction. Don't simply see how Mo Wuji was being treated as a wanted criminal in Cosmos Edge. Mo Wuji had a fierce and notorious reputation in Cosmos Edge, and it was even rumoured that Mo Wuji had even killed a Dao Emperor of the Gods Race. At this time, how could he dare to utter rubbish? Listing Mo Wuji as wanted was one thing, but actually attempting to capture Mo Wuji was another.

    "Since you're here, then there's no need to leave." As Mo Wuji was speaking, an immortal elemental hand grabbed over. This Immortal King was simply like a helpless chick as he got grabbed and held up in front of Mo Wuji.

    [1] Probably Elemental Bead
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