Chapter 810: Cosmos Edge’s Human Race

    Chapter 810: Cosmos Edge's Human Race

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    "Senior, even though I'm from the Gods Race, I have always admired senior..." This Immortal King cried out as he got pinched within Mo Wuji's elemental hand. He did not see Mo Wuji kill a Dao Emperor from the Gods Race, but he did personally witness Mo Wuji killing the Gods Race's young lord and three Immortal Emperors.

    If he did not know that Mo Wuji had killed the Gods Race's Young Lord Wu Li, he might actually try using his race to threaten Mo Wuji. But now, he clearly didn't dare to do that.

    "Pill Emperor Mo..." Yan Wei looked at Mo Wuji in aghast. He naturally heard of Mo Wuji's notoriety in Cosmos Edge. However, he also knew that Mo Wuji was forced out of the Cosmos Edge by the Gods Race, West River Religious Order and Mifei Trade Union. He would never have ever expected that Mo Wuji would be so awesome. This Gods Race expert was a late stage Immortal King. Even an Immortal Emperor couldn't pinch an Immortal King like an ant-like Mo Wuji was doing now, right?

    "I've only left Cosmos Edge for a few years. Who dares to order my arrest?" Mo Wuji asked indifferently.

    Before this Gods Race Immortal King could speak, Yan Wei hurriedly said, "It's the coalition of the Gods Race, West River Religious Order and Mifei Trade Union. They massacred all the Human Race cultivators in Cosmos Edge and destroyed the Human Race's only immortal city in Cosmos Edge - Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City. Thereafter, the chased everyone from the Human Race out of the Very High Heavens Cosmos..."

    When Mo Wuji heard this, a fire of anger began to burn in his heart. He didn't think that his actions would have implicated so many cultivators.

    The immortal elemental hand tightened. That Gods Race Immortal King couldn't even say a word as he was crushed into a mist of blood.

    Sweeping away the storage ring, Mo Wuji looked at Yan Wei and asked, "Yan Wei, I'm sorry. I have implicated everyone. I also didn't know that the Gods Race would be so shameless as to vent their anger on the entire Human Race."

    Yan Wei immediately shook his head, "Immortal Empress Wen Lan, the progenitor of my Waterfall Immortal Sect, had said this before: this matter is not related to Pill Emperor Mo. In reality, even if Pill Emperor Mo hadn't killed Wu Li in Cosmos Edge, the Very High Heaven's immortal city in the Beyond Heaven's Cosmos would still get occupied. It was only a matter of time. Pill Emperor Mo merely gave the Gods Race an excuse to act. Even if Pill Emperor Mo hadn't done what he did, the Gods Race, the Vampiric Race, or even the Demon Race would have occupied Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City."

    Mo Wuji sunk into silence. He knew that Immortal Empress Wen Lan was right. Back when he was in Cosmos Edge, the genius of the Human Race could casually be killed. No one even dared to say a word when a Human Race cultivator was put for sale as a slave. Clearly, in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, the Human Race were merely ants waiting to be stepped on.

    And if this was not enough, another key problem was that the Human Race wasn't united. Otherwise, Yan Yuerong wouldn't have been expelled from the Human Race by Zi Changluo's disciple Gong Shuxiang. Logically, Zi Changluo's disciple didn't even have the power or rights to do such a thing.

    However, the spark of this entire issue was him, Mo Wuji. He still had to bear the responsibility.

    "Why were you being pursued?" Mo Wuji sighed in his heart. He couldn't even protect himself back then, how could he have helped gather the power of the Immortal World? As he thought of this, he felt contempt for that Very High Heavens's Dao Emperor Zi Changluo. That fella probably only cared about his own self-interest.

    Yan Wei sighed, "Back then, the Gods Race wrecked havoc upon the Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City. The number of cultivators who perished numbered in the millions. To prevent the Gods Race from attacking the Very High Heavens, Dao Emperor Zi Changluo abandoned the Human Race cultivators that were still fighting hard for the immortal city; he actually destroyed all passages from the Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City to the Very High Heavens.

    All the Human Race cultivators that were pitting their lives for Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City were abandoned by Zi Changluo. My master and two other seniors brought the survivors of the Human Race and escaped Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City. We have temporarily established a foothold on a meteorite at a remote corner of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos."

    The more Mo Wuji listened, the more infuriated he could. This Zi Changluo was a Dao Emperor, the leader of the Very High Heavens, and the self-proclaimed ruler of the Immortal World. This b*stard actually escaped by himself, leaving behind the Human Race immortals that were fighting for him.

    "After we escaped Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City, Demon Race's Ji Ku and Heaven's Beyond Immortal Alliance's Teng Feiyan helped to speak up us. Oh right, Cosmos Edge's Dao Lord Feng Huang also helped to say some words. This was what allowed our Human Race to enter the Cosmos Edge. However, the Gods Race and the West River Religious Order did not let go of this matter. They made use of the Cosmos Edge's Dao Discussion Stage to slaughter the immortals of our Human Race. I even heard that the Gods Race is preparing to massacre all Human Race survivors within the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. However, because the Gods Race is being hindered by a matter, they hadn't gotten to us yet," Yan Wei's tone got increasingly filled with grief and indignation.

    Mo Wuji's heart was already filled with killing intent. He knew why Human Race cultivators still chose to go to the Cosmos Edge even though they clearly knew that it was a place of death. That's because the Cosmos Edge was the only place they could increase their power; the Cosmos Edge was the only place they could obtain cultivation resources.

    Yan Wei continued, "Gods Immortal Domain's Nai He, Ju Zishuo, Zuo Yixian and several other geniuses managed to survive and escape from Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City. However, they still ended up getting killed on the Dao Discussion Stage. They were either killed by the Gods Race or the West River Religious Order. Sometimes, they were killed by the experts from some other races."

    "Very good." Fire was burning within Mo Wuji's eyes. Originally, he was only intending to chase the Gods Race out of Cosmos Edge. But since the Gods Race decided to be ruthless, then they couldn't blame him for directly exterminating their entire Gods Race.

    "Wuji, just do what you want. No matter what, I, Ape Mo, will fight by your side." Ape Mo did not hesitate to say. He finally understood why Mo Wuji first killed Gods Race's Sen Lan back in Oblique Space Sea Island, and not Wu He who offended Mo Wuji more.

    "Aiya, this is not good." Yan Wei exclaimed as he seemed to suddenly recall something.

    Before Mo Wuji could ask anything, he anxiously said, "Virtual Qing Dao's Junior Sister Ning Xiaoyu will soon be discussing the dao with West River Religious Order's Grand Luo Immortal Fei Guang. I'm afraid things will not bode well for Junior Sister Nong Xiaoyu."

    "Nong Xiaoyu?" Mo Wuji asked quizzically. He seemed to have heard this name before. However, he was more familiar with Xiao Xiaoyu; Xiao Xiaoyu was the girl that always followed by Yan Yuerong's side.

    Yan Wei hurriedly said, "Nong Xiaoyu is an Eight Star Genius from Virtual Qing Dao. Senior might not know her, but Senior should know her older sister, Xiao Xiaoyu."

    "Nong Xiaoyu is Xiao Xiaoyu's younger sister?" Mo Wuji asked in shock. Mo Wuji had a very good impression of Xiao Xiaoyu. Back when he posed as a mortal named Da Huang, he always addressed Xiao Xiaoyu as Big Little Sister. If it was any other immortal, he would have already been slapped to death. However, Xiao Xiaoyu never had such intentions. In fact, to protect him, she brought him to an immortal city.

    Xiao Xiaoyu and Yan Yuerong were genuinely kind people. It was exactly because of this, that Mo Wuji didn't hesitate to help Yan Yuerong take revenge for Xiao Xiaoyu.

    "Yes, Nong Xiaoyu and her sister split up when they were young, with one following the mother and the other following the father. Because senior killed Wu Li to take revenge for Xiao Xiaoyu, Nong Xiaoyu has been extremely grateful towards senior," Yan Wei answered.

    Mo Wuji nodded. His ruckus in Cosmos Edge was too huge. Everyone in Cosmos Edge would definitely know about him saving Yan Yuerong and taking revenge for Xiao Xiaoyu. Thus, it did not come as a surprise that Yan Wei and co. knew about it.

    "Since that's the case, then I'll go take a look at Cosmos Edge. If it's a fair dao discussion, then so be it. But if they dare to play any tricks, then they can't blame me for not behaving politely." Mo Wuji snorted and said. He took control of the flying ship. In an instant, it sped up and charged towards Cosmos Edge.


    Cosmos Edge did not become more solemn and gloomy by the destruction of the Human Race's last immortal city in Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. In fact, it became even more bustling than before.

    When Mo Wuji brought Yan Wei and Ape Mo to Cosmos Edge, they noticed huge streams of people flowing in and out of the city. It was extremely lively.

    Yan Wei whispered to Mo Wuji's ear, "It's said that the Cosmos Wall is opening soon. That's why many people want to head over to Heaven's Beyond Corridor. However, our Human Race definitely wouldn't have a chance to go to the Cosmos Wall and fight for treasures."

    "No worries." Mo Wuji responded simply, then he sped up his footsteps. He was indeed not in a hurry. Now that he, Mo Wuji had returned, everything that belongs to the Human Race had better be placed in front of him. Likewise, he wouldn't go and instigate fights for things that didn't belong to the Human Race.

    Heaven's Beyond Dao Plaza was extremely crowded. Even from a distance, Mo Wuji could see it filled with cultivators from various races.

    There were two cultivators engaged in an intense battle on the Dao Discussion Stage. One was a girl in a light blue dress. Her cultivation was at the early Grand Luo Immortal Stage. The other one was a medium built man. He was in the intermediate Grand Luo Immortal Stage.

    That girl shared similar features Xiao Xiaoyu. It was just that her skin was whiter, and her looks were significantly prettier than Xiao Xiaoyu.

    Mo Wuji soon felt relieved. Even though this girl was only at the early Grand Luo Immortal Stage, her combat abilities were far from ordinary. A green cloud revolved strongly around her; Mo Wuji did not need to use his spiritual will to tell that she was at an advantage.

    Even though that intermediate stage Grand Luo Immortal battling Nong Xiaoyu had a slightly higher cultivation, he seemed to be tied down in both his skills and his magic treasure.

    It could be said that it was only a matter of time till Nong Xiaoyu wins.

    "Senior Mo..."

    Mo Wuji stopped Yan Wei from continuing, "Dao Friend Yan, I have some ties with Immortal Empress Wen Lan, and I had obtained some benefits from her before. We can also be considered long acquaintances. It's okay if you call me Wuji or Senior Brother Mo."

    Yan Wei hurriedly said, "Yes, Senior Brother Mo. The one on the stage is Nong Xiaoyu. She's battling West River Religious Order's Fei Guang. It's said that this Fei Huang is a core figure within the West River Religious Order even though he is only at the intermediate Grand Luo Immortal Stage. I'm afraid that if Xiaoyu suppresses him, the experts from West River Religious Order will act."

    Mo Wuji laughed faintly, "There's no need to worry. In fact, I'm afraid that no one would come forward. As long as someone dares to act, then it's good."

    Actually, this was what Mo Wuji genuinely thought. If someone from the West River Religious Order dared to act, then he would destroy this Dao Discussion Stage for a second time. Then, he would go to the West River Religious Order to demand an explanation.
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