Chapter 811: Who Do You Think You Are?

    Chapter 811: Who Do You Think You Are?

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    Mo Wuji was right. In less than half an incense's time, Nong Xiaoyu managed to seize an opportunity. Her green cloud exploded into a wave of green light which enveloped around Fei Guang. Before Fei Guang could tear this green light apart, Nong Xiaoyu used that window of time to break Fei Guang's domain with a forbidden sacred art. This sacred art was similar to Spatial Imprisonment; it caused Fei Guang to be unable to move for an extremely short period of time. Thereafter, a few beams of light appeared behind Nong Xiaoyu's back and sped towards Fei Guang's forehead.

    Everyone under the Dao Discussion Stage knew that if nothing goes wrong, Fei Guang was doomed.

    However, everyone also knew that the one going to die wasn't Fei Guang, but Nong Xiaoyu.

    Indeed, at this instant, a grey light shot off the side of the Dao Discussion Stage. It was extremely fast. Right after this grey light, came a white light.

    The reason why there was a difference was that this grey light blocked Nong Xiaoyu's attack on Fei Guang, while that white light shot towards Nong Xiaoyu's forehead.

    Mo Wuji's heart pounded in fury. It was indeed as Yan Wei said. If things didn't go right on the Dao Discussion Stage, someone would pull strings below the stage. Not only that, the one trying to kill Nong Xiaoyu was a late stage Immortal Reverent.

    A late-stage Immortal Reverent actually tried to ambush an early stage Grand Luo Immortal. This was simply too shameless.

    Mo Wuji opened his hand. Those two lights suddenly changed direction. After turning 180 degrees, they suddenly shot towards a clean-shaven man below the stage.

    "Pff!" A mist of blood exploded. This man's brain was directly shredded by these two light. His primordial spirit didn't even get to emerge before it was destroyed.

    When Nong Xiaoyu saw those two beams of light, her heart was filled with desolation. She knew that this couldn't be avoided, but she still had to face it. She could only hope that she was killed after she killed Fei Guang. However, her wishes clearly fell shot. That light beam was even faster than her forbidden light shadow.

    But Nong Xiaoyu soon went ecstatic. She discovered that the two light beams shooting towards the Dao Discussion Stage stopped suddenly, turned 180 degrees and flew back. The sense of doom that loomed over here instantly vanished.

    At almost the same instant that the Immortal Reverent was killed, Fei Guang's head exploded.

    "Who dares to kill a deacon of my West River Religious Order under the Heaven's Beyond Dao Plaza's Dao Discussion Stage?" A voice filled with infuriation resounded. Thereafter, a violent and terrifying killing intent burst forth. It caused most of the cultivators under the Dao Discussion Stage subconsciously shudder.

    Even Nong Xiaoyu subconsciously retreated. She was momentarily too afraid to collect her spoils of war.

    After this explosive killing intent appeared, a tall man with long grey hair stepped up.

    That man was in mid-air. He formed a huge elemental hand which grabbed towards Nong Xiaoyu. From his killing intent and the baleful aura around him, anyone could tell that this tall man had killed countless of people.

    "Your grandpa was the one who did it." Mo Wuji did not hesitate to step forward. He also went into mid-air as he punched outwards.

    An overbearing pressure filled the entire Heaven's Beyond Dao Plaza. If that killing intent and angry voice was said to leave the cultivators in the Dao Plaza pressured, this fist of Mo Wuji had almost left everyone kneeling and feeling suffocated.

    At this instant, that explosive killing intent disappeared. Everyone could clearly see an immense fist shadow. That fist was enveloped by searing hot flames, and it seemed capable of destroying everything in the Heaven and Earth. It moved towards that tall, grey-haired man.


    Ju Shenghui hadn't even descended when he saw Mo Wuji's fists. He even heard Mo Wuji's words. Instantly, his heart became filled with greater killing intent. Even though he didn't know Mo Wuji, he could see that Mo Wuji was young. So what if a young ant was an Immortal Emperor? It wasn't enough to behave arrogantly in front of an intermediate stage Immortal Emperor like him.

    "Die for me." In his rage, Ju Shenghui's elemental hand didn't grab Nong Xiaoyu, but turned towards Mo Wuji.

    At the next instant, he went still. The space around him had suddenly been sealed. His sacred arts were completely unable to break through this sealed space.

    Could it be that this person was a Dao Emperor?

    "Stop, I'm an elder of the West River Religious Order..." Ju Shenghui cried out frantically. He only managed to say part of a sentence before he stopped suddenly. At this instant, he finally recognised who the person in front of him was. Mo Wuji's image had been pasted throughout the Cosmos Edge. He would never have imagined that Mo Wuji's balls would be so huge as to return back to Cosmos Edge.

    Mo Wuji sneered, "West River Religious Order certainly has a huge reputation. Unfortunately, it isn't enough to scare this old man."

    "Bang!" The Domain Crushing Fist directly shattered Ju Shenghui's domain and landed at Ju Shenghui's dantian. The violent flames coupled with the overwhelming strength of the fist directly turned Ju Shenghui into juice.

    "Bam!" Just as Mo Wuji swept the storage ring towards him, the Dao Discussion Stage collapsed.

    As long as one wasn't a fool, one could clearly tell that Mo Wuji intentionally destroyed the Dao Discussion Stage.

    Nong Xiaoyu finally woke up from her shock. She finally understood that the person in front of her was Mo Wuji. If Nong Xiaoyu used to have suspicions towards the rumours of Mo Wuji killing a Dao Emperor of the Gods Race, those suspicions were now gone.

    Even a Dao Emperor couldn't kill an intermediate stage Immortal Emperor with a single fist. Nong Xiaoyu was all too familiar with West River Religious Order's Ju Shenghui. He was an intermediate stage Immortal Emperor that killed countless of Human Race experts in Cosmos Edge. But now, he was vanquished with a single fist of Mo Wuji's.

    Exactly how strong was Mo Wuji? No wonder why, back in the Immortal World, three Grand Emperors and a Quasi-Emperor weren't able to kill Mo Wuji despite surrounding him.

    Nong Xiaoyu soon reacted accordingly. She did not hesitate to shoot a fireball to destroy Fei Guang. Thereafter, she swept up Fei Guang's storage ring.

    Even though the pressure from Mo Wuji's Domain Crushing Fist had already scattered, the Heaven's Beyond Plaza remained silent.

    Nong Xiaoyu wasn't the only one who knew of Ju Shenghui. In fact, who in Cosmos Edge didn't know of Ju Shenghui? But now, West River Religious Order's Immortal Emperor Ju Shenghui had been eliminated with a single punch. Everyone knew what this entailed.

    Cosmos Edge was going to be swept into a storm of blood and violence.

    "Many thanks, Senior Mo for your saving grace." Nong Xiaoyu hurriedly walked over and bowed towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, "We will talk later. You and Yan Wei retreat now."

    Just as Mo Wuji finished speaking, ten over shadows descended and surrounded Mo Wuji.

    This was different from when Mo Wuji killed the Gods Race's young lord and three Immortal Emperors. This time, a whole group of experts came when he killed an Immortal Emperor of the West River Religious Order.

    Mo Wuji knew that these fellas had returned from their treasure hunting trip. Previously, he was lucky as many experts weren't present in Cosmos Edge. The experts of the Gods Race also came back after some time because he killed their young lord. But in the end, didn't he still kill one of their Dao Emperors and escape?

    "House Master Mo, you are not a person unfamiliar to Cosmos Edge. Why did you destroy my Cosmos Edge's for a second time?" A deep voice sounded. The one speaking was an old man in black robes. Mo Wuji could see that he was just a Grand Emperor.

    "Who do you think you are?" Mo Wuji snorted coldly. His spiritual will had already scanned through the ten over fellas surrounding him; they were all Immortal Emperors. There was a Grand Emperor and three late-stage Immortal Emperors. The rest were in the early or intermediate stages.

    Mo Wuji really despised these fellas. In the Dao Discussion Stage, why didn't these fellas say anything when experts acted against the Human Race cultivators?

    Honestly, Mo Wuji really didn't hold these people in regard. There's no need to talk about how he had Ape Mo, an expert equivalent to a Dao Emperor to help him. Even if he didn't have a helper, these fellas weren't enough to kill him.

    What kind of opponents did he face in Oblique Space Sea Island? They were all existences equivalent to Dao Emperors. Moreover, they weren't average Dao Emperors. An average Dao Emperor definitely didn't qualify to be a Grand Emperor on the Oblique Space Sea Island.

    "Attack together. Kill this person." When he heard Mo Wuji's incomparably arrogant reply, this black-robed man shouted angrily.

    In reality, even though this Grand Emperor hadn't said anything, all these Immortal Emperors had already whipped out their magic treasures and started moving towards Mo Wuji.

    "Ape Mo, help me to prevent any arrays. I, alone, am enough." Mo Wuji retrieved his Half Moon Weighted Halberd. As he was speaking, his Half Moon Weighted Halberd had already conjured millions of halberd light, transforming into boundless amounts of sand.

    If these ten over Immortal Emperors used an array or worked together, perhaps Mo Wuji might be a little fearful. However, these Immortal Emperors were fighting individually. In Mo Wuji's eyes, they were simply a bunch of loose crows.

    After releasing his Grand Desert, Mo Wuji's halberd light transformed into countless of array flags. Mo Wuji continued as he released boundless amounts of lightning bolts. This was Mo Wuji's lightning-type sacred art - Lightning Flash.

    When he advanced to the Immortal Emperor Stage, his lightning-type skills evolved into a sacred art. One of the sets within the lightning-type sacred art was this Lightning Flash.

    His strong whirlpool domain directly enveloped this entire space. All the Immortal Emperors attacking Mo Wuji could feel it. At this instant, they felt like they have fallen into a vast desert of quicksand. As they got stuck in this quicksand, lightning danced wildly around them.

    The black-robed Grand Emperor was the first to discover that something was amiss. Mo Wuji's power was even higher than a Dao Emperor. Their individual attacks wouldn't be able to do anything to Mo Wuji.

    "Everyone, listen to my orders..." Just as this black-robed Grand Emperor said a few words, a looming sense of doom enveloped him.

    He felt his life force seeping away. He even saw grey clouds of death.

    "What is this sacred art?" This black robed Immortal Emperor's heart started racing. Ever since he started on the path of cultivation, he had never seen such a terrifying sacred art before.

    "This is the Wheel of Life and Death. It will teach you to behave properly." Mo Wuji's voice resounded. After which, this black-robed Grand Emperor saw a grey-white Bagua imprint slowly embed itself within his life force. It was formless and shapeless; he didn't even have a chance to stop it.

    An overwhelming sense of death surged into his mind. At this instant, this black-robed Grand Emperor even felt that his entire soul was boiling.

    "Everyone, use the Eight Immortal Killing Array..." This black robed Grand Emperor finally reacted. He anxiously ignited his vital blood, and at the same time, he expended his remaining longevity as he waved his gong towards Mo Wuji.
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