Chapter 813: Knocking Up Mifei Trade Unions Door

    Chapter 813: Knocking Up Mifei Trade Union's Door

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    There was no need to talk about how An Xuecheng proclaimed that he wanted to kill Mo Wuji just as he arrived. Even if An Xuecheng hadn't said it, with what the West River Religious Order had done to the Human Race in Cosmos Edge, it was undoubted that Mo Wuji would kill him.

    At the same time, Mo Wuji knew that his abilities still weren't enough. Just because of 10 over Immortal Emperors, he had to use his Book of Luo. If he was going to engage in a war with the entire Gods Race, he would need to gather more power. Thus, if he eliminated An Xuecheng and Mifei Trade Union, he could gain a large territory within Cosmos Edge.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji had completely no intentions of stopping, An Xuecheng promptly decided to escape towards his West River Religious Order; there was a transfer array there.

    However, that was when he saw Mo Wuji's finger. He immediately felt as though the entire Heaven and Earth was changing. At this instant, this finger seemed to occupy the entire Heaven and Earth; this finger had suppressed all space that belonged to him, An Xuecheng.

    This space was the world, and in this world, he was the most insignificant life form. And his life was being controlled by this world. Suppressed.

    "No!" An Xuecheng howled furiously. He was one of the Five Great Grand Emperors; he did not fear any other Grand Emperors. How could he get suppressed by this single finger?

    He wanted to ignite his inner rage and resistance; he wanted to break out of this finger's suppression.

    However, this plot of space seemed to come alive; there seemed to be a trace of life within this space. An Xuecheng wasn't even able to muster a single bit of force as he got suppressed. At this time, he was like an insignificant speck of dust in this World of Man.

    The finger transformed into a ten thousand ton mountain. This huge mountain descended down from the sky. A sense of despair inundated An Xuecheng's heart. Ever since he started on the path of cultivation, he had never felt as powerless as he was today.

    The energy of death seeped into the depths of his soul. At this instant, he was no longer thinking about how he could avoid this finger. Instead, he wondered: Exactly what did he gain from opposing Mo Wuji?

    Perhaps it was because he had the same thoughts as everyone else: Mo Wuji had offended the Gods Race; so he wouldn't have the chance to come back, right...

    "Pff!" A fog of blood exploded. An illustrious Grand Emperor; one of Cosmos Edge's Five Great Grand Emperors; an esteemed Order Head of the West River Religious Order, An Xuecheng died without even having the chance to resist.

    He was indeed a Grand Emperor. The only reason why that black-robed Grand Emperor was able to have an attack land on Mo Wuji was because Mo Wuji was surrounded by 14 other Immortal Emperors. As for him, An Xuecheng, he was facing Mo Wuji by himself.

    A storage ring and an elemental bead were swept away by Mo Wuji. By this time, there were more spectators in the Heaven's Beyond Dao Plaza. Paradoxically, the Dao Plaza was quieter.

    A 30-meter long gully extended out from the Dao Discussion Stage, resulting in a deep fissure in the centre of the Heaven's Beyond Dao Plaza.

    "..." Yan Wei still hadn't recovered from his shock. Mo Wuji had actually single-handedly slaughtered 16 Immortal Emperors, including one of the Five Great Grand Emperors An Xuecheng.

    This sort of power, could he be a Dao Emperor? Even a Dao Emperor couldn't be so powerful. In reality, since he had already cultivated to such a level, Yan Wei was clear that a Dao Emperor was still within the Immortal Emperor Stage; it was just that Dao Emperors had a greater level of understandings towards the Laws of the Heaven and Earth than other Immortal Emperors.

    "Brother Mo, I really didn't expect to see you again so soon..." Feng Huang's elated voice could be heard. Thereafter, his figure swiftly walked over.

    Mo Wuji was all too clear of Feng Huang's character. This person only did things based on his own self-interest. Don't simply look at how he spoke up for the Human Race. That was probably because he either feared or admired Mo Wuji. With a few simple words that do not cost anything, he was able to improve his ties with Mo Wuji. Wouldn't he be happy to do that?

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "I have to thank Dao Lord Feng for helping to speak up for my Human Race previously. Just now, I accidentally killed a few Immortal Emperors of Cosmos Edge. I hope to seek Dao Lord Feng's understanding."

    Feng Huang hurriedly said, "Brother Mo, your words are inappropriate. I've long been acquainted with Brother Mo, so there's no need to thank me for saying some words. As for those people that Brother Mo killed, they were arrogant fellas that tarnished the reputation of Cosmos Edge. Now that Brother Mo killed them, it could even be considered as doing me, Feng Huang, a huge favour."

    Feng Huang wasn't bluffing. Just now, Mo Wuji's slaughter of a few experts of Cosmos Edge was really helping him. If not because he wanted to befriend Mo Wuji, he wouldn't even be here right now. Instead, he would have gone to wrest control of Cosmos Edge.

    Currently, Cosmos Edge's Dao Lord Estate had several vacancies. He, Feng Huang, would definitely be able to gain control all in one go.

    Mo Wuji could naturally see Feng Huang's anxiety. He waved his hand and said, "Dao Lord Feng, please feel free to do what you want. I still need to collect some old debts before I meet Dao Lord Feng to talk and reminisce about the past."

    Feng Huang knew Mo Wuji's intentions; Mo Wuji wanted to go and destroy West River Religious Order and Mifei Trade Union.

    "Alright, then I will catch up with Brother Mo later." Feng Huang spoke quickly, then he sped away.

    Mo Wuji did not care about what Feng Huang was doing. Instead, he landed in front of Mifei Trade Union's entrance. He had already swept through West River Religious Order with his spiritual will; after An Xuecheng was killed, most of the people inside had already deserted. Besides the two immortal veins buried under West River Religious Order, there wasn't really anything much that Mo Wuji liked about that place.

    Mifei Trade Union was different. That was actually an immortal essence pond inside.

    "House Master Mo." Just as Mo Wuji arrived at Mifei Trade Union's entrance, a bald man walked out and clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji.

    There was no need to talk about how Mo Wuji just killed close to 20 Immortal Emperors as Cosmos Edge's Heaven's Beyond Dao Plaza. Mo Wuji's mere act of using his spiritual will to scan Mifei Trade Union had already alerted the entire Mifei Trade Union that he was coming.

    "You are Qian Yisa?" Mo Wuji knew that the Union Head of Mifei Trade Union was called Qian Yisa; Qian Yisa was at the level of Dao Emperors.

    Qian Yisa forcefully suppressed the anger and fear in his heart. He clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji once more, "I'm indeed Mifei Trade Union's Union Head Qian Yisa. Previously, my Mifei Trade Union had some conflict with House Master Mo. Unfortunately, I wasn't in Cosmos Edge at that time. When I learnt about it upon my return, I have always been blaming myself for what happened."

    Under the encirclement of close to 20 Immortal Emperors, Mo Wuji was able to slaughter them all and emerge almost completely unscathed. This was something that he, Qian Yisa, could never do. Otherwise, just the mere act of Mo Wuji ripping through Mifei Trade Union's seals with his spiritual will would have already warranted him to kill Mo Wuji.

    "Oh." Mo Wuji responded flatly. Then, he continued, "Among the 15 Immortal Emperors that encircled me, how many were from Mifei Trade Union?"

    "There were five people. However, I completely didn't know that these five people left. I had always been in seclusion. I only rushed out because I heard that Dao Friend Mo had arrived," Qian Yisa said apologetically.

    In reality, he really didn't really care about that matter. He was, after all, a Dao Emperor. Even though he had some reservations towards Mo Wuji, he believed that Mo Wuji wouldn't dare to act against him. Of course, the premise was that he had to show Mo Wuji some face and provide Mo Wuji with some benefits.

    As for killing Mo Wuji, that was not a matter that he could do alone. He would have to collaborate with the experts from Gods Race, as well as other powerss before he could get rid of Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji was of the Human Race; if the Human Race became strong in Cosmos Edge, it would be a conflict of interest with several races.

    "After the Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City was destroyed by the Gods Race, the Human Race retreated to a piece of meteorite. I heard that Mifei Trade Union frequently killed cultivators of my Human Race on the Dao Discussion Stage?" Mo Wuji's voice was very calm, it seemed as though he was narrating something that had no relations with him.

    Qian Yisa laughed and said, "That's indeed the case. However, House Master Mo also knows, the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos is a place where only experts can speak. It's not possible to prevent losses on the Dao Discussion Stage. I believe that if House Master Mo sets up an encampment at Cosmos Edge, such matters definitely wouldn't happen again."

    In reality, such matters really didn't matter in Qian Yisa's eyes. The people who died were some unimportant people. Who asked the Human Race to not have any speaking rights in Heaven's Beyond Cosmos? Even in his Mifei Trade Union, there were more than one Human Race Immortal Emperors. When so many Human Race cultivators were being killed in Cosmos Edge, did they even stand up and say anything?

    "Very good..." After Mo Wuji muttered these two words, his domain suddenly burst forth.

    During this entire conversation, Mo Wuji had always been very calm. How could Qian Yisa expect that Mo Wuji would suddenly release his whirlpool domain? With Mo Wuji's domain being so powerful, Qian Yisa hadn't even reacted even after he had been enveloped by the domain.

    From the start, Qian Yisa was already weaker than Mo Wuji. Now that he was enveloped by Mo Wuji's domain, he immediately fell into a severe disadvantage.

    Just as he released his domain, Mo Wuji's Spiritual Will Arrow had already condensed. This wasn't the tangible sort of Spiritual Will that he used to blow Lun Pa's brains out. This was a shapeless and formless Spiritual Will Arrow that could directly penetrate into the sea of consciousness.

    At this instant, Qian Yisa felt as though he was being eyed on by a fierce tiger. His entire body was shivering but he forced himself not to move. He seemed to afraid that a tiny movement would startle the tiger.

    "House Master Mo, please don't attack. The reason why I came was to offer you some compensation..."

    "Kacha!" The sound of a released arrow, that could not be seen with the naked eye, resounded through the air. It directly shot towards Qian Yisa's forehead.

    By this time, how could Qian Yisa not know that Mo Wuji wasn't here for compensation, and was instead here to kill him?

    He no longer cared about anyone else. He hurriedly retracted his Immortal Emperor Domain, and a blinding white light condensed in front of his forehead. At this same time, he brought out a black shield.

    Before he could completely retrieve his black shield, he felt the surrounding life force in air being swept away; death energy continued to concentrate on him.

    That's not right, this is a Spiritual Will Arrow. Qian Yisa's show body trembled. He was a Dao Emperor. Thus, he was especially clear that Spiritual Will Arrows were among the hardest to defend against among spiritual will type attacks. Spiritual Will Arrows could only be defended by the highest grade of magic treasures.

    He, Qian Yisa, might be rich. However, he wasn't rich to the point where he could purchase such treasures.

    This Spiritual Will Arrow was different from the two he shot at the two late stage Immortal Emperors. Back then, he was injured, and he was also tied down by six other Immortal Emperors. This time, Mo Wuji was facing Qian Yisa on a one on one battle. There was no need for him to hold back. Even if Qian Yisa was any stronger, he wouldn't be strong enough to disregard a Spiritual Will Arrow.

    Qian Yisa frantically burned his vital blood. Originally, he wanted to battle Mo Wuji with some of his sacred arts to show Mo Wuji that he, Qian Yisa, wasn't a person worth offending. Thereafter, he would continue bargaining with Mo Wuji. But now, Qian Yisa no longer had such thoughts. There was only one thought in his mind, that was to leave Cosmos Edge as soon as possible.

    An intense sense of pain struck him. "Kacha!" Qian Yisa heard a cracking sound in his own sea of consciousness. His heart sunk; his sea of consciousness had been shattered. If this continued, then he would definitely die.

    Qian Yisa hurriedly retrieved a talisman. Before he could fully activate the talisman, the space around him suddenly went rigid. Thereafter, he saw a flame covered fist. By this time, Mo Wuji didn't even need to use his whirlpool domain. This flame-covered fist had directly smashed through Qian Yisa's domain.

    This was the aura of the Laws of Space!

    At this instant, there was only regret in Qian Yisa's mind. He didn't know that the disparity between Mo Wuji and him was so huge. If he knew that, he wouldn't have thought of escaping. He would have definitely pit his life against Mo Wuji. Even if he couldn't eliminate Mo Wuji, it would still be good if he could heavily injure Mo Wuji.

    "Bang!" Qian Yisa, whose sea of consciousness had already been shattered by Mo Wuji's Spiritual Will Arrow, was directly turned into meat juice under Mo Wuji's Domain Crushing Fist.
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