Chapter 814: Feng Huangs Decision

    Chapter 814: Feng Huang's Decision

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    Mo Wuji grabbed the storage ring, then he pointed at the remaining people in Mifei Trade Union and said calmly, "From now on, Mifei Trade Union is completely disbanded. This piece of land now belongs to me. Everyone has ten breaths to get out of here. If anyone even dares to take a tiny strand of grass with you as you leave, I will kill without mercy."

    When Mo Wuji killed Qian Yisa, everyone in Mifei Trade Union felt their hearts shaking. Even the elders at the Immortal Emperor Stage didn't dare to utter a single word of nonsense.

    At this time, Mo Wuji had already disbanded Mifei Trade Union. Only a fool would stand forward and waste words. At almost the same instant that Mo Wuji announced that Mifei Trade Union was a thing of the past, everyone fled out of Mifei Trade Union. In a few breaths, they had already escaped into the distance.

    Ape Mo sighed, "Wuji, you're truly too kind. If it was me, I wouldn't have spared a single one of them.

    He did feel that Mo Wuji was being too kind. If this sort of incident happened in the Oblique Space Sea Island, all offenders would definitely have been massacred.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "Ape Mo, help me stand guard at West River Religious Order, then put it out for sale. I need to enter seclusion for a period of time."

    The reason why Mo Wuji didn't kill the people in Mifei Trade Union was that there really wasn't a need to do so. A trade union was different from a sect; a trade union was formed solely due to personal interests. The moment the trade union gets disbanded, these people would simply seek their interests elsewhere. No one would bear a grudge over who disbanded their previous trade union.

    Just now, when Qian Yisa was being suppressed by him, he didn't see anyone offering to help. From that, Mo Wuji knew that these were a bunch of crows that banded together based on their mutual interests.

    "Senior Mo..." Yan Wei suddenly walked in front of Mo Wuji and called him 'Senior' again.

    Mo Wuji was rather speechless. He didn't care too much about the salutations; however, since the disparity in cultivation got too wide, Yan Wei couldn't be as casual as him.

    "Yan Wei, if you have anything, just say it. We could be considered as friends after all," Mo Wuji waved his hand and said.

    Yan Wei hurriedly said, "After Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City got occupied by the Gods Race, more than a hundred thousand Human Race cultivators from the Immortal World were left with no place to go. Now, they have gathered on a piece of meteorite with little cultivation resources. I request that Senior Mo doesn't sell West River Religious Order's land, but let it be operated by our cultivators from the Immortal World..."

    "Yes Senior Mo, Senior Brother Yan's words are true. The Human Race cultivators from the Immortal World have gathered on that meteorite. It is hard to even survive, much less cultivate..." Nong Xiaoyu hurriedly added.

    Yan Wei, her and many others weren't willing to stay on that meteorite and slowly deplete their life force. This was why they took the risk to come to Cosmos Edge. In reality, even though they wanted to survive in Cosmos Edge, many immortals still died. If not for Mo Wuji, Yan Wei and she would have already died.

    It was exactly because of this, that Nong Xiaoyu came forward to speak for the cultivators of the Immortal World.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Alright. Then Yan Wei and you will handle this matter. I will need to enter seclusion for a period of time. During this time, Ape Mo will be in charge."

    The reason why Mo Wuji was in a rush to enter seclusion wasn't simply because Mifei Trade Union had an immortal essence pond. More importantly, it was because he felt his own deficiencies. It was true that he could kill Dao Emperors; however, he wouldn't be able to face the encirclement of multiple Dao Emperors. And exactly how many Dao Emperors did the Gods Race have? Besides Dao Emperors, the Gods Race even had many Immortal Emperors, Immortal Reverents, Immortal Kings...

    Ape Mo was clear about what Mo Wuji was thinking. Back when Mo Wuji was forced to escape Oblique Space Sea Island by Bao Bu, he entered seclusion for a few years. When he emerged, he was able to kill his way back into Oblique Space Sea Island.

    Mo Wuji probably felt his own insufficiencies, which was why Mo Wuji wanted to continue cultivating for a period of time.

    "Wuji, you can rest assured and enter seclusion. I can handle everything here," Ape Mo didn't hesitate to say.

    "This friend is right. Brother Mo can rest assured and enter seclusion. As long as I, Feng Huang, am still in Cosmos Edge, no one would dare to do anything to the people around Brother Mo," Feng Huang's voice came over.

    These years, his role as the Dao Lord had been difficult. Even though he was a Dao Lord, there were far too many people that didn't listen to him. Even during the previous trip to search for treasures, they didn't bring him along. Time time, Mo Wuji had slaughtered multiple Immortal Emperors from Cosmos Edge, it even included Grand Emperor Fei Hu. These were people that have gone against him. Now that they were gone, he only needed a short time to gain complete control over the Dao Lord Estate.

    Mo Wuji knew what Feng Huang was saying. Feng Huang was the Dao Lord of Cosmos Edge. Even though he was not a Dao Emperor, he was still able to climb to such a position. This meant that he was not a simple person.

    "Many thanks, Brother Feng. I really do have a matter that I would like to request Brother Feng's help with." When Mo Wuji thought about how his secluded cultivation could take a long period of time, he didn't reject Feng Huang's attempts at befriending him. However, if Feng Huang was all talk and no action, then he would simply not continue interacting with Feng Huang. He only felt disgust towards such people.

    Feng Huang said loudly, "Brother Mo, please speak. As long as it's something that I, Feng Huang, can do, then I, Feng Huang, will definitely try my best."

    Mo Wuji said, "I believe that Brother Feng will definitely be able to do this. More than a hundred thousand of my Immortal World's Human Race cultivators have been living in a piece of meteorite. I hope that Brother Feng can help to find them a safe place to stay. When I come out of my seclusion, I will definitely show you my gratitude."

    When Mo Wuji comes out of seclusion, he was going to go to Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City. As for the Gods Race cultivators in Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City, hehe, they can't blame him for slaughtering them if they chose to stay behind.

    "Ah..." Feng Huang startled. It wasn't that he wasn't able to help, but this matter was truly too huge.

    If the number was in the thousands, then he would definitely help. But this was more than a hundred thousand. How was he, Feng Huang, going to help? There was indeed a large plot of land in Cosmos Edge. However, that piece of land was coveted by many people.

    It might look like Feng Huang controls that piece of land. However, Feng Huang didn't even have any rights to dictate who that land would belong to.

    As an increasing amount of cultivation resources flows into Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, Cosmos Edge would only get more and more crowded. Any relatively power race would eye that piece of land. Moreover, if he handed this piece of land to Mo Wuji, he would be publicly offending the Gods Race. The Gods Race was one of the most powerful sects. Even though he, Feng Huang, had a strong background, it was not strong to the point where he could contend against the Gods Race.

    Mo Wuji smiled indifferently, "If Dao Lord Feng feels that this is difficult, then forget about it."

    Feng Huang gritted his teeth; he already had a decision in his heart. He only needed to tell Mo Wuji about that piece of land. If the Human Race were the ones that take the initiative to stay there, then it would no longer be his fault.

    "It's not, actually..." Feng Huang's words got stuck in his throat. If this was any other cultivator, perhaps his half-hearted action might earn him a friend. But this was Mo Wuji; he was afraid this wasn't enough to befriend a person like Mo Wuji.

    To befriend a person like Mo Wuji, he had to be willing to bear some suffering and risk. If he only used his mouth without taking action, then he wouldn't be able to obtain any benefits. Let's not talk about befriending one another; it would be difficult for him to even maintain good ties with Mo Wuji if he did such a thing. He was sure that if he said that the Human Race could occupy the plot of land and he would feign innocence, Mo Wuji would definitely understand his meaning. From then on, Mo Wuji would severe all possibilities of interaction.

    Those years ago, he wanted to help the Gods Race retain Mo Wuji. That was because Mo Wuji was truly too weak. He, Feng Huang, was also unable to resist the Gods Race. But now, Mo Wuji had single-handedly killed more than ten Immortal Emperors. Some weaker races didn't even have that many Immortal Emperors.

    "Brother Mo, there's indeed a place like that in Cosmos Edge. Many races want that place. I will take the responsibility to leave it for Brother Mo and the Human Race cultivators. However, I have some disgraceful words that I wish to say. If I do this, there would definitely be people that try to act against me. If that happens, I hope that Brother Mo wouldn't stand by the side." Feng Huang finally made his decision; if he wasn't willing to accept the consequences, then he could forget about befriending a person like Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, pat Feng Huang's shoulder, then passed a communication bead to Feng Huang, "Feng Huang, you are indeed a friend worth befriending. Even though you base things based on your own self-interest, you are courageous enough to take action. If there's anything, feel free to directly contact me, Mo Wuji."

    "Haha, Wuji, obtaining this promise from you really isn't simple. You can rest assured enter your seclusion. Even if the experts from Gods Race come, they can't disregard me within Cosmos Edge." When Feng Huang heard that Mo Wuji considers him a friend, his heart was filled with glee.

    He had stayed at Cosmos Edge for so long. Even though his cultivation might not be the highest, he was able to obtain the position of the Dao Lord. This was because he was a knowledgeable and experienced person.

    He was sure that Mo Wuji would definitely have an incomparably bright future. Otherwise, a Dao Emperor like Ape Mo wouldn't follow by Mo Wuji's side. Moreover, Mo Wuji was so strong that he couldn't even be killed even when encircled by many experts.


    In a corner of the void millions of miles away from Cosmos Edge, that was a huge meteorite floating in mid-space.

    The meteorite was protected by defensive arrays and there were cultivators continuously patrolling the borders. Dense amounts of spatial treasures and immortal estates could be seen on the meteorite.

    Ever since the Gods Race waged war on the Human Race's last immortal city in Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, the Human Race was chased away with nowhere else to go. They could only follow under the leadership of three Immortal Emperors to this meteorite, and struggle on whilst at death's door.

    Everyone was clear that this meteorite wasn't a place they could stay for long. There was no need to talk about the Gods Race might continue to pursue them. Even if the Gods Race didn't come, this meteorite was tight and poor in immortal spiritual energy, so it wasn't a place where they could cultivate.

    Unfortunately, the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos's vast void was filled with dangers. Anyone that left the meteorite faced an 80 to 90 percent chance of dying. Years have passed. Some Human Race cultivators could no longer bear life on this meteorite. They left and disappeared without a trace.

    It was possible to go to the Shattered Ruins, but any Human Race cultivator that approaches the Shattered Ruins would be slaughtered. The Gods Race had already placed many guards around the entrance of the Shattered Ruins.

    The only place they could go to was the Cosmos Edge. On the surface, the Cosmos Edge might seem like a fair place. At the very least, no one would directly lay hands on you. Even if they wanted to, the battle would have to be on the Dao Discussion Stage. If you disagree, you would have to leave Cosmos Edge.

    However, less than 10 percent of the immortals that went to Cosmos Edge survived. Most of them perished on the Dao Discussion Stage. A minute few were able to hide in the resthouses, but how long could they hide for?

    At this instant, there were three people in a hall at the centre of the meteorite. They were all furrowing their brows. Mo Wuji recognised two of them: one was Waterfall Immortal Sect's Immortal Empress Wen Lan and the other was Revolving Soul Dao's Lu Ziting. Mo Wuji wouldn't recognise the last one, he was Virtual Qing Dao's Dao Lord Jie Ying.

    These three were Immortal Emperors. The reason why the cultivators from the Immortal World were able to survive was because these three led them to safety. But now, all three of them were very clear that if they didn't find a way out, they could only die if they stayed on this meteorite.
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