Chapter 815: The Human Race Finally Has An Expert

    Chapter 815: The Human Race Finally Has An Expert

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    "I suggest that we go to Heaven's Beyond Corridor. While that place seems like an extreme choice, at least we would be able to obtain some cultivation resources. That beats sitting here, waiting to die," Lu Ziting sighed, breaking the silence.

    "I'm afraid that's very hard. Heaven's Beyond Corridor is a dog-eat-dog place. It's true that that place has plenty of cultivation resources, but it isn't a place suitable for cultivation. This is unless we leave Heaven's Beyond Corridor after we obtain cultivation resources. Otherwise, we would only get killed, or become weaker in Heaven's Beyond Corridor," Virtual Qing Dao's Dao Lord Jie Ying shook his head.

    Lu Ziteng immediately said, "That's not necessarily the case. Those years ago, Sect head Mo was merely in the Immortal Reverent Stage. But wasn't he still able to lead an impressive life in Heaven's Beyond Corridor? He even opened a pill house."

    Jie Ying said calmly, "Sect Head Lu, not everyone can be Sect Head Mo. Moreover, even though Sect Head Mo did things according to his wishes, what turned out of him? It's rumoured that he was killed by the Gods Race."

    "That's not right. According to the rumours I heard, Sect Head Mo killed a Dao Emperor from the Gods Race, then fled in a disguise," Lu Ziting did not hesitate to rebut.

    Back when Mo Wuji was only an Immortal King, he established Ping Fan. This had earned the admiration of Lu Ziting. Even though he knew that the rumours of Mo Wuji killing a Dao Emperor was definitely false, he didn't want to accept reality. Only when he was in a place like the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, that he realised the importance of an expert in the Human Race.

    Seeing that Jie Ying wanted to continue this argument, Wen Lan waved her hand and said, "Those years ago, I had the fortune of meeting Mo Wuji. It could be said that Mahesvara Immortal Domain's Brother Luo and I helped him. He shouldn't have died prematurely. I believe that he should be fine. However, the matter regarding Heaven's Beyond Corridor isn't practical. It might look like there is quite a number of survivors from our Human Race. But in reality, if we go to Heaven's Beyond Corridor, it wouldn't take a few years before we go extinct..."

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan didn't finish speaking when she suddenly stood up. Glee could be seen on her face.

    "What's the matter?" Jie Ying and Lu Ziting asked at the same time. On this meteorite, surprise was common, but glee was not much so.

    Wen Lan explained, "My sect's Yan Wei has returned. I didn't expect that he would actually be able to return here..."

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan truly didn't expect this. None of the cultivators that left this meteorite ever returned. Wen Lan was also very helpless when Yan Wei was bent on leaving. She knew that even though it was likely that Yan Wei would perish, forcing him to stay behind would only cause Yan Wei's cultivation to stagnate at the intermediate Immortal King Stage.

    In reality, Yan Wei's talent is not bad. He was a person that had a high status within Waterfall Immortal Sect. Immortal Empress Wen Lan had even considered having Yan Wei as her heir.

    "Hurry and call him over and ask him about the condition in Cosmos Edge. And also ask him about what happened to my Virtual Qing Dao's Eight Star Genius Nong Xiaoyu," Jie Ying said anxiously.

    As they were stuck in this meteorite, they were only filled with despondency and helplessness. The disciples that left occasionally were their only strands of hope. They, themselves, were unable to leave this place. If they did, and should they perish, they deaths would be an equivalent to a death sentence to everyone else left on this meteorite.

    "There's no need. He is already walking over. That's not right..." Wen Lan's face changed slightly, 'There's an unfamiliar expert beside Yan Wei."

    "No matter who he is, we don't have anywhere else to go. Even if he forced Yan Wei to reveal this position, we are merely fishes caught in a net. There's nothing we can do." Jie Ying snorted. He also stood up.

    Wen Lan waved her hand, "That shouldn't be the case. I understand Yan Wei's character. Even if he was threatened death, he wouldn't betray the Human Race."

    "Sect Head, Senior Jie, Senior Lu, Junior Yan Wei has returned." Yan Wei's voice resounded from the entrance of the hall. Excitement and eagerness could be heard in his voice.

    "Hurry in." Wen Lan was also very eager. She was actually unable to see through the cultivation of the tall man next to Yan Wei.

    "Yes." As Yan Wei was speaking, he brought the 2-meter tall man in with him.

    The moment they entered the hall, Yan Wei bowed and introduced, "Sect Head, seniors, this is Senior Ape Mo. Senior Ape has received the request of Sect Head Mo to bring our Human Race survivors to Cosmos Edge..."

    "Wait..." Immortal Empress Wen Lan, Lu Ziting and Jie Ying seemed to cry out at the same time.

    There was too much going on in Yan Wei's words. And Yan Wei's words were too shocking. Received Sect Head's Mo's request? Bring the Human Race survivors to Cosmos Edge?

    "Yan Wei, which Sect Head Mo are you referring to?" Wen Lan finally asked.

    Yan Wei calmed himself down, then he hurriedly explained, "Sect Head Mo is Pill Emperor Mo. He is Mo Wuji."

    "Mo Wuji is actually fine?" Immortal Empress Wen Lan said elatedly. She did have a favourable impression towards Mo Wuji, otherwise, she wouldn't have shown him her waterfall, allowing Mo Wuji to gain deeper insights into his Winding River.

    "Haha, how could anything happen to Wuji? Those little shrimp in Cosmos Edge aren't enough to do anything to Wuji." Ape Mo chuckled. He did not have a filter over his words.

    Yan Wei hurriedly explained, "Senior Ape Mo is a Dao Emperor. He was entrusted by Sect Head Mo to escort me here..."

    Dao Emperor?

    Even though a Dao Emperor was merely another Immortal Emperor in Mo Wuji's eyes, but to Wen Lan and co., a Dao Emperor was a lofty existence that they were unable to reach.

    They didn't have the opportunity like Mo Wuji to kill more than one Dao Emperor. Moreover, they frequently receive propaganda from the Very High Heavens about the peerlessness of Dao Emperor Zi Changluo. This only fostered a deep sense of reverence in their hearts towards Dao Emperors. If not for Zi Changluo's action of severing the path towards Very High Heavens, their admiration towards Dao Emperors would only be greater.

    "Greeting Senior Ape." The three Immortal Emperors gradually regained their countenance. They forcefully suppressed their astonishment and bowed towards Ape Mo.

    Ape Mo waved his hand and said, "You guys are being too courteous. Wuji especially said that Wen Lan is his senior sister. It's enough for the few of you to call me by my name or Brother Ape."

    "Senior's cultivation far exceeds ours. How can we address senior like so?" Jie Ying hurriedly explained. When they felt that Ape Mo wasn't an unapproachable Dao Emperor, the three of them immediately felt slightly relieved.

    "Haha, I merely have little more insights towards the Laws of the Heaven and Earth, and have a little more elemental energy. Even Wuji himself has killed many Dao Emperors. It's better for the few of you address me on an equal level of seniority," Ape Mo chuckled and waved his hand.

    "Sect Head Mo has really killed Dao Emperors?" Lu Ziting muttered in shock. Honestly, even he believed that the rumours of Mo Wuji killing a Dao Emperor were false. However, such rumours bolstered the morale of the Human Race cultivators, so he continued to let it spread.

    By the side, Yan Wei hurriedly said, "Sect Head Lu, this matter is true. I personally saw Sect Head Mo kill Mifei Trade Union's Dao Emperor Qian Yisa..."

    "What?" Even Wen Lan stood up in shock. She even forgot that there was a Dao Emperor standing by the side. Her voice was trembling as she said, "Yan Wei, you said that Sect Head Mo killed Dao Emperor Qian Yisa?"

    Mo Wuji was indeed not bad. Otherwise, she wouldn't have viewed him so highly those years ago. But even so, in Wen Lan's eyes, Mo Wuji would need hundreds or even a thousand years before he could become an Immortal Emperor? But how long had it been since then? Mo Wuji could already kill Dao Emperors?

    "Yes, Sect Head," Yan Wei answered."

    "Hurry and explain what happened." This time, before Wen Lan could say anything, Jie Ying was the one who couldn't hold back his curiosity. He even momentarily forgot to ask about Nong Xiaoyu's situation.

    Yan Wei said respectfully, "After Junior Sister Xiaoyu and I arrived at Cosmos Edge, we found that it was true that the Human Race cultivators wouldn't have any place to survive. When I arrived, I heard that Human Race cultivators that come to Cosmos Edge would not last three days before being challenged to the Dao Discussion Stage. Indeed, I was challenged. So was Junior Sister Xiaoyu.

    I knew that if we accepted the challenge, then we would definitely die. That was why I secretly left Cosmos Edge. I wanted to relay the message not to go to Cosmos Edge. Just as I left Cosmos Edge, an expert from Gods Race noticed me. Even though I had a talisman, I was still unable to escape. It was in the void that I met Sect Head Mo. Sect Head Mo killed that Gods Race Immortal King that pursued me then followed me to Cosmos Edge..."

    "Then what happened?" Jie Ying was rather anxious. Nong Xiaoyu was a genius disciple of the Virtual Qing Dao. The Virtual Qing Dao had spent many resources to nurture Nong Xiaoyu. It would be a huge loss if Nong Xiaoyu died on the Dao Discussion Stage.

    "When we arrived at Cosmos Edge, Junior Sister Nong was discussing the dao with a Grand Luo Immortal from West River Religious Order. Junior Sister Nong Xiaoyu managed to obtain the upper hand, but an Immortal Reverent from West River Religious Order actually tried to interfere. As a result, that Immortal Reverent was killed by Sect Head Mo. Thereafter, an Immortal Emperor from West River Religious Order came, and he was killed by Sect Head Mo with a single fist..."

    "Good! Good kill!" As Lu Ziteng heard the story, his heart started to boil. He clapped and said, "Our Immortal World is exactly lacking this sort of expert to lead us."

    Everyone knew what Lu Ziteng was talking about. He was scolding Zi Changluo for not being suitable to control the Very High Heavens and lead the entire Immortal World.

    Lu Ziteng was indeed scolding Zi Changluo. Ever since the Gods Race assailed the Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City, he, Lu Ziteng, had been holding in this resentment. If they had someone like Sect Head Mo to lead them in battle, then he wouldn't have regrets even if he was killed.

    "I didn't expect that 15 Immortal Emperors would suddenly appear and encircle Sect Head Mo. Among them, was Grand Emperor Fei Hu. Regardless, Mo Wuji released one sacred art after another, directly killing these 15 Immortal Emperors. Thereafter, he killed West River Religious Order's An Xuecheng. Finally, he went to Mifei Trade Union to kill Qian Yisa. He disbanded Mifei Trade Union and passed West River Religious Order's land to us. He is currently in secluded cultivation within Mifei Trade Union..."

    "Good!" Even Jie Ying couldn't help but exclaim. Any Immortal Emperor that could come to Cosmos Edge was experienced with battles and war. Mo Wuji was actually able to kill 17 of such Immortal Emperors, and even a Dao Emperor. How strong was that?

    Now, Lu Ziteng and him had the same thought. They hated themselves for not being in Cosmos Edge. If they could fight side by side with Sect Head Mo, it would have been more than a million times better than fighting for a person like Zi Changluo.

    Only in a place like Heaven's Beyond Cosmos did the importance of a true expert really matter. Now, an expert has finally appeared in the Human Race.
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