Chapter 816: Refining Kun Wu

    Chapter 816: Refining Kun Wu

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    "After Sect Head Mo disbanded Mifei Trade Union, the other powers in Cosmos Edge actually didn't come forward. Moreover, Cosmos Edge's Dao Lord Feng Huang took the initiative to befriend Sect Head Mo. In fact, Sect Head Mo had requested the help of Dao Lord Feng Huang in the settling of our Human Race in Cosmos Edge. Senior Ape Mo is Sect Head Mo's friend and he has been entrusted by Sect Head Mo to bring us over. By now, Sect Head Mo should have already started his secluded cultivation."

    Yan Wei said all these in a single breath before he finally slowed down.

    "Could Sect Head Mo be injured?" Jie Ying asked anxiously when he heard that Mo Wuji had entered seclusion. The safety of the Human Race in Cosmos Edge depended greatly on an expert like Mo Wuji; thus, Jie Ying was rather concerned about Mo Wuji's situation.

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan sighed emotionally, "It seems like I had underestimated him. Dao Lord Jie, there's no need to worry. I'm sure that Junior Brother Mo isn't injured. If I'm not wrong, the purpose of his seclusion should be to prepare himself to wrest back the Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City."

    "Hahahaha..." Hearing Immortal Empress Wen Lan's words, Lu Ziting could not help but chuckle loudly. He had wanted to kill those Gods Race b*stards for a long time. Finally, there's someone to lead the charge. He wanted to tell everyone from the Gods Race that he, Lu Ziting, was also a hot-blooded warrior; he wasn't a coward that only knew how to flee and retreat. Those years ago, he could only watch helplessly as countless of Immortal World cultivators got massacred by the Gods Race. If he, Lu Ziting, didn't take his revenge, his dao heart would be affected.

    "Let's go, let's hurry to Cosmos Edge. What are we waiting for? When Sect Head Mo goes to reclaim our immortal city, I, Lu Ziting, will be the first one to charge in with him," Lu Ziting said straightforwardly.

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan and Jie Ying did not hesitate to agree with Lu Ziting's words. The Human Race had been trapped on this meteorite with nowhere else to go. Now that Mo Wuji had some speaking rights within Cosmos Edge, they would naturally go to Cosmos Edge. Firstly, they would be able to gain a proper place to stay. Secondly, they would be able to support Mo Wuji; they definitely couldn't let Mo Wuji fight for the Human Race alone.


    When the Human Race cultivators on the meteorite heard that they could leave this place and go to Cosmos Edge, they all cheered and celebrated. If they continued staying on this meteorite, only death would start them. Many already considered leaving this place; now that they received this piece of good news, no one wanted to waste a single bit of time.

    If it was a hundred thousand ordinary people, then relocation would probably require many days. However, these people were all Xuan Immortals and above. Only a simple order was needed, and everyone was ready to speed off.

    In the shortest time possible, these over hundred thousand people entered a huge flying ship. Just as Lu Ziting controlled this flying ship to leave the meteorite, they were blocked by multiple small ships.

    "They Immortal Emperors from the Gods Race..." Jie Ying had battled with the Gods Race far too many times. The moment those flying ships' arrived, he was able to recognise them as Gods Race's Immortal Emperors.

    Seven Immortal Emperors formed a single row in front of the huge flying ship. The leader, a middle-aged man, snickered and said, "Everyone, there's no hurry to leave. Just stay here for another year. In fact, there's no need to wait another year. Our Gods Race will soon come and invite everyone to be our guests."

    Lu Ziting charged to the deck. When Jie Ying, Wen Lan and him heard those words, they immediately knew that the reason why they were able to live on this meteorite so peacefully wasn't because the Gods Race hadn't found them. Instead, it was because the Gods Race wanted to wait for a period of time.

    The three of them glanced at one another meaningfully. They were clear of the Gods Race intentions; the Gods Race definitely wouldn't be inviting them over to be guests.

    "What are you inviting us over for?" Immortal Empress Wen Lan asked calmly. She wanted to know why the Gods Race needed to wait for a period of time before they could act.

    "What? Of course it's for something good." This Gods Race Immortal Emperor snickered once more.

    Ape Mo knew that there was a huge enmity between Mo Wuji and the Gods Race. He couldn't be bothered to waste any more time. He directly stepped out of the flying ship and swung his Wolf Fang Mace.

    There were seven Immortal Emperors here, but only one of them was in the late Immortal Emperor Stage. The rest were either in the early or intermediate stages. Even though he, Ape Mo, wasn't as powerful as Mo Wuji, he did not have to fear these puny Immortal Emperors.

    At almost the same instant as Ape Mo, Lu Ziting and co. charged out as well. No matter the relationship between Mo Wuji and Ape Mo, Ape Mo was ultimately still a guest. They couldn't allow the guest to act while they, the hosts, watch, right?

    Ape Mo's domain surged out strongly. In an instant, these Gods Race Immortal Emperors knew what was going on; this was the domain of a Dao Emperor. There were only seven of them. If they faced a Dao Emperor and three Immortal Emperors, wouldn't that be equivalent to courting their deaths?

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" Several domains clashed against one another. Two early-stage Immortal Emperors didn't even have the chance to make a move before they were crushed by Ape Mo's Wolf Fang Mace. As for that late stage Immortal Emperor, he received special attention from Ape Mo.

    This was the first time that Ape Mo used his Spatial Imprisonment since Mo Wuji taught it to him. Before that late stage Immortal Emperor could bring out his magic treasure, he was sealed in place by Ape Mo. At the very next instant, his brains were smashed in by Ape Mo's Wolf Fang Mace.

    The remaining four Immortal Emperors tried to escape, but Lu Ziting and co. weren't there for show. The three of them were heads of their sects after all; they were able to suppress three Immortal Emperors.

    As for that intermediate stage Immortal Emperor that fled, he didn't get far before he was caught up by Ape Mo.

    By the time Ape Mo returned, Immortal Empress Wen Lan had already killed that early stage Immortal Emperor that she was battling with, and was currently helping Jie Ying. At one go, Ape Mo used two Spatial Imprisonment. The two remaining Immortal Emperors were easily cut down.

    "Senior Brother Ape's insights towards the Laws of Space is far from what we can ever reach." To be able to kill seven Immortal Emperors that easily, Wen Lan and co. felt deep admiration for Ape Mo. At the same time, a deeper sense of fear towards Dao Emperors rose in their hearts.

    Even though they helped, most of the work was done by Ape Mo. If they were the subjects of Ape Mo's Spatial Imprisonment, then like those Immortal Emperors, they could only face death.

    Ape Mo chuckled and said, "I merely understand a scratch of the Laws of Space. The one with the truly profound understandings towards the Laws of Space isn't me, but Wuji. In fact, the one who taught me this scratch was Wuji. He's the most talented cultivator I know."

    "Ah..." Wen Lan and co. were instantly excited. Ape Mo's use of the Laws of Space had left their hearts cold. If Ape Mo's understandings were imparted by Mo Wuji, then wouldn't they also be able to request Mo Wuji to teach them as well?

    Wen Lan was more cognizant of Mo Wuji's character; she knew that Mo Wuji wasn't a petty person.

    "Let's rush off to Cosmos Edge. Gods Race shouldn't know that we have left. If the Gods Race experts get wind of it, even if we manage to flee, we would have to pay a price," Jie Ying recovered his countenance and said hurriedly.

    "Alright." Wen Lan and Lu Ziting agreed strongly. The Gods Race must definitely be planning something huge if they wanted to trap the Human Race on that meteorite. But now, the Human Race finally had an expert to lead them. As long as they could find Mo Wuji, they could find hope.


    Mo Wuji had installed peak grade defensive arrays around Mifei Trade Union's territory. At this instant, Mo Wuji was currently sitting within Mifei Trade Union's deepest cultivation room.

    Even though it's called a cultivation room, there was only an immortal essence pond here. Mo Wuji had seen immortal essence ponds before, but it was rare to see a peak grade one like the one in Mifei Trade Union.

    Mists of immortal spiritual energy floated above the immortal essence pond. Mo Wuji knew that if placed some extreme grade immortal veins here and used some green crystals, he would definitely be able to reach the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage in a few years.

    However, Mo Wuji also knew that he didn't have years of time. Perhaps the Gods Race already know about his arrival at Cosmos Edge. That would mean that his war with the Gods Race was imminent.

    The main purpose in this seclusion was to refine the Kun Wu Sword.

    The reason why he chose to refine the Kun Wu Sword now was sparked by the Book of Luo. During that encirclement by 15 Immortal Emperors, he would have been heavily injured if not for those two pages of the Book of Luo. The Book of Luo had prevented him from heavy injuries; this clearly showed the importance of Xiantian treasures. This also gave Mo Wuji some confidence as he didn't only have two pages of the Book of Luo, but six.

    Additionally, his Spiritual Will Arrow couldn't be dodged even by a Dao Emperor like Qian Yisa. It was able to directly shatter Qian Yisa's sea of consciousness. Ostensibly, this showed the power of spiritual will attacks.

    He had his violet lake and his Book of Luo. If he also had his Kun Wu Sword, he would have an additional layer of protection, especially if he was facing an expert that also used spiritual will attacks. Moreover, Kun Wu Sword was also a peak grade attack-type treasure. When he goes to exterminate the Gods Race, he would require such a treasure.

    Because Mo Wuji didn't cultivate the sword, he didn't study Kun Wu in detail after he obtained it. This was the first time he actually took a close look at Kun Wu Sword.

    Kun Wu was 3 feet and 1 inch long. It didn't have a sword guard and a sword knob, but it did have a sword hilt. Its body was fully grey; it didn't have the splendour of an ancient sword at all.

    Mo Wuji casually waved the sword; it was like an ordinary longsword. It didn't even exude any dao aura. However, Mo Wuji did not mind. He was cultivating the Mortal Dao after all; didn't he look like an ordinary mortal but was still able to kill Dao Emperors?

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will slowly penetrated into Kun Wu. What shocked him was that he seemed to encounter the Great Way of Hua Gong. [1] The Kun Wu Sword suddenly erupted with power. This power seemed to surge like waves, violently sweeping away his spiritual will.

    Facing such an unexpected situation, Mo Wuji's heart was filled with shock as he hurriedly tried to retract his spiritual will. However, he was soon shocked still; he was completely unable to recover his spiritual will. Not only that, his spiritual will was being sucked away at a faster rate.

    Possession? Could there be a primordial spirit hidden within the Kun Wu Sword?

    That's not right. Mo Wuji soon rejected that thought. This definitely wasn't an act of possession.

    From the looks of it, this Kun Wu Sword was rather peculiar. However, even if it was any more peculiar, it was dreaming if it thought it could suck Mo Wuji's spiritual will dry. Previously, when Mo Wuji was fighting against the 15 Immortal Emperors, he almost depleted his spiritual will. That's when his violet lake erupted with stronger spiritual will. Because of that, his sea of consciousness expanded and his spiritual will got stronger.

    Since this Kun Wu Sword wanted to suck his spiritual will, then he would have to see whether his spiritual will was stronger, or this Kun Wu was stronger.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji no longer tried to retract his spiritual will. Instead, his spiritual will surged towards Kun Wu Sword like a silver river. Not only that, he even sent his spirit storage channel's spiritual will towards Kun Wu Sword.

    [1] This is an attack from Jin Yong's novel. It is a move which sucks other's internal energy and make it your own.
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