Chapter 817: Both Are Destruction

    Chapter 817: Both Are Destruction

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    With such an extravagant use of spiritual will, even if Mo Wuji's spiritual will was any stronger, it didn't take two hours for Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness to start drying up.

    This time, Mo Wuji did not wait for his violet lake to spontaneously replenish his spiritual will. Instead, he popped some Zhi Nature Pills and started circulating his Star Sea Sacred Technique. As expected, the moment his Star Sea Sacred Technique began circulating, his violet lake started to rapidly replenish his spiritual will. Once again, Mo Wuji could clearly feel his sea of consciousness expanding and his spiritual will getting stronger.

    "Kacha!" A light crisp sound rang. Mo Wuji felt as though a bridge had been formed between him and the Kun Wu Sword. He felt a clear resonance with the Kun Wu Sword, and he immediately sensed a terrifying killing intent within.

    I managed to refine the first level of seals of the Kun Wu Sword just like that? Mo Wuji was very confused. Even though he knew that his current abilities were more than a hundredfold higher than what he used to be, the Kun Wu Sword should be a treasure on the same level as the Book of Luo. He should have taken at least one or two days to refine its first level of seals, right? But how long had it been? It's only been two hours.

    Moreover, he didn't even use proper refining methods. He only sent large amounts of his spiritual will into the Kun Wu Sword.

    At this time, the Kun Wu Sword was still furiously sucking away at Mo Wuji's spiritual will. Not that the first layer of seals had been refined, Mo Wuji began to release his spiritual will with a greater lack of restraint. At the same time, he continuously consumed Zhi Nature Pills and revolved his Star Sea Sacred Technique.

    Every time his spiritual will got depleted and replenished, Mo Wuji would feel his sea of consciousness expanding and his spiritual will receiving a qualitative improvement. However, the second level of seals of the Kun Wu Sword seemed to be as deep as an ocean; he was completely unable to sense an end.

    Multiple days later, Mo Wuji forcefully stopped his refining of the Kun Wu Sword. Fortunately, after refining the first level of the Kun Wu Sword, he could stop sending his spiritual will in. Otherwise, he would probably be sucked dry. The violet lake in his sea of consciousness could replenish his spiritual will, but it could not replenish his vital essence.

    The refined Kun Wu Sword floated in front of Mo Wuji; it didn't look much different from before. In fact, it might have turned greyer and dimmer. Mo Wuji, however, could feel a tyrannical energy within the sword. He even suspected that with a single thought, his Kun Wu Sword could destroy an Immortal Domain of the Immortal World.

    Just as Mo Wuji wanted to stand up, a sword intent suddenly appeared in his spiritual will. This sword intent contained a ruthless grandeur and an energy of destruction. Even though Mo Wuji was ordinary, that sword intent of destruction still flooded into him and filled his entire being. At this instant, the ordinary him seemed to exude the aura of a sharp sword capable of devouring the heavens.

    Mo Wuji's heart raced. He immediately came to a realisation; this was one of the powers of the Kun Wu Sword.

    He didn't know exactly how many later of seals there were within the Kun Wu Sword. However, he gained a faint understanding that with every layer of seals he refined, he would obtain a sword intent within his spiriitual will.

    Mo Wuji released a breath of cold air. He could feel the might within this sword intent. He was sure that if he used this sword intent, it would be even stronger than his Seven World Finger.

    However, Mo Wuji wasn't the least bit happy. When he started refining the Kun Wu Sword, it was because he wanted to use the Kun Wu Sword as a means of attack; he wanted the Kun Wu Sword to be his magic treasure or weapon. He did not intend for the Kun Wu Sword to leave behind a sword intent within his sea of consciousness which might not even be able to be controlled when stimulated.

    This sword intent was strong, but it was definitely not what he needed. He, Mo Wuji, did not need anything that he couldn't control to appear within his spiritual will or body.

    Refine for me!

    At almost the same instant this destructive sword intent appeared within his sea of consciousness, Mo Wuji's boundless spiritual will swept towards it. His spiritual will enveloped this sword intent and tried to refine it.

    However, reality left Mo Wuji in shock. Just as his spiritual will enveloped it, this sword intent released a terrifying sword light, directly slicing his spiritual will in half.

    An intense sensation of pain pervaded through his entire body. Mo Wuji opened his mouth and an arrow of blood shot out.

    As he consumed a few Zhi Nature Pills, Mo Wuji had an unpleasant expression on his face. If he knew that the Kun Wu Sword was so terrifying, he would rather not refine it.

    All his six pages of the Book of Luo were brought into his sea of consciousness. After using the six pages to form a barrier in the space around this sword intent, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to send his Scholar's Heart to his sea of consciousness and assail this sword intent.

    Expectedly, the moment his Scholar's Heart touched this sword intent, this sword intent reacted violently. A sword light, even more powerful than before, shot forth. It ran rampage within Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness.

    Fortunately, Mo Wuji had made his preparations; this sword light was blocked by the Book of Luo.

    Mo Wuji panted slightly. He could feel his Scholar's Heart slowly burning the ruthlessness and destructiveness within the sword intent. However, the speed it was doing so was too slow.

    Scholar's Heart's grade was too low. Mo Wuji opened his hand and Scholar's Heart appeared on his palm.

    There were seven faint fire sprouts within Scholar's Heart; this was the sign of a Grade 7 immortal flame. Back then, Mo Wuji tried to use the primal fire crystals to help his Scholar's Heart advance, but it was unable to advance beyond Grade 7. It wasn't because the primal fire crystal wasn't powerful enough, but because the Laws of the Heaven and Earth over that area were saturated. Moreover, Mo Wuji's cultivation and spiritual will were limited, restricting his Scholar's Heart from evolving any further.

    But now, his cultivation was already at the early Immortal Emperor Stage and there was also an immortal essence pond here. He believed that the Scholar's Heart should be able to evolve.

    Mo Wuji retrieved his primal fire crystal. Surrounded by the rich immortal spiritual energy from the immortal essence pond, the fire sprouts within the Scholar's Heart opened and swept the primal fire crystal away.

    A searing hot energy appeared. Mo Wuji felt that the spiritual energy from the immortal essence pond was like river water from a burst dam; it flooded into his Scholar's Heart.

    After two hours, the primal fire crystal suddenly dropped. A verdant flame appeared in front of Mo Wuji; the number of sprouts within the core of the flame went from seven to nine.

    Mo Wuji could clearly feel that the temperature of his Scholar's Heart was multiple folds more than what it used to be. He was clear his Scholar's Heart had advanced to Grade 9. This should be the max that it could go. If he wanted to continue evolving his flame, he would probably have to find a place with richer immortal spiritual energy.

    Mo Wuji turned to the primal fire crystal and sighed emotionally. Even after advancing the Scholar's Heart to a Grade 9 immortal flame, he actually didn't feel a significant loss of energy within the primal fire crystal. This primal fire crystal was truly too heaven-defying, and he actually had 11 of such crystals.

    As for the immortal essence pond below him, it no longer had the splendour that it had before. Most of its immortal spiritual energy had been sucked away by the Scholar's Heart.

    After keeping his primal fire crystal, Mo Wuji turned back to that sword intent in his sea of consciousness.

    When Mo Wuji recalled his Scholar's Heart, that sword intent went back silent. But now that the Scholar's Heart assailed it again, this sword intent turned violent.

    Boundless sword qi ran rampage within his sea of consciousness. Mo Wuji's heart started pounding in fear. If he didn't have the six pages of the Book of Luo, would the terrifying might of the sword qi destroy his sea of consciousness and turn him into an idiot?

    "Chi!" Sounds rang from that destructive sword intent; it seemed like something was getting burned by the Scholar's Heart. Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief, he could tell that the Scholar's Heart was burning at a rate which was ten times faster than before.

    As the Scholar's Heart continued to burn, that baleful and destructive energy gradually got refined.

    An enlightenment suddenly appeared within his mind. Mo Wuji immediately closed his eyes and started circulating his Immortal Mortal Technique.

    As the sword intent gradually got refined and as that baleful and destructive energy disappeared, that sword intent exuded an aura of majesty and boundlessness.

    With his Immortal Mortal Technique, this majesty was converted to ordinariness.

    After an unknown amount of time, Mo Wuji suddenly opened his eyes. That destructive sword intent disappeared; there was no longer a trace of it within his sea of consciousness.

    Mo Wuji's aura reverted back to its ordinary state; it wasn't suffocating and overwhelming anymore. As for the Kun Wu Sword, it also disappeared.

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief, a faint sword-shaped scar appeared on his wrist. After successfully refining the first level of seals of the Kun Wu Sword, Mo Wuji was very clear that this was the Kun Wu Sword.

    The first sword intent of the Kun Wu Sword was still present. However, it had become something that he could control. If he wished it, he could allow this sword intent to transform into a majestic and boundless sword intent. It was no longer that suffocating sword intent of destruction.

    No wonder why Bai Ye wanted the Kun Wu Sword. If this majestic sword intent could be controlled, wouldn't Bai Ye get insanely strong?

    At this point, Mo Wuji laughed in his heart. He was actually helping that b*stard by not letting him have the Kun Wu Sword. The first level of seals of the Kun Wu Sword was already so terrifying; Bai Ye probably couldn't refine it. Even if Bai Ye was able to refine the first level, he would only be a slave for the Kun Wu Sword in its quest for destruction.

    He did not believe that Bai Ye had his powerful sea of consciousness and enough Zhi Nature Pills. Bai Ye wouldn't even have the Star Sea Sacred Technique. Taking millions of steps back, even if Bai Ye had all that, he still wouldn't have the Book of Luo and a Grade 9 immortal flame.

    Perhaps, there were really few that were like Mo Wuji and could control the Kun Wu Sword.

    In his perspective, he was merely at the beginning of refining the true first level of the Kun Wu Sword. The true refining of the first level was to refine that destructiveness. That way, it might actually become an equipment spirit or even a killing machine.

    A new enlightenment suddenly appeared in Mo Wuji's mind: The reason why the Heaven and Earth could be destroyed is because there's a power that's above the Heaven and Earth. For example, that destructive sword intent of the Kun Wu Sword...

    Mo Wuji could no longer hold back his agitation. He lifted his hand and a finger shot forward.

    This finger destroyed all seals within Mifei Trade Union. It directly shattered all arrays of Cosmos Edge. The entire World of Man was within the control of this finger.

    This was just the beginning. The World of Man is the fostering of life. When fate reaches its peak, this finger would burst forth with greater power.

    Heaven and Earth have disappeared. At this instant, there was only destruction.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji wanted to roar. He could finally control his Second World Killer - Heaven and Earth.

    They were both Destruction. However, this finger of destruction could be controlled, but Kun Wu's destructive sword intent still couldn't.
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