Chapter 818: Or What?

    Chapter 818: Or What?

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    Mo Wuji retracted his finger contentedly. This was when he discovered that the area around him had turned to rubble.

    "Wuji, this is too..." Feng Huang's voice sounded over; he had a helpless expression on his face. He couldn't have expected that Mo Wuji would cause such a shock the moment he emerged from his seclusion. It wasn't that bad if he destroyed Mifei Trade Union, after all, Mifei Trade Union was Mo Wuji's territory right now. However, to tear the defensive array of Cosmos Edge itself, this was not a dismissible matter.

    "Apologies, apologies. I was too careless just now."

    Even though he might say that, Mo Wuji didn't really feel a hint of remorse. Back then, he had gained enlightenment of the Seven World Finger's Second World Killer, Heaven and Earth. If he didn't try it out immediately, it wouldn't feel right.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji didn't really care since he was in Cosmos Edge. Countless of Human Race cultivators had died in Cosmos Edge; currently, he was afraid that no one would come and confront him. Ultimately, slaughter was the only way to redivide the interests and boundaries within Cosmos Edge.

    Additionally, he had intentionally torn Cosmos Edge's defensive array. As the saying goes: The new won't come if the old remains. He wanted to install a new array over Cosmos Edge, so he had to find an excuse to destroy the existing one. If he had to constantly live under the array of other's, he, Mo Wuji, wouldn't be at ease.

    Feng Huang suddenly transmitted, "The Human Race cultivators have already arrived at Cosmos Edge, and I have made suitable arrangements. When they arrived, there was intense opposition by the Vampiric Race, Sea Race and Gods Race. Even though I tried my best to obstruct them, they still killed more than ten thousand Human Race cultivators. I originally wanted to call you, but I was afraid that it would affect your enlightenment into your sacred art. Fortunately, Ape Mo and my Dao Lord Estate were there. Those people are slightly afraid of you, so they temporarily stopped."

    While there were arrays around Mo Wuji when he was gaining enlightenment into his sacred art, the overwhelming aura could still be felt from the outside. Feng Huang wanted for Mo Wuji's sacred art to get even stronger, and coupled with the fact that the other powers were still within his control, he chose not to interrupt Mo Wuji's seclusion.

    Just as Feng Huang finished speaking, ten over experts appeared in front of Mifei Trade Union.

    Anger rose in Mo Wuji's heart. Although Ape Mo and him had killed close to 20 Immortal Emperors, it still wasn't enough to prevent these fellas from killing his Human Race cultivators. From the looks of it, his methods weren't fierce enough; he would need to take tougher actions.

    Concealing his killing intent, Mo Wuji casually swept across this crowd with his spiritual will. He immediately knew that among these ten over experts, there were 3 Dao Emperors, 5-6 Grand Emperors, and the rest were all late-stage Immortal Emperors. Mo Wuji didn't even see a single early or intermediate stage Immortal Emperor.

    Previously, no one showed up when Mo Wuji disbanded Mifei Trade Union and destroyed West River Religious Order. But the moment he tore Cosmos Edge's array, a whole gang arrived.

    A tall red-haired man landed in front of Mo Wuji, clasped his fists and said, "House Master Mo, we understand that your sacred arts are staggering. We are also extremely welcome of your arrival in Cosmos Edge. But you can't just destroy Cosmos Edge's defensive array the moment you arrived, right? We understand your grudge against the Gods Race, but there are also other races within Cosmos Edge. We request that House Master Mo gives us an explanation, or..."

    Mo Wuji had fought with the Vampiric Race's peak grade expert Xue Lu before. The moment this tall red-haired man stood forward, Mo Wuji knew that this was an expert from the Vampiric Race. This fella's cultivation should be above the Grand Emperor Stage; he was an existence on the level of Dao Emperors.

    "This is the Vampiric Race's Dao Emperor Ni Kai," Feng Huang transmitted.

    "Or what? You will lay hands on me?" Mo Wuji said coldly, his aura rising steadily. Even if the experts from the Vampiric Race didn't come, he would be the one to go after them.

    Even after he, Mo Wuji, returned, they still killed more than ten thousand Human Race cultivators in Cosmos Edge. Was he, Mo Wuji, such an amiable person?

    In a place like Cosmos Edge, only those with big fists would be allowed to talk. Otherwise, even if you kneel and beg, no one would pity you.

    Ni Kai's expression changed slightly; he didn't expect for Mo Wuji to not show them any face.

    Before he could speak, another Dao Emperor stepped forward and clasped his fists, "Fellow daoists of Cosmos Edge, from the looks of it, House Master Mo wants to use his powers to forcefully occupy Cosmos Edge. A few days ago, he relocated more than a hundred thousand Human Race cultivators; and now, he publicly destroyed Cosmos Edge's defensive array. Cosmos Edge belongs to everyone; I hope that everyone can stand with Dao Emperor Ni Kai and me to see exactly how strong this arrogant House Master Mo's sacred arts are."

    Multiple experts came forward and stood beside the two Dao Emperors; they stared fiercely at Mo Wuji.

    Even though no one made a move, the space around them had already been filled with the overlapping domains of these experts.

    "Wuji, I, Ape Mo, have arrived." The tall Ape Mo directly landed in between them. The moment Ape Mo entered, the pressure from the domains instantly weakened significantly.

    "And I, Lu Ziting!"

    "I, Jie Ying!"

    "I, Cen Qinlan!"

    Three figures landed by Mo Wuji's side. With the exception of Jie Ying, Mo Wuji recognised Lu Ziting and Immortal Empress Wen Lan.

    Mo Wuji nodded contentedly towards the three. After which, he stared at the experts in front of him and said, "Previously, I accidentally broke Cosmos Edge's defensive array because of a breakthrough in my cultivation. I'm sorry about this, and I will mend the defensive array later. Anyone that doesn't intend to become enemies with my Human Race, please step back. Of course, those that killed my Human Race cultivators in Cosmos Edge previously, there's no need to step back. Because even if you do, I will still kill you."

    When they heard Mo Wuji's words, several Immortal Emperors and Grand Emperors, that were hesitating previously, swiftly stepped back.

    There was no need to talk about how Mo Wuji could easily kill Dao Emperors, the sheer amount of Immortal Emperors killed by Mo Wuji was staggering. If they weren't able to kill this person today, then they would be bringing a calamity down to their own race. Moreover, no one here was a fool; who didn't know that the Gods Race was trying to make use of them? If the Gods Race could oppress Mo Wuji, then they wouldn't mind being used. However, the reality was that the Gods Race wasn't able to do that. Thus, no one was willing to continue being manipulated.

    If the Cosmos Edge's defensive array was still intact, perhaps they could try ganging up on Mo Wuji. But now, the defensive array had been torn apart by Mo Wuji. Whether he did it intentionally or not, it still remains a fact that this increased the difficulty in killing Mo Wuji.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji still had three Immortal Emperors and a Dao Emperor by his side. Coupled with the fact that Dao Lord Feng Huang was on Mo Wuji's side, who would be willing to take the risk.

    Seeing the Dao Emperor of the Demon Race step back, the Dao Emperor of the Vampiric Race started to have some regrets. He felt like he had been screwed over by the Gods Race.

    Previously, with the permission of Feng Huang, more than hundred thousand Human Race cultivators moved to Cosmos Edge. The Gods Race invited him to represent the Vampiric Race to express some thoughts to Feng Huang. However, the Gods Race never mentioned anything about killing the Human Race cultivators. His Vampiric Race needed to create a foothold within Cosmos Edge and they had coveted the piece of land for very long. Even if they couldn't have it all, he would be satisfied if they could get a portion of it.

    He never expected that this Dao Emperor of the Gods Race would, without reason and warning, start killing the Human Race cultivators. This had put him in a quagmire.

    Thus, when Mo Wuji ripped Cosmos Edge's defensive array, he grabbed this opportunity to blame Mo Wuji. Originally, he simply wanted Mo Wuji to accept the blame and offer compensation. Because he was the first to stand forward, his Vampiric Race would be likely to obtain more of that piece of land.

    He, Ni Kai, would never have thought that Mo Wuji would dare to forcibly occupy that piece of land for his Human Race for a long time. Even if Mo Wuji was a peak Dao Emperor, he shouldn't have dared to do it. There were hundreds of races in Cosmos Edge and even more powers. Mo Wuji still didn't have the capacity to offend so many people at one go.

    When Mo Wuji saw that there was only two Dao Emperors, three Grand Emperors, and one late-stage Immortal Emperor left behind, he celebrated. Just six fellas dare to act against him? Even if they were all Dao Emperors, would they be able to do anything to him?

    "Ape Mo, attack..." Mo Wuji opened his hand and Half Moon Weighted Halberd appeared.

    "Wait, let me retreat. My Vampiric Race has never killed your Human Race cultivators. But if House Master Mo is bent on going against my Vampiric Race, I will have to let you know that my Vampiric Race is not something that you could simply mould to your will." Ni Kai resolutely made his decision. Ever since Mo Wuji appeared in the Human Race, the Human Race was bound to rise. Now that his Vampiric Race had not offended the Human Race to an irreconcilable stage, he was going to withdraw quickly.

    Almost at the same time that Ni Kai spoke, that Gods Race Dao Emperor had already pounced towards Mo Wuji. Previously, those over ten thousand Human Race cultivators were all killed by the Gods Race. They wanted to drag the other races in to deal with Mo Wuji together. Mo Wuji's combat power was truly stupefying. Even if his Gods Race had any more people, it would not be enough.

    Mo Wuji completely didn't care when Ni Kai retreated. His Half Moon Weight Halberd conjured a Winding River which cascaded down towards this Dao Emperor.

    The reason why he didn't use his Grand Desert Killing Array was because Mo Wuji saw that the Vampiric Race Dao Emperor and two Grand Emperors had retreated. For three people, why would he need to install his Grand Desert Killing Array?

    Mo Wuji could also guess that these three people were all from the Gods Race. Even though there were many people that came today, none of them was a fool; no one would be willing to be made use of by the Gods Race. However, if he, Mo Wuji, didn't show his capabilities, then these spectating fellas were likely to swarm him.

    No matter the place, it was hard to prevent the weak from being food from the strong.

    The Winding River descended down majestically from mid-air, forming a beautiful silver river in the sky.

    While it was beautiful, this Winding River was also filled with killing intent and desolation.

    This Gods Race Dao Emperor did not wait for Winding River to fully form as he fetched out a long neck flask.

    The opening of the flash suddenly expanded explosively; it seemed like the mouth of a gigantic beast as it devoured everything in front of it.

    This Dao Emperor knew of Mo Wuji's abilities. After using his flask, he also burst forth with his domain. Even though he was not the strongest Dao Emperor in the Gods Race, his domain was definitely the strongest.

    As long as his domain could destroy Mo Wuji's domain and restrain Mo Wuji for a single breath of time, he had confidence in maiming Mo Wuji. Perhaps he might not be able to kill Mo Wuji, but he was sure that he could heavily injure Mo Wuji. If he could do that, he would have an opportunity to get the experts from the other races in.

    "Boom!" Winding River clashed against that long-necked flask; minute beams of light exploded everywhere.

    This Gods Race Dao Emperor's face instantly changed. His domain, which had been so confident of, wasn't able to trump over Mo Wuji's domain. In fact, it was being grinded away by Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain. Thereafter, he felt a terrifying pressure. In the vast space above him, a finger appeared. As it appeared, the Heaven and Earth seemed to be filled with the oppressive aura of death.
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