Chapter 819: Number One Expert In Heavens Beyond Cosmos

    Chapter 819: Number One Expert In Heaven's Beyond Cosmos

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    This Gods Race Dao Emperor frantically tried to call his long-necked flask back. He decided that after defending against this finger of Mo Wuji's, he would flee to the ends of the earth. Mo Wuji's power was too terrifying. If he had some doubts as to how Mo Wuji killed Lun Pa and Qian Yisa, those doubts were all gone.

    Boom! Kacha!

    The flask was directly shattered. The World of Man started its destruction. This Gods Race Dao Emperor fell into despair; if it was only the World of Man, perhaps he might have a chance to escape.

    However, after he saw the destruction of the world of man, he saw the collapse of Heaven and Earth. Everyone was reduced to nothingness; he no longer had a chance.

    The Laws of the Heaven and Earth exploded; this Dao Emperor's everything - his cultivation, his insights, his domain, etc, were all destroyed.

    When the surroundings finally calmed down, everyone only saw a deep hole which was tens of meters wide at where that Gods Race Dao Emperor once was. That Gods Race Dao Emperor had already disappeared.

    At the same time, the remaining two Immortal Emperors from the Gods Race were also killed by Ape Mo, Lu Ziting and co.

    Out of the ten over Immortal Emperors and Dao Emperors that came, only three of them ultimately fought with Mo Wuji. And in a short time, these three were slaughtered.

    What shocked everyone was that finger Mo Wuji used to kill that Gods Race Dao Emperor; that finger seemed capable of destroying the World of Man, and even the Heaven and Earth itself. It contained a power of destruction which felt unstoppable.

    Everyone thought about that finger; if that finger was not pointed towards that Dao Emperor, but them, how would they be able to defend against it? Their answer to that question left their hearts reeling in shock: they wouldn't be able to defend against it.

    Immortal Empress Wen Lan was especially emotional; she knew from a long time ago that Mo Wuji had a sacred art called Winding River. Previously, she even showed her Waterfall to Mo Wuji so that he could gain deeper insights into his Winding River.

    However, that Winding River that Mo Wuji just used was far superior to what she had shown him. And that finger of Mo Wuji's, that finger seemed capable of destroying this entire cosmos.

    In just a few short years, Mo Wuji had actually grown to such a stage.

    Immortal Empress released a long breath. Those years ago, both Heavenly Emperor Zizai and the experts from the Very High Heavens prophecized that Lei Hongji and Ji Yue would be the future of the Immortal World. However, the Immortal World had been chased away by the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos and the remaining survivors of the Human Race were left in their last breaths. Where were Lei Hongji and Ji Yue?

    Instead, it was Mo Wuji that allowed the Human Race to continue surviving.

    "Brother Mo, I was previously tricked by Gods Race's Chai Nuo. However, I assure you that I didn't kill any Human Race cultivators..." Vampiric Race's Dao Emperor Ni Kai had already swiftly walked forward and clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji respectfully.

    He, Ni Kai, had seen Mo Wuji's act of killing Chai Nuo with a single finger clearly. He was sure that if that finger was aimed at him, his outcome wouldn't be any better than Chai Nuo. There probably weren't any Dao Emperors that could be a match for Mo Wuji in a one-on-one battle. Even the Gods Race's most powerful Dao Emperor, Wu Wang, probably wasn't a match for Mo Wuji.

    To put it in other words, Mo Wuji was the number one expert in the entire Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. Moreover, Mo Wuji had another powerful Dao Emperor by his side.

    It can be ascertained that the Gods Race would be chased out of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos by Mo Wuji. This was because the Gods Race's remaining strength was no longer enough to support them here.

    There were only a total of four Dao Emperors in the Gods Race. One of them went to seek for greater heights and had disappeared without the trace.

    Of the remaining three, two had been killed by Mo Wuji. Would the remaining Wu Wang be able to defend against Mo Wuji? Not only that, Mo Wuji had killed a whole pile of Gods Race's Immortal Emperors, even multiple Grand Emperors and late-stage Immortal Emperors had been killed by Mo Wuji.

    Coupled with the help of Feng Huang, Mo Wuji only needed to stall Wu Wang, and that Ape Mo could lead the charge for the Human Race to exterminate all the Gods Race cultivators of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos.

    What left Ni Kai fearful was that he had never seen Mo Wuji going all out. Mo Wuji was an expert that could easily tear through Cosmos Edge's Grade 9 immortal array; would his all-out attack be any weaker?

    Mo Wuji did not respond to Ni Kai. Instead, he clasped his fists towards Lu Ziting and co., "Mo Wuji greets Senior Sister Wen Lan and the two sect heads."

    In Mo Wuji's heart, he was much closer to Immortal Empress Wen Lan than the other two.

    "Sect Head Mo, if not for you, our Human Race would have been screwed," Jie Ying hurriedly bowed and said.

    He was far older than Mo Wuji, but Jie Ying didn't dare to show any disrespect. Every act of Mo Wuji was bigger than the previous one. This time, Mo Wuji even fought his way directly into Heaven's Beyond Cosmos and tore the Cosmos Edge's array. Which one of his acts was simple?

    Wen Lan hurriedly introduced, "Junior Brother Wuji, this is Virtual Qing Dao's Dao Lord Jie Ying. This time, the reason why our Human Race could still have a hundred thousand survivors is largely due to Dao Lord Jie Ying's and Sect Head Lu Ziting's efforts."

    Jie Ying and Lu Ziting felt cold sweat forming on their heads. Honestly, when the Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City got invaded by the Gods Race and Zi Changluo abandoned them, the two of them only thought about fleeing. Instead, it was Immortal Empress Wen Lan, who had the lowest cultivation among them, that anxiously tried to defend against the attacks of the Gods Race experts so that more Human Race cultivators could survive.

    When it came to character, they were guilty of being inferior to Immortal Empress Wen Lan. However, it was also during their anxious retreat that steeled their resolution to fight hard for the Human Race.

    Mo Wuji also clasped his hands and said, "I have some matters that I will have to trouble the two sect heads. I request that the two sect heads lead the way to collect the Gods Race's properties within Cosmos Edge."

    "Leave this matter to me. I know that Gods Race's biggest property in Cosmos Edge is the Gods Cultivation Peak. I can bring my men over there." Lu Ziting was the first to respond.

    Mo Wuji also knew that he had probably killed all the Gods Race's Immortal Emperors in Cosmos Edge. Lu Ziting and his men would definitely be enough. As for what Lu Ziting needed to do, there's no need for him, Mo Wuji, to say it. Naturally, it was to kill every single one of the Gods Race cultivators.

    "Alright, then I will have to trouble Sect Head Lu," Mo Wuji answered.

    Lu Ziting chuckled, "This is the most refreshing matter I could do since I, Lu Ziting, arrived at Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. How could it be considered a trouble? In fact, I have to thank Brother Mo for giving me this opportunity."

    With that, Lu Ziting left. Through his spiritual will, Mo Wuji saw Lu Ziting leading more than a thousand cultivators, at the Grand Luo Stage and above, towards Gods Cultivation Peak.

    No one else said a word. The power that Mo Wuji displayed was too overwhelming; no one was willing to offend Mo Wuji at such a time. If Mo Wuji had to struggle to kill Gods Race's Dao Emperor Chai Nuo, then one of them here would definitely come forward to express his dissent. Vampiric Race's Dao Emperor Ni Kai also wouldn't have apologised to Mo Wuji.

    However, the truth was that Mo Wuji had easily slaughtered Chai Nuo. Which one of them was tired of living? Which one of them would dare to form a grudge with an expert like Mo Wuji?

    After Lu Ziting left, Mo Wuji looked at Ni Kai and said, "The news I received was that the Gods Race, Vampiric Race, and Sea Race surrounded and killed more than ten thousand cultivators of my Human Race. Although my Human Race doesn't have any form of support, it is not a race that could be randomly slaughtered."

    A sense of helplessness arose in Ni Kai's heart. His Vampiric Race could not compare with the Gods Race. Including him, his Vampiric Race only had two Dao Emperors. Two Dao Emperors definitely wasn't enough to fight against Mo Wuji.

    Moreover, seeing how Mo Wuji spoke in such a candid matter, Ni Kai knew that if he didn't offer a price, his Vampiric Race was the next after the Gods Race.

    At this instant, Ni Kai was cursing in his heart; he was cursing the brainlessness of the Gods Race. If the Gods Race had enough brains, they should have concentrated all their power to kill Mo Wuji when he just returned to Cosmos Edge. As long as the Gods Race's two Dao Emperors and Immortal Emperors all came, coupled with his Vampiric Race, Sea Race, West River Religious Order and Mifei Trade Union, this Mo Wuji wouldn't be able to survive even if he had three heads and six arms.

    But now, the number of Dao Emperors and Immortal Emperors that Mo Wuji killed already numbered more than 20. Moreover, West River Religious Order and Mifei Trade Union had been disbanded, and a strong race like the Demon Race wasn't willing to come forward. The Gods Race, which only had one Dao Emperor left, was destined to fall.

    "Brother Mo, my Vampiric Race is willing to compensate for this matter," Ni Kai said helplessly.

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "There's no need for compensation. Who knows whether, after today's compensation, you would form another coalition with the Gods Race and other races to attack my Human Race? I'm afraid I don't have time to waste words with you now. My Immortal World's Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City had been occupied by the Gods Race. I intend to reclaim it."

    By this time, if he didn't know that Mo Wuji was trying to drag him into the water, then he, Ni Kai would be a fool. He could only lament his fortune; there truly wasn't a free lunch in the world. Because his Vampiric Race wanted the benefits, it was previously dragged into the water by the Gods Race. Now, the Human Race also wants to drag him into the water.

    It was impossible for him to avoid. If he still had the rights to reject Chai Nuo previously, those rights no longer existed in front of Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji might not lay hands on him now, but after Mo Wuji exterminated the Gods Race from the Heaven's Beyond, his Vampiric Race was likely to be next.

    "Brother Mo, I feel angry the moment the Gods Race is mentioned. If not for Chai Nuo, that despicable fox, how could I, Ni Kai, have fallen for his tricks? Since Brother Mo wants to go to Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City, then count me in, Ni Kai," Ni Kai did not hesitate to say.

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "Dao Friend Ni Kai, there are more than one or two Gods Race cultivators there. I intend to lead all my Human Race cultivators over."

    Thereafter, Mo Wuji clasped his fists towards the various experts, "Fellow daoists, the Gods Race has been behaving like tyrants in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos for too long. Today, my Human Race has decided to remove this tumour from the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. Anyone that is willing to follow me, please step forward. Of course, once my Human Race wrests back our Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City, we will move back there. As for the land that my Human Race is occupying now, it would be divided among the races that go with me."

    "Brother Mo, my Vampiric Race will naturally join you." How could Ni Kai not understand Mo Wuji's intentions? This time, it was a matter of race. He, Ni Kai, was dreaming if he thought that he, alone, was enough.
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