Chapter 820: Dao Lord Of Heavens Beyond Cosmos

    Chapter 820: Dao Lord Of Heaven's Beyond Cosmos

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    "My Sea Race has decided to respond Brother Mo's call. My Sea Race has an army of more than tens of thousands of soldiers," A man with a musky sea smell stepped forward.

    Mo Wuji sneered in his heart. If the Sea Race didn't come forward, he definitely wouldn't invite them. After he exterminated the Gods Race, his next target wouldn't be the Vampiric Race, but the Sea Race. Since the Sea Race knew how to act, then he would dismiss the recent incident.

    Most of the experts from the Gods Race had already been killed by Mo Wuji. At the same time, many of them knew that the situation had gone south; so they had already left Cosmos Edge.

    Lu Ziting and his men swept the entire Gods Cultivation Peak clean with an unstoppable force. When Lu Ziting returned, he happened to hear that Mo Wuji was going to reclaim the Very High Heavens Cosmos City. He immediately stepped in front of Mo Wuji agitatedly and said, "Brother Mo, I must spearhead this battle..."

    Back then, the cultivators from the Immortal World were so helpless that they weren't even able to resist. He, Lu Ziting saw countless of cultivators getting killed. They fled in all directions, but they were pursued and killed...

    Today, he finally had a chance to strike back. He, Lu Ziting, thought that this day would have been far in the indefinite future, or it might never happen at all. He never expected that it would come so soon, and it was all because of Mo Wuji.

    "Ziting, listen to Brother Mo," Jie Ying said solemnly. He was also like Lu Ziting, he was also raring to take his revenge. However, he was also very clear that Mo Wuji wanted to pull the other races in.

    Currently, the Human Race only had Mo Wuji. If Mo Wuji was no longer here, it was always better if the Human Race had some allies.

    In a place like the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, there's no such thing as permanent enmity. Back then, the Human Race and the Demon Race each occupied half of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. It was exactly because of that, that the Heaven's Beyond Corridor was still separated into the Human Corridor and the Demon Corridor.

    But what was it like now? The Human Race had gradually declined, while the Demon Race remained in power. Various races had robbed the Human Race of their territories. But under the pressure of Mo Wuji, weren't these races currently making the choice to help the Human Race to deal with the Gods Race?

    "My Demon Race's Elder Ji Ku had always admired Brother Mo. This time, my Demon Race will definitely offer our help," The Demon Race Dao Emperor stepped forward. Ji Ku had only helped the Human Race say a single sentence, but it was a testimony to the Demon Race's intentions to befriend Mo Wuji.

    "I represent Cosmos Edge. Cosmos Edge will definitely support Wuji." Feng Huang did not hesitate to step forward. At the same time, he demonstrated that his relationship with Mo Wuji wasn't shallow.

    "My Allheaven Race has also been dissatisfied with the Gods Race for a long time."


    Multiple races stepped forward. Even some smaller races noticed that the Gods Race was sure to decline, and they also stepped forward. Vampiric Race's Ni Kai still felt that he had underestimated the influence of Mo Wuji; his previous claim of saying that he, alone, would help Mo Wuji might have dissatisfied Mo Wuji. Even though he eventually supplemented his words, his Vampiric Race was still on the wrong side when compared to the other races.

    As he thought of this, Ni Kai said loudly, "Gods Race is truly unreasonable and tyrannical. It's natural for our races to deal with the Gods Race. Back then, the Gods Race killed millions of Human Race cultivators in Very High Heavens Cosmos City. It was only until recently that I found out why the Gods Race chose to let off more than a hundred thousand Human Race cultivators..."

    "I request Dao Friend Ni Kai to shed light on this matter," Mo Wuji immediately clasped his hand and said. In reality, he had always been confused about this matter. The Gods Race slaughtered the Human Race cultivators as they would pigs; why were Immortal Empress Wen Lan and the two Immortal Emperors still able to save more than a hundred thousand cultivators? One must know that the three Immortal Emperors didn't have a very high cultivation; none of them was even in the late Immortal Emperor Stage.

    Ni Kai appeared infuriated as he said, "It's rumoured that the Gods Race discovered an ancient ruin. This ruin requires the blood sacrifice of a hundred thousand people for it to be opened..."

    There was no need for Ni Kai to say any further; everyone knew what was going on. The reason why the more than a hundred thousand Human Race cultivators were able to survive wasn't because the Gods Race weren't able to kill them, nor because the Gods Race decided to show mercy. It was because the Gods Race wanted to keep them for their blood sacrifice.

    Even though everyone knew that Ni Kai's frustration was pretentious, this act of the Gods Race was truly very cruel.

    Mo Wuji, who was already very firm on exterminating the Gods Race, steeled his resolve when he heard this.

    By the side, Immortal Empress Wen Lan and co.'s faces had turned green. Previously, they could tell that something was peculiar when the Gods Race wanted to trap them on that meteorite. They originally wanted to tell Mo Wuji about it when they found the time. But now, they finally know the reason.

    Mo Wuji looked at Feng Huang and asked, "Feng Huang, how many immortal cities does the Gods Race have in Heaven's Beyond?"

    "A total of five immortal cities. Four of which used to belong to the Human Race," Feng Huang promptly replied.

    When he heard this, Ni Kai hurriedly transmitted a message to Mo Wuji, "Brother Mo, my Vampiric Race had also taken an immortal city from the Human Race..."

    Mo Wuji waved his hand; he did not transmit in return, but said openly, "Anything that happened before I, Mo Wuji, came to Heaven's Beyond Cosmos can be forgotten. Now, we are all comrades. I hope that after we exterminate the Gods Race, everyone can help me reclaim the cities from the Gods Race."

    "Even if Brother Mo doesn't mention it, we will do it." An expert from Sky Race came forward.

    Mo Wuji was very clear that the Sky Race must have earned off the Human Race before; otherwise, they wouldn't say such words. However, the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos was such a place; it was a place where only the experts could speak. There was no meaning in being too particular about what happened in the past. In fact, that would only earn him more enemies. What he needed to do now, was to gradually revitalise the Human Race.

    "Right, my Sea Race also agrees."

    "My Winged Race also agrees..."

    Mo Wuji's words were very clear: I wouldn't be calculative if you took my Human Race's territory before. But now that I want Gods Race's territory, all those that took my Human Race's territory must help. Otherwise, don't blame me for collecting that debt in the future.

    Seeing that everyone understood the meaning behind his words, Mo Wuji knew that it was time for him to give everyone some incentives. This plot of land in Cosmos Edge was far from enough.

    Once again, he clasped his fists and said, "Dao friends from the various races, as Dao Friend Ni Kai had mentioned previously, it's possible that the Gods Race discovered an ancient ruin. According to the limited information that I know, the world above the Immortal World is called the God World. It's rumoured that the ancestor of the Gods Race was the first to discover the God World. Even though there doesn't seem to be many relations between the God World and the Gods Race now, I suspect that the ruins discovered by the Gods Race might be linked to the God World.

    This time, after we exterminate the Gods Race from the Heaven's Beyond, we will charge to the Gods Race's higher domain and pull the Gods Race out from their roots. As for that ruins, we will open it together, and all races that participate would be allowed to enter."

    For a race like the Gods Race, it should also have a higher domain like the Human Race. Perhaps this domain might not be called the Very High Heavens, but it should be similar. This was a domain that was linked to the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos.

    These words of Mo Wuji was telling everyone that the races that take part in the extermination of the Gods Race would have a chance to open the ruins.

    "I agree with Dao Lord Mo's words."

    "Right, Dao Lord Mo's suggestion is extremely appropriate."


    Many people immediately came forward to express their agreement. As for whether Mo Wuji would use the Gods Race's blood to open the ruins, no one mentioned it.

    Previously, no one would have minded if the Gods Race used the blood of hundred thousand Human Race cultivators to open the ruins. That was because the Human Race didn't have a place in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos back then. There was no need to talk about a hundred thousand people, even if it was a million people, the Human Race couldn't complain about it.

    In terms of morals standards, everyone had always assessed their decisions based on utilitarian means.

    Mo Wuji knew the character of these people. He said calmly, "We will not be as inhumane as the Gods Race as to use a blood sacrifice to open the ruins. We can slaughter the Gods Race in battle, but we will not use their blood for sacrifice. I am a Grade 9 Formation Master. After this matter ends, I will rebuild the defensive array around Cosmos Edge, and at the same time, I will use my methods to open the ruins."

    The main point of these words was to declare that he, Mo Wuji, was going to be the one to rebuild the defensive array around Cosmos Edge. By saying it upfront, that would prevent people from chirping and making noise when the time comes.

    No matter what, he wanted the defensive array around Cosmos Edge to be within his control.

    When Feng Huang saw this scene, he knew that Mo Wuji had already obtained the absolute speaking rights here. He directly said, "Just now, there were already two dao friends that addressed Brother Mo as 'Dao Lord'. Thus, I have a suggestion. Our Heaven's Beyond Cosmos is vast and boundless. I, the Dao Lord of Cosmos Edge, can only manage this small city. Wuji should be the number one expert in Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. Why don't we designate a Dao Lord for the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, and have the first Dao Lord be Mo Wuji?"

    "I agree." Ni Kai hurriedly said. Actually, he also had such intentions. Originally, he also wanted to say it to form closer ties with Mo Wuji. Now that Feng Huang had mentioned it, he was naturally the first to agree.

    "I also agree." The Demon Race Dao Emperor added.

    Seeing two Dao Emperors agree, the smaller races were even less willing to show dissent. Some larger races were unwilling, but they also didn't want to offend Mo Wuji. Thus, they maintained their silence.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand and said, "The matter of the Dao Lord can be left for another time. Now, it's time to expel the Gods Race from the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. Sect Head Lu, Sect Head Jie and Senior Sister Wen Lan, immediately dispatch the Human Race cultivators. Thereafter, when we split the land in Cosmos Edge, it will be according to the number of soldiers sent by the various races."

    When they heard Mo Wuji's words, Lu Ziting and co. weren't the only ones making a move. The remaining experts hurried to send flying messenger swords, requesting for their armies in their immortal cities to attack the Gods Race.


    Gods Precipice Continent. This was a cosmos continent of the Gods Race which was similar to the Very High Heavens.

    This was the higher realm mentioned by Mo Wuji. It was just that Mo Wuji didn't know that its name was Gods Precipice Continent.

    In terms of immortal spiritual energy and the integrity of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth, the Gods Precipice Continent was no worse than the Very High Heavens. Moreover, the land was vast and boundless.

    The Gods Precipice Court was the hub of Gods Precipice Continent, where only the most powerful figures in the Gods Race could enter.

    Currently, in Gods Precipice Court, Wu Wang had a dark expression on his face. It was dark to the point where his black tattoos couldn't be seen clearly. Even though he was the most powerful Dao Emperor in the Gods Race, his fingers were trembling slightly. This was a clear indication of the anxiety in his heart.

    He could not help but be anxious. He had just received news, under the leadership of Mo Wuji, the various races of Heaven's Beyond Cosmos went around slaughtering cultivators of the Gods Race. The five immortal cities occupied by them would soon belong to someone else. The Gods Race was going to be ousted out of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos.
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