Chapter 821: Accepting The Role As A Dao Lord

    Chapter 821: Accepting The Role As A Dao Lord

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    "Master, our Gods Race has as many experts as there are clouds..." A boy, who looked only a few years old, said proudly to Wu Wang.

    Before he could finish his words, Wu Wang's palm slapped across this boy's face, directly causing some of this boy's teeth to fall off.

    All the Gods Race experts within Gods Precipice Court were so shocked that their mouths went ajar.

    No one could understand why Elder Wu Wang, who adored the young lord deeply, would actually lay hands on the young lord. One must know that countless of maidservants had been killed just because they didn't meet the expectations of the young lord.

    The boy, whose mouth was now bloodied, sat there on the ground, staring at his master in disbelief. He had actually been slapped by his master, and many of his teeth had actually been shattered.

    "Wu Li, you b*stard. Do you know the calamity you have brought to the Gods Race? My Gods Race is soon going to be exterminated, and that's all because of your arrogant and wanton killing of geniuses back in Cosmos Edge. If you hadn't been so arrogant as to offend Mo Wuji, why would you have been killed by that fella on the Dao Discussion Stage? Now, it has even caused my Gods Race to fall to such a state? If I knew that this would happen, I would have let you die. Why did I waste my Gods Race most supreme treasure on you?" Wu Wang seemed to be roaring as he pointed and scolded this young boy.

    At this moment, Gods Precipice Court was deafeningly silent.

    Everyone knew that this young boy was the Gods Race's Young Lord Wu Li. The young lord had been killed by Mo Wuji on the Dao Discussion Stage, infuriating the Gods Race and leading to the massacre of millions of Human Race cultivators. At the same time, the Gods Race used a supreme dao fruit which allowed Wu Li to be reborn from a trace of his soul.

    "Elder Wu, that Mo Wuji is only one person, nor does he have three heads and six arms. As for that puny army of the Human Race, it isn't even enough to cause a dent in our army. As long as we get rid of that Mo Wuji, the other races would definitely sway their loyalties. Those people are merely rats that follow where the wind blows. After we eliminate Mo Wuji, we will slowly settle our debt with them." A late-stage Immortal Emperor walked forward, bowed and said.

    "Yes, Grand Master, this matter cannot be entirely blamed on the young lord. Our Gods Race is the superior race; our young lord was honouring those people when he devoured their spiritual roots. To actually go against us, these people are clearly courting their deaths." Another man came forward. This time, it was a Grand Emperor.

    Wu Wang's anger seemed to have dissipated after that previous outburst. He remained silent for some time before he waved his hands towards those people that came forward, "If that Mo Wuji was so easy to deal with, my hands wouldn't be so tied. To true experts, quantity would not be a threat. Even though my Gods Race has many people, I am the only Dao Emperor. Do you know how long it took for Mo Wuji to kill Chai Nuo? Two moves. Chai Nuo only managed to block half of Mo Wuji's first move, before he had his body and soul destroyed by Mo Wuji..."

    The experts in Gods Precipice Court all went silent. It was true that Chai Nuo could not be compared to Grand Elder Wu Wang. However, Elder Wu Wang could dream of killing Chai Nuo in two moves.

    "According to the news I received, he also has a Xiantian Godsword. In Very High Heavens Cosmos City, he only needed a single slash to kill tens of thousands of experts of my Gods Race. There were even intermediate-stage Immortal Reverents among them. Think about it, does our Gods Race have enough experts to get cut down by that Godsword of his?"

    Wu Wang sighed, "Actually, this was also my fault. I have been too indulgent with Wu Li."

    A bearded Immortal Emperor came forward and said, "Grand Elder and Wu Li cannot be blamed for this matter. Wu Li is the hope of our Gods Race; there's nothing wrong with him devouring mutated spiritual roots in Cosmos Edge. Cosmos Edge is where experts gather; that's also the place of Wu Li's fortune. The only thing we didn't expect was that a Mo Wuji actually appeared in the Human Race."

    Wu Wang waved his hand, "Our mistake wasn't because of Mo Wuji, but choosing to act against the Human Race. The Human Race was the original race that began cultivating the Dao. In the vast cosmos, there are countless of stellar talents. Even if Mo Wuji didn't appear, there would be other experts."

    "Grand Elder, what should we do now? With Mo Wuji's power, he definitely wouldn't stop at the cities that we have in Heaven's Beyond." The very first late-stage Immortal Emperor said anxiously.

    Wu Wang sighed once more, then he turned to look at the bloodied Wu Li. After some time, he finally said, "You are right. Even though I have yet to see that Mo Wuji, I know how powerful he is. He definitely wouldn't stop at that. If I'm not wrong, they would definitely come to our Gods Precipice Continent. Even though our Gods Precipice Continent is rich in immortal spiritual energy, we aren't as elusive as the Human Race's Very High Heavens. The moment the Very High Heavens gets closed off from the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, it would be hard to find it. However, our Gods Precipice Continent isn't able to do the same..."

    As he said this, Wu Wang's gaze swept across the hall. He suddenly raised his volume, "Immediately being Wu Li away from Gods Precipice Continent. At the same time, bring all the cultivation talents away from Gods Precipice Continent..."

    "Grand Elder..." When these Immortal Emperors heard Wu Wang's decision, they lost the colour in their faces.

    The Gods Precipice Continent was the wellspring of the pagoda Race's strength. Grand Elder Wu Wang's words meant the abandonment of Gods Precipice Continent. If they did that, the Gods Race could only cower within a lower world. It would be hard for them to rise again.

    Wu Wang extended his hand, "This matter is decided. Execute it immediately."

    With that, he especially walked to Wu Li's side, supported Wu Li up and said warmly, "Wu Li, you are the only inheritor of my Gods Race's ancient bloodline. If you are able to awaken your bloodline, you would definitely be able to lead the Gods Race to greater heights. I only hope that you remember who was the one who forced our Gods Race to this state and take revenge for our Gods Race. It's true that I shouldn't have acted against the Human Race. However, my Gods Race doesn't have to fear what we have already done. It's true that the Human Race is strong, but our Gods Race ancient bloodline is much stronger."

    "Yes, master. Wu Li will definitely remember master's words. If I don't destroy that Mo Wuji's body, scatter his ashes and burn his soul, then I, Wu Li, am not fit to be a member of the Gods Race. As long as I, Wu Li, am still alive, I will make sure that the Human Race goes extinct," Wu Li clenched his fists and swore resolutely.

    "Alright. Leave now." Wu Wang was a man of action. With that, he immediately announced the exodus of the Gods Race from Gods Precipice Continent.


    Very High Heavens Cosmos City. The seals and defensive array around the city had been reduced to dust. The huge words "Gods Race's Fifth Immortal City", which had been placed up by the Gods Race after the Human Race had been chased out, was also torn apart.

    None of the tens of thousands of Gods Race cultivators in the city escaped; they were all slaughtered by the coalition of various races.

    Mo Wuji stood in mid-air outside the city. The Immortal World cultivators had already started to clean up the battlefield, while the cultivators from the other races had started to withdraw from the city.

    The Gods Race had finally been expelled from Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. The five immortal cities that the Gods Race owned in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos now belonged to the Human Race.

    The Dao Emperors from the Demon Race, Vampiric Race and the Sea Race, as well as tens of Grand Emperors and late-stage Immortal Emperors stood behind Mo Wuji. Feng Huang and Ape Mo stood right next to Mo Wuji.

    At this instant, all of them had complicated feelings in their hearts. They looked at Mo Wuji with eyes filled with respect and fear. Mo Wuji had already shocked them with his individual combat power, but that Godsword of Mo Wuji's had shocked them even further.

    When they were invading Very High Heavens Cosmos City, Mo Wuji merely used one slash. With that one slash, Mo Wuji ripped the defensive array of the city apart. Not only that, more than ten thousand Gods Race cultivators were reaped of their souls with that slash.

    Even though everyone knew that Mo Wuji intentionally used that slash as a demonstration of his power, they could not help but reel in fear. The majesty and boundless killing intent within that slash still lingered in their minds.

    Even a Dao Emperor could not resist Mo Wuji. If you offended this person, then your race might really get exterminated.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said loudly, "Even though everyone was discontented with how the Gods Race was bullying all of us, I, Mo Wuji, still have to thank everyone for lending a hand to help my Immortal World wrest back our five immortal cities."

    "Brother Mo, congratulations on having the five immortal cities return to their rightful owner. We still need Brother Mo to lead us to invade Gods Race's Gods Precipice Continent," Vampiric Race's Ni Kai celebrated secretly in his heart. Fortunately, he had not been bent on cooperating with Gods Race's Chai Nuo. Otherwise, he would be a person condemned in the Vampiric Race's history.

    "Wuji, you should not reject it any further. Our Heaven's Beyond Cosmos requires a Dao Lord. Wuji, your cultivation is the strongest, so it's natural for you to take that role." Feng Huang brought up the topic again.

    "Right, Dao Lord Mo should not push this matter away. Besides Brother Mo, there's no one else that I would accept as the Dao Lord of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos." Ni Kai did not hesitate to show his agreement.

    "That's right. We agree that Brother Mo should be the first Dao Lord..."

    Back in Cosmos Edge, there were still a significant number of people that disagreed. But now, almost everyone jumped to support Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji was very clear that there was no need reject this matter any further. In actuality, everyone wanted this role as the Dao Lord. However, not everyone was as strong as him. If he became the Dao Lord, the status of the Human Race in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos would rise, and the Human Race would be able to obtain more benefits. This was instrumental in the rise of the Human Race.

    "Fellow daoists," Mo Wuji clasped his fists, "Heaven's Beyond Cosmos has indeed been a mess for a long period of time; the Heaven's Beyond Corridor itself is especially fraught with casual murders. Since I have the support from everyone, then I, Mo Wuji, humbly accept the position as the first Dao Lord of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. After the matter with the Gods Race concludes, I will organise a gathering at Cosmos Edge to discuss important matters. This First Dao Lord Estate will be constructed at the place that my Human Race used to stay in Cosmos Edge." [1]

    "Dao Lord Mo, rest assured. I, Feng Huang, promise to make the First Dao Lord Estate the number one building in the entire Cosmos Edge," Feng Huang did not hesitate to say.

    Most of the big powers had already nominated Mo Wuji as the Dao Lord. Even the address of the First Dao Lord Estate had been chosen. At this time, no one showed any dissent.

    When Immortal Empress Wen Lan, Jie Ying, and Lu Ziting heard that Mo Wuji was going to be the first Dao Lord of Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, they were filled with incomparable emotions. This meant that even if Mo Wuji was no longer in Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, the Human Race wouldn't be bullied.

    Mo Wuji announced, "Let me arrange some matters regarding the immortal cities first, then I will bring everyone to Gods Race's Gods Precipice Continent."

    With that, Mo Wuji said to the Human Race Immortal Emperors, "Immortal Empress Wen Lan, Sect Head Jie, Sect Head Lu, our Immortal World doesn't have enough people. Thus, we will temporarily seal the other four immortal cities. Wait till I install more powerful arrays and till our Immortal World has more people before we open them up for use. Now, let the cultivators of our Immortal World stay in this city in front of us. From now on, this immortal city would no longer be called Very High Heavens Cosmos City. It will be called Ping Fan Immortal City."

    [1] LOL I thought he was going to split this land with the races that helped him. Scumbag much?
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