Chapter 822: Shuai Guo Advances

    Chapter 822: Shuai Guo Advances

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    Gods Race's Gods Precipice Continent was separated from Heaven's Beyond Cosmos by a chasm similar to that between Half Immortal Domain and the Corner of Yong Ying. With the capabilities of the experts from Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, this chasm was simply nothing.

    Tens of thousands flying treasures traversed the chasm with no obstruction whatsoever and arrived at Gods Precipice Continent.

    "We're late. The Gods Race has already moved away." The Demon Race Dao Emperor Ce Hong said solemnly as they arrived at Gods Precipice Continent.

    Mo Wuji also discovered that the Gods Race had already evacuated. However, this was within his predictions. The Gods Race cultivators with Heaven's Beyond Cosmos had all been massacred. If the Gods Race in Gods Precipice Continent wasn't able to receive that news, then the Gods Race wouldn't have attained such their previous status.

    It was enough for him to gain control of Gods Precipice Continent. Chasing the Gods Race away from the Gods Precipice Continent was equivalent to oppressing them. The Gods Precipice Continent was similar to the Very High Heavens; Gods Race cultivators could only advance to the Dao Emperor Stage in Gods Precipice Continent. Without the Gods Precipice Continent, the Gods Race would gradually weaken.

    "Dao Lord Mo, what are your intentions?" Vampiric Race's Dao Emperor Ni Kai asked.

    If Mo Wuji suggested that they chased the Gods Race to the lower worlds, they would do it. However, they would not send their full forces for such efforts.

    After all, the main reason why the supported Mo Wuji as the Dao Lord was because of their own self-interest. By exterminating the Gods Race from Heaven's Beyond Cosmos and conquering Gods Precipice Continent, they would be able to obtain many benefits. However, chasing to surviving Gods Race cultivators to the lower worlds was a waste of time, and they weren't willing to do that.

    Just as Mo Wuji wanted to speak, he suddenly felt a stir within his Undying World. Those years ago, Shuai Guo devoured the wooden nail which Lun Pa used against him. Ever since then, Shuai Guo had entered into a deep sleep. After so many years, there was finally a stir from Shuai Guo.

    Even though Mo Wuji always scolded Shuai Guo, he still cared about Shuai Guo. He hurriedly said, "Everyone, there are very few Gods Race cultivators left in Gods Precipice Continent. Wu Wang is the only expert left behind here. Everyone, surround and kill Wu Wang, then slaughter all the remaining Gods Race cultivators left here. This territory would be distributed according to merits. When you find that rumoured secret domain of the Gods Race, I will come over. As for the lower worlds, we will temporarily let them go."

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will noticed that there was a Dao Emperor left on Gods Precipice Continent; he guessed that it was Wu Wang.

    "Dao Lord is not following us?" Ni Kai asked hurriedly.

    Mo Wuji explained, "My pet beast is soon undergoing its tribulation. I will stay here to act as its protector. By the time my pet beast passes its tribulation, I believe that everyone should have already found the whereabouts of the Gods Race's ancient ruins."

    "Alright, since that's the case, we will first make a move," The Demon Race Dao Emperor Ce Hong hurriedly said.

    These few Dao Emperors were simply elated that Mo Wuji wasn't participating. The Gods Race had evacuated in a hurry; there would definitely be large amounts of resources and treasures left in Gods Precipice Court. If Mo Wuji, this Dao Lord, participated, then their share of the treasures would be significantly lesser.

    The Dao Emperors, tens of Immortal Emperors, and tens of thousands of experts charged towards Gods Precipice Court. Since the rewards were being divided, no one wanted to fall behind.

    After everyone sped off, Mo Wuji directly sent Shuai Guo out of his Undying World.

    "My lord, I'm about to undergo my tribulation," Shuai Guo said excitedly the moment it emerged.

    Mo Wuji could also feel that there was a qualitative change in Shuai Guo. Its sharp beak became flatter, while there wasn't any change to its three feet. Its aura was rumbling; clearly, Shuai Guo had grown significantly during these few years.

    "I know. You only need to worry about your tribulation." As Mo Wuji was speaking, he brought out two extreme grade immortal veins and a pile of immortal crystals.

    Green crystals were extremely useful for cultivation. However, they were scraps of processing, so they severely lacked natural dao energy.

    Just as Mo Wuji finished installed a spirit gathering array, multiple bolts of lightning came crashing down. Mo Wuji could feel Shuai Guo's aura surging; he guessed that these few bolts of lightning wouldn't really affect Shuai Guo.

    What he didn't expect was that, like what it did previously, Shuai Guo actually soared towards the sky. It opened its mouth and started to devour those lightning bolts.

    Mo Wuji stared at Shuai Guo blankly; this kid didn't eat enough the previous time? You're still eating more?

    "Bang! Bang! Bang!" Rumbling thunder reverberated through the air and some lightning crashed against Shuai Guo. Mo Wuji discovered in shock that Shuai Guo had only been knocked to the ground; there weren't many injuries on its body. Not only that, lightning danced around Shuai Guo's body. Clearly, this kid was starting to digest the lightning bolts.

    Mo Wuji was incomparably excited. He didn't expect that after a few years of hibernation, Shuai Guo was actually able to consume lightning bolts. Even when he was facing his own tribulation, he would have to face the lightning bolts with his fists before he could absorb the lightning essence. He wasn't able to directly eat the lightning.

    One wave after another came crashing down. Shuai Guo dealt with the lightning easily. Mo Wuji could feel Shuai Guo's aura getting stronger; he knew that this Lightning Calamity was no longer a threat to Shuai Guo.

    "Boom!" A terrifying explosion reverberated in the distance. There were even huge disturbances in the Laws of the Heaven and Earth within the area.

    Mo Wuji received a shock, but he immediately realised what happened. Gods Race's last Dao Emperor Wu Wang must have self-exploded.

    No matter how strong Wu Wang was, he wouldn't be able to withstand the attacks of four Dao Emperors. Mo Wuji believed that if he was there, Wu Wang definitely wouldn't be able to self-explode. However, to Mo Wuji, whether Wu Wang self-exploded was not as important as Shuai Guo's tribulation.

    "Wuji, Wu Wang has self-exploded. The Gods Race's ruin has also been found. It's at Gods Precipice Court. We are waiting for you here." Ape Mo transmitted a message over.

    As for how many people Wu Wang dragged down with him during his self-explosion, Ape Mo didn't mention it. Mo Wuji also didn't care about it; after all, he was the only one from the Human Race here. As for Ape Mo, he was a Dao Emperor expert; Wu Wang's self-explosion would only cause Ape Mo some minor injuries at the very most.

    "My lord." Shuai Guo's emotional voice sounded.

    Mo Wuji could sense that Shuai Guo's surging aura had finally stabilised. Scanning Shuai Guo with his spiritual will, Mo Wuji could immediately tell that Shuai Guo was definitely top-class among Grade 7 immortal demonic beasts.

    Shuai Guo's aura contained the vigour and self-confidence of an ancient bloodline; Mo Wuji could even see some indiscernible dao aura revolving around Shuai Guo. Additionally, Shuai Guo's feathers weren't sparse and thin like before. Now, Shuai Guo had a healthy, sleek, black coat of feathers.

    "Not bad. You're able to pass your Grade 7 immortal demonic beast Lightning Calamity so easily. You were even able to consume the lightning bolts." Mo Wuji was very satisfied with Shuai Guo's performance.

    "My lord, that puny lightning was nothing more than an itch. In the future, all sorts of Lightning Calamity are nothing to me." When Shuai Guo heard Mo Wuji praise it, its tail contentedly raised and pointed towards the sky.

    Mo Wuji sneered, "You're so impressive, but you're still a mosquito."

    Mo Wuji understood Shuai Guo, this kid. If you gave him an inch, he would take a mile.

    When Shuai Guo heard these words, its head instantly drooped, "My lord, I have already obtained a portion of my legacy. How can ordinary mosquitoes compare to me?"

    "Stop grumbling. Exactly what was that wooden nail that you devoured?" Mo Wuji really wanted to know the origins of that wooden nail that the Gods Race Dao Emperor used on him. That nail was filled with death energy; it was simply too terrifying. If not for Shuai Guo saving him, he might have actually died because of that nail.

    Hearing Mo Wuji's question, Shuai Guo instantly became enlivened, 'My lord, that wooden nail is called Godly Yin Wooden Stake. It's refined from the Godly Yin Wood, and it contains a noxious Yin energy. I believe that I will soon be able to gain enlightenment on the Yin-type sacred art from within it. By that time, I will be able to wreak havoc throughout the world, and sweep across..."

    Sensing Mo Wuji's expression turning dark, Shuai Guo knew tactfully ** its beak.

    "Let's go. Follow me and take a look at the Gods Race's Gods Precipice Court." Mo Wuji had never heard of the Godly Yin Wooden Stake, and he knew that nothing would come out of asking Shuai Guo any further. The reason why Shuai Guo even knew about was because it consumed it, and not because it was experienced and knowledgeable.


    Gods Precipice Court looked far more majestic than Cosmos Edge. From a distance, it looked like a floating continent surrounded by beautiful rainbow-coloured clouds.

    Mo Wuji didn't need to enter Gods Precipice Court to know that most of the immortal veins had already been extracted by the fellas that came before him.

    He did not mind it though. He had already obtained plenty of immortal veins back in Oblique Space Sea Island.

    A white stone path which was approximately 30 meters wide sloped upwards; it seemed to be leading to the peak of the Cosmos. Mo Wuji brought Shuai Guo and sped through this path. The first thing he saw was a huge hall. The hall was not destroyed; Mo Wuji could guess that this was the where the top brass of the Gods Race gathered.

    Traversing the array, he was immediately welcomed by a shattered array.

    "Dao Lord Mo, this is your immortal pet?" Just as Mo Wuji arrived, Demon Race's Ce Hong exclaimed in surprise.

    Mo Wuji laughed and said, "Yes. To think about it, this fella is considered part of your Demon Race."

    A Grand Emperor from the Demon Race remarked, "Dao Lord Mo, this immortal pet of yours is impressive. Even within the Demon Race, its bloodline is extremely rare."

    "Cheh, what is the Demon Race? My bloodline is far more dignified than some Demon Race," Shuai Guo did not hesitate to rebut.

    "Shuai Guo, don't talk nonsense." Mo Wuji knew that strictly speaking, Shuai Guo was indeed part of the Demon Race. However, Shuai Guo's words were not wrong either. Compared to the typical Demon Race, the Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito was truly much more terrifying.

    Ce Hong's gaze reluctantly shifted away from Shuai Guo. If Shuai Guo wasn't Mo Wuji's pet, he would have definitely snatched it away. He could tell that Shuai Guo's bloodline was as Shuai Guo, itself, had said. It was extremely dignified. If he could obtain Shuai Guo, wouldn't that be a fortune for him?

    Unfortunately, Shuai Guo was Mo Wuji's pet. If there was only one person in Heaven's Beyond Cosmos that he, Ce Hong, didn't dare to offend, it would be Dao Lord Mo.

    "Dao Lord Mo, this should be the ruins that the Gods Race wanted to use the blood sacrifice to open." Ni Kai pointed towards a runic diagram in front of them.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will had already landed on the runes. These runes were extremely complicated and majestic; each of them was connected to the other. Not only were the runes complex, there seemed to be an extremely enigmatic diagram hidden within the ruins.

    Within a few instants, Mo Wuji suddenly felt dizzy. His heart was filled with shock. He was sure that although his cultivation was the lowest here, no one else could compare with his sea of consciousness and spiritual will. If even he was befuddled by these runes, it could be seen how terrifying these things were.

    "Dao Lord Mo, these array runes would cause your spiritual will to be muddled upon observation." When the Sea Race Dao Emperor saw that Mo Wuji was also affected, he secretly gasped.

    Mo Wuji said solemnly, "These aren't array runes."
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