Chapter 823: Thousand Talismans Mountain And Phecda Clay

    Chapter 823: Thousand Talismans Mountain And Phecda Clay

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    "What are they?" The moment Mo Wuji's words were uttered, many people asked at the same time.

    Anyone that could be here were either Dao Emperors, Grand Emperors, or late-stage Immortal Emperors. Even though their Array Dao might not be as strong as Mo Wuji's, they were no fools when it came to arrays.

    These runes were clearly a type of array runes; it was just that they had yet to learn about them. Some people even suspected that Mo Wuji said these words intentionally; thereafter, he would secretly come back by himself so that they would be kicked out of the picture.

    Mo Wuji hesitated briefly before he said, "I'm also not too sure. Even though I have never seen such things before, I sense that they are a sort of ancient curse runes."

    Mo Wuji's Array Dao began from Chu Xingzi's legacy. Thereafter, he continued to develop it with his Immortal Mortal Technique. When he went into the Gods Tower's immortal sealing array, his Array Dao met with a qualitative chance. Thereafter, in Sword Prison, he gained enlightenment on the spatial array rune. With his current attainments in the Array Dao, he was sure that he could become a Grade 9 Array Master if he spent some time studying it.

    It was exactly because of this, that Mo Wuji was sure that these runes weren't array runes. Even though he didn't use his spiritual eye, he could faintly feel the power of curses within these runes.

    "It's likely that Dao Lord's words are true. The Gods Race is an extremely mysterious race. I once heard that there used to be an extremely powerful curse-type sacred art in the Gods Race. However, I do not know whether that sacred art was performed through the use of runes," Sea Race's Dao Emperor Jiao Luan nodded his head in agreement.

    He truly felt that Mo Wuji's words were logical. His Sea Race used to have a conflict with the Gods Race, so he was relatively clearer about such matters.

    "Brother Jiao, are you talking about the Great Curse Art?" Ni Kai seemed to recall something and he immediately uttered.

    "Yes, I was referring to the Great Curse Art. However, even if these runes contain the art of curses, it wouldn't be the Great Curse Art, but a minor one." Jiao Luan nodded.

    "Does Dao Lord Mo have a method of expelling the curse?" Demon Race's Dao Emperor Ce Hong looked towards Mo Wuji expectantly.

    His cultivation had reached the highest possible level here, and it was hard for him to make an improvement. If he wanted to attain a higher level, he needed to leave this region of the world.

    Unfortunately, after these countless years, Ce Hong only found Heaven's Beyond Cosmos which had relatively higher Laws of the Heaven and Earth.

    Now that the Gods Race had a possible passage to a higher world, Ce Hong was one of those that desired it greatly.

    There was no need to talk about how Mo Wuji didn't have the confidence in opening this passage. Even if he did, he wouldn't open it now. The Gods Race had imbued the curse art within these runes. Who knows what would happen if it was opened? Even if he wanted to take the risk, that would have to wait till he reaches the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage and had no other means to make an improvement.

    If these weren't curse runes but array runes, perhaps Mo Wuji would have tried it.

    "My cultivation is limited. If these were array runes, perhaps I can try it. However, I have never learned about the curse arts before and I'm unable to open it," Mo Wuji didn't hesitate to say.

    A sense of disappointment arose in Ce Hong's heart. He hesitated briefly before he said with unwillingness, "Perhaps we can use the blood sacrifice..."

    Mo Wuji shot Ce Hong a cold glance. He knew that sacrificing the lives of hundred thousand people to open this passage was the most ruthless and cruel thing in the world. However, to these experts, the lives of others were equivalent to the lives of ants. There was no need to talk about a hundred thousand people, even if it was the lives in an entire planet, these people probably wouldn't even bat an eye.

    Seemingly feeling Mo Wuji's displeasure, Ce Hong laughed awkwardly, "This is open to everyone's discussion. We should suggest the methods we can employ to open this passage."

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "Since I am the Dao Lord of Heaven's Beyond, let me decide this matter. I will seal this place temporarily and we will open it when we find a suitable method. As the saying goes: There are no standards without rules. Three months later, we will hold a meeting at Cosmos Edge's Dao Lord Estate and discuss the exact rules within Heaven's Beyond Cosmos."

    "I believe that Dao Lord Mo's words are right. We still don't know exactly how strong the curse art is. However, this is something from the ancient Gods Race. It's better to be careful," Ni Kai agreed.

    "Alright, since that's the case, I will begin installing the seals." Mo Wuji didn't even bother hearing the opinions of others; he directly began throwing out array flags to seal this piece of land.

    He didn't know exactly how strong the curse art was. However, he could faintly feel that this wasn't a good place. If it was opened, it might affect more than just the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos.


    "Wuji, did you notice that when you were sealing that Gods Race ruins, Demon Race's Ce Hong and Sea Race's Jiao Luan looked rather unwilling?" Ape Mo said as Mo Wuji and him were leaving Gods Precipice Continent.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I know, but this place is anything but good. Regardless of their interests, I will not agree to open it."

    "Actually, that cursed rune road might actually be a passage to a higher world. If our cultivation is higher, we could come back and take a look," Ape Mo said seriously.

    "That's right. I still have some unfinished business here. Also, after I finish them, I want to find a way to make a trip back to the Immortal World..."

    As he said this, Mo Wuji suddenly thought of something, "Ape Mo, let me ask you a question. If I want to go to a specific lower world, are there any special methods?"

    As his cultivation continued to rise, Mo Wuji's yearning to make a trip back to Earth grew stronger. Perhaps Wen Xiaoqi might no longer be alive, but he still wanted to see her descendants.

    Now that he had experienced two lives, he was especially cognizant of the efforts and difficulties that Wen Xiaoqi had gone through for him. Even if he could not compensate her directly and could only meet with her descendants, Mo Wuji's heavy heart would be able to lighten considerably.

    Besides the matter with Wen Xiaoqi, he also wanted to find out exactly why that woman plotted against him.

    "Wuji, you want to go to a lower world?" Ape Mo asked in confusion.

    Mo Wuji sighed and said, "Yes, I came here because of a friend. However, I'm sure that my friend is not here. Thus, after I settle the matter regarding the Immortal World, I will enter secluded cultivation. When my abilities reach a certain level, I will try to open that ruin. If I can't, then I will make a trip to the Cosmos Wall."

    Every few years, copious amounts of cultivation resources and materials would come falling from the Cosmos Wall. Mo Wuji believed that if he continued to scale the Cosmos Wall, it was highly possible that there was a higher world. With his current abilities, he wasn't able to do that. But perhaps he could once he becomes a Great Circle Immortal Emperor?

    As for Cen Shuyin and Lin Gu, Mo Wuji guessed that they weren't in Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. If they were in Heaven's Beyond Cosmos or Cosmos Edge, they were definitely have heard his name.

    Ape Mo ruminated for a long time before he finally said, "It's not that there aren't methods. It's just that it's very hard. The first way is to use the Reincarnation Dao Fruit. You will send a strand of your spiritual will into it and it will be reincarnated into the lower world. Usually, its lifespan is 30 years. The second way is to use a peak grade World Rending Talisman. However, there are some issues regarding this method: 1. Peak grade World Rending Talismans are hard to get; 2. After using this talisman to get to the lower world, you will still face an immense pressure from the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. Without a treasure to resist the Laws of the Heaven and Earth, even Dao Emperors would be crushed to smithereens.

    Of course, I even heard of a third method. I heard that once a person's cultivation reaches the extreme, it becomes possible to dismiss the restrains of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. I'm not too clear about what this 'extreme' level is, but I'm sure that it's not the Dao Emperor Stage."

    "Then where can I get that World Rending Talisman?" Mo Wuji hurriedly asked.

    He cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique, so he didn't need to fear the restrains of the Laws over lower worlds. This is because he was considered a mortal.

    "Has Wuji heard of the Thousand Talismans Mountain?" Ape Mo asked.

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "I've not."

    Ape Mo explained, "The Thousand Talismans Mountain is a sect formed by the descendants of the Talisman Race. The Talisman Race are innately born with the talent to create talismans and all peak grade talismans come from the Talisman Race. However, due to some unknown reason, the Talisman Race offended some supreme expert. That expert exterminated the Talisman Race. The survivors of the Talisman Race fled to Thousand Talismans Mountain, and that was where they finally resided. Oblique Space Sea Island frequently trades with Thousand Talismans Mountain and purchases peak grade talismans from them."

    "Where is the Thousand Talismans Mountain?" Mo Wuji asked anxiously.

    Ape Mo answered, "I know where the Thousand Talismans Mountain is. It's just that the Thousand Talismans Mountain probably doesn't have those peak grade World Rending Talismans anymore. During the extermination of the Talisman Race, they lost most of their talisman legacies. But if Wuji is still keen, I can bring you over."

    Mo Wuji went silent momentarily. Then he said, "Let's return to Cosmos Edge for now. I will enter seclusion for three months to forge immortal puppets. After I'm done forging my immortal puppets and resolving the matters in Cosmos Edge, I will go to the Thousand Talismans Mountain alone."

    Cosmos Edge had just stabilised. With Ape Mo staying behind, there was someone to look after the Human Race.

    "My lord, you're using the Phecda Clay to revive Da Huang?" Shuai Guo hurriedly asked.

    "The Phecda Clay to revive Da Huang?" Mo Wuji looked at Shuai Guo in doubt. He knew that when Shuai Guo advanced to Grade 7, it received many new legacies. But what was this Phecda Clay?

    When Shuai Guo saw that it knew something that its master didn't know about, it was instantly elated, "My lord, the Phecda Clay is a Xiantian material. Not only is it the best material used for recovering one's fleshly body, it could also be used forge peak grade immortal puppets. If an immortal puppet is forged using this material, it will be able to independently absorb spiritual energy and cultivate. It would also possess its own intelligence."

    "Shuai Guo, you're saying that an immortal puppet forged using this Phecda Clay will be able to absorb spiritual energy on its own? It doesn't need to use any sort of energy crystal to attack?" Mo Wuji asked agitatedly.

    Mo Wuji's feelings for Da Huang were very deep. It was exactly because of this, that he decided to learn how to forge immortal puppets. With his current methods, he could easily forge Immortal Reverent-level immortal puppets. However, he still didn't begin reforging Da Huang. This was because he wanted Da Huang to possess the same intelligence as it had before.

    Hearing Shuai Guo's words, not only would the Phecda Clay be able to recover Da Huang's intelligence, Da Huang would even be able to cultivate. He must obtain this Phecda Clay. There was no other reason, it was just for Da Huang.

    "Right, my lord. This is what I learned from my legacy." Shuai Guo said resolutely.

    "Where can I get the Phecda Clay?" Mo Wuji's brows knitted in contemplation. He was wondering if he could release this as a mission. But even he hadn't heard of such a thing, would others know about it?"

    "My lord, don't you already have the Phecda Clay?" Hearing Mo Wuji's words, it was Shuai Guo's turn to be confused.
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