Chapter 824: Da Huang Returns

    Chapter 824: Da Huang Returns

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    "I have the Phecda Clay?" Mo Wuji looked at Shuai Guo with an expression of confusion. According to Shuai Guo's words, the Phecda Clay was a Xiantian material, it was a treasure equivalent to the Clay of Life [1], it was a treasure on the same level as the primal crystals. How could he have it?

    He did have the Five Elemental Soil, but this thing was heavens apart from the Phecda Clay described by Shuai Guo.

    "My lord, that green stone inside is the Phecda Clay," Shuai Guo said to Mo Wuji speechlessly. In reality, since Ape Mo was here, Shuai Guo didn't want to mention the Undying World and the Breath of Hongmeng which was next to the green stone.

    "Which green stone?" Mo Wuji asked. However, he didn't wait for Shuai Guo to answer before he came to a realisation. He immediately retrieved a piece of green stone in his Undying World and asked, "Shuai Guo, you mean that this is the Phecda Clay?"

    "That's right, this is the Phecda Clay." Shuai Guo suddenly felt that its lord was not overly abnormal; there were still some things its lord didn't know about.

    "I understand," Mo Wuji muttered.

    He did understand. If Shuai Guo's words were right, this might really be the Xiantian treasure, Phecda Clay. Previously, he thought that the Phecda Clay would look like soil. How could he have thought that this green stone was the Phecda Clay?

    He obtained this green stone from the immortal sealing array. Back then, the cunning fox, Yu Minjiang, tried to scheme against him. Yu Minjiang got him to retrieve this green stone from a dried lake. In reality, this rock was positioned under a sharp and piercing fish skeleton. If he didn't have his spiritual eye, he would really have fallen for that scheme.

    Thereafter, he got Da Huang to retrieve this green stone. He didn't expect that Yu Minjiang, that old fox, would still try to trick him. Fortunately, he grabbed the right opportunity. He didn't dare waste any words with that old fox. Instead, he fled by himself.

    There was no wonder why Yu Minjiang wanted this green stone. If Yu Minjiang was only left with his primordial spirit, and if this green stone was really the Phecda Clay, it wasn't hard to discern the reason why Yu Minjiang wanted the Phecda Clay.

    Mo Wuji sighed emotionally. Back then, Da Huang was the one who retrieved this green stone. Now, he was going to use this green stone to reforge a body for Da Huang. Clearly, fate comes around.

    "Not bad, Shuai Guo. You've done well." Mo Wuji patted Shuai Guo's head.


    When Mo Wuji returned back to Cosmos Edge, he immediately installed a defensive array around Mifei Trade Union and he started his seclusion.

    Cosmos Edge's defensive array was broken. However, because Mo Wuji didn't say anything, no one mentioned the reinstallation of the arrays. After all, Mo Wuji was the Dao Lord of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos and Cosmos Edge was the hub of Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. Thus, the reinstallation of the arrays had to go through Mo Wuji.

    Back at that almost dried-up immortal essence pond, Mo Wuji planted another two immortal veins.

    Thereafter, he carefully retrieved a broken piece of artificial equipment spirit; this was Da Huang's artificial equipment spirit. Back when he was surrounded by three Grand Emperors and a Quasi-Emperor, Da Huang sacrificed its life for him. The only thing he managed to retain was this equipment spirit.

    Placing this artificial equipment spirit by the side, Mo Wuji then took out the green stone.

    His spiritual will wasn't even able to penetrate into this green stone. Now, Mo Wuji was worried; he didn't know whether his Scholar's Heart was enough to melt this green stone.

    Mo Wuji flashed out his Scholar's Heart, then he nervously placed the green stone within the fire.

    The Scholar's Heart was a Grade 9 immortal flame. If the Scholar's Heart wasn't able to melt this piece of green stone, then Mo Wuji really wouldn't have any other methods. He could only wait till his cultivation gets higher then he would make another attempt to save Da Huang.

    After half an incense's time, Mo Wuji sighed. His guess was right: his Scholar's Heart was unable to melt this green stone. Even after half an incense of time, there was no change to this piece of green stone.

    The Phecda Clay was a Xiantian treasure. Perhaps only Xiantian treasures could cut open this green stone...

    The moment Mo Wuji thought about Xiantian treasures, he immediately thought about his Kun Wu Sword.

    Even though he had only refined the first layer of seals of Kun Wu Sword, the Kun Wu Sword was still a Xiantian Treasure. The Kun Wu Sword might actually be able to cut this green stone.

    However, Mo Wuji soon shook his head. It would be useless even if the Kun Wu Sword was enough to cut this green stone. Even if he cut this green stone into halves, it wouldn't be able to bring Da Huang back.

    Regardless of its usefulness, Mo Wuji still decided to try.

    Mo Wuji wielded the Kun Wu Sword. It immediately conjured a sword beam with sliced towards that green stone.

    "Ka!" A light and crisp sound resounded. This green stone was cut in half.

    So easy. Mo Wuji stared at one of the halves of the green stone. Immediately, he noticed that something was amiss. After being sliced, this green stone ad become especially soft; it felt like real clay.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly formed some hand seals. As the hand seals landed on the green stone, it continuously changed.

    A powerful life energy and a pure breath came over. Mo Wuji's heart was instantly shaking with excitement. At this moment, Mo Wuji was sure that this green stone was the Phecda Clay.

    This time, he didn't even need to use the Scholar's Heart. He only needed to use his spiritual will to control this immortal puppet.

    Originally, Mo Wuji wanted to engrave array runes inside. But after controlling the Phecda Clay, he changed his mind. What kind of material was this? He was using the Phecda Clay. This was a Xiantian material. If he used his method of engraving array runes, he would simply be forging an immortal puppet.

    However, he wanted Da Huang to be like Shuao Guo; he wanted Da Huang to have its own spirit to cultivate and advance on its own.

    As Mo Wuji thought of this, a new insight appeared in his mind. This insight was similar to when he first formed the Undying World; it seemed to contain a Grand Dao Energy of Creation.

    The Phecda Clay continued to morph. Slowly, it reverted back to Da Huang's original appearance. By this time, that damaged artificial equipment spirit was also inserted into the Phecda Clay.

    The only difference was that Da Huang's inner body wasn't filled with seals and arrays. Instead, meridians and spirit channels appeared, then came his bones and his organs...

    At the beginning, Mo Wuji used his willpower to control this. Towards the end, Mo Wuji depended entirely on his dao will to synthesise Da Huang.

    Perhaps in this vast universe, this was the only living creature that possessed 108 spirit channels and 108 meridians.

    After some unknown period of time, Mo Wuji suddenly opened his eyes. He didn't even cultivate; he had only used his Phecda Clay to sculpt Da Huang. However, his cultivation rose to the pinnacle of the early Immortal Emperor Stage.

    His aura seemed to become more ordinary, it seemed as though he was one with the space around him.

    Indeed, every road was a path within the Grand Dao. He only focused on rebuilding Da Huang, but during this short period of time, his cultivation rose faster than if he cultivated for eight to ten years.

    Da Huang had already reverted back to its original appearance. There was even a layer of skin on Da Huang. The only difference was that Da Huang still didn't seem to have life.

    Mo Wuji slowly lifted his hand and placed his finger on Da Huang's forehead. Life force and dao intent were being channelled into Da Huang's body. As long as he knew it, it would be transmitted into Da Huang.

    Following Mo Wuji's transmission of his life force and dao intent, the Phecda Clay started to have obvious changes. The spirit channels and meridians within Da Huang's body suddenly started to have life. Blood flowed from Da Huang's forehead and soon it filled the entire of Da Huang's body.

    After two full hours, Mo Wuji finally retracted his finger. His face was slightly pale.

    "My lord, wasn't my body smashed to smithereens by those fellas? Why am I still alive?" When Da Huang saw Mo Wuji, he immediately cried out in pleasant surprise.

    Mo Wuji's eyes were slightly moist. From this moment on, Da Huang was no longer an immortal puppet.

    "My lord, you saved me..." Da Huang soon came to an understanding He could feel the artificial equipment spirit within his body. That artificial equipment spirit was slowly fusing with the Phecda Clay. Eventually, that artificial equipment spirit would disappear without a trace.

    "Da Huang, you've finally returned," Mo Wuji said emptionally.

    Da Huang suddenly closed his eyes, and at the very next instant, he reopened them. He looked at Mo Wuji in disbelief as he said, "My lord, you used the Phecda Clay to reforge my body? It's the Phecda Clay..."

    "That's right, how do ypu feel?" Mo Wuji was elated. Now that Da Huang had returned, the state of his heart had risen by a level.

    "This is such a waste, it's truly a waste..." Da Huang muttered to himself. He previous owner couldn't even obtain Phecda Clay the size of a dragon's eye. Now, his entire body was formed from Phecda Clay.

    Mo Wuji chuckled and patted Da Huang's shoulder, "To me, infinite amounts of Phecda Clay couldn't compare to your return. Come, let's go."

    "Yes, my lord." Da Huang's heart was boiling with emotions. His body had just been formed and he was still at the period of adjustment. All this, however, wasn't important. The important thing was that his lord had used an entire piece of Phecda Clay to sculpt his body. He, Da Huang, was only an immortal puppet, His lord didn't hesitate to give a puppet like him a new life.

    "Da Huang, welcome back." The moment they emerged, Shuai Guo came running over with its butt high. It was very clear that the previous Da Huang didn't count for anything much, but the Da Huang formed using Phecda Clay was no lower than a mosquito like it.

    "Thanks Shuai Guo." Da Huang's heart was still filled with emotions.

    Shuai Guo sighed, "Da Huang, you're much more polite than before. But now, your abilties are much weaker. Hoho, you shoudl only be in the Immortal Reverent Stage."

    "I will cultivate. I will soon become stronger than before and protect the lord," Da Huang didn't hesitate to say.

    He wasn't a half bit disappointed. His previous power level wouldn't have increased no matter what he did. Now that his lord had sculpted a new body for him, he could cultivate and grow stronger.

    [1] So it's a clay that can be used to sculpt living things. If I had it, I would rather sculpt Wonder Woman.
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