Chapter 826: Heading Towards The Thousand Talismans Mountain

    Chapter 826: Heading Towards The Thousand Talismans Mountain

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    Out of the Dao Emperors here, the Sky Race Dao Emperor Yuan Peiluo had the least understanding of Mo Wuji. Everyone else knew that Mo Wuji was a Grade 9 immortal array master but he didn't know that.

    Now that Mo Wuji had mentioned he was a Grade 9 immortal array master, Yuan Peiluo had nothing to say to rebut Mo Wuji's claim to take charge of the installation of the transfer array.

    "I support the decision to let Dao Lord Mo take charge of installing the defensive array," Demon Race's Ce Hong was astute, crafty and well experienced. One look at this situation, he knew that Dao Lord Mo was determined to be the one taking charge of the installation which was why he didn't hesitate as he stepped out to support Mo Wuji.

    After Ce Hong, the other Dao Emperors, as well as Immortal Emperors from each race, displayed their support for Mo Wuji.

    Despite knowing that the outcome wouldn't change, Mo Wuji was still very pleased as he stood up to say, "This defensive array which I am about to install for the Cosmos Edge would have eight main controlling flags. Because the installment of the defensive array requires a large amount of high grade immortal materials, I shall get to control one of the main controlling flags while the other seven main controlling flags shall be given to whoever contributes the most. After allocating this seven personnel, I would go according to the races who contributed the most to the construction of the defensive array to decide the territory given."

    The truth was that to install a defensive array for the Cosmos Edge was just like installing one for an immortal city. It didn't require many resources but since Mo Wuji was going to do it himself, he wouldn't want to install an ordinary one. Moreover, he needed a large number of resources because not only did he need it for the Cosmos Edge's defensive array, he would also need to take care of the Ping Fan Immortal City's defensive array. Besides all these, he would want to revamp the Ping Fan Immortal School's defensive array once he returned to the Immortal World.

    Immediately after Mo Wuji's words were heard, many races were all suddenly willing to contribute resources magnanimously.

    "Now let me address my final issue," Mo Wuji indicated for everyone to quieten down, "Because I am the first Dao Lord of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, after I leave the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, there would be a need for a successor for the Dao Lord position. Today, I shall refine a Dao Lord Token and the following Dao Lord shall follow the procedure on this Dao Lord Token as a continued tradition."

    Mo Wuji finished speaking and instantly took out a Star Soul Stone and a Primal Fire Crystal the size of a longan to start refining the token in front of everyone. The Primal Fire Crystal was a very decent item but no matter how decent the item was, nobody dared to covet for it as long as it was on Mo Wuji's hands. Moreover, the piece that Mo Wuji took out became a small one very soon after.

    Mo Wuji was already a Grade 9 Smith Emperor so something like refining a token would only take a matter of seconds.

    Once this token, which contained the energy of a flame, was completed by Mo Wuji and started suspending in mid-air, Mo Wuji said, "In the future, this token shall be the Dao Lord's warrant and it shall be passed on throughout the generations that lived in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos."

    The Star Soul Stone might be rare but it was still attainable by most of the experts here. As for an item like the Primal Fire Crystal, it was a treasure that was hard even to find or see it.

    Additionally, this Dao Lord Token would even have the array runes carved out by Mo Wuji so he believed that he would be the only person capable of making such a token.

    The Dao Lord Constitution had been established, the laws had been drawn out, the Dao Lord Token was born and Mo Wuji had finally started on installing the defensive array of the Cosmos Edge. One could say that the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos had truly entered a new era and it was no longer the same messy place where might makes right and slaughtering of cultivators was allowed everywhere.

    There was completely no need for Mo Wuji to mobilize the force to start the construction of the defensive array because people were already all fired up to start installing. Because of the abundant supply of resources provided, Mo Wuji installed the deathtrap array, killing arrays and even added in energy gathering array as well as an illusion array.

    Mo Wuji honoured his promise as he created eight main controlling array flags used to activate the array. Other than this, Mo Wuji also carved in a bunch of array runes into his defensive array and deathtrap array. For such array runes, he would be the only one who could tell because even Grade 9 immortal array masters could forget about figuring out what Mo Wuji did to the defensive array of the Cosmos Edge.

    Because Mo Wuji was the Dao Lord and also the person who spearheaded the installation of the defensive array, nobody had any objections about the fact that his main array flag could activate the defensive array and deathtrap array by himself. If a Dao Lord could not even control the activation of the defensive array, what was the point of the Dao Lord?

    As for the remaining seven people who held onto the array flags, as long as four of them gathered and threw out their array flags together, they would be able to activate the defensive array.

    These were not Mo Wuji's main motive as his true method was those void array runes within the defensive array. These void array runes constructed another peak grade deathtrap array which could only be activated by Mo Wuji himself.

    The installation of the Cosmos Edge's defensive array was very swift because in just a single month, the entire defensive array was completely constructed.

    Mo Wuji handed out the controlling array flags before tasking Jie Ying and Feng Huang to deal with the respective rewards to be given out while he started sealing up the other immortal cities meant for the Human Race.

    Other than the Ping Fan Immortal City, the Human Race had another four more immortal cities in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. Because the number of people in the Human Race was simply way too little, they would only occupy the Ping Fan Immortal City for the time being.

    For the Ping Fan Immortal City, Mo Wuji also installed a peak grade defensive array and deathtrap array before handing the array flags to Immortal Empress Wen Lan and Ape Mo.

    "Wuji, from the looks of your defensive arrays, it seemed like even experts who surpassed the Dao Emperor Stage might not be able to break through it easily," As he saw Mo Wuji finally completing the defensive array of Ping Fan Immortal City, Ape Mo commented with admiration. He was truly unable to imagine where did Mo Wuji learn his array dao from and how much time he had actually spent learning.

    Mo Wuji sighed and said, "Back when I cultivated to the Worldly Immortal Stage, I presumed that my strength was incomparable and that nobody would ever be a match again. However, the truth was that I am only a frog in the well who had yet to see the world. Therefore, even though my defensive array might look strong and impenetrable, I am afraid that once true experts intend to open this place up, it would only need a wave of their hand to do so.

    Mo Wuji was truly emotional as he thought of everything he saw back at the Gods Tower. WIthout mentioning the experts like Yu Minjiang and Ji Li from the Gods Tower, even the revival of any one of those stranded equipment spirit could easily oppress the entire Heaven's Beyond Cosmos.

    "Is Junior Brother Mo leaving the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos?" While Mo Wuji was installing the defensive array, sealing the other four immortal cities as well as setting up Ping Fan Immortal City's defensive array, Immortal Empress Wen Lan had always followed closely behind him. She sensed that Mo Wuji seemed to have some inner thoughts. Now that Mo Wuji said such words, she was even more certain that Mo Wuji was going to leave.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I am indeed going to leave for a period of time. Senior Sister Wen Lan, Ape Mo, I would like to trouble the two of you with some matters."

    "Wuji, go ahead and tell us," Ape Mo said without hesitating.

    Wen Lan looked convincingly at Mo Wuji and even though she didn't say anything, she had already expressed that as long as it was within her means, she would not let Mo Wuji down.

    Mo Wuji raised his hand to strike out a soundproof restriction before saying, "My wife is called Cen Shuyin and there was a high possibility that she and another female called Lin Gu came to the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. However, I haven't manage to obtain any news about them during this period of time so when I am not around, I would like to ask the two of you to help me look out for them."

    "Wuji, you don't have to worry," Ape Mo nodded.

    Wen Lan also added in, "Junior Brother Mo, you can rest assure that as long as your wife, Shuyin, is here, I would definitely be able to find her."

    She and Ape Mo were well aware as to why Mo Wuji would trouble them to help and even struck out the soundproof restrictions to ask for their help. Even though Mo Wuji was the Dao Lord of the Cosmos Edge, there were probably countless of people who wanted Mo Wuji's head. If people knew that Mo Wuji's wife was in the Cosmos Edge, they might target Mo Wuji's wife since they might not be able to deal with Mo Wuji himself.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and replied, "Since that is the case, I shall make my move first. I will come back as soon as I could and then find the pathway which leads back to the Immortal World."

    The territories in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos was decided by Mo Wuji but Mo Wuji was certain that the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos needed the arrival of more Human Race cultivators so that the Human Race could truly establish a proper foothold here. This would be much more ideal than relying on him alone or a small cluster of Human Race cultivators.

    As she watched upon Mo Wuji's departure, Immortal Empress Wen Lan was still speechless. She knew that Mo Wuji was the future of the Immortal World's Human Race and that Mo Wuji was also the person suffering the greatest grievance in the Immortal World.

    Nobody else was like Mo Wuji where he was cursed and scolded at by many people even before reaching the Grand Luo Immortal Stage. Nobody else was like Mo Wuji where he was encircled by three Grand Emperors and one Quasi-Emperor even before he reached the Immortal King Stage. To put things into greater perspective, nobody else was like Mo Wuji fighting his life for the Human Race here while the Very High Heavens' Zi Changluo was only focused on eradicating his legacy in the form of Ping Fan Immortal School.

    However, she didn't dare to tell Mo Wuji about all these because she would have told him if the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos even had a pathway to the Very High Heavens. Now that the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos didn't have the pathway which leads to the Very High Heavens, telling Mo Wuji would only make him worry and ruin his current mood.

    Mo Wuji was at the pinnacle of his Grand Dao and was also rising speedily. If she were to affect Mo Wuji's mood at this crucial period of time and stall Mo Wuji's progress, she, Wen Lan, would be the most guilty criminal of all time.

    "Junior Sister Wen Lan, you don't have to worry about Mo Wuji. He'll be fine," Ape Mo could sense the Immortal Empress Wen Lan's worry for Mo Wuji so he casually comforted her.

    He knew that Mo Wuji was heading towards the Thousand Talismans Mountain and with Mo Wuji's level of dao, there really wasn't an existence which could threaten Mo Wuji there.


    The Thousand Talismans Mountain was not in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos and was like the Gods Precipice Continent where he needed to cross an immortal chasm.

    The Gods Precipice Continent and the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos was only an immortal chasm apart from each other while the Thousand Talismans Mountain and the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos was about four immortal chasm apart.

    If Mo Wuji didn't have the spatial positioning map given by Ape Mo, he would definitely not be able to find the Thousand Talismans Mountain. Within the vast and boundless space, there were all sorts of heavenly chasm, immortal chasm and even different variety of void canyons.

    Mo Wuji's flying car was forged just like how Cen Shuyin traded with him and it was handed to Shuai Guo to take the realm. He and Da Huang were both in secluded cultivation.

    Shuai Guo was asleep for many years and was temporarily unable to continue increasing his cultivation level which was why he was the one controlling the flying car. Da Huang had just been revived by Mo Wuji so he chose to cultivate Immortal Mortal Technique which also required time.

    Mo Wuji's cultivation level had reached the peak of the elementary Immortal Emperor Stage and was only a step away from the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage. Naturally, he would want to increase his cultivation level to the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage before arriving at the Thousand Talismans Mountain.
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