Chapter 827: Twists and Turns

    Chapter 827: Twists and Turns

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    Twists and Turns

    The flying car trembled and Mo Wuji came to his senses from his secluded cultivation. That feeling of being disturbed abruptly from enlightenment was something that Mo Wuji didn't enjoy.

    The green crystals and immortal crystals which he took out were basically all turned into dust and to be honest, he was certain that if he were given a few more days, he would be able to enter the Immortal Emperor intermediate stage. The pity was that the flying car trembled and now, he could only remain stagnant at the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor elementary stage.

    "Shuai Guo, what was going on? Don't you know that Da Huang and I are in the midst of our secluded cultivation?" Mo Wuji raged as he walked onto the deck.

    "My Lord, our flying car seemed to be suddenly attacked by something causing it to stop," Shuai Guo hurried to explain.

    It could clearly feel that something like a massive mountain crashed into the flying car but on closer look, it didn't manage to see anything.

    Mo Wuji could also feel the fluctuations in space as he took out the spatial map which Ape Mo gave him before saying doubtfully, "This is the Thousand Talismans Mountain? Why are there no longer any entrance?"

    According to the information Ape Mo provided him, even though cultivators of the Thousand Talismans Mountain would not travel across space, the Thousand Talismans Mountain had always been trading with the world outside. And this position should be where the entrance of the Thousand Talismans Mountain was located at.

    Shuai Guo commented anxiously, "Yes, yes, I have followed the spatial map and after reaching here, there is no longer anywhere else to go."

    Mo Wuji opened up the restriction of the flying car and used his spiritual will to scan through the surrounding in details only to find no clue. He instantly condensed his spiritual eye and was indeed able to see a faint void barrier.

    Mo Wuji extended his arm to grab the faint void barrier and an indistinct cracking sound could be heard. A weak and obscured trace of spiritual energy suddenly appeared in empty space in front of them. A faint mountain range also appeared within Mo Wuji's spiritual will.

    "Ai, my Lord, it seems like this place is blocked off by a restriction? No, could this be a domain?" After Shuai Guo advanced to become a Class 7 immortal beast, his knowledge was definitely more than when he was a clueless three-legged bird.

    "Someone is coming," Mo Wuji extended his arm to stop Shuai Guo from speaking.

    Once Mo Wuji's voice was heard, a silhouette suddenly appeared at the place where the torn vestige was previously at.

    This was a middle age man wearing yellow robe whose face was slightly pale and even had a peculiar energy hovering around him. Mo Wuji only needed one scan to know that he was in the Immortal Emperor elementary stage.

    The yellow robe man sized Shuai Guo and Mo Wuji up before looking at Mo Wuji, "Why did this Dao Friend here tear the restriction talisman of my Thousand Talismans Mountain without any reason?"

    He forcefully contained his killing intent but the truth was because Mo Wuji's strength was simply too terrifying. The Thousand Talismans Mountain was sealed up by a Pseudo-World Talisman which was something even the average Grand Emperors would not be able to breakthrough. In other words, other than the laws which was why it wasn't as stable as the real world domain, once the Pseudo-World Talisman was used, it wouldn't be much of a difference when compared to a real world domain.

    However, this person in front of him was actually able to rip the Thousand Talismans Mountain's Pseudo-Word Talisman easily which proved how frightening this person truly was. He was at the very least one of those Dao Emperors on the outside.

    Mo Wuji was never proficient in Talisman Dao so he said apologetically, "I am here specifically to ask for help from the Thousand Talismans Mountain. As I suddenly found out that the spatial position my friend gave me had disappeared, I accidentally tore your mountain's restriction talisman. I do seek your forgiveness."

    "Since this is the case, it is too bad for you because my Thousand Talismans Mountain has been sealed off," This yellow robe man said with a very cold tone as he drew out his talisman to repair the pseudo world domain.

    Mo Wuji frowned before saying calmly, "This Dao Friend here, I have travelled from far away to visit the Thousand Talismans Mountain and the way you treat your guests doesn't seem very appropriate."

    "Hahahaha..." The yellow robe man laughed out loud but didn't even reveal a slight smile on his face, "You tore the Pseudo-World Talisman of my Thousand Talisman Mountain and I am already respecting you by not asking you for compensation yet you still say that my acts were inappropriate? Unless you're telling me that just because this Dao Friend here is a Dao Emperor, you could casually bully my Thousand Talismans Mountain? Even if my Thousand Talismans Mountain was not a peak grade place, we wouldn't be afraid of a Dao Emperor like you."

    Mo Wuji's expression turned serious before saying coldly, "In that case, why does your Thousand Talismans Mountain have to install an offensive array talisman in the void? You should know that any low grade immortal equipments would have been destroyed into nothingness under the attacks of your offensive array talisman. Moreover, while I was cultivating in seclusion, your offensive array talisman struck on my flying car and interrupted my secluded cultivation so who should I get an explanation from?"

    Initially, because the other party was the Thousand Talismans Mountain and Mo Wuji needed help from the Thousand Talismans Mountain, he didn't mind even though their offensive array talisman attacked and interrupted his progress to enter the Immortal Emperor intermediate stage. Now that this fella commented such rude remarks, Mo Wuji was indeed starting to feel infuriated.

    The yellow robe Immortal Emperor continued, "Does that mean my Thousand Talismans Mountain was at fault just because we installed an offensive array talisman around us?"

    Mo Wuji replied faintly, "Nobody ever said that it was your, Thousand Talismans Mountain, fault for installing a bunch of offensive array talismans within your mountain. However, installing offensive array talismans within the void was indeed a wrongdoing on your part. The path of the void was meant for everyone and not just your Thousand Talismans Mountain alone."

    After saying these words, Mo Wuji had made his decision not to request for any talisman from them anymore. Looking at their attitude, it would be odd if they would be willing to gift him the talisman which he wanted.

    "I am unconcerned about the other areas but areas around my Thousand Talismans Mountain would belong to my Thousand Talismans Mountain," The yellow robe man wielded his flying sword. Evidently, the instance Mo Wuji attacked, he would strike back using his flying sword.

    Mo Wuji was not someone who had to request the Thousand Talismans Mountain for a talisman so desperately as he didn't even bother with the yellow robe man but turned to Shuai Guo instead, "Shuai Guo, continue controlling the flying car as we will be leaving now. Da Huang, you can continue cultivating as there is no need for you to come out."

    "Yes, my Lord," Shuai Guo responded promptly.

    Da Huang, who had just stepped onto the deck heard Mo Wuji's words and went straight back into the flying car.

    What caught Mo Wuji by surprise was that the moment he turned his back and was prepared to leave, the yellow robe man called out, "Hold on."

    "What else could be the matter?" Mo Wuji turned around calmly.

    The other party hid an offensive array talisman which disrupted his secluded cultivation causing him to not enter the Immortal Emperor intermediate stage. On the other hand, he destroyed the other party's Pseudo-World Talisman so these incidents should have cancelled each other out. As long as the Thousand Talismans Mountain didn't continue pursuing, he wouldn't want to bother himself with them anymore. If the Thousand Talismans Mountain chose to bully him, they shouldn't blame their fate if Mo Wuji turned nasty towards them.

    Mo Wuji was already so fearless in the Oblique Space Sea Island so why would he be fearful of a mere Thousand Talismans Mountain? As compared to when he faced the Eight Great Grand Emperors of the Oblique Space Sea Island, Mo Wuji's strength was multiple folds greater than before.

    What Mo Wuji was surprised was that this yellow robe man actually clasped his fists politely before saying, "I am truly apologetic for the earlier incident and for my problematic attitude. My senior uncle has already found out about this matter and had transmitted a message to reprimand me. If Dao Friend doesn't mind, why don't you pay our Thousand Talismans Mountain a visit? As for whichever talismans this Dao Friend needs, I, She Du, would definitely not disappoint you."

    As he spoke, the yellow robe man sent out a flying messenger sword.

    Mo Wuji was inwardly shocked at how rapid the change of attitude this She Du displayed. It seemed like the senior uncle of She Du must be of a decent status.

    "Since this is the case, many thanks then," Mo Wuji came to the Thousand Talismans Mountain for the purpose of requesting for a talisman and since the other party had made this offer to him, he would Indeed, a young female cultivator darted over moments later. The moment this female cultivator arrived, she bowed respectfully to greet She Du, "Huan Feifei greets Deacon She."

    She Du nodded to this female cultivator before saying, "This is an esteemed guest of our Thousand Talismans Mountain so bring him into the guest hall and I'll be there soon."

    Once done, She Du turned apologetically to Mo Wuji, "This friend here, I have to go and invite my senior uncle. Even though I have a few decent talismans on me, I am afraid it might not intrigued you. My senior uncle is a master of talisman and could even forge Grade 9 immortal talismans."

    Mo Wuji hurried to reply, "Dao Friend She, please go ahead. I will be waiting in the guest hall."

    "Senior please follow me," Huan Feifei bowed towards Mo Wuji and said respectfully.

    "En, please lead the way," Mo Wuji kept his flying car as he brought Shuai Guo and Da Huang into the Thousand Talismans Mountain.


    Once Mo Wuji was brought away, there was an extreme delight within She Du's eyes. His body flashed and he disappeared far away.

    In half an incense worth of time, he appeared on the periphery of a mountain's restriction.

    Once She Du contacted the restrictions, it opened up and a slightly old voice could be heard, "Is there any matter that you would disturb me so abruptly?"

    She Du hurried to bow and said, "Yes Master, disciple has an extremely important incident to report."

    "Please come in," The old voice said once more.

    She Du flashed inside and in less than ten breaths' worth of time, he entered a stone hall.

    There were suspended talismans all over the stone hall and a skinny man was seated right in the centre. His back was facing the entrance as his hands held onto a manual with immortal energy exuding out from him.

    "Please speak," After She Du entered, the skinny man spoke.

    She Du bowed before saying with a low voice, "Master, I saw a Phecda Clay today."

    "What?" The originally seated skinny man stood up and stared at She Du excitedly, "Did you just say you saw a Phecda Clay today?"

    She Du took in a deep breath before nodding his head, "Indeed, I really did see a Phecda Clay today. However, the Phecda Clay was ruined by this fella as he actually used it forge an Immortal Reverent Stage immortal puppet."

    "How long since the immortal puppet was forged?" The skinny man said with increasing amount of excitement.

    She Du replied convincingly, "Definitely less than a year because otherwise, my strength wouldn't have been able to detect the Phecda Clay."

    "That's right, if it was more than a year, you wouldn't have been able to sense the Phecda Clay given your knowledge of the Talisman Dao. Hurry up and tell me where is that person now?" The skinny man wanted to control his excitement within his heart but was unable to control the eagerness in his tone.

    "He should be here to trade for a talisman and I have already held him back. He is currently waiting at our guest hall. That person was not of a low cultivation level because my guess was that he had barely made half a step into the Saint Stage," She Du said calmly.
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