Chapter 829: I Am Not Trading My Immortal Puppet

    Chapter 829: I Am Not Trading My Immortal Puppet

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    "I'm sorry but I am not trading my immortal puppet," Mo Wuji said with a calm tone.

    Fu Feiyan threw out two array flags as he replied, "That wouldn't be up for you to decide because since we've decided to trade, you have to trade. Since you chose to renege, don't blame me for being impolite..."

    At the same time Fu Feiyan threw out array flags, Mo Wuji also threw out over ten array flags.

    The surrounding space changed and an oppressive energy was instantly felt. That was the moment Fu Feiyan sensed that something was amiss. The array flags he threw out didn't activate the deathtrap array or rather, it did activate the deathtrap array but he wasn't in control of the array. The deathtrap array didn't trap Mo Wuji as the boundless killing energy and spatial tears were shrouding Fu Feiyan instead. Evidently, this deathtrap array was controlled by the other party.

    A dazzling white radiance flashed by and Fu Feiyan saw Mo Wuji's halberd radiance striking towards his disciple She Du. Despite knowing that the halberd radiance was aimed at She Du, he was completely incapable of stopping it.

    Blood radiance splattered out and Fu Feiyan only saw a smear of red colour disappearing without a trace. At this moment, he could no longer bother about She Du's life. Because this Kun Guest Hall was controlled by Mo Wuji, he had to free himself from the deathtrap array as soon as possible. Otherwise, he might suffer the same fate as She Du even if his cultivation level was one level higher than Mo Wuji.

    "Boom!" A fist directly tore Fu Feiyan's spatial domain as it exploded towards his forehead. A suffocating heat was felt and Fu Feiyan couldn't bother about breaking out of the deathtrap anymore. He simply raised his hand as he retrieved and ignited multiple talismans.

    Mo Wuji's fist domain appeared like it exploded on an unbroken space producing more exploding spaces. Regardless of how many spaces exploded out, it was unable to hurt Fu Feiyan.

    Mo Wuji was not anxious because he knew that Fu Feiyan was strong. In Mo Wuji's eyes, this fella was even slightly stronger than the Eight Great Grand Emperors of the Oblique Space Sea Island.

    Even so, Fu Feiyan was still not a threat to Mo Wuji. Even without this deathtrap array, he would still be able to finish off Fu Feiyan easily. The reason why he had yet to reveal all his techniques was because he had yet get his hands on the World Rending Talisman.

    "Dao Friend Mo, please stop. This time, I admit defeat and regardless of what request Dao Friend Mo has, I, Fu Feiyan..." How would Fu Feiyan not know that whether it was Array Dao or combat skills, he was never a match for Mo Wuji? If he continued fighting, only death would await him.

    Even though Fu Feiyan managed to block off Mo Wuji's Crushing Domain Fist, all sorts of killing energy in the deathtrap array had already torn Fu Feiyan's skin gruesomely.

    Mo Wuji was already deep in the fight so why would he stop at this moment? Even if he must stop, he would immobilise Fu Feiyan before considering about stopping.

    A Spiritual Will Arrow was shot out by Mo Wuji and following the Spiritual Will Arrow was a Remnant Chasm Sacred Art.


    Fu Xiuhan didn't walk far before he could feel the waves of intense explosions within the Kun Guest Hall. He came to a halt subconsciously as he thought of how Mo Wuji was fooled into the Kun Guest Hall as a hostage by Fu Feiyan's disciple, She Du; This was not the first time something like this happened. However, his title as the Talisman Lord didn't live up his actual power because he didn't really have much control over things in the Thousand Talismans Mountain. As for the affairs of Fu Feiyan and his disciple, he was even more powerless to interfere.

    Today's situation was something Fu Xiuhan had never seen before. Under normal circumstances, there would usually be no further news of the hostage once he was brought in. The Kun Guest Hall was installed with deathtrap array so even if a strong expert were to enter, it was basically impossible for someone to turn the tides in his own favour against Fu Feiyan and the deathtrap array.

    Presently, there were intense spatial fighting fluctuations exploding from within the Kun Guest Hall. There was even energy of the laws mixing together with it.

    In half a second later, Fu Xiuhan finally understood that this time, Fu Feiyan and his disciple had struck an iron panel. He subconsciously turned over and walked towards the Kun Guest Hall. Regardless of what had happened in the past, Fu Feiyan was still a Supreme Elder of the Thousand Talismans Mountain.

    "Stop..." At this moment, Fu Xiuhan actually heard Fu Feiyan's plea to stop.

    This person must be incredibly strong was Fu Xiuhan's first reaction. Despite being trapped by the deathtrap array, this person could even get Elder Fu Feiyan to plead for his life. This could no longer be classified as incredibly strong but simply ridiculously strong. Within the Thousand Talismans Mountain, the number one expert was actually Fu Feiyan.

    Fu Xiuhan could no longer stand idle as he took a step into the entrance of the Kun Guest Hall before saying with a clear voice, "May I ask that this Dao Friend stop your attack? If there is any form of misunderstanding, my Thousand Talismans Mountain is willing to pay you twice the compensation."

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will had already sensed the incoming Fu Xiuhan. He was in the Grand Emperor Stage but Mo Wuji suspected that this person's cultivation would not be lower than the average Dao Emperor.

    He was plotted by the Thousand Talismans Mountain once so why would he stop now? Even before Fu Xiuhan stepped into his deathtrap array, the Remnant Chasm had already swept up all the spatial killing intent before charging down.

    Fu Feiyan heard Fu Xiuhan's voice and was pleasantly surprised. No matter how strong Mo Wuji was, Fu Feiyan was confident of getting out o this deathtrap array with the intervention of Fu Xiuhan

    However, at this very moment, a deathly energy enveloped him. All the killing intent within the deathtrap array was swept in by the deathly energy and was almost crushing Fu Feiyan into pieces.

    Cold sweat started dripping down Fu Feiyan's back. The talisman shaped magic treasure in his hands had turned into a space, protecting his own entire body.

    "Kacha!" Fu Feiyan heard a soft explosion and was scared to his wits. He could actually feel a deathly arrow piercing right into his sea of consciousness.

    When Mo Wuji first enlightened his Spiritual Will Arrow, he was still unable to control the intensity of the Spiritual Will Arrow. Previously when he fought Pa Lun, his entire body hollowed out after shooting out one arrow. Due to the strength of the Spiritual Will Arrow, Pa Lun was also instantly killed by this one arrow.

    After which when Mo Wuji cultivation rose significantly, he started controlling the intensity of the Spiritual Will Arrow. Mo Wuji knew that if he circulated his spiritual will and immortal energy wildly, he would also be able to kill Fu Feiyan with one arrow. However, Mo Wuji really didn't wish to weaken himself by shooting out that one arrow. This was why he only chose to tear Fu Feiyan's sea of consciousness with that same arrow.

    To Mo Wuji, this was more than enough. Once his sea of consciousness was torn, the might of his talisman looking magic treasure would be reduced instantaneously.

    At the same time Fu Feiyan spat out a mouthful of blood, Mo Wuji's Remnant Chasm Sacred Art landed.

    "Boom!" The entire Kun Guest Hall was smashed under this halberd attack as a few metres long deep Remnant Chasm expanded outwards in a ghastly manner.

    "Puff!" A blood fog exploded out and Fu Feiyan's arm was cleaved off from his shoulder.

    Fu Xiuhan just landed in the Kun Guest Hall yet the entire hall was already a piece of ruins.

    Fu Xiuhan didn't have time to bother about the Kun Guest Hall or Mo Wuji as he immediately activated the talisman which produced a green radiance. The green radiance enveloped Fu Feiyan, whose arm was cleaved off by Mo Wuji. Within seconds, the green radiance recovered Fu Feiyan's physical body.

    Even after being healed, Fu Feiyan's face remained as pale as a white sheet of paper. After his body was cleaved apart by Mo Wuji, almost all his vital blood had been wasted. Fu Xiuhan's talisman might be good but was still unable to heal his vital blood in a short period of time.

    Mo Wuji sneered in his heart as he knew that Fu Feiyan was finished. Even though Fu Xiuhan managed to recover Fu Feiyan's body using a talisman, it was only on the surface. Fu Feiyan's sea of consciousness had been ripped apart and all the spirit channels in his body had been completely destroyed. If Fu Feiyan could still recover from this, that fella must have been extremely fortunate because he must possess the highest grade treasure of Heaven and Earth.

    Noticing the incredibly pale face of Fu Feiyan, Fu Xiuhan sighed because even he knew that it was over for Fu Feiyan.

    "May I ask how should I address this Dao Friend here?" Fu Xiuhan didn't question about Mo Wuji's destruction of the Kun Guest Hall or about heavily injuring Fu Feiyan. He simply clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji to ask this.

    "Mo Wuji," Mo Wuji's tone was calm and couldn't even be bothered to return his greetings.

    Mo Wuji had already met this fella once but this fella chose to ignore him. Now that Fu Feiyan and his disciple tried to assassinate him and this fella returned. It would not be Mo Wuji's character to show him respect at such a moment.

    Fu Xiuhan didn't mind Mo Wuji's attitude as he continued to say modestly, "Previously, my Thousand Talismans Mountain was at fault. If Dao Friend Mo wants any talisman, I am willing to trade with you."

    Fu Xiuhan knew what type of people Fu Feiyan and his disciple were. Even if he didn't know, how could he not tell that Fu Feiyan and his disciple were going after Mo Wuji's immortal puppet, Da Huang.

    "Elder Feiyan, go and rest," Fu Xiuhan glanced coldly at Fu Feiyan before saying with an indistinct tone.

    "Yes," Fu Feiyan bowed and hurried off. As for Mo Wuji, he didn't even have the guts to look at him.

    Fu Xiuhan suddenly felt a type of carefree because the Supreme Elder Fu Feiyan of the Thousand Talismans Mountain was never so polite to him. Usually, Fu Feiyan would ignore Fu Xiuhan even if Fu Xiuhan spoke respectfully to him.

    He subconsciously looked at Mo Wuji and thought to himself that maybe it might not be a bad thing that his Supreme Elder was hurt by this Mo Wuji in front of him.

    Mo Wuji would naturally not bother about Fu Feiyan as he clasped his fists this time round, "I am intending to go to the Mortal World so I would need a few peak grade World Rending Talismans. I wonder if Talisman Lord would be able to help?"

    Since Fu Xiuhan admitted their mistake, Mo Wuji had no need to waste his time on Fu Feiyan.

    Fu Xiuhan was dumbfounded as he said apologetically, "Dao Friend Mo, my Thousand Talismans Mountain was no longer the Talismans Race we used to be. The talismans Dao Friend Mo requested for are in fact, one of the highest grade talismans. Back then, after my Talisman Race suffered a calamity, we went into hiding and no longer had anyone who could forge out talismans of such grade. In fact, we don't even have any talismans which could allow those above Immortal King to go back to the Cultivation World."

    This shocked Mo Wuji and made him slightly disappointed. To think that Fu Feiyan was indeed not lying to him; that there was truly no peak grade World Rending Talisman to head down to the Mortal World.

    Noticing Mo Wuji's disappointed look, Fu Xiuhan added, "Even though my Thousand Talismans Mountain might not be able to forge such talismans, there is indeed one more way. However, I am afraid that by revealing this method, Dao Friend Mo might think that I have ill-intentions."
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