Chapter 830: The True Realm

    Chapter 830: The True Realm

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    "Talisman Lord, please go ahead and tell me about it. I, Mo Wuji, would be able to distinguish between good and ill-intentions," Mo Wuji replied courteously.

    The World Rending Talisman was of great importance to him and even if he was unable to return to Earth, returning to the Immortal World would be good enough too. Having left the Immortal World for such a long time, even Mo Wuji began to miss things there.

    "My Talisman Race was actually an ancient race but had now fallen to being worse than an intermediate grade sect. Presently, we have deviated so far from average that we wouldn't even dare to enter the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos..." Fu Xiuhan sighed.

    Mo Wuji asked, "Previously, the person who tried to steal my items, Fu Feiyan, should be a peak grade Dao Emperor right? With an expert like this in your Talisman Race, you should have some foothold even if you enter the Heaven's Beyond right? Moreover, with an expert like this around, you should be able to find a place to survive even if you weren't at the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos."

    Mo Wuji was indeed curious because Fu Feiyan's strength had definitely surpassed the majority of Dao Emperors back at the Heaven's Beyond. The Talisman Race shouldn't have found it difficult to establish a strong foothold in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos with an expert like Fu Feiyan around.

    Fu Xiuhan shook his head, "Dao Friend Mo might not know the full story. Elder Fu Feiyan was indeed very strong but he had no interest in the Talisman Race. In his eyes, the Sage Dao Talisman of the Thousand Talismans Island was of the utmost importance. If it wasn't for the Sage Dao Talisman, Fu Feiyan would have left the Thousand Talismans Mountain a long time ago.

    Previously, I stopped Dao Friend Mo not because Elder Fu Feiyan made great contributions to our Thousand Talismans Mountain or how important he was to the Talisman Race. The only reason would be that once Elder Fu Feiyan was killed, there would no longer be any more experts in the Thousand Talismans Mountain.

    Mo Wuji revealed a faint smile as he didn't comment anything. Fu Xiuhan might be a Grand Emperor but he was definitely not any weaker than the average Dao Emperors. Therefore, Mo Wuji didn't make much of Fu Xiuhan's words and Fu Xiuhan could forget about trying to confuse Mo Wuji. As for the Sage Dao Talisman of the Thousand Talismans Mountain, Mo Wuji wasn't interested.

    "Actually, Dao Friend Mo said something wrongly earlier on," Fu Xiuhan suddenly changed the topic of conversation.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said, "Do enlighten me."

    Fu Xiuhan replied, "If Dao Friend Mo doesn't mind, could you follow me back to the Talisman Lord Residence where I cultivated?"

    "Since this is the case, Talisman Lord please lead the way," Mo Wuji was not fearful of any tricks Fu Xiuhan would try to play on him. Any tricks would remain pointless in front of true strength.


    The Kun Guest Hall was located at the waist of the Thousand Talismans Mountain so Mo Wuji presumed the Talisman Lord Residence would be at the summit of the mountain. Unexpectedly, Fu Xiuhan actually brought Mo Wuji to the foot of the mountain.

    Located right at the foot of the mountain was a lonely looking hall which had three huge words carved on it: Talisman Lord Residence.

    Looking at how doubtful Mo Wuji was, Fu Xiuhan laughed, "The summit of the Thousand Talismans Mountain was occupied by Elder Fu Feiyan. This is indeed where I, the Talisman Lord, stay."

    In actual fact, Mo Wuji had no interest in any gossips within the Thousand Talismans Mountain so he didn't even bother to question any further. The spiritual will from his spirit storage channel had already scanned through the entire space around him except the back of the hall which was inaccessible using his spiritual will. Mo Wuji didn't find any sort of marks or traces of deathtrap arrays here.

    This improved Mo Wuji's impression of Fu Xiuhan because if he were to find all sorts of deathtrap array here readied to trap Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji wouldn't guarantee that he wouldn't raze the entire Thousand Talismans Mountain when he leaves.

    Fu Xiuhan didn't speak much as he took the initiative to serve Mo Wuji a cup of immortal tea after ushering him to his seat in the Talisman Lord Residence. It was only after this that he said, "Earlier on, Dao Friend Mo said that Fu Feiyan was a Dao Emperor but this was actually wrong."

    Mo Wuji was dumbfounded. Could Fu Feiyan be a Grand Emperor too? That's not right, Fu Feiyan was certainly even stronger than some of the Dao Emperors he fought in the Oblique Space Sea Island so how could he be a Grand Emperor? Unless the cultivation technique of the Talisman Race was truly this mighty? Similar to his Immortal Mortal Technique where the strength would surpass those of the same stage?

    "Dao Friend Mo, do you know what is after the Dao Emperor Stage?" Fu Xiuhan saw Mo Wuji's confused eyes so he asked.

    "Wasn't it the Grand Emperor Stage?" Mo Wuji asked subconsciously.

    Fu Xiuhan shook his head, "A Grand Emperor was actually also an Immortal Emperor but because of the deficiency in the Laws of Heaven and Earth, it remained very difficult for Immortal Emperors to reach the pinnacle. Therefore, everyone addressed this rare few Immortal Emperors who managed to reach the pinnacle as Grand Emperors. The truth was that Immortal Emperor and Grand Emperor were both of the same stage without any qualitative differences."

    Mo Wuji clasped his fist in a serious manner, "Do continue enlightening me."

    He had already noticed how Fu Xiuhan was much more knowledgeable in terms of realms. Previously, Mo Wuji only knew about Immortal Emperor, Grand Emperor and Dao Emperor.

    Fu Xiuhan said with a straight face, "After the pinnacle of the Immortal Emperor Stage would be the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage. Because of the same deficiency in the Laws of Heaven and Earth, cultivating to the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage was much more difficult than before. This was also why many Immortal Emperors started enlightening their own laws of the Grand Dao after cultivating to the pinnacle of the Immortal Emperor Stage. They made use of the countless years of experience and accumulation to enlighten their very own law.

    Once the enlightenment of the law is complete, they could stimulate out the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage and witness a significant increase in strength. This was not only a physical improvement but also in terms of their understanding of the Dao. Hence, this group of people who used their own laws to stimulate out the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage was called the Dao Emperors."

    Mo Wuji was extremely shocked. He knew that Grand Emperors were still within the category of Immortal Emperors and had also guessed that Dao Emperors were also the same. Now that Fu Xiuhan had explained in such details, his guess was indeed right. In fact, they couldn't even be considered as a true expert in the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage as they simply stimulated using their own laws.

    "This means that both Grand Emperor Stage and Dao Emperor Stage belonged to the same Immortal Emperor Realm. Not many people outside the Talisman Race knew of this explanation and this was the first time I actually told someone who is not in the Talisman Race," Fu Xiuhan explained.

    The reason why Fu Xiuhan was willing to explain everything thoroughly to Mo Wuji was that he wanted to befriend Mo Wuji. He believed that Mo Wuji was definitely someone worth befriending.

    Given Mo Wuji's power, there was simply no one who could deal with him after the death of Fu Feiyan. Precisely because of this, Fu Xiuhan was convinced that Mo Wuji was a man with principles. This was because even after he arrived at the scene of battle, Mo Wuji didn't stop him from saving Fu Feiyan. Not only this, Mo Wuji didn't even ask for Fu Feiyan's storage ring.

    A person like this was truly almost extinct even in the vast and boundless cosmos.

    Mo Wuji stood up and clasped his fists respectfully once more, "Regardless of whether I managed to get the talisman I want today, I have already benefited a lot from the words of the Talisman Lord. Many thanks, Talisman Lord. If the Talisman Race choose to visit the Heaven's Beyond in the future, I, Mo Wuji, would definitely give the Talisman Race a place to stand."

    Fu Xiuhan was stunned as he stared at Mo Wuji. Despite knowing that Mo Wuji was not simple, wasn't this guarantee from Mo Wuji a little too exaggerating?

    The Heaven's Beyond Cosmos was such a huge, extensive and complicated place where all sorts of forces interact with each other. For a small and insignificant race like the Talisman Race, any random fight between two big races would easily crush them into extinction. Mo Wuji's promise of giving them a place to stand in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos was simply...

    Seeing that Fu Xiuhan was still in shock, Mo Wuji said, "I am sorry for the brief introduction of myself earlier on. I am actually from the Heaven's Beyond and am now the first Dao Lord of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos."

    "Heaven's Beyond Cosmos has a Dao Lord now?" Fu Xiuhan muttered to himself as he finally understood. He stood up hurriedly before looking at Mo Wuji anxiously, "Dao Lord Mo, is there a change to the structure of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos?"

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Yes it has changed. In the past, the Gods Race which has been bullying and killing other races for fun have been exterminated under my lead. There is no longer any Gods Race in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos and I am now the Dao Lord. Under my reign, there are five defenders of the Cosmos and they are Dao Emperors of the Demon Race, Blood Race, Sky Race, Sea Race and Devil Race respectively. No, they should be called experts in the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage instead."

    Fu Xiuhan was barely able to contain the excitement in his heart as he bowed, "Many thanks Dao Lord Mo for allowing my Talisman Race to head into the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. Dao Lord Mo, do go ahead to instruct and I, Fu Xiuhan, would do my utmost best to complete the task."

    Fu Xiuhan was truly excited because the only reason the Talisman Race didn't dare to head out was their fear of being crushed to death if they did.

    Even so, Fu Xiuhan knew in his heart that even if the Talisman Race remained in the Thousand Talismans Mountain, they would eventually be obliterated within the boundless universe. Their only hope of blooming again would be to walk out of their Thousand Talismans Mountain. In fact, the number of people in the Talisman Race had been decreasing and they had reached a state where they had to head out now or face the consequences of extinction.

    Even so, the Elder Fu Feiyan didn't bother about the livelihood of the people in the Talisman Race as he continued to conceal the Thousand Talismans Mountain with the Pseudo-World Talisman just so he could cultivate the Sage Dao Taliman.

    Mo Wuji got Fu Xiuhan to sit back down before taking out a token for him, "Talisman Lord, go ahead to bring your people to the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos and this token allows you own a shop there. I believe that with the capabilities of your Talisman Race, you would be able to continue developing with a shop.

    After reaching the Cosmos Edge, hand this token to Castellan Feng Huang or any of the five defenders of the Cosmos or even the eight enforcers. You don't have to worry about the Cosmos Edge being like what it used to be because that place is now fair and just."

    "Thank you, thank you..." Fu Xiuhan took over the token appreciatively and he couldn't wait to send people over to the Cosmos Edge now. The Cosmos Edge was not only ideal for starting a business, the main gathering area of the resources was also at the periphery of the Cosmos Edge. Anyone who wished to head there would have to pass by the Cosmos Edge. Moreover, with the materials left behind by their ancestors, the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos was the key location to leave this world.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand, "Dao Friend Fu, this is also the best that I could do for you. May I ask Talisman Lord about the realm after the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage?"

    Fu Xiuhan finally calmed himself down before explaining, "Originally, one should face the restrains of the Laws of Heaven and Earth after the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage. They would then go on to face their lightning tribulation before advancing into a whole new realm. However, after that great war between Gods, the world domain crumbled and the laws were disrupted. The whole new realm no longer had any order and nobody knew the specific situation in that whole new realm. This was why for those cultivators who had gone beyond the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage, our Talisman Race called them as Half-Sage."
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