Chapter 831: Exchange

    Chapter 831: Exchange

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    Mo Wuji remained speechless as he recalled of his trip to the Gods Tower. He was well aware that even if he were to cultivate to the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage, he would still be considered an ant in the eyes of others. Now that this point had been further reaffirmed to Mo Wuji, his heart still felt helpless and frustrated.

    After a while, Mo Wuji replied, "I've truly benefited greatly from the words of Talisman Lord today. Previously, Talisman Lord mentioned something about a method of getting the peak grade World Rending Talisman. May I further inquire about it?"

    Fu Xiuhan hurried to answer, "Have Dao Lord Mo seen Fu Feiyan's magic treasure?"

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Yes I have, it was a talisman shaped magic treasure."

    Frankly speaking, Mo Wuji had many sorts of talismans before but it was his first time seeing a talisman shaped magic treasure.

    Fu Xiuhan explained, "Fu Feiyan's magic treasure was actually made with reference to our Talisman Race's Sage Dao Talisman. Back then, my Talisman Race offended an expert and was exterminated by that expert. Eventually, some experts of our Talisman Race brought the remaining few survivors and ignited our race protecting treasure, Sage Dao Talisman. The Sage Dao Talisman escaped into the void and transcended several planes and worlds before arriving here. As a result, these experts, who managed to ignite the Sage Dao Talisman, lost their life force.

    Fortunately, there was a continuous and long stretch of gigantic mountains here. Because we were unable to shift the Sage Dao Talisman away, our Talisman Race could only transform and rename this stretch of mountains as the Thousand Talismans Mountain and resided in here."

    Mo Wuji asked, "This should be the top secrets of the Talisman Race so why would Talisman Lord be telling me these?"

    With a ridiculed laughter, Fu Xiuhan said, "This was indeed the top secret of our Talisman Race but if we continue to keep this secret to ourselves, we would be facing extinction very soon. As my Talisman Race resided here at the Thousand Talismans Mountain, our population decreases with each passing day. As for cultivators above the Immortal Emperor Stage, there was only one other person who was closing in to the end of his longevity besides Elder Fu Feiyan, his disciple and myself. I believe that Dao Lord Mo is a trustworthy person and moreover, you would need the Sage Dao Talisman to ask for the World Rending Talisman which was why I choose to tell you these."

    Fu Xiuhan truly believed that Mo Wuji was not a despicable person. More importantly, Fu Xiuhan knew that there would no longer be any future for the people of the Talisman Race to continue living on the Thousand Talismans Mountain. Even if he didn't tell Mo Wuji about this, his Talisman Race could only await upon their death. Now that Mo Wuji had given his Talisman Race an opportunity to survive in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, it would be rightful for his Talisman Race to go into extinction if he, Fu Xiuhan, didn't make full use of the opportunity given.

    "Talisman Lord please go ahead and explain," Mo Wuji nodded as he roughly managed to understand Fu Xiuhan's intention.

    Fu Xiuhan nodded and said in a seriously tone, "Not only does the Sage Dao Talisman contained the highest grade talisman of our Talisman Race, it even concealed countless peak grade talismans within it. Fu Feiyan's reason for staying behind was so that he could refine the Sage Dao Talisman. The pity was that the Sage Dao Talisman was no easy feat to refine and throughout the countless years, nobody of our Talisman Race managed to refine it. I am telling Dao Lord Mo about this matter today is because our Talisman Race could no longer keep hold of this Sage Dao Talisman."

    "Could it be that Talisman Lord wants me to enter the Sage Dao Talisman to look for the World Rending Talisman?" Mo Wuji questioned.

    Fu Xiuhan replied, "I know that my words sounded like I am repaying gratitude with ill intentions but the truth is just like that."

    Fu Xiuhan paused for a moment before continuing, "The Thousand Talismans Mountain was never considered a world and had almost no laws here. I know that if our Talisman Race refused to be exterminated, we would have to leave this place. If my Talisman Race leaves, we wouldn't be able to bring the Sage Dao Talisman away. Instead of leaving it for any random expert that passes by, I would rather Dao Lord Mo has it. If Dao Lord Mo is able to bring the Sage Dao Talisman away, the Sage Dao Talisman shall belong to Dao Lord Mo.

    I am well aware that the Sage Dao Talisman is extremely difficult to bring away. However, there is indeed World Rending Talisman within the Sage Dao Talisman. There is a 90% chance of death if you choose to enter the Sage Dao Talisman to look for the World Rending Talisman. Countless experts of my Talisman Race have indeed found many peak grade talismans within it but less than 10 made it back out alive; Fu Feiyan was one of them. Therefore, it is entirely up to Dao Lord Mo to decide if he wants to enter the Sage Dao Talisman."

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart. The Talisman Race is about to leave this place without the Sage Dao Talisman. Even if he didn't meet Fu Xiuhan, he would have seen the Sage Dao Talisman here and would have tried his luck in refining it.

    Regardless, the fact that Fu Xiuhan talked about this from the onstart proved that he was a straightforward and upright person. Whenever Mo Wuji interacts with another person, he would always think on the good side of people first.

    No matter what, a Talisman Lord was also considered a Race Lord and to make a decision like this must not be easy at all.

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji said, "No matter the reason, the fact that Talisman Lord was able to say such words increased my admiration for you. In the future when the pathway between my Immortal World's Human Race and the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos is opened, my Immortal World would welcome your Talisman Race with open arms. Whether or not I am able to refine the Sage Dao Talisman, these two vases of pills shall be used as an exchange gift for Talisman Lord."

    Mo Wuji took out two vases of pills as he handed it to Fu Xiuhan.

    Fu Xiuhan was a little confused because even though his Talisman Race might be poor, he shouldn't be so poor that he couldn't even afford two vases of immortal pills right? Even Tier 9 immortal pills wouldn't count for much to his Talisman Race.

    Even so, Fu Xiuhan bowed respectfully as he accepted the two jade vases given by Mo Wuji. When his spiritual will scanned through the pills within the vases, a shocked look was revealed.

    "This, this is actually two vases of True Emperor Pills?"

    A True Emperor Pill would allow an expert in the Great Circle of the Immortal Reverent Stage to gain insights on the Immortal Emperor Realm. Despite being behind in value to the Emperor Dao Pill, every one of such pills was worthy of an entire city. To any race, a pill like this was the most effective for combat. Because of the lack of resources, the Talisman Race had always been unable to produce a new Immortal Emperor. Mo Wuji was basically making a huge contribution for the development of his Talisman Race.

    Mo Wuji gave the Talisman Race two vases of True Emperor Pill and that add up to a total of 12 pills. In terms of pricing, these wouldn't even be comparable to a corner of the Sage Dao Talisman.

    From a different perspective, these two vases of True Emperor Pills were what the Talisman Race needed the most desperately. As for the Sage Dao Talisman which Fu Xiuhan promised Mo Wuji, it was like the moon in the lake: only meant for viewing.

    Countless years had passed and nobody in the Talisman Race had been successful in refining the Sage Dao Talisman. It would be a complete joke if an outsider simply came in and successfully refined the Sage Dao Talisman.

    Fu Xiuhan kept the True Emperor Pills cautiously before bowing towards Mo Wuji, "Dao Lord Mo, if you're still willing to look for the World Rending Talisman in the Sage Dao Talisman, I can bring you there now."

    Not only did Mo Wuji promise to allow the Talisman Race to reside in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, he also promised a place in the Immortal World. Additionally, Mo Wuji even gifted him two vases of True Emperor Pills. On the other hand, he, Fu Xiuhan, merely promised him an unrefinable Sage Dao Talisman to Mo Wuji. Comparatively, the differences in offers between Fu Xiuhan and Mo Wuji was simply too drastic.

    "Irregardless, I have to go and take a look. Talisman Lord, please lead the way," Mo Wuji said without any hesitation.

    If that Fu Feiyan managed to survive the Sage Dao Talisman, why wouldn't he, Mo Wuji, be able to do the same? It didn't matter to Mo Wuji if he could refine the Sage Dao Talisman. What mattered to Mo Wuji was that he could find a World Rending Talisman within the Sage Dao Talisman.

    Fu Xiuhan nodded but didn't continue to say anything. He walked to the periphery of the back wall of the Talisman Lord Hall and spat out a mouthful of blood.

    A pathway suddenly appeared within the ordinary looking hall and Fu Xiuhan pointed as he said, "Dao Lord Mo, this pathway leads directly to my Talisman Race's Sage Dao Talisman."

    While speaking, Fu Xiuhan had already set foot onto the pathway. Mo Wuji kept Da Huang and Shuai Guo as he followed Fu Xiuhan onto the pathway. In merely tens of breaths, he was already standing on the periphery of a void.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will was unable to scan through it. He certainly didn't expect such a vast and boundless void right behind the Talisman Lord Hall.

    Within the void in front of him was a blurry talisman suspended in mid air. A faint silver colour could be seen from the talisman while the surrounding was shrouded in fog.

    A vast and boundless energy surged over and Mo Wuji knew in that instance that this was definitely not a simple talisman.

    "Dao Lord Mo, this is the Sage Dao Talisman of my Talisman Race. It has been suspending here for countless years but nobody has been able to refine it." Fu Xiuhan sighed. He, Fu Xiuhan, was also one of the few who made it out alive from the Sage Dao Talisman and he was also unable to define it.

    Between the Sage Dao Talisman or the survival of his Talisman Race, he had chosen the survival of the Talisman Race.

    "Many thanks Talisman Lord for bringing me here. May I ask how do I enter the Sage Dao Talisman?" Mo Wuji was immediately interested in entering the Sage Dao Talisman at the sight of it. A talisman with such boundlessness was simply equivalent to a universe.

    Fu Xiuhan answered, "The Sage Dao Talisman required the blood of the descendants of my Talisman Race and it only opened once every thousand years. If Dao Lord Mo has made his decision, I can send Dao Lord Mo inside now."

    Requires the blood of the descendants of the Talisman Race? Mo Wuji also understood how Fu Xiuhan would actually be making some sort of contribution too. In other words, if the Talisman Race left, no one would be there to open the Sage Dao Talisman. Without mentioning how he wouldn't be able to refine it, he wouldn't even be able to enter the Sage Dao Talisman.

    Given the how vast and humongous this talisman was, Mo Wuji was certain that he wouldn't be strong enough to enter this talisman alone.

    If Fu Xiuhan left after bringing Mo Wuji here, Mo Wuji believed that the items he gave Fu Xiuhan would be sufficient. Now that Fu Xiuhan even used his blood so that he could enter the talisman, Mo Wuji felt that the items were still not enough.

    Mo Wuji wasn't one who liked to take advantage of someone else as he suddenly recalled how Fu Feiyan wanted his Phecda Clay. Mo Wuji knew that this item must be fatally important to the Talisman Race.

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji took out the remaining half portion of Phecda Clay before saying, "Even if I am unable to refine this Sage Dao Talisman, this was after all the number one treasure of the Talisman Race. I have nothing much to exchange for it so I shall gift this Phecda Clay to your Talisman Race."

    "Ah..." Fu Xiuhan was dumbfounded because the price of this piece of Phecda Clay from Mo Wuji was basically impossible to estimate. All he did was to show Mo Wuji the way to the unrefinable Sage Dao Talisman before he leaves. Even so, he knew that the reason why Mo Wuji chose to take out this Phecda Clay eventually was because he didn't know that Taliman Race's blood was needed initially.

    Mo Wuji was indeed a straightforward and upright person too. This made Fu Xiuhan even more convinced that he would not lose a friend like Mo Wuji. He had a feeling that even if Mo Wuji was unable to refine this Sage Dao Talisman, he would be able to emerge from it safely. An additional friend like Mo Wuji was something his Talisman Race would definitely cherish.

    "Dao Lord Mo, I am afraid I cannot accept this Phecda Clay. After all, the odds of Dao Lord Mo being able to refine this Sage Dao Talisman was less than 1%. If I continue to accept the Phecda Clay, it is simply..."
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