Chapter 832: Fast Change of Scene

    Chapter 832: Fast Change of Scene

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    "But if I managed to refine it?" Despite knowing that the Phecda Clay was a supreme treasure to the Talisman Race, Mo Wuji was really unwilling to take advantage of them.

    Another reason was that Mo Wuji didn't actually understand the real use of the Phecda Clay. All he heard was the small portion from Shuai Guo. The truth was that the Phecda Clay was actually a supreme treasure not only to the Talisman Race but every cultivator.

    In Mo Wuji's heart, nothing would happen if he was unable to refine the Sage Dao Talisman. However, if he managed to refine it, taking out the Phecda Clay now would do him good in the future. After all, the Sage Dao Talisman was still a treasure of the Talisman Race.

    Fu Xiuhan said in a serious tone, "If Dao Lord Mo is able to refine the Sage Dao Talisman, this proves the affinity between Dao Lord Mo and the Sage Dao Talisman and it should belong to Dao Lord Mo. I know that Dao Lord Mo is upright and straightforward but the price of this big piece of Phecda Clay is simply... This might be the only piece of Phecda Clay left in this cosmos..."

    While speaking, Fu Xiuhan could sense that Mo Wuji was truly sincere in giving this Phecda Clay to him. Therefore, he continued, "Since you insist, why don't we split this Phecda Clay into two? Otherwise, I wouldn't have the face to become friends with Dao Lord Mo. A friend who only knows how to receive benefits and not sacrifice is not considered a true friend."

    To Fu Xiuhan, the piece of Phecda Clay which Mo Wuji brought out was simply too big. His understanding of the Phecda Clay might be more than Mo Wuji but even he was still unable to gauge the true value of a Phecda Clay.

    Mo Wuji didn't wish to delay any more time so he used his Kun Wu Sword to split the Phecda Clay into two without hesitation.

    A terrifying sword intent overwhelmed the entire void around them and the Phecda Clay was already divided into two very soon after.

    An item like the Phecda Clay needed to be refined immediately after cutting it apart. Otherwise, it would turn extremely hard afterward.

    Mo Wuji kept his half of the Phecda CLay before handing the other half to Fu Xiuhan. "We shall go according to Brother Fu's words then. Brother Fu shall be my friend from today onwards."

    Fu Xiuhan was also unwilling to take advantage of Mo Wuji and this made Mo Wuji admired him even more. Fu Xiuhan could even reject an item like the Phecda Clay and this proved that he was truly a person worth befriending.

    At the sight of the Kun Wu Sword, Fu Xiuhan's heart was even more impressed. He was certain that during his battle with Fu Feiyan, Mo Wuji didn't even display half of his true strength. Even the terrifying sword intent which he had just witnessed should be able to split the entire Thousand Talismans Mountain into many pieces.

    "To be able to befriend a person like Brother Mo is truly my fortune. Since this is the case, I shan't reject it any further." Fu Xiuhan didn't stand on any ceremony as he kept the half of the Phecda Clay. He was also pleased that Mo Wuji was no longer addressing him as Talisman Lord. Evidently, Mo Wuji started treating him as a true friend.

    After keeping the Phecda Clay carefully, Fu Xiuhan indicated to Mo Wuji the suspending talisman before striking out a few hand signs.

    Mo Wuji was an array master and had even analysed a sacred art like the Seven World Fingers before. While watching Fu XIuhan's hand signs, he seemed to have seen a whole new world.

    Fu Xiuhan's hand signs were the combination of talisman signs and array dao restrictions as it formed a unique dao hand technique.

    Closely packed hand signs were struck by Fu Xiuhan and after half an incense worth of time, Fu Xiuhan suddenly smacked his forehead. A strikingly red blood was smacked out by him and sent into the void as it entered that suspending silver talisman.

    A faint silver radiance appeared from the massive silver talisman and these silver radiance quickly turned into a massive silver gate. The gate was faint and it looked like it could break anytime.

    Fu Xiuhan's face was slightly pale and he didn't hesitate as he continued to smack out blood. The faint looking gate started to become clear and it turned into a gate which at least one person could enter.

    "Brother Mo, hurry in. We shall meet in the future again," Fu Xiuhan called out for Mo Wuji desperately. He knew that once Mo Wuji entered the Sage Dao Talisman, he would only exit after many years or even not come out ever again.

    "Many thanks Brother Fu, please speak your mind if you have any problems you need my help with in the future," Mo Wuji clasped his fists and his body flashed as he entered the silver gate.

    Mo Wuji just entered the gate and the silver gate disappeared.

    Fu Xiuhan heaved a sigh of relief. He had opened the Sage Dao Talisman countless times but he always felt that it was getting increasingly harder to open it. If there was a next time again, he had doubts as to whether he would actually be able to open it successfully.

    Truthfully, this was another reason why Fu Xiuhan chose to leave the Thousand Talismans Mountain and not continue protecting the Sage Dao Talisman.

    One aspect was the decreasing number of people with Talisman Race's blood and the other aspect was his own gut feel that the Sage Dao Talisman was getting increasingly unrelated to the Talisman Race. He was afraid that a few more years later, even the blood of the Talisman Race might not be able to open the Sage Dao Talisman up. At that point in time, the Talisman Race would basically not be able to call the Sage Dao Talisman theirs.

    Before Fu Xiuhan could regain his senses, an extremely loud explosion caused the entire void around him to tear apart.

    Following which, Fu Xiuhan stared blankly at the silver light shooting in all four directions in front of him. The Sage Dao Talisman began rotating at extreme speed and the mightily powerful force and energy made Fu Xiuhan feel that this place could explode into pieces in the very next moment. The entire void, including the Thousand Talismans Mountain, would be crushed into pieces by this force.

    "Not good," Fu Xiuhan's heart froze. He suspected that because he sent in a person without the Talisman Race's blood, the Sage Dao Talisman started acting so violently.

    Even though he felt guilty like he had let Mo Wuji down, Fu Xiuhan knew that his priority now would be to shift everyone in the Talisman Race to safety.

    Fu Xiuhan didn't waste time pondering as he darted out of the Talisman Lord Hall and shouted, "As the Talisman Lord of the Thousand Talismans Mountain, I am ordering everyone to leave the Thousand Talismans Mountain at once. This place is about to be swallowed by the void so everyone has to leave right now."

    Even without waiting for Fu Xiuhan's orders, the people of the Talisman Race could feel that something was amiss. It wasn't just the trembling of space or the messing up of laws, the entire Thousand Talismans Mountain was trembling violently as if an earthquake.

    Fu Xiuhan rushed out of the Thousand Talismans Mountain and had already drawn out a massive flying ship stopped outside the Thousand Talismans Mountain. Tens of thousands of people had rushed out of the Thousand Talismans Mountain onto this ship.

    As he watched upon the collapse of the Thousand Talismans Mountain as well as the destruction of the void in front of him, Fu Xiuhan couldn't help but sigh. He continued to control the flying ship out of that area.

    The only person who didn't escape the Thousand Talismans Mountain was Fu Feiyan. Fu Feiyan had his cultivation wasted by Mo Wuji and without anyone's help, he was simply unable to escape on his own.

    "Boom!" A frightening explosion was heard and including Fu Xiuhan, everyone in the Talisman Race heard it clearly. The void around them started collapsing and the faraway Thousand Talismans Mountain had been destroyed into nothingness. Even Fu Xiuhan's flying ship felt the waves of explosions and started trembling violently.

    "Talisman Lord, what has happened? Where are we heading to now?" The one other Immortal Emperor walked over to inquire more from Fu Xiuhan.

    Fu Xiuhan looked at the missing Thousand Talismans Mountain as he sighed and said, "Even though it was a little rushed, it made my heart more resolute than ever. We shall head towards the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos now and that shall be where we carry on our lives."


    The instance Mo Wuji entered the Sage Dao Talisman, he felt something was amiss. Previously, his guess was that the Sage Dao Talisman was only a dangerous world something like a secret realm. After entering this place, Mo Wuji knew that he was wrong.

    The space around him was blurry and he was unable to see any sky, ground or basically anything at all. The only thing he could feel was the constant warping of space ever since he entered.

    Even though Mo Wuji knew the Wind Escape Technique and was capable of hiding long here, he knew this wasn't a long-term solution to his problem. As time goes by, the warped space would certainly be able to tear him into pieces.

    "Ai!" A lacerating pain was felt across Mo Wuji's thigh and a large piece of meat was missing from Mo Wuji's thigh. Regardless how unwilling Mo Wuji was to enter his Undying World or how his Undying World could be destroyed by the warped space, he had no choice but to enter his Undying World now.

    No wonder Fu Xiuhan would say that there was a 90% chance of death in this place. How could this be 90%? It was almost certainly 100% death if he didn't do anything.

    No wait, Mo Wuji suddenly thought of how Fu Feiyan was also able to enter the Sage Dao Talisman. Mo Wuji was well aware of Fu Feiyan's capabilities and that he was indeed an expert. However, he wouldn't believe if someone were to say that Fu Feiyan was stronger than himself. If Fu Feiyan wasn't stronger, how was Fu Feiyan able to survive in the Sage Dao Talisman?

    Or could it be that the danger Fu Feiyan faced after entering this place wasn't this terrifying warped space?

    "My Lord, should I shift the Breath of HongMeng over?" Shuai Guo ran over as he saw how Mo Wuji entered the Undying World injured once again.

    "Hurry up and go cultivate," Mo Wuji said impatiently.

    If an injury like this needed the Breath of Hong Meng, his tempered physique would simply be too worthless.

    Shuai Guo looked helplessly over at the cultivating Da Huang as it went on to find a place to start cultivating. To Shuai Guo, the most torturous thing was cultivating. As long as it didn't need to cultivate, it was willing to do anything.

    Who would have expected that after reaching Class 7, it would still need to cultivate?

    Mo Wuji used his spiritual will cautiously to seep out as he sensed that the space outside was still constantly being warped.

    Mo Wuji shook his head and cleared his mind. Fortunately, his Undying World was small and while the warped space was sweeping up the space around his Undying World, it was unable to affect or tear his Undying World apart.

    Even though he almost lost his life earlier on, Mo Wuji didn't suspect Fu Xiuhan. His intuition told him that Fu Xiuhan and Fu Feiyan were two very different people.

    The situation he found himself in after entering the Sage Dao Talisman would definitely not have anything to do with Fu Xiuhan. It was highly likely that Fu Xiuhan wasn't even aware of what had happened inside.
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