Chapter 833: Im Truly Too Strong

    Chapter 833: I'm Truly Too Strong

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    The warped space continuously folded and twisted. Mo Wuji wasn't in the mood, but he was also afraid of staying idle within his Undying World. His Undying World was not stable; he was worried that a period of carelessness could cause this warped space to tear his Undying World apart.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will was constantly revolving outside his Undying World. Sometimes, he would even try using his will to avoid the bits of space which were especially twisted.

    At this moment, a green talisman flashed through his spiritual will. Mo Wuji suddenly stood up. Even though he hadn't studied the Talisman Dao, he could tell what that talisman was. It was a Grade 9 immortal talisman, Jia Zi Life Talisman[1]

    This talisman's value was in that it could increase the longevity of an ageing Immortal Emperor by sixty years. Sixty years might seem like a blink for an ordinary immortal, but a talisman that could increase the longevity of an Immortal Emperor was definitely not a simple thing.

    There were really talismans here!

    As Mo Wuji thought of this, he began to extend his spiritual will further. His motive here was the World Rending Talisman.

    As for the damage the warped space would have towards his sea of consciousness and his spiritual will, Mo Wuji directly dismissed them. His sea of consciousness was sturdy and strong; as long as he didn't send his spiritual will to the wrong places, the damage the warped space could do to his sea of consciousness was limited. Moreover, he had the spirit storage channel; this wouldn't even cause any damage to his sea of consciousness.

    In less than two hours, Mo Wuji saw a Grade 9 Wind Escape Talisman, a Grade 9 Gigantic Peak Talisman, a Grade 9 Pseudo-World Talisman, a Grade 9 World Rending Talisman...

    Mo Wuji's heart was shaking with mad glee. The Grade 9 World Rending Talisman was exactly what he wanted.

    Unfortunately, this space was warped to an extreme degree. Even with the level of his physique, he didn't dare to step out.

    After several hours, Mo Wuji could faintly feel that the warped space outside easing; it did not feel as violent as when he had first entered.

    Mo Wuji immediately left his Undying World and appeared within the Sage Dao Talisman Space. Another bit of warped space came sweeping towards him. This time, Mo Wuji chose not to avoid it. Indeed, the Distortion Law of Space wasn't as strong as before. It only caused some pressure and ache to his body.

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. Now, he wasn't thinking about exactly how this Sage Dao Talisman was created. Instead, he was wondering how he could find the Grade 9 World Rending Talisman.

    His spiritual will swept outwards. Mo Wuji soon discovered that this place also didn't have a sky, nor any land; it was entirely filled with the hazy void. The only difference was that the Distortion Law was weaker here.

    An hour later, an unpleasant expression appeared on Mo Wuji's face. He finally found a pattern.

    The stronger the spatial distortions, the higher the chances of talismans appearing. Conversely, the weaker the spatial distortions, the lower the chances of finding talismans.

    As the warped space got weaker and weaker, the number of talismans he found got lesser and lesser. By the time there were no spatial distortions at all, he probably wouldn't even find a single talisman.

    Mo Wuji's guess was right. After another two hours, the spatial distortions had completely disappeared. Now, he wasn't even able to catch a glimpse of a shadow of a talisman.

    On the other hand, land had appeared. However, it wasn't made of sand and soil, but the joining of countless of enigmatic talisman runes. The moment Mo Wuji's spiritual will made contact with these talisman runes, a majestic Talisman Dao energy came surging towards him.

    Mo Wuji felt as though he had come to an entirely new school. If Fu Xiuhan's imprint gave him a window, then these runes gave Mo Wuji an entire world.

    Each talisman rune began to glow with a profound light which seeped into Mo Wuji's spiritual will. Even though it was just a few breaths of time, Mo Wuji had found himself completely deep within these runes.

    The Talisman Dao, from the profound to the simple...

    His Mortal Dao stemmed from the simplest and most ordinary things of the mortal world; it could be anything from a grass to a tree. On the other hand, these talisman runes' dao energy seemed to contain the most complex enigmas of the Heaven and Earth; it seemed to originate from the Grand Dao of the Cosmos.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji's dao revelation channel was filled with insights. Together with his other meridians, his dao revelation channel formed a major circulation path.

    It was not that Mo Wuji didn't know how to create talismans; it was just that his talismans were extremely low in grade. He probably couldn't even create a simple Grade 1 immortal talisman.

    After these profound talisman runes seeped into Mo Wuji's dao revelation channel, there was suddenly the dao aura of the Talisman Dao within Mo Wuji's own Grand Dao; various kinds of enlightenment bloomed like flowers

    He rapidly began to absorb the various Talisman Dao from the Heaven and Earth, and tried replicating them into various kinds of talismans.

    After an unknown period of time, a new and powerful will suddenly appeared within Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness.

    Mo Wuji, who was deep in his insights, awoke abruptly. He stared in astonishment at the illusory spirit body at the side of his violet lake.

    "Eh, you actually don't have a primordial spirit. No wonder why you have such a powerful sea of consciousness and spiritual will. And your physique, it's also incomparably strong," This spirit exclaimed as it saw Mo Wuji's violet lake.

    Possession? Although Mo Wuji knew that the other party had yet to possess him, how could he simply allow this random spirit to continue staying in his sea of consciousness? Intense killing intent was condensed as three Spiritual Will Arrows were formed; they shot towards this spirit.

    "You also have the Spiritual Will Arrow? And such strong ones at that..." This spirit was momentarily confused. However, it was immediately shocked and it threw out multiple talismans.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" Violent explosions reverberated throughout Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness. He could feel his sea of consciousness collapsing slightly and his face turned pale. As he opened his mouth, an arrow of blood shot out.

    So strong. Mo Wuji's heart was palpitating in shock. He had never met such a powerful spirit body. Even his Spiritual Will Arrows could be blocked using some talismans.

    Mo Wuji wasn't clueless about possession; in fact, he had experienced possession attempts before. However, he had never feared possessions because of his insanely strong sea of consciousness. Not only that, he didn't have a primordial spirit. And since he developed his Spiritual Will Arrow, he was even less worried about being possessed.

    But today was the first time he encountered a spirit that wasn't even affected by his Spiritual Will Arrow. Not only was this spirit not harmed, it even caused him to vomit blood.

    "You can also try eating one of my talismans." When this spirit saw that Mo Wuji was merely injured by the violent explosions within his sea of consciousness, it was also incomparably shocked.

    Over these countless years, he had encountered many targets of possession. Even though he had never succeeded, he had never met an expert like Mo Wuji with such a strong sea of consciousness.

    What left this spirit even more astonished was that this fella, who didn't even have a primordial spirit and had an insanely strong sea of consciousness, wasn't even a descendant of the Talisman Race.

    This spirit whipped out a talisman. As it appeared, tears and scars began to form around it. An extreme sense of disgust and discomfort pervaded. Just as Mo Wuji was about to faint, he did not hesitate to bring out his six pages of the Book of Luo.

    "Boom!" The talisman transformed into a sharp light which slammed against Mo Wuji's Book of Luo. Once again, Mo Wuji was forced to cough blood as he collapsed on the ground of intersecting talisman runes. Mo suspected that if this spirit continued to use this attack, his sea of consciousness would crumble even if the Book of Luo was able to defend against it.

    "The Book of Luo? And six pages of it?" The spirit stared at the six pages of the Book of Luo in extreme surprise. His voice was shaking and even Mo Wuji could notice his agitation.

    "Originally, I only wanted to possess a descendant of my Talisman Race. Unfortunately, the talents in my Talisman Race only got lesser throughout the years. Even though you don't have a primordial spirit, your sea of consciousness is extremely strong. Your fleshly body exceeds even the most talented of my Talisman Race. Now, you even have the Book of Luo. Why don't we negotiate? I want your body. If you have any unfinished wishes, I can help you fulfil them. There's also no need for you to resist any further, less your sea of consciousness collapses." This spirit finally calmed down.

    Mo Wuji raged in his heart. This b*stard wanted to possess him but it still wanted him to accommodate it?

    Seemingly sensing Mo Wuji's anger, this spirit said in a steady tone, "You should know, with my strength and my talismans, whatever attacks you throw at me would be useless. So when I possess you, you can only defend it, but you can't go against it. To me, you are nothing but an ant."

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath. He suppressed his anger as he said coldly, "I know who you are. Back when the Talisman Race was being exterminated, there was an expert of the Talisman Race that escaped into the void with the Sage Dao Talisman. You are that expert, right? Fu Xiuhan thought that you had already perished. No one would have thought that you were actually hiding here waiting to possess a body."

    This spirit sighed and said, "That's right. I am Fu Jiujiang. Unfortunately, after all these years, the disciples of my Talisman Race that entered the Sage Dao Talisman had never been suitable for possession. To be honest, I have high hopes for you. Your fleshly body is very strong, so it might be able to withstand my possession without exploding."

    "That means to say, those spatial distortions aren't caused because I'm not a descendant of the Talisman Race?" Mo Wuji was speaking with his mouth, but in his heart, he was frantically thinking of a way to deal with this Fu Jiujiang. He was very clear that Fu Jiujiang's words were right; Fu Jiujiang was so strong that even his Spiritual Will Arrow wasn't able to do anything. He really didn't have any methods which he could use to continue resisting Fu Jiujiang.

    Whether it was his Wheel of Life and Death or his Seven World Finger, Mo Wuji wouldn't be able to use them to deal with Fu Jiujiang. There was no need to talk about how these two sacred arts would damage his sea of consciousness, even if he could control the damage, it still wouldn't be enough to deal with a strong foe like Fu Jiujiang.

    "Even though that's not the whole truth, it's pretty much the case. After multiple failures, I learned that without a strong fleshly body, anyone that was able to enter this Sage Dao Talisman wasn't suitable for possession. The only thing I didn't expect was that the spatial distortions got to a point where it was beyond my control. Ai, now that I mention it, I'm truly too strong," Fu Jiujiang sighed emotionally.

    Mo Wuji had already come to an understanding. The reason why Fu Feiyan and the countless of people before him were able to escape the Sage Dao Talisman wasn't because of their strength but because Fu Jiujiang showed mercy on them. The reason behind this was simple: Fu Jiujiang couldn't simply kill them all; he needed someone to stay behind to protect Thousand Talismans Mountain and to give hope to the following generations of descendants. He wanted them to know that death was not a certainty within the Sage Dao Talisman.

    [1] One Jia Zi is a sixty year cycle
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