Chapter 834: Destroying Nine Pillar Island

    Chapter 834: Destroying Nine Pillar Island

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    "From the looks of it, you will not yield. That's expected, someone like you is definitely an amazing existence on the outside, right? But if you think that I wouldn't be able to do anything if your sea of consciousness is destroyed, then you're wrong. It would only take a few tens of thousands of years for me to repair it. But to me, the least valuable thing is time..."

    After the spirit said that, his hand opened and at least ten talismans floated around him. Even though these talismans had yet to be ignited, Mo Wuji could already feel the deathly threat from them.

    Mo Wuji's heart sunk. He was sure that if this fella used these talismans, his soul was bound to be destroyed and his fleshly body would end up with this b*stard.

    Originally, Mo Wuji was still hesitating between using Lightning Web and Wheel of Life and Death. But now, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to activate the Kun Wu Sword.

    Mo Wuji had only refined the first layer of the Kun Wu Sword. Consequently, he only obtained one of its sword intent sacred art.

    Mo Wuji was very clear about the might of this sword intent. This sword intent was even able to slice through the hardest of surfaces, much less his sea of consciousness. All this while, he had never been fully able to control the Kun Wu Sword, and if he used it now, he might never have the ability to control it again.

    What this means was that Mo Wuji was sure that his sea of consciousness would be destroyed by this sword.

    But at this moment, he didn't even have another choice. If he didn't use wield this sword, his body would no longer belong to himself.

    Within Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness, an ordinary looking longsword came cleaving down.

    Fu Jiujiang sneered. A mere sword wanted to stop him, Fu Jiujiang? To him, even if this sword was any stronger, it would cause him nothing more than an itch.

    But within a few instants, Fu Jiujiang knew that something was amiss. This ordinary sword suddenly swept up all the power within the Heaven and Earth, converting it to the energy of destruction.

    At this moment, anything under this sword would be devoured; anything around it would be reduced to nothingness.

    "This is the Kun Wu Sword Intent? This is the Kun Wu Sword?" Fu Jiujiang cried out in aghast. He soon verified that this was definitely the Kun Wu Sword in front of him. Who was this person? Not only did he have six pages of the Book of Luo, he also had the Kun Wu Sword?

    "You're mad. You can't even control the Kun Wu Sword. As this sword descends, everything would be destroyed. Stop..." Fu Jiujiang cried out frantically.

    To him, the collapse of Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness due to the Kun Wu Sword was a minor issue. The terrifying thing was that he definitely wouldn't be able to survive under the Kun Wu Sword. The Kun Wu Sword was ranked one among the ten ancient godswords. Even if he, Fu Jiujiang, was any stronger, he couldn't deal with the Kun Wu Sword as a mere spirit.

    Mo Wuji didn't even have half an intention of stopping. The violet lake within his sea of consciousness erupted violently; boundless spiritual will got swept away by the Kun Wu Sword.

    That all-devouring energy of destruction expanded crazily within Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness. Fu Jiujiang's spirit was originally rather opaque. But under this terrifying killing intent, it began to tremble; it seemed that it would dissipate at the very next instant.

    "Stop..." Besides calling out to Mo Wuji, there was nothing that Fu Jiujiang's shaking spirit could do.

    The talismans floating around him also got suppressed by the intense pressure of the sword intent; they were completely rendered powerless.

    "Boom!" The raging energy of destruction of Kun Wu's sword intent finally descended.

    "Ah..." It was unknown how much more powerful Fu Jiujiang was above the Immortal Emperor Stage. However, when placed under this destructive sword intent, it still had no chances of resisting. At this instant, Fu Jiujiang only felt regret. If he knew that Mo Wuji had the Kun Wu Sword, and if he knew that Mo Wuji was a madman who would dare to use the Kun Wu Sword within his sea of consciousness, he definitely wouldn't have tried possessing Mo Wuji's body.

    He had already spent so many years. What's wrong with another few years? Unfortunately, it was all too late.

    A cry of grief could be heard. Under the unstoppable might of Kun Wu's sword intent, Fu Jiujiang was reduced into nothingness.

    "Crack!" At the same time, Mo Wuji felt an intense pain which felt like his soul was shattering; his sea of consciousness also gradually started to blur.

    "An intense feeling of unwillingness boiled within Mo Wuji's heart. He knew that his sea of consciousness had collapsed. Unfortunately, he was powerless; he could only allow his sea of consciousness to crumble as he fell into a state of unconsciousness

    That feeling of unwillingness was felt by the Kun Wu Sword. Mo Wuji suddenly had an urgent wish in his heart. If only he could go back to Earth before he died. Unfortunately, he was in the Sage Dao Talisman; he was completely unable to return to Earth.

    "Boom!" Kun Wu Sword's sword intent suddenly rushed out of Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness; it appeared within the Sage Dao Talisman.

    Mo Wuji only sensed that something seemed to have shattered within the Sage Dao Talisman. After which, he fell unconscious.


    At the same time, two women stopped above a dull grey tree root.

    "Lin Gu, there's no meaning in continuing any further. Our guess was right, Nine Pillar Mountain is a void island. The two of us have been trapped here for years and we're unable to escape." The one speaking was the green-robed woman on the left.

    The woman called Lin Gu nodded, "Shuyin, you're right. We have wandered around for more than a year. We have practically gone to every possible part of this island. Besides those nine peculiar pillars, there is nothing else here. This should be an island hidden within the void."

    These two women were exactly Lin Gu and Cen Shuyin. Back then, they also landed on the Seven World Stone, just like Mo Wuji. They also chose a direction and dove in. However, because the two of them were too weak, Lin Gu had to use the Book of Luo to protect the two of them.

    What the two of them didn't expect was that halfway during their journey, they were swept away by a strong and unknown force. If not for the Book of Luo, the two of them would have been ripped into pieces.

    When the two of them finally awoke, they found themselves in this desolate island. This island was extremely rich in elemental energy. Although Lin Gu was from a huge sect, she had never encountered a place with such rich elemental energy. She felt that the elemental energy here was even better than immortal spiritual energy; it was more suitable for cultivation. As for Cen Shuyin, she was even less aware of such things.

    The only peculiar thing was that despite the richness of the elemental energy on this island, there weren't any plants nor any other forms of life. There were some occasional tree roots, but they seemed to have been withered for countless of years.

    Because there were nine pillars on this island, the two of them named it Nine Pillar Island. After the two verified that there were no other people here on the island, they decided to start cultivating.

    When Lin Gu arrived, she was at the Grand Zhi Immortal Stage. With Mo Wuji's pills and the rich elemental energy, she was able to reach the Great Circle of the Grand Luo Immortal Stage in just a few short years.

    Cen Shuyin's talent had always been top class. Moreover, her body had been washed by Mo Wuji using the Breath of Hongmeng, and her primordial spirit had been nourished by Mo Wuji using the Underworld Heart Flower. When her fleshly body and her primordial spirit merged back with one another, her talent got even better than before.

    Coupled with the rich elemental energy in the area, she also reached the Great Circle of the Grand Luo Immortal Stage in just a few years.

    However, there seemed to be limits on the Laws of the Heaven and Earth here. The two of them didn't have profound insights, nor any pills for advancement. Thus, even though the energy here was extremely rich, the two of them were unable to advance any further. Cen Shuyin was also worried about Mo Wuji, so she was also not willing to continue staying here any further. Thus, the two of them stopped cultivating and began searching for a way out.

    A year passed and the two seemed to have searched the entire island. The two of them came to a conclusion: This island was within the void and it was sealed by a natural array; they could only enter but they couldn't leave.

    "Lin Gu, I believe that if we want to leave, we have to begin from those nine pillars. Those nine pillars should be the key to this Nine Pillar Island. If we can break those nine pillars down, we might actually be able to leave this place." When Lin Gu heard Cen Shuyin mention the nine pillars, she also believed that those nine pillars might be the key.

    Lin Gu hesitated briefly before she said, "Shuyin, where have you refined your Book of Luo to?"

    "The 67th seal." Cen Shuyin replied.

    Lin Gu gritted her teeth and said, "Shuyin, we'll do as you say. We'll join hands and attack those nine pillars. However, you need to constantly use the Book of Luo to protect us. I'm worried that when those nine pillars crumble, Nine Pillar Island will collapse along with it."

    "Alright." Cen Shuyin nodded.


    The Nine Pillar Island truly deserves its name. Besides those nine pillars, there was only murky grey throughout the island.

    Over these few years, Lin Gu and Cen Shuyin had already grown used to dangers. They didn't simply escape from danger once or twice before.

    Through their countless escapes from death, the two of them knew that hesitation was the bane of action.

    Thus, when the two of them decided to destroy the nine pillars, they didn't have a single shred of hesitation.

    Originally, Lin Gu and Cen Shuyin thought that the two of them might not be enough to destroy the pillars. However, after attacking a pillar with their full force, the two of them knew that they were wrong. The pillar seemed to be lacking a proper support; with every attack, the pillar would crumble bit by bit.

    "Shuyin, I understand now. These pillars should have been installed by someone. The reason why we are able to move them should be because they were left without sufficient elemental energy for a long time." Lin Gu came to an understanding after several attacks.

    Knowing that these pillars could be destroyed, the two began to strike with greater fervour. They even began using their sacred arts.

    One year later, the first pillar crumbled. At the instant it fell, Cen Shuyin and Lin Gu both felt that the space around them had turned slightly unstable.

    The two glanced towards each other and nodded. They knew that this was indeed the way out.

    The second pillar only took three months to crumble, then the third, the fourth...

    When the two finally destroyed the ninth pillar, the space around them suddenly started to twist and distort. The ground beneath them began to collapse as space itself began to tear. Rumbles reverberated through the air; it felt as though the entire cosmos was collapsing.

    Cen Shuyin and Lin Gu hugged each other in fear. They hid within the Book of Luo. At the next instant, the violent spatial distortions directly swept the two of them into the void.


    At almost the same instant, many Great Circle Earthly Immortals from various planets looked up into the sky in astonishment. At this moment, they felt the power of ascension.
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