Chapter 835: The Blue Sea Turned Into Mulberry Fields

    Chapter 835: The Blue Sea Turned Into Mulberry Fields

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    When Mo Wuji opened his eyes, he saw a bleached yellow ceiling on top of him. He suddenly sat up and waves of pain struck his mind like needles.

    "Hu..." Mo Wuji released a long breath. As he gradually calmed himself down, the pain in his mind also began to subside.

    What is this place? Where am I?

    Mo Wuji knitted his brows. Just as he thought about what happened back at Thousand Talismans Mountain, his mind felt that unendurable pain once more. Mo Wuji could only force himself to not recall anything as he tried to assess his current situation.

    He was in a relatively big room. Besides the bleached ceilings, the bedsheets were also bleached. Mo Wuji turned to his side and saw a rusty steel stretcher. Right next to his bed, there was a paint-peeled bedside cabinet which had several vases of medicine...


    Mo Wuji's eyes went wide. He finally came to a realisation. He was in a hospital.

    That raging pain came crashing into his mind once more. This time, Mo Wuji forcefully endured the pain, and after a few minutes, he completely understood what had happened.

    He had gone to the Thousand Talismans Mountain requesting for a World Rending Talisman. Thereafter, he entered the Sage Dao Talisman, and the space within the Sage Dao Talisman began to twist and contort. He was possessed by Fu Jiujiang. After which, Kun Wu Sword appeared within his sea of consciousness, and with that sword...

    That's not right... Mo Wuji suddenly recalled that he should still be in the Sage Dao Talisman. How did he end up in this hospital bed?

    With his fastest speed possible, Mo Wuji pulled out the IV drip needle from his wrist. Just as he was about to get out of the bed, he was stunned still.

    On his wrist, there were now two faint scars. A sword scar was suppressing a talisman scar...

    This are the Kun Wu Sword and the Sage Dao Talisman? Mo Wuji soon verified that his eyes weren't playing tricks on him. There were indeed two scars on his wrist, and these should be the Kun Wu Sword and the Sage Dao Talisman.

    Mo Wuji remembered that right after he brought out his Kun Wu Sword, his final thought was that he wanted to return to Earth.

    Could the Kun Wu Sword have felt his intentions? It suppressed the Sage Dao Talisman and sent him back to Earth?

    Mo Wuji hurriedly tried to use his spiritual will to form a link with his Kun Wu Sword. Just as he was about to use his spiritual will, his brain began to buzz with immense pain. It scared Mo Wuji from doing anything further. Instants later, Mo Wuji soon came to an understanding of his situation. Currently, besides his insanely strong fleshly body, he didn't have anything else.

    "Eh, you're awake?" A voice tinged with slight pleasant surprise sounded from the door. Following which, a youth that was approximately 20 years old walked in. This youth had a simple and honest appearance.

    "Why did you pull out the needle?" Behind this youth was a middle-aged nurse. She saw that Mo Wuji had actually sat himself up and she immediately scolded him.

    "This big brother, those are antibiotics that prevent your injuries from infection, you must not, eh... your injuries..." The youth's voice gradually tapered off. He discovered that the horrifying injuries on Mo Wuji's body had virtually disappeared.

    The middle-aged nurse also witnessed the situation and she stared at Mo Wuji in astonishment.

    Mo Wuji reacted and hurriedly said, "I have an ointment passed down from my ancestors. I only need to rub it over my injuries and they would heal quickly."

    Just as Mo Wuji thought that these two would continue to ask him questions, he discovered that this nurse and this youth no longer had their previous looks of surprise. It was as though his words were very normal.

    "Where am I? My previous memories are slightly hazy?" Mo Wuji asked in confusion.

    The youth hurriedly answered, "This is Qi Shu City's biggest hospital, Xing Da Auxiliary Hospital. I discovered you heavily injured at the feet of Luo Yang Mountain. I thought that you had fallen off the mountain, which was why I carried you on my back to this hospital."

    Mo Wuji actually knew of Qi Shi City. He had been here before; this was the provincial capital of Kai Nam Province. From the looks of it, Kun Wu really sensed his thoughts and had sent him back to Earth. Not only that, Kun Wu was still suppressing the Sage Dao Talisman. This Kun Wu Sword was really not simple.


    This dilapidated place was the biggest hospital in Qi Shu City? Tattered bedsheets, smelly blankets, and dirty bleached ceilings? Was it a joke? How could the biggest hospital of a provincial capital be so run down?

    Also, back when he had left Earth, the casual use of antibiotics had been prohibited. How many years had it been? Why were antibiotics being applied through the IV needle?

    "Many thanks for saving me. I still don't know how I can address you." Mo Wuji hurriedly expressed his gratitude.

    The youth laughed and waved his hand, "There's no need to be so courteous. It's just a simple matter. I'm Xian Zhiyang, I'm a student of the Faculty of Extraterrestrial Biology at Xing Wu University."

    Mo Wuji smiled, "It might be a simple matter for you, but it's far from simple for me. Oh right, I'm called Mo Wuji."

    Actually, Mo Wuji knew that even if Xian Zhiyang didn't save him, he shouldn't meet with any further injuries since he was on Earth. Even if he met with some wild animal, that animal wouldn't be able to harm him. His God Physique would definitely be too tough for the fangs of the animals here. This IV needle was different; it didn't pose any harm to his body.

    "Since you are fine, then you can go and settle the payment," After saying this to Xian Zhiyang, the nurse walked into the room and began tidying the medicines and the tools.

    "Alright Mo Wuji, you can follow me. After we pay the fees, we can go for a meal," Xian Zhiyang said jovially as he patted Mo Wuji's shoulder.

    Mo Wuji didn't have any bag. Although Xian Zhiyang didn't know where Mo Wuji got his ointment from, he was clear that Mo Wuji didn't have any cash or identity card with him.

    "Many thanks. The air here rather smelly, it's best if we leave soon," Mo Wuji said hurriedly. He seemed to feel that something was amiss. He decided that he was going to ask Xian Zhiyang some questions.

    Xian Zhiyang chuckled, "Wuji, the air here has been purified. Once we leave the hospital, you will have a real taste of what's smelly. However, our country is researching on a nationwide air purification device. When that time comes, things wouldn't be as bad as it is now."

    "Zhiyang, Xing Da Auxiliary Hospital seems rather old and dilapidated. How can it be the biggest hospital in Qi Shu City?" As he followed Xian Zhiyang to pay the bills, Mo Wuji took the opportunity to ask.

    Xian Zhiyang sighed, "The equipment here is already tens of years old. Qi Shi City cannot compare to other cities. Our city is not developed in terms of spatial navigation. After entering the Age of Space, the Earth's atmosphere was damaged the air was contaminated. The rich and powerful all chose to leave Earth and head for Planet Diyuan. Our country is considered one of the more powerful countries in the world; we own a piece of habitable land on Planet Diyuan. As long as one is capable, one would have the opportunity to go to Planet Diyuan."

    The two had already reached the payment counter. Mo Wuji saw Xian Zhiyang's receipt; it was $631. The key thing he saw was the date; the year 2077 was especially stunning.

    Since he left, half a century had already passed. He didn't know whether he would meet any familiar faces on this Earth.

    "Let's go, let's have a good meal. Oh right, where's your hometown? Why did you come to Qi Shu City?" Xian Zhiyang said in an extremely carefree matter after paying the fees.

    "It's Chang Luo. Thereafter, I worked at Jing Yang for a period of time. Oh right, I worked for Jing Yang's Xia Clan. Have you heard of it?" Mo Wuji was feeling rather absent-minded. Actually, he didn't really have the same urge to see Xia Ruoyin at this moment. Instead, he wanted to find Wen Xiaoqi. Was she doing well after these decades? Did she have grandchildren? Or had she gone to that Planet Diyuan that Xian Zhiyang mentioned?

    "I naturally know of Jing Yang's Xia Clan," Xian Zhiyang said to Mo Wuji with an expression of respect, "The Xia Clan has direct access to Planet Diyuan. In fact, they have their own spaceship. Xia Clan's body tempering fluid is something the entire world desires. It's said that Planet Diyuan isn't as safe as Earth. Even though the air there is clean and the environment is beautiful, there are actually plenty of fierce beasts..."

    As he said this, Xian Zhiyang seemed to recall something. He said to Mo Wuji, "Wuji, that ointment of yours is not bad too. It actually healed you in such a short period of time. You didn't even need any antibiotic injections. If you start a company and sell that ointment, you might be able to tap into a huge market in Planet Diyuan."

    Mo Wuji silently clenched his fists tightly. Xia Clan's body tempering fluid? That was his meridian opening fluid, ok? It was just that the formula that he kept in his notebook wasn't perfect and there were also some key ingredients and steps which he didn't write down. After Xia Ruoyin plotted against him, she didn't receive the exact formula.

    Clearly, Xia Clan's body tempering fluid was modified from that incomplete formula of his meridian opening fluid. However, he would definitely take back whatever belongs to him.

    "I don't have the formula. And that ointment was left behind from my ancestors. After I used it, it's gone." Mo Wuji was good at discerning people's character. He could tell that Xian Zhikang wasn't trying to use an indirect approach to obtain his formula.

    Expectedly, Xian Zhiyang sighed, "That's a pity... Wuji, The Xia Clan's space pharmaceutical company is one of the best in the world. It must have been hard for you to enter. Why did you leave?"

    Mo Wuji also sighed, "Because I wasn't good enough, I was chased out. I was almost killed too."

    Xian Zhiyang didn't to seem to have found it peculiar when Mo Wuji said that he was almost killed. In fact, it seemed like it was normal to him.

    By now, the two had already walked out of the hospital. Indeed, the air outside was far polluted compared to the air in the hospital; it was filled with an indescribable odour.

    Mo Wuji lifted his head and saw the dull grey sky. He sighed with deep emotions.

    Xian Zhiyang also sighed, "If not for that planet which exploded near the Solar System those years ago which destroyed Earth's atmosphere, the Earth wouldn't be as it is now."

    Even though Mo Wuji really wanted to ask about the explosion of that planet, he still resisted it. It would be weird if he didn't know of such a huge incident. However, after hearing Xian Zhiyang's words, Mo Wuji had a rough understanding of how Earth got here. It didn't seem to be entirely man-made. That also seemed right, when he left Earth those years ago, conservation and protection of the Earth's atmosphere were important matters.
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