Chapter 836: The Old Friend Is No Longer Here

    Chapter 836: The Old Friend Is No Longer Here

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    Leaving the hospital, Mo Wuji saw that there didn't seem to be many cars on the street. There were, however, streams of people and open shops. Clearly, this city was still considered quite lively.

    Perhaps they had grown used to it but the people on the street did not seem to notice the foul air.

    An hour later, Mo Wuji and Xian Zhiyang arrived at Xing Wu University. The entrance of Xing Wu University was rather majestic: two towering pillars were erected at the two sides, emanating an imposing aura.

    Xian Zhiyang pointed at the three words "Xing Wu University" and said, "Qi Shu City's Xing Wu University is not bad, it's one of the top twenty schools in the country. There are even some foreign students that pursue their studies here. I can bring you to the best canteen in the university. It's much cheaper than outside food and it tastes great too."

    Although Mo Wuji couldn't use his spiritual will, he was still an Immortal Emperor with a large scope of vision. The moment he entered the university, he noticed multiple environment cleaning machines. The air within the school was also much cleaner than the outside.

    Actually, besides his unfinished business here, Mo Wuji had another reason why he wanted to come to Earth. He could faintly feel that if he wanted to advance beyond the level of the Immortal Emperor Stage, he had to find a resolution to all his matters here on Earth.

    Mo Wuji wasn't clear why it was so. He cultivated the Mortal Dao, so he only had a faint feeling regarding this. Thus, Kun Wu could be said to have helped him obtain his wish. When he recovers his cultivation and leaves Earth, he would install an array around Earth. At the same time, he would try to restore Earth's environment to an optimal condition. He could take it as contributing to the land that he was born in.

    "We've arrived. It's here." The canteen that Xian Zhiyang mentioned was actually not far from the school's entrance.

    There weren't many people in the canteen. Just as Mo Wuji and Xian Zhiyang entered, they saw two women and one man leave.

    "Ya Qi, you're also..." Xian Zhiyang said subconsciously; then his gaze landed on that male student.

    Mo Wuji noticed a flustered expression appear on that Ya Qi's face. However, this woman's mental state was not bad; she was able to revert back to normal in a short time.

    "Zhiyang, why are you back in school? Didn't you go to the hospital..." This woman called Ya Qi replied with a question. She didn't even finish her sentence.

    The male student that was by Ya Qi's side extended his hand and said, "You should be Xian Zhiyang, right? My name is Feng Nan. I come from Jing Yang Star School. I'm a friend of Ya Qi's."

    Mo Wuji wasn't the same idiot in love that he used to be. The moment he saw that scene, he knew that there was something going on between Xian Zhiyang and this Ya Qi. They might even be in a relationship.

    Expectedly, Xian Zhiyang had an unpleasant expression on his face. He didn't respond to Feng Nan, nor did he extend his hand to return Feng Nan's handshake. Instead, he looked at Ya Qi and asked, "Ya Qi, when I asked you to follow me to the hospital, you said that you wanted to revise for the Star Grade Exam. Why are you here?"

    Ya Qi lowered her head awkwardly. An air of silence fell over them. After some time, she suddenly lifted her head and said, "Fellow student Zhiyang, you should know that I'm going to graduate this year. Going to Planet Diyuan has always been my only dream."

    She didn't go on any further. Even Mo Wuji understood what she was implying: Xian Zhiyang didn't meet her standards. Xian Zhiyang was probably a reserve. Since she had already met another one, she had to choose between the two.

    "Xian Zhiyang, you're really lacking in manners. There's no need to talk about how Ya Qi isn't your girlfriend. Even if she is, you shouldn't be so disrespectful to her classmates. This isn't about the details, doing this would not be any good to your future," The other female student frowned and said.

    That Ya Qi had a short hair and a round face. Even though she could be considered pretty, she was only a little above average. The girl that was scolding Xian Zhiyang, however, was much better. Her figure was slender, her skin was translucent and white, her facial features were refined, and her long hair reached her shoulders. She was much better than Ya Qi.

    Xian Zhiyang's face was slightly pale. Clearly, his heart was disturbed.

    Even though Mo Wuji knew that Xian Zhiyang's previous actions were indeed without grace, he still laughed and patted Xian Zhiyang's shoulder, "Zhiyang, there are plenty of other fish in the sea. You don't have to care too much about some matters."

    It was unknown whether Zhiyang had thought it through by himself, or Mo Wuji's words had taken effect. He looked at Ya Qi with a hint of reluctance, then he turned to that slender woman and said, "Tan Zhenman, you're right. I'm not even in a close relationship with Ya Qi. I was simply overthinking it."

    After saying this, Xian Zhiyang said to Mo Wuji, "Mo Wuji, let's go and have a good meal. My school canteen's mountain pelican is especially tasty."

    "That's the way. Let's go." Mo Wuji appreciated Xian Zhiyang's carefree and straightforward attitude

    "You're called Mo Wuji?" That woman called Tan Zhenman suddenly exclaimed.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "That's right, I'm called Mo Wuji. Is there anything wrong?"

    He didn't believe that Tan Zhenman recognised him. He had already left years for several decades. Moreover, he had wholeheartedly immersed himself in the research of herbs and plants back when he was here. His only red threads were with Wen Xiaoqi, who had a one-sided love for him, and Xia Ruoyin, who stabbed him in the back.

    "Oh, it's nothing. It's just that the name 'Mo Wuji' is too famous. That's why I was momentarily shocked," Tan Zhenman reacted and replied apologetically.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said, "May I request Student Tan to tell me why is the name Mo Wuji famous?"

    Seeing Mo Wuji clasped his fists, it wasn't just Tan Zhenman, but even Xian Zhiyang was astonished. Mo Wuji's robes already looked quite archaic. Now, he even showed courtesy through the clasping of his fists.

    Tan Zhenman said hurriedly, "There's nothing much. You will know it if you go to Jing Yang. Many people in Jing Yang know of Mo Wuji. Because many years ago, a gravestone appeared on Jingshou Mountain. There were two lines of words on the gravestone: Mo Wuji's Grave; Erected by Wen Xiaoqi."

    "Right, this isn't a bizarre thing. Everyone in Jing Yang knows about it," By the side, Feng Nan nodded and said.

    Even though Xian Zhiyang ignored his gesture for a handshake, he still behaved courteously.

    "Mo Wuji's Grave, Erected by Wen Xiaoqi..." Mo Wuji muttered to himself. In his eyes, a bashful but pretty girl appeared. Her name was Wen Xiaoqi.

    Perhaps after he died, the only person who remembered him was Wen Xiaoqi.

    "That gravestone looked like an ordinary piece of stone, but it was actually a rare piece of jade. Because of that gravestone, there was a conflict in Jing Yang..." Tan Zhenman noticed that Mo Wuji seemed to be at a loss, so she continued explaining.

    "Many thanks, Student Tan. Do you know where on Jingshou Mountain did this gravestone appear at? And where is it now? And did anyone investigate on that Wen Xiaoqi?" Mo Wuji suppressed the anxiety in his heart and he asked a chain of questions.

    Tan Zhenman nodded, "After that jade gravestone was discovered, investigations were carried out on Wen Xiaoqi. She seems to have been a lonely person who didn't get married. She had died and prior to her death, she had also requested to be buried on Jingshou Mountain. As for that jade gravestone, it was already long gone. A few other classmates and I have visited the gravestone site before."

    Wen Xiaoqi is dead?

    Mo Wuji felt that intense pain in his head once more. It felt as though millions of needles were stabbing his brain at the same time. His face instantly turned pale. This intense pain in his head, however, wasn't able to overwhelm the sadness and regret he felt in his heart. His eyes turned misty.

    Previously, he cried for Cen Shuyin. This time, he was crying for Wen Xiaoqi. He had returned far too late; he had no way of bringing Wen Xiaoqi away.

    A woman remained lonely all her life, all for a man who didn't give her any promise nor any chances. How much determination was required for that? How deep was her love?

    However, he didn't notice all this. She had always supported him from the back. She never asked for anything in return, nor did she hope for any sort of happy ending. Perhaps, Wen Xiaoqi only hoped to see his smile and to hear his greetings every morning.

    But he didn't even give her these. His heart had been focused on the research on the meridian opening solution. His love had also been given to that Xia Ruoyin, that backstabbing woman.

    "Mo Wuji, are you fine?" Xian Zhiyang asked anxiously.

    Mo Wuji wiped his eyes and shook his head, "I'm fine."

    Thereafter, he looked at Tan Zhenman and said, "Student Tan, I know that my words might sound rude. However, this matter is extremely important to me. Can you bring me to where the gravestone was discovered in Jingshou Mountain?"

    "Ah..." Tan Zhenman looked at Mo Wuji in astonishment. She could never have thought that Mo Wuji would have such an unreasonable request.

    She had no relations with Mo Wuji. Moreover, Mo Wuji looked sickly and his attire looked weird. If not for the fact that ancient Han clothing was in fashion, she would have really thought that Mo Wuji was a madman.

    However, she didn't have a bad impression of Mo Wuji. Even though Mo Wuji looked like he was in dire straits, he also seemed to give off an indescribable feeling. While Mo Wuji's clothing was old and tattered, his aura was actually clean and bright.

    "Zhiyang, Senior Mo is your friend?" What left Feng Nan and Ya Qi shocked was that Tan Zhenman actually didn't reject him directly. Instead, she asked Xian Zhiyang a question.

    Xian Zhiyang hurriedly said, "Wuji is a friend that I just made. He injured himself falling down Luo Yang Moutain. I was the one who brought him to the hospital."

    "Zhenman, why don't you draw a map for Mo Wuji. After all, this place is too far from Jing Yang," Feng Nan hurriedly said when he saw that Tan Zhenman actually seemed to be contemplating it.

    Right at this instant, the school's broadcasting system sounded, "Graduating students of Xing Wu University, please take notice. The Joint Space Navigation Federation will be accepting three students from our Kai Nam Province. As long as you pass the Three Star Exam, you will be able to take part in the selection. Registration will be at Qi Shu City's Observatory Plaza..."

    The announcement repeated a total of six times. Mo Wuji saw that all of them revealed an expression of longing; Xian Zhiyang seemed to have forgotten that he had just been ditched.

    "Ai, unfortunately, I haven't passed Three Star Exam..." Tan Zhenman sighed.

    "If you promise to follow me to Jingshou Mountain, I promise to coach you so that you would pass the three exams," Mo Wuji suddenly said. He didn't know what the Three Star Exam was. However, he believed that for an Immortal Emperor like him, it should be nothing.
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