Chapter 837: Slash Me

    Chapter 837: Slash Me

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    Before Tan Zhenman could say anything, it was Ya Qi who scolded harshly, "What nonsense are you uttering? Even the number one expert in the federation, Senior Xi Li, wouldn't dare to promise anyone a guaranteed pass in the Three Star Exam. That would require talent and qualifications. You actually dare to say such words?"

    Mo Wuji calmly looked at Ya Qi and said, "I'm different from you. When you do things, you take into account all considerations. Even when it comes to a boy-girl relationship, you find spares. If I'm not wrong, this Student Feng Nan should also be one of your spares, right? But the fact that you can make a decisive choice to change your spares is considered quite a character. On the other hand, I don't have many considerations. If I can do it, I will do it. If I can't do it, I will not consider any further."

    Not only did Mo Wuji notice that Ya Qi's affection towards Feng Nan wasn't deep, he also noticed that Feng Nan also seemed to care more about Tan Zhenman.

    "You..." Ya Qi's face turned crimson right but she was unable to explain anything.

    In reality, her kind of thinking was very normal. Xian Zhiyang's character was not bad and his family condition was also okay. If she was unable to get to Planet Diyuan, then Xian Zhiyang was indeed her best option. However, Xian Zhiyang's talent was clearly lacking. He definitely wouldn't be able to go to Planet Diyuan. Thus, if she could go to Planet Diyuan, Xian Zhiyang was definitely not suitable for her. On the other hand, Feng Nan has the opportunity to go to Planet Diyuan. In her perspective, her choice of Feng Nan was very normal.

    However, it was exactly as Mo Wuji said. If she found a target better than Feng Nan, she would cast Feng Nan aside. In this era, love was just an accessory; this was her, Lu Yaqi's ideology.

    "Zhenman, I personally don't have any opinions towards Senior Mo. It's just that Senior Mo's words are truly too shocking. Actually, Ya Qi is not wrong. Even if Senior Xi Li is here, he cannot guarantee anyone a pass in the Three Star Exam." Feng Nan didn't seem to express any opinion towards Mo Wuji's claim that he was another spare of Ya Qi's. Instead, he was extremely sincere in his advice.

    Xian Zhiyang didn't say a word. In his heart, he also thought that Mo Wuji's words were too impractical. It was truly too hard to pass the Three Star Exam. This was no conversational language exam. However, he was different from these people. He seemed to feel that Mo Wuji was not simple.

    What shocked everyone was that Tan Zhenman actually looked at Mo Wuji and said seriously, "Senior Mo, are your words true?"

    "They're true. As long as you're willing to bring me, I will make it happen," Mo Wuji said resolutely.

    "Alright, I believe you." Tan Zhenman actually nodded her head.

    Yaqi was filled with anxiety; she hurriedly grabbed Tan Zhenman's hand, "Zhenman, are you crazy? You actually believe such words?"

    A hint of frustration flashed across Tan Zhenman's eyes. She promptly shook her head and said, "Yaqi, my talent is incomparable to yours. You have the chance of passing the Three Star Exam, but I don't have that possibility. You also know what's waiting for me if I fail to pass the Three Star Exam. I'm truly not willing for that, ah..."

    Yaqi sank into silence. Tan Zhenman was also a descendant of a sizeable clan. In the Age of Space, beauty was useless. For clans, talent was the most important. Even if a girl was extremely pretty, she still wouldn't have much value to the clan. The only thing she could do was to help form ties between clans via marriage. That will help the clan form relations with more powerful clans. This fate was something that Tan Zhenman couldn't control.

    "Let's go. Follow me to my dorm. I will prepare some essentials, then I will immediately bring you to Jing Yang." Seeing Yaqi turn silent, Tan Zhenman looked and spoke to Mo Wuji resolutely.

    "Zhenman, I will also be returning to Jing Yang Star School. How about I follow you and Senior Mo," Feng Nan hurriedly said.

    Tan Zhenman shook her head, then she looked at Feng Nan and said, "Feng Nan, we're not suitable for each other. Moreover, we have our paths. You may be able to follow me once, but you can't follow me forever. Let's go, Senior Mo."

    "There's no need to call me senior. It's fine if you call me Mo Wuji. It's been a long time since I was a student." Mo Wuji felt some admiration towards this Tan Zhenman. She was very decisive; she didn't falter when she had made her decision.

    "..." When Feng Nan heard Tan Zhenman's words, he instantly felt embarrassed. Honestly, he did feel more affection towards Tan Zhenman than Lu Yaqi. If not because he knew that his chances with Tan Zhenman were lower, he would have chased after Tan Zhenman instead of Yaqi.

    Mo Wuji knew of Jingshou Mountain; it was incredibly big. If he could use his spiritual will, he probably wouldn't have needed Tan Zhenman's help. But now that he didn't have his spiritual will, it would be hard to find that gravestone on the vast Jingshou Mountain.

    "Mo Wuji, I'll send you." Xian Zhiyang hurriedly said when he saw that Tan Zhenman was willing to bring Mo Wuji to Jingshou Mountain.

    Mo Wuji stopped and said, "Zhiyang, many thanks for sending me to the hospital. When I leave now, I don't know whether we will be able to meet again. I wonder whether you have any plans?"

    Hearing Mo Wuji ask about his plans, Xian Zhiyang's eyes turned dim, "My talent is limited. It's already not bad if I can pass the Two Star Exam. Thus, I probably wouldn't have the opportunity to go to Planet Diyuan in my entire life. I only hope that after I graduate, I will be able to help my parents run their business. Perhaps if my business flourishes, I can use my capital to purchase the rights to go to Planet Diyuan."

    Mo Wuji patted Xian Zhiyang's shoulder and said, "I only have two things to tell you: 1. Don't go to Planet Diyuan. I've never been there before but I'm sure it isn't better than Earth; 2. If your business flourishes, all the more you shouldn't go to Planet Diyuan. Listen to my words, purchase large amounts of land from the developed cities. My words definitely will not be wrong."

    Mo Wuji wasn't blindly speaking. The universe was filled with countless of planets that have been destroyed by experts. If a planet like Planet Diyuan got discovered by experts, it would either be refined or destroyed in battle.

    He didn't know how Planet Diyuan was discovered but he was sure that Planet Diyuan wasn't as concealed as Earth. Earth should be one of the most concealed planets within the vast universe. Otherwise, it wouldn't have survived to this day.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji decided that he would install a huge array over Earth before he leaves. He would even install a grand array over the entire Solar System. If any expert does discover this system, they still wouldn't casually destroy his Grade 9 defensive array. This is because destroying this array would be forming a grudge against the person who installed the array. Even an Immortal Emperor wouldn't want to form an enmity with an expert who could install a Grade 9 immortal array, right?

    As he saw Mo Wuji and Tan Zhenman walk off into the distance, Xian Zhiyang had a sudden impulse. He wanted to defer his studies and stock up on land. Now, the rich and powerful have all left the planet. Earth's environment was now heavily contaminated and land had become the least valuable thing here.

    "You should not have given Xian Zhiyang that advice. Earth's environment is only getting worse. It's a matter of time before it collapses. At least he will get a chance of life at Planet Diyuan. What you're doing is breaking his fighting spirit," When they were in a distance, Tan Zhenman suddenly said.

    Mo Wuji didn't mind Tan Zhenman's words. One's words depended on one's knowledge and experience. With Tan Zhenman's knowledge and experience, there was nothing wrong with her saying such words. He also didn't have any intentions of advising Tan Zhenman to stay on Earth and to not take part in her whatever exam. That had nothing to do with him. He had only promised to help her pass her Three Star Exam.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji remained silent, Tan Zhenman didn't talk any further. She was indeed a unique person. In less than half an hour, she had already organised all her items and had brought Mo Wuji out of the university campus.

    "From Qi Shu to Jing Yang, the high-speed rail will take 6 hours while a flight will take 4 hours. How should we go?" Tan Zhenman asked the moment they left the campus. She was more eager than Mo Wuji since this was related to passing the Three Star Exam.

    Mo Wuji hesitated briefly before saying, "I lost my identification..."

    "Then we'll take the high-speed rail. I have a method of getting you through the checks," Before Mo Wuji could suggest a chartered car, Tan Zhenman directly interrupted him.


    Tan Zhenman truly wasn't bluffing. In an hour, she and Mo Wuji were already sitting on the high-speed rail towards Jing Yang City.

    Not only that, she even had a personal commercial box. Clearly, Tan Zhenman's family was really wealthy.

    "Senior Mo, I think it's more appropriate for me to call you by senior. After all, I still need your help to pass the Three Star Exam. Now that there are at least 6 hours till we reach Jing Yang, I wonder whether Senior Mo can use this time to instruct me as to how I can pass the Three Star Exam?" The moment the train roared into action, Tan Zhenman locked the room and directly asked Mo Wuji about his promise.

    Mo Wuji nodded and asked, "First, tell me what's tested in the Three Star Exam. What are the requirements?"

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Tan Zhenman stared at Mo Wuji blankly. At the next instant, her eyes were filled with anger and disappointment. Mo Wuji didn't even know what's tested in the Three Star Exam but he still assured her that he would help her pass. Her mind must have been malfunctioning. Why did she actually believe such a person?

    After some time, the anger and disappointment within Tan Zhenman's eyes gradually faded. It was replaced by helplessness and acceptance.

    "Ha..." Tan Zhenman sighed. She slowly said to Mo Wuji, "Just take it as I gave you a free ride. I will stop at the next station. Thereafter, you will walk your own path while I will traverse my own."

    Mo Wuji knew what Tan Zhenman was thinking. He looked at Tan Zhenman and said calmly, "It's not because I'm inferior that I don't know about the Three Star Exam. Conversely, it's because the Three Star Exam is too inferior. It's inferior to the point where I didn't even care about understanding it. Now, it's because I need your help to lead the way that I chose to lower myself to learn about this exam. If not for your help to lead the way, I wouldn't care about how you choose to walk your path. Now, the only thing I can do is for you to believe me."

    As he got here, Mo Wuji turned to Tan Zhenman's bag and said, "If I'm not wrong, you have a knife in your bag. You can take your knife out and slash my arm."

    "You want me to use my Tan Clan's knife to slash you?" Tan Zhenman's eyes went wide open. She even suspected that she had met with a madman. The rise of the Tan Clan was due to their tools and equipment. Some people that head towards Planet Diyuan even purchased equipment from the Tan Clan. Now, Mo Wuji actually asked her to slash him with one of the Tan Clan's knives. Didn't he know that the Tan Clan's knives were even capable of slashing through one's skull?
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