Chapter 838: Recovering The Spirit Storage Channel

    Chapter 838: Recovering The Spirit Storage Channel

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    "That's right. You didn't hear wrongly." Mo Wuji extended his arm. Inside, he was filled with helplessness. Now, he really had nothing else besides his insanely strong body. If he could use even a strand of his spiritual will, he wouldn't suggest such a thing.

    Tan Zhenman looked at Mo Wuji seriously and said, "Mo Wuji, my Tan Clan rose with our knives. Even experts qualified to go to Planet Diyuan would purchase weapons from my Tan Clan. The knife in my hand, in particular, is a peak grade product of my Tan Clan. You sure you want me to slash you?"

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "That's right. Just do it. I hope that after you slash me, you will hurry and tell me about the Three Star Exam. I don't really have that much time."

    To Mo Wuji, time was indeed the most precious thing. His sea of consciousness had been split apart and he definitely wouldn't be able to use his spiritual will. Now, his only hope was to forcibly open his storage ring. That way, he would have a strand of hope. Alternatively, he could forcibly try and enter his Undying World.

    As for the knife, although he lost his cultivation, even low-grade immortal equipment wouldn't be able to cause an injury to his body.

    "Alright." Tan Zhenman was extremely straightforward. With a quick movement of her hand, she retrieved the knife from her bag. She didn't even slow down as she slashed that knife down towards Mo Wuji's hand.

    Seeing Tan Zhenman's actions, Mo Wuji could tell that this girl was experienced with battles. Otherwise, she wouldn't have such fluid movements. Clearly, she had some confidence when she decided to follow him to Jing Yang by herself.

    As Mo Wuji saw the knife descend, he felt speechless. This slash was clearly a false move. From the looks of it, Tan Zhenman still believed that he was lying to her.

    Indeed, the knife suddenly stopped just as it was a few centimetres away from Mo Wuji's arm.

    Tan Zhenman looked at Mo Wuji in astonishment, "You're really not dodging?"

    Mo Wuji looked at Tan Zhenman calmly, "My time is really limited. If you really trust me, then you should tell me what's tested in that Three Star Exam. If you don't trust me, then hurry and slash me."

    "Alright!" Tan Zhenman didn't raise the knife in her hand. Instead, she pressed it down softly. With the sharpness of her Tan Clan's knife, even a light pressure should be enough to cut Mo Wuji.

    If her knife cut through Mo Wuji's skin and Mo Wuji still wanted her to slash him, then she would no longer care about this madman.

    Immediately, Tan Zhenman was stunned. At the start, she only used a little strength. Towards the end, she used more force. However, her knife was unable to even cut through Mo Wuji's skin.

    "You cultivate the Steel Sleeve Technique?" Tan Zhenman suddenly recalled a martial art from a novel.

    Mo Wuji was too lazy to answer Tan Zhenman. He directly closed his eyes and he tried to slowly communicate with his spiritual will. In merely a breath's time, that soul-stabbing pain caused Mo Wuji to give up on that crazy idea.

    When Tan Zhenman saw Mo Wuji ignoring her, she lifted her knife by 1 inch then slashed down, then 2 inches...

    After ten consecutive times, she was sure that Mo Wuji's arm was truly very tough. She then decided to slash at Mo Wuji in earnest. Even so, she still subconsciously retracted her force as her knife approached Mo Wuji's arm.

    Even after that slash, there wasn't even a white mark left on Mo Wuji's skin.

    Tan Zhenman gritted her teeth. This time, she didn't have any intentions of holding back. She raised her knife. Almost drawing an entire arc, she forcefully sliced down towards Mo Wuji's arm.

    At the most, she would send Mo Wuji to the hospital and help him reattach his arm. Thus, this knife contained her intentions of slicing Mo Wuji's entire arm off.

    As this knife approached Mo Wuji's arm, Mo Wuji actually felt a hint of killing intent.

    "Bang!" The knife directly rebounded off Mo Wuji's arm. The power of the rebound actually sent Tan Zhenman moving backwards, slamming against the door of the commercial box.

    Tan Zhenman looked at Mo Wuji in shock. This was the first time she witnessed such a bizarre incident. Even if the federation's number one expert, Xi Li, got struck by that slash, his arm would be heavily injured, right? Now, she didn't even see a single mark on Mo Wuji's arm.

    What did this mean?

    Tan Zhenman's heart suddenly burned with fervour. This meant that Mo Wuji was truly someone with capabilities. If that was true, then that would mean that Mo Wuji could actually be able to guide her to pass the Three Star Exam.

    "Big Brother Mo..." Tan Zhenman didn't dare to call Mo Wuji by his name, she didn't even call him senior anymore.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't reply. She could see that Mo Wuji's eyes were closed and he seemed to be deep in something. His brows were continuously twitching, as though he was being tortured by a great pain.

    Could he have been injured by that slash? Tan Zhenman soon cast that idea aside. Her slash didn't even leave a mark on Mo Wuji's arm, how could it have injured Mo Wuji?

    She didn't dare to interrupt Mo Wuji. Instead, she carefully kept her knife. After she kept her knife, she finally felt the intense pain around her body. That rebound just now had actually caused her muscles to ache.

    "Is there anything you need help with?" A service attendant's voice sounded from the outside of the box.

    Tan Zhenman hurriedly said, "No need, no need. We are busy."

    The attendant heard Tan Zhenman's words, shook his head and left. The wealthy really know how to entertain themselves. To think that they would do such a thing in the commercial box of a train.


    At this instant, Mo Wuji was completely oblivious to what Tan Zhenman was doing. That hint of killing intent exuded by Tan Zhenman actually stimulated his breath scattering channel. Currently, he was trying to link with his breath scattering channel. As long as he got communicate with the breath scattering channel, he could use it communicate with the other meridians.

    Mo Wuji no longer dared to count on his sea of consciousness. Now, he could only place his hope on his spirit storage channel.

    "Crack!" Mo Wuji finally communicated with his breath scattering channel. He forcefully suppressed his agitation as he got his breath scattering channel to begin its circulation.

    Earth didn't have any spiritual energy but Mo Wuji's meridians were filled with elemental energy.

    After forming one complete circulation, his breath scattering channel then linked with his second meridian. After the two meridians finished a circulation, they connected with the third meridian.

    Fourth, fifth...

    When Mo Wuji finally communicated with all 108 meridians successfully, he opened his eyes in agitation. His injuries were heavy and he was currently unable to recover. However, this was not important. Now, he had obtained the chance to recover.

    Seeing Mo Wuji sit still without moving, Tan Zhenman didn't dare to interrupt him. She seemed to feel a majestic energy circulating around Mo Wuji. This gave her a peculiar feeling. She felt like she was young again and she was looking up towards the grand space through a telescope. The current Mo Wuji actually gave her the same impression as space; they were both majestic and unfathomable.

    "Big Brother Mo..." Seeing Mo Wuji open his eyes, Tan Zhenman cried out once more.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand. Thereafter, he popped an entire vase of Zhi Nature Pills in his mouth, then he threw out a pile of green crystals around himself.

    In merely a few breaths time, Mo Wuji kept his green crystals. He sighed emotionally; it truly wasn't simple for him to heal his sea of consciousness.

    Mo Wuji only revealed his green crystals for a short moment. However, during that short moment, Tan Zhenman actually felt like an entire century had passed. The moment she glanced at those crystals, she felt her brain clearing up significantly. In fact, that instant could be the greatest instance of clarity in her entire life.

    She almost wanted to beg Mo Wuji to give her one green crystal. She would rather have it than to pass the Three Star Exam.

    Mo Wuji looked at Tan Zhenman, whose eyes were now glued to him. He said, "If you are willing to trust me, then tell me what's tested in the Three Star Exam. Oh right, because I have always been learning the martial arts with my master in the depths of the mountains, I don't really have an understanding of the outside world. You can also tell me about the critical matters regarding the Age of Space."

    In reality, the moment Mo Wuji managed to communicate with his spirit storage channel, he no longer needed Tan Zhenman's help. It wouldn't be a problem for his spirit storage channel to search one Jingshou Mountain.

    This was why Mo Wuji's meridian cultivation was so impressive. If he was any other cultivator, he would be crippled the moment his sea of consciousness collapses. Even though Mo Wuji didn't have his sea of consciousness, he had his spirit storage channel and his elemental storage channel.

    Tan Zhenman slowly regained her composure. Her eyes flashed with an indescribable glee, "I believe you, Big Brother Mo. After Earth entered the Age of Space, the 200 over countries on Earth formed the Space Navigation Federation Control Centre. Every person, organisation, or country that wishes to go to space must apply through the control centre.

    After discovering that Planet Diyuan was habitable, the Spatial Navigation Federation moved to Planet Diyuan. At the same time, the talents on Earth could use the various methods offered by the federation to get to Planet Diyuan. Getting to Planet Diyuan through school is the simplest way. One would only need to pass the selection test. However, not everyone would get a chance to take part in the selection test. Only those that pass the Three Star Exam get to have the rights to participate.

    It's very hard for those that aren't in schools to get to Planet Diyuan. For these people, they have to pass the challenges. During these challenges, they would fight with various kinds of beasts. One can only enter Planet Diyuan after succeeding in three challenges. In reality, I heard that out of everyone ten thousand people that take the challenge, not more than 20 would succeed. A majority of those that fail either die or suffer heavy injuries."

    Mo Wuji said, "You're saying that if I help you to pass the Three Star Exam, you would only obtain the rights to compete with others to enter Planet Diyuan? You're not guaranteed an entrance to Planet Diyuan?"

    Tan Zhenman nodded, "Yes. Actually, it's already very hard to pass the Three Star Exam. Xing Da University doesn't even have ten people that pass the exams every year. I have already passed the One Star and Two Star Exams. However, I have failed the Three Star Exam three times. The Three Star Exam has a theory and a practical portion. Most people can pass the theory portion. You only need to work hard and study. However, the practical portion is hard. It composes of the endurance test, gravity test, strength test, poison resistance test, physical resistance test, senses test..."

    Mo Wuji stopped Tan Zhenman from speaking. He already understood; this was a test of multiple capabilities, "I understand now. I have two options for you..."
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