Chapter 839: Returning To Jingshou Mountain

    Chapter 839: Returning To Jingshou Mountain

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    "What are the two options?" Tan Zhenman did not seem to be able to hold it in when she asked this question.

    "The first method is for me to help you to complete three challenges in an hour... no, in less than an hour. Of course, with what I will be teaching you, it should be easy for you to pass any tests..."

    Before Mo Wuji could finish speaking, Tan Zhenman said earnestly and anxiously, "Big Brother Mo, you're saying that if you help for the next hour, I will definitely be able to pass the Three Star Exam? Not only that, I can also place among the top three in the federation's selection?"

    "That's right," Mo Wuji nodded, "not only that, even if you choose not to take the exam, but go for those free-for-all challenges, you will still be able to pass and enter Planet Diyuan."

    Even though Mo Wuji didn't know what's the difference between the Joint Space Navigation Federation and Earth's Space Navigation Federation [1], he couldn't be bothered to ask about it.

    "Big Brother Mo, is what you're saying true? Only 20 to 30 people out of 10,000 actually pass the challenges..." Tan Zhenman was so agitated that her voice was trembling slightly.Mo Wuji said with certainty, "My words weigh more than gold."

    His 108 meridians had already been fully linked. Even though his sea of consciousness hadn't recovered, his current abilities could still put him at the top of the Immortal World. If he helped Tan Zhenman and she still wasn't even able to deal with some puny animals, then he would be a fake Immortal Emperor.

    "I'm willing. I choose this method." Tan Zhenman didn't hesitate to say.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart, "You're not willing to hear my second option?"

    Even though Tan Zhenman's temperament was not bad, it seems like she was still not suitable to be his disciple. She should have kept her cool and waited for him to say both his options before she made her decision, right?

    The reason why he suddenly considered of accepting Tan Zhenman as a disciple was because Tan Zhenman had really helped him. If not for Tan Zhenman's slash, his breath scattering channel wouldn't have been stimulated. Consequently, his other meridians wouldn't have been stimulated. This was especially important for his spirit storage channel and his elemental storage channel.

    This time, his sea of consciousness had suffered a terrible damage. Even his Star Sea Sacred Technique and his Zhi Nature Pills weren't able to do much. Thus, he could only depend on his spirit storage channel. Even though it was going to be a long and arduous process, it was only made possible due to that slash.

    Moreover, Tan Zhenman was relatively kind; she did more than 10 probing slashes before she finally decided to go all out. Mo Wuji even left his legacy behind on Planet Heavenly Crow. Naturally, he intended to leave behind a part of his legacy on Earth, and that person definitely couldn't be a bloodthirsty person.

    Xian Zhiyang was not bad, but Mo Wuji only needed a single glance at Xian Zhiyang to tell that his innate talent could not make it. In a place sparse in spiritual energy like Earth, lacking talent as well was simply a waste of time. He wouldn't spend his time to slowly develop a disciple with his meridian opening solution. Thus, he could only give Xian Zhiyang some riches.

    Tan Zhenman's face was slightly red; she knew that she had been too agitated and had lost her calm. She asked awkwardly, "Big Brother Mo, what's this second option?"

    "The second option is for you to give up on Planet Diyuan and accept me as your master. I will teach you for one month, and your results after this one month will depend on you," Mo Wuji said solemnly.

    He was an Immortal Emperor. Even in a place lacking in spiritual energy like Earth, a month was more than enough to help Tan Zhenman step into the Yuan Dan Stage and walk the path of cultivation.

    "Ah..." Tan Zhenman uttered. She didn't know how she should reject Mo Wuji. The first option allowed her to fulfil her wish to go to Planet Diyuan. On the other hand, the second option was for her to learn under Mo Wuji for only a month, and she even had to give up on Planet Diyuan.

    Mo Wuji only needed a single glance at Tan Zhenman's expression to know what she was thinking. His heart was slightly disappointed as he said, "You only have one chance to choose. After this choice, you can no longer change it. I will not give you another chance to change."

    Tan Zhenman pursed her lips, "Big Brother Mo, I choose the first option: To have the ability to pass the federation's test after one hour."

    "Alright. Sit in front of me with your back facing me." Mo Wuji didn't waste any words. Since Tan Zhenman had already made her choice, he wasn't going to explain any further. Every individual's path was decided by oneself. Whether the decision was right or wrong, every individual must take the responsibility of the consequences. In Tan Zhenman's perspective, she chose the option which she found the most beneficial to her; in her right, it wasn't a wrong option.

    "Yes." Tan Zhenman excitedly sat in front of Mo Wuji with her back facing him.

    Mo Wuji's voice gently sounded beside her ear, "Close your eyes. Try to calm yourself down, from your body to your mind..."

    Tan Zhenman followed according to Mo Wuji's instructions. Suddenly, she felt a warm sensation flowing down from the top of her head. At this moment, she felt like she had entered a hot spring. The hot spring seemed to continuously cleanse the dirt on her body.

    It was truly dirt. At this instant, Tan Zhenman even felt the dirt within her body oozing out of her. She wanted to open her eyes and take a look, but her eye bags felt too heavy; she was completely unable to open her eyes.

    After an unknown amount of time, her brain suddenly felt like it was being washed with ice-cold water. Her mind gradually got clearer. Countless of information was entering her brain; a complete fist art and a complete knife art appeared within her mind. Thereafter, there was an art of agility.

    Just when Tan Zhenman was hoping that this feeling could carry on forever, it suddenly disappeared without a trace.

    Tan Zhenman suddenly opened her eyes and she saw Mo Wuji looking at her calmly.

    "Big Brother Mo, I..."

    Tan Zhenman merely said half a sentence but she could feel that something was different. It felt as though her entire body was lighter. At the same time, her mind felt clearer. She suspected that if someone gave her a profound text now, she could memorise it without missing a single word.

    She clearly didn't have a proper training in martial arts but she felt strong and self-confident. She was sure that even a strong martial artist wouldn't even be able to do anything to her.

    Tan Zhenman subconsciously stood up, then she suddenly punched out;

    "Bam!" The teacups in the box room were directly smashed into pieces by her punch.

    Mo Wuji said, "I've helped you to wash your marrows and clean your channels. I've also incribed some things within your mind. Of course, you would still need to go through several days of practice for all these to set in. Thereafter, you would be ready to take part in the exam. Remember to practise your fist art every day. Even though it can't increase your longevity, it would be able to help increase your inner energy."

    Tan Zhenman didn't even respond to Mo Wuji's words. She felt that all this was so unreal. However, she could clearly feel the changes to her body.

    "That's not right. Big Brother Mo, I remembered that my body seemed to secrete a lot of dirt..." Tan Zhenman finally recalled what happened to her body not long ago.

    Mo Wuji pointed to an egg-sized ball of dirt in the rubbish bin and said, 'Those are the impurities within your body. I helped you to expel them."

    That was a simple impurity removing technique. To Mo Wuji, the marrow cleansing process was even harder. Of course, it was impossible for him to raise Tan Zhenman's potential indefinitely. After all, he only had one spirit storage channel and the recovery of his sea of consciousness depended on his spirit storage channel. Even though the Zhi Nature Pill could replenish spiritual will, he didn't have much Zhi Nature Pills left either.

    Moreover, before his sea of consciousness was completely recovered, he didn't dare to casually concoct pills.

    "The train has arrived at Qi Kou. Passengers heading to Qi Kou, please take note..."

    An announcement came from the train's system. Mo Wuji stood up, "Go back and acclimatise yourself for a few days. Then, you should be ready to take the exam. I will get off now."

    "Big Brother Mo, you don't need me to follow you to Jing Yang?" Tan Zhenman asked hurriedly.

    Mo Wuji replied, "Yes. I suddenly have a method to find that place. I no longer need you to accompany me."

    With that, Mo Wuji opened the door to the box and left with the crowd.

    It was only until Mo Wuji disappeared into the crowd that Tan Zhenman suddenly realised that she had countless questions that she wanted to ask Mo Wuji. By the time she anxiously left the train, Mo Wuji had already disappeared.

    Tan Zhenman started to quicken her footsteps. She seemed to have a feeling like she had missed out on something.

    However, just as she used strength in her footsteps, she suddenly sprang forward by several meters.

    In her shock, Tan Zhenman stopped moving. Thereafter, she ignored the surprised gazes as she left the scene swiftly. She finally understood the meaning behind Mo Wuji's words; she needed some time to get used to her new power.

    Now that Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel had recovered, he naturally didn't need Tan Zhenman to follow him. He could directly fly to Jing Yang and with his spirit storage channel, he could easily search through the entire Jingshou Mountain.


    Jingshou Mountain. This wasn't an unfamiliar place; Mo Wuji had been here before.

    Jingshou Mountain was near Jing Yang City, and it could be considered the tallest mountain within Jing Yang. Back when Mo Wuji first came here, he felt the majesty of Jingshou Mountain. With Jing Yang River nearby, Jingshou Mountain had an additional sense of loftiness.

    Even though Jingshou Mountain was near the river, this place didn't develop into a tourist site. This was because Jingshou Mountain didn't have any other special characteristics besides its height.

    Today, Mo Wuji paid another visit to Jingshou Mountain. Now, Jingshou Mountain had turned bare and was littered with grey rock and sand. Jing Yang River seemed to have dried up a long time ago; now, its riverbed was filled with all sorts of rubbish.

    Mo Wuji stood at the peak of Jingshou Mountain. He remained silent without speaking. If Wen Xiaoqi knew that the Jing Yang River below Jingshou Mountain would become a trash dump, she definitely wouldn't have chosen this place to be his grave.

    After a simple sigh, Mo Wuji sent his spiritual will out.

    Jingshou Mountain wasn't small. But with Mo Wuji's cultivation, he didn't need a long time to penetrate into every bit of Jingshou Mountain.

    In merely ten minutes, Mo Wuji landed on the side of the mountain next to Jing Yang River. He opened his hand and grabbed a button from the ground.

    Even though he was in his second life, Mo Wuji could still feel that this was the button from the clothes that he was wearing when he was on Earth. This should be the place that Wen Xiaoqi chose to be his grave.

    [1] The second one is referring to the control centre established by the 200 over countries.
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