Chapter 840: Examination

    Chapter 840: Examination

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    Besides this button, there was no other of his belongings. Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel's spiritual will scanned the surroundings once more; in a short time, he understood what was going on.

    This place had been excavated, and it was excavated more than once. He clenched his fists tightly, killing intent revolved around him.

    If he knew who was the one that excavated this place, it didn't matter who that person was; it didn't matter if that person was an ordinary person, he would not hesitate to reduce that person to ashes.

    He got a second chance at life, so his corpse wasn't that important. However, Wen Xiaoqi's corpse was also in the area. Now that this place had been excavated like this, where on Earth could he find Wen Xiaoqi's corpse?

    After a long time, the gloominess in his heart gradually receded. Mo Wuji decided that he would first find a place to recover his cultivation. Regardless whether Wen Xiaoqi's corpse was still in Jingshou Mountain, he would still find Wen Xiaoqi's relatives.

    An hour later, Mo Wuji sold some jade stools at a jade equipment shop. Thereafter, he rented a remote room in Jing Yang City and started to recover his sea of consciousness.

    He didn't know how long this seclusion would last; thus, he had no means of staying at a hotel.


    Qi Shu City was the provincial capital of Kai Nam Province. However, it wasn't very famous within the country. And when compared to the entire world, Qi Shu City could only be considered a small city. There were even many people that had never heard of it. But because the Joint Space Navigation Federation was recruiting three graduating students here, the inconspicuous Qi Shu City had suddenly brimmed with activity.

    Countless people streamed towards Qi Shu City. They all had the same goal: To obtain one of the three places to Planet Diyuan.

    The public announcement by the Joint Space Navigation Federation was very clear, that was only students from Kai Nam Province could take part in the examinations. However, the ones truly taking part in the examination wasn't limited to native students from Kai Nam Province; there were even foreign students as well.

    Since the federation made the announcement, the busiest people weren't from the federation itself. Instead, they were from the various universities in Kai Nam Province. This was because countless students were trying to use their connections to enrol in the various universities in Kai Nam Province.

    Everyone was clear that when compared to going through the three challenges, passing the federation's test as a student was less dangerous and had higher rates of success.

    Qi Shu City's Observatory Plaza. Not only was this one of the biggest public plazas in Qi Shu City, it was also where the examinations were being held. Thereafter, the Joint Space Navigation Federation's selection was also going to be conducted in the same plaza.

    Because the Joint Space Navigation Federation was soon going to accept three students from Kai Nam Province, there were many students coming here to take part in the Three Star Exam.

    Currently, Tan Zhenman was sitting calmly in the hall. She had already reported her name but because there were too many people, she had to sit here and wait.

    Don't simply look at how her Tan Clan was a relatively powerful clan. In this sort of examination site, the Tan Clan also wouldn't have the qualifications to make use their relations. This was even more so for a female of the Tan Clan; if the Tan Clan had some relations that they could tap on, they would reserve it for a male descendant.

    There were many students waiting in the hall. They were all engaged in their own discussions about the topics tested in the Three Star Exam. At the same time, they were discussing the various little tricks and tips they could employ during the different tests.

    Tan Zhenman didn't engage in such discussions. She had come to take part in this examination by herself; she didn't even tell any of her classmates.

    After a month of training, Tan Zhenman's heart was especially clear that what Mo Wuji had taught her was extremely dumbfounding. No, it shouldn't be 'taught her' but 'gave her'. She merely spent one month to adapt to her new abilities and knowledge.

    If it was the previous her, she definitely wouldn't believe that she could jump over this 8m-tall wall in front of her. There was no need to talk about 8m; even if it was 4m or 5m, she still wouldn't be able to get over it with her full effort. Moreover, that was even after she had trained hard for the Three Star Exam. But now, this 8m-tall wall was nothing. She only needed to jump up with her feet; she didn't even need to use her hands.

    She was very clear that if she had another few months to train, there was no need to talk about 8 meters, even if it was something taller, she would still be able to get over it. The Three Star Exam was exactly as Mo Wuji had told her - it really wasn't anything much. She had 100% certainty that she was able to pass it.

    When Mo Wuji left, Tan Zhenman was wondering why she felt like she had lost something. Now, she could faintly feel that she had lost the greatest opportunity in her life.

    What she gained was something beyond her wildest dreams. Tan Zhenman knew that if she became Mo Wuji's disciple, these gains would only be a fraction of what she could get. Now, she was sure that Mo Wuji was definitely an heir to a powerful martial artist; he was definitely a man of substance.

    The only thing she couldn't understand was why she had to stay on Earth if she wanted to be Mo Wuji's disciple.

    "This junior, are you also here to take part in the Three Star Exam?" A robust-looking youth walked to Tan Zhenman and sat down beside her. He invited himself to a conversation.

    "Yes." Tan Zhenman answered indifferently.

    This robust youth did not seem to mind Tan Zhenman's indifference. Instead, he grinned and extended his hand, "Let me introduce myself, my name is Gong Xuefeng, I'm from Ping Hai's Gong Clan and I'm a student of Hai Tong Aviation University. Now, I have transferred to Xing Wu University and I'm also here to take part in the Three Star Exam."

    Tan Zhenman didn't extend her hand. She only nodded and said, "Hello. Tan Zhenman. Also from Xing Wu."

    If it was one month ago, she would definitely have stood up and introduced herself to this Gong Clan's Gong Xuefeng. In terms of clan history, her Tan Clan wasn't even a tiny dot in front of the Gong Clan.

    But today's Tan Zhenman knew that even if the entire Gong Clan was in front of her, they would still be far inferior to that mysterious Big Brother Mo.

    Unfortunately, she didn't know where Mo Wuji came from. Half a month ago, she wanted to ask Xian Zhiyang about it. However, Xian Zhiyang had actually quit school and had disappeared. Tan Zhenman suspected that Xian Zhiyang really listened to Mo Wuji's words to give up on Planet Diyuan and purchase land on Earth.

    Currently, all the wealthy people on Earth wanted to go to Planet Diyuan. Land was the least valuable thing left on Earth.

    When Gong Xuefeng saw that Tan Zhenman still dismissed him even after he stated his background, he was slightly infuriated. This had never happened before. Just as he was about to continue speaking, his name was announced. Following which, he heard Tan Zhenman's name. He was actually in the same examination batch as Tan Zhenman.

    Tan Zhenman took in a deep breath and stood up. Then, she walked towards the Three Star Exam's physical examination site.

    Although she was sure that she would be able to pass the Three Star Exam, she was still feeling slightly nervous. After all, any student that could pass the Three Star Exam was an incredible existence. There was no need to talk about how they would be respected in their schools; even their clans would focus resources on them.

    Even if they weren't able to go to Planet Diyuan, anyone that passed the Three Star Exam would have a high status on Earth; it was a status that an ordinary person could never hope of comparing to.

    The first event of the Three Star Exam's physical examination was the Gravity Test. The Gravity Test was different from the Endurance Test; the Endurance Test was still separated into minor tests such as Heat Endurance, Cold Endurance, etc. There was only one test in the Gravity Test, that was to cross nine gravity steps.

    The gravitational force on these nine steps increased gradually. Ordinary people that have never trained in their lives definitely wouldn't be able to withstand these nine gravity steps. By the time they reached the final two steps, they wouldn't even be able to lift their thighs. Bones fracturing due to the pressure was a common sight. Some wealthier clans would purchase the body tempering solution from the Xia Clan. After using the solution to temper their bodies, they would attempt the Gravity Test.

    However, most people were like Tan Zhenman, they could only go through this test with their own innate talents.

    Tan Zhenman was sure that if she hadn't met Mo Wuji, she would never pass this Gravity Test in her entire life. If she couldn't even pass the Gravity Test, then there was no need to even mention the other tests.

    As she stood in front of the nine gravity steps, Tan Zhenman actually calmed down. She lifted her feet and placed it on the first gravity step. The pressure, that she used to be unable to endure, actually didn't seem to affect her at all. She subconsciously turned to see the people falling off the steps around her; her heart was increasingly filled with gratitude towards Mo Wuji.

    Even though this physical examination wasn't life-threatening like the Three Challenges, injuries were still a common sight.

    The second step, third step...

    Tan Zhenman casually climbed up the nine steps and easily passed the Gravity Test.

    Just as Tan Zhenman passed the Gravity Test, an automatic announcement sounded, "Examinee Tan Zhenman has passed the Gravity Test. Please head down to the next test room for your Endurance Test."

    In the Examination Score Calculation Office, a man and a woman were engaged in a conversation. It was unknown what they were talking about but the two of them seemed to be increasingly absorbed in it. In reality, for such an examination, the Examination Score Calculation Office was merely there to handle minor inquiries. Once an examinee enters the test rooms, the tests would run automatically. Even the points were automatically allocated by the system; no one could externally change the scores.

    The two of them heard the announcement regarding Tan Zhenman passing the Gravity Test but they didn't pay much heed to it. After all, the Gravity Test was only the first test.

    However, on the huge display screen behind them, a row of words appeared: Tan Zhenman, Three Star Exam Gravity Test Score - 100.

    It was one thing to pass the Gravity Test, but another to score 100 points. It's rumoured that since the inception of the Three Star Exam Gravity Test, less than 10 people in the entire Earth attained full marks of 100 points. Planey Diyuan's number one expert, Xi Li, was one of the few that scored 100 points.

    If the two of them saw the score, perhaps they would have been stupefied. Then, they would run off in a fluster to inform their higher-ups.

    This was the first time Tan Zhenman came to the Endurance Test Room. She had attempted the Three Star Exam several times before but she had always been eliminated in the very first round.

    The moment she entered the room, Tan Zhenman saw an orange flame. In front of the orange flame, there was a line of words: Walk into the fire. The temperature of this fire wasn't exceptionally high. Moreover, if the examinee faints or suffers heavy injuries while within the fire, the fire would be immediately extinguished and help would be sent over.

    Tan Zhenman walked into the fire. She only felt some slight heat. Ten minutes later, she got past the fire and walked into an icy-cold pool.
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