Chapter 841: Huge Stir

    Chapter 841: Huge Stir

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    Tan Zhenman walked out of the Three Star Exam's building; a feeling of emptiness appeared in her heart. One month ago, passing the Three Star Exam was her greatest dream. But now, after passing the Three Star Exam, she discovered that she had lost the goal that she was fighting for.

    She once heard that the person who passed the Three Star Exam in the shortest time was Senior Xi Li; he only needed one day. This was because rest was allowed after every test. On the other hand, Tan Zhenman didn't even use two hours. Moreover, this was even when some tests required her to spend a fixed amount of time during the test. Otherwise, her time would have been shorter.

    At this instant, participating in the Joint Space Navigation Federation's selection wasn't important to her anymore. With her current abilities, she could easily go use the 'challenge' method to get to Planet Diyuan. There was completely no need for her to fight with others for those three placings.

    Tan Zhenman lowered her head to look at the Star Grade Watch on her wrist. Previously, there were only two stars on the watch. Now that she had passed the Three Star Exam, there was an additional star on the watch. This watch was a symbol of her status. Even if she didn't go to Planet Diyuan and stayed on Earth, she would still be respected everywhere she goes.

    Moreover, the three stars on her watch were gold. Only students that got full marks for the Three Star Exam would obtain gold stars.

    According to Tan Zhenman's understanding, Senior Xi Li was the only other person with three golden stars.

    Senior Xi Li? Tan Zhenman smiled with self-contempt. This senior probably wouldn't even be able to withstand a slap from Mo Wuji.

    A feeling of regret rose in Tan Zhenman's heart. She had made the wrong choice.

    As she looked at the bustling Observatory Plaza ahead of her, Tan Zhenman suddenly clenched her fist. She decided to give up on this struggle for those three places. With her abilities, she could go to Planet Diyuan at any time she wanted. Perhaps, what was most important to her now was to find that Big Brother Mo Wuji.

    Even though she knew that Mo Wuji said that he would only give her one chance, she still wanted to try her luck.


    The Three Star Exam Score Calculation Office. That man and woman finally concluded their conversation. When that woman stood up, her eyes suddenly went wide. She stared straight at the huge display screen behind the man.

    "Wanfei, are you alright?" The man was shocked by the expression in the woman's eyes. He also stood up anxiously.

    The woman called Wanfei pointed at the display screen behind the man. Her voice was stammering as she said, "Ju Shangqi, you, you, look..."

    Ju Shangqi suddenly turned. His mouth went agape. After some time, he stuttered, "Full marks in all the tests. Three Golden Stars. A time of 1 hour and 49 minutes. This, this..."

    "Hurry and report to the higher-ups. That person would definitely have left by now. We're screwed..." Wanfei finally reacted; her voice was trembling.

    "Right, right..." In a fluster, Ju Shangqi grabbed a telephone. Then, he pressed the red button on it.


    Nan Ji.

    When the Age of Space came, this used to be where the headquarters for the Joint Space Navigation Federation was located. After Planet Diyuan was discovered, the headquarters was relocated to Planet Diyuan. This place then became the biggest Joint Space Navigation Federation Branch on Earth.

    At this instant, within the Nan Ji Joint Space Navigation Building, more than a hundred people were in an important meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how the Joint Space Navigation Federation was going to accept 200 talented students and nurture them to enter Planet Diyuan.

    The one at the head of this meeting was the Joint Space Navigation Federation's Chief Deacon, Ka Sanuo.

    "Deacon Ka Sanuo, the condition on Planet Diyuan is getting worse and worse. I feel that accepting 200 people is far too inadequate." The person speaking was a German. He was a committee member of the Joint Space Navigation Federation. His name was Woolf.

    The number of placings the Chinese had in the Joint Space Navigation Federation Committee was getting higher. Even the current Chief of the Space Navigation Federation, Wei Yiyu, was a Chinese. Even though Chinese hadn't eliminated the use of English, it had become one of the two major languages of Earth.

    After Woolf finished speaking, another committee member stood up and said, "Deacon Ka Sanuo, I believe that Committee Member Woolf's words are very reasonable. The costs of sending people from Earth to Planet Diyuan is indeed very high. However, I feel that at this stage, nurturing talent is the most important thing we should do. 200 people are truly too little."

    After these two, a few other people also stood up and expressed their agreement. Basically, they felt that 200 people were too little and that they should send more people to Planet Diyuan.

    Ka Sanuo's was thin and tall, and his eyebags were very heavy. When some people came forward to suggest alternative opinions, he didn't interrupt. Instead, he waited for everyone to finish speaking before he said slowly, "With the resources on Planet Diyuan and with our current abilities, we can only nurture 200 people. That is the maximum. Even an expert like Xi Li doesn't have the ability to protect himself when he arrived at Planet Diyuan. Selecting more people that do not have the talent is useless; you would only be sending them to their deaths. Even among these 200 people, if 20 of them could survive after one year, it could already be considered a miracle."

    There were some matters that some of these committee members weren't clear of. However, he, Ka Sanuo, was extremely clear about them.

    When Planet Diyuan was first discovered, Earth used their advanced technology to occupy a huge plot of land on Planet Diyuan. The air on Planet Diyuan was very clean and it was rich in ores and minerals. This caused all the rich and powerful people on Earth to head towards Planet Diyuan.

    Following which, their territory on Planet Diyuan expanded. At the same time, more and more people headed towards Planet Diyuan. That's when various problems started to appear. One of these problems was the appearance of savage beasts; these beasts started to devour the human beings that were living on Planet Diyuan.

    These beasts had staggering physical resistance and strong healing factors. Weapons of smaller calibres were completely useless against these beasts. Only huge guns were able to kill them. However, these huge guns were generally very heavy; a single person wouldn't be able to carry one on him. As for tanks, they couldn't even be operated on the densely forested Planet Diyuan. Moreover, there were beasts that were ten times larger than an elephant. These beasts only needed a single foot to crush multiple tanks into pieces.

    After multiple battles with the savage beasts, the human beings realised that cold weapons were more effective against these savage beasts. These cold weapons would deal more damage to the beasts, and at the same time, the injuries formed by the cold weapons take longer for the beasts to heal.

    Recently, some scientists discovered that the beasts didn't seem to fear fire. It was even possible for the essence within the fire to become the nutrition of these beasts. Some beasts could even absorb the explosive power of a bullet and convert it into their own energy. Because the scientists on Earth didn't know anything about physique tempering, they couldn't understand why these beasts could absorb the power of bullets.

    If the bullets didn't kill the beast, that beast would get stronger. As for the residual effects of the bullets in the beasts' bodies, the beasts were too stupid to consider them. They would simply fight to their deaths.

    The beasts that could be killed by bullets were basically the weaker ones. This was why the Federation's tests didn't place much emphasis on guns.

    Planet Diyuan was a place the human beings wanted to relocate to. Naturally, human beings didn't dare to casually use nuclear weapons. If nuclear weapons were used to frequently, then Planet Diyuan might no longer be habitable.

    Besides all this, there was another secret in Planet Diyuan. That was the meat and innards of these beasts contain some mystical power. Human beings that consume these meats would see an increase in their strength and their physical resistance. The premise was that these beasts had to be killed using cold weapons. If the beasts were killed using heat-type weapons, the quality of the meat would change. Even though there were still some effects, these effects weren't even a tenth of when the beasts were killed using cold weapons.

    As more people got killed by the savage beasts, human beings were forced into a small corner. Many of the wealthy people that went towards Planet Diyuan started to regret their decisions. It was just that the Federation had a tight seal over this information; they didn't allow any sort of panic to spread to Earth.

    After Ka Sanuo said those words, the meeting room went silent. Even though the Federation tried to keep the information sealed, many of the people here could already faintly guess that the situation on Planet Diyuan wasn't good. Woolf sighed and didn't speak any further; his knowledge was slightly higher than most of the others here.

    Right at this moment, a switchboard operator hurriedly came to Ka Sanuo's side and whispered, "This is an important call."

    "Hurry." Ka Sanuo anxiously accepted the call. His heart was beating rapidly; he thought about the defensive line on Planet Diyuan.

    They had gone through many difficulties to find Planet Diyuan. Almost half of Earth's talented scientists and other sorts of talents were on Planet Diyuan. Because there were far too many strong beasts on Planet Diyuan, they spent a large number of resources to build a defence line. If this defence line was torn apart by the savage beasts, then those people on Planet Diyuan would have lost all hope.

    The phone call was connected. When Ka Sanuo heard that this wasn't regarding Planet Diyuan, he heaved a sigh of relief. Thereafter, he got angry. This was an important meeting, why was such a call allowed in?

    Before Ka Sanuo could express his rage, he cried out excitedly, "You said that you found an examinee passed the Three Star Exam in less than 2 hours and even got full marks in all the tests? Ok, ok, immediately find that person. I will immediately head over to Qi Shu City..."

    Even when Ka Sanuo put down the phone, he was still very excited. The pillar of support in Planet Diyuan was experts. The number one expert, Xi Li, had said it before: To suppress the beasts on Planet Diyuan, the only way is to find more experts. Perhaps only one absolute expert was needed to suppress all the beasts here.

    This was also why the Chinese had such a high standing. It was because most of the experts were from China. At the same time, this was also why the Federation wanted to recruit talented students to Planet Diyuan; they wanted to nurture experts.


    "What?" At the same time, Xia You suddenly stood up. His eyes were red as he stared at the middle-aged man in front of him. He spoke, one word at a time, "You are saying, someone passed the Three Star Exam with full marks? And that person did it within 2 hours?"

    "Yes, it's definitely true. According to what I know, the Space Navigation Federation's Ka Sanuo is already heading to Qi Shu City."

    Xia You clenched his fists tightly. He did not hesitate to say, "Make use of all of the Xia Clan's power. We need to find that person as soon as possible. We must snatch that person before Ka Sanuo does."
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