Chapter 842: Where Should I Go

    Chapter 842: Where Should I Go

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    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. In the past month, he had been carefully using his spirit storage channel and continuously consuming Zhi Nature Pills which gradually started the healing process for the large crack in his sea of consciousness.

    Due to that strike, the violet energy lake in Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness had been split open. At this moment, not only was the violet energy lake completely devoid of any violet energy, it was dry to the point of cracking.

    However, Mo Wuji was not worried. Anything new would be difficult at the beginning, but as long as you start on it, things would get progressively easier. If he finished repairing his sea of consciousness, the violet energy lake would also be filled up once again.

    Indeed, his guess was spot on. Once his sea of consciousness began healing, the speed of restoration became faster over time. Towards the end, on top of his spirit storage channel, even his Star Sea Sacred Technique and Zhi Nature Pills kicked into effect.

    Days passed, and the pain from his sea of consciousness disappeared suddenly. He felt as though a seed had just sprouted in his head, and a completely new feeling overwhelmed him.

    Out of excitement, Mo Wuji jumped up. His sea of consciousness had actually turned into a sort of realm.

    A sea of consciousness could be easily invaded by expert's souls because it was just a sort of consolidation of a cultivator's spiritual will and dao. Under normal circumstances, one's sea of consciousness would be rather difficult to break into, but once the other person's cultivation level was much higher than yours, it was a completely different story.

    But this was different after a realm was formed. Any expert that wanted to gain access to your sea of consciousness would have to pass through the realm first. No matter how strong a soul and primordial spirit were, they were just a form of willpower. Other than for a few special cases, most realms with some defences were impossible to invade.

    This meant that as long as his sea of consciousness could become totally consolidated, no one would be able to possess him in the future unless he allowed their primordial spirit to enter his sea of consciousness.

    As long as he remained sane, Mo Wuji would never allow other people's primordial spirit to enter his sea of consciousness.

    As his sea of consciousness' realm took shape, his sea of consciousness gradually healed, and violet energy started to return to the violet energy lake.

    Everything inside the sea of consciousness became clear. Previously, Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness exceeded that of an Immortal Emperor, but now, not only was it larger than before by many times, it had become much more solid.

    Soon, Mo Wuji's attention was brought to a large talisman that was left in a corner of his sea of consciousness. The Kun Wu Sword formed layers of sword qi around it, which had a suppressive effect. That talisman was too familiar to Mo Wuji: it was the Sage Dao Talisman of the Talisman Race.

    So the Kun Wu Sword had indeed suppressed the Sage Dao Talisman. Since the talisman was already inside his sea of consciousness, it could forget about ever leaving.

    Mo Wuji formed tens of array flags without hesitation and dragged the Sage Dao Talisman straight into his Undying World after locking onto it. Inside the Undying World, no matter how impressive the Sage Dao Talisman was, it wouldn't be able to escape. The Undying World was his territory, and once he was free, this Sage Dao Talisman would definitely be refined by him.

    The Sage Dao Talisman was obtained after striking a deal with Fu Xiuhan and putting his life at risk, hence even if the Talisman Race were to demand it, he wouldn't give it u.

    As soon as the Sage Dao Talisman was suppressed inside the Undying World, the Kun Wu Sword let out a distinct buzz before landing in Mo Wuji's hands.

    "Thank you. This time, you've saved me and helped me to suppress the Sage Dao Talisman. It's not your fault that my sea of consciousness got broken. The main problem is my lack of strength." Mo Wuji said appreciatively towards the Kun Wu Sword.

    He knew that although this sword did not have an equipment spirit, it would have some sort of subconscious mind. Since the Kun Wu Sword helped him this much after he only refined the first layer of its seals, it obviously made up its mind to follow him.

    Originally, Mo Wuji intended to give the Kun Wu Sword away as he did not cultivate the Sword Dao, but at this moment, he discarded that idea.

    After putting away the Kun Wu Sword, Mo Wuji began investigating why his sea of consciousness started forming a realm. Within moments, he understood the reason behind it.

    It had to do with his world channel. Back when his world channel consolidated his Undying World, although it continued to undergo minor circulation with his 108 meridians, its main role was to stabilise and grow the Undying World.

    During the circulation process, the world channel actually integrated part of the dao aura into his sea of consciousness. It seemed like after his sea of consciousness broke, the world channel also took the initiative of improving on its defensive capabilities, forming a realm for his sea of consciousness.

    As expected, without destruction, there would not be any construction. If he didn't split his sea of consciousness open with the Kun Wu Sword, the world channel might not have helped to form a realm for it.

    Mo Wuji knew that once his cultivation level was high enough, and his understanding towards the dao was deep enough, these things would happen too. However, for it to happen now, it had a completely different meaning.

    Now he still had a low cultivation level, so doing these things was like sending him coal on a snowy day. In the future when his cultivation level grew higher, it would only be icing on the cake.

    At this point, even without him going into closed doors cultivations, the Star Sea Sacred Technique, spirit storage channel, and world channel would continuously repair his sea of consciousness.

    It was finally time to search for Xiaoqi's family. Once he found them, his next move would be to go to the Xia family to look for Xia Ruoyin. If Xia Ruoyin was dead, he would still take back what rightfully belonged to him. Finally, when he was ready to leave, he would help to restore the environment of Earth and set up a Grade 9 immortal defensive array before going away.

    As for Planet Diyuan, he had zero interest in going over there.


    Chang Luo City, this was Mo Wuji's birthplace, and also where he got acquainted with Wen Xiaoqi.

    However, the thought of visiting the Mo family never crossed his mind. There were no longer any feelings for them left in him. The Mo family was considered to be a decent clan which gained their riches through salvaging items from the sea. Mo Fan was the main member of the Mo family involved in these operations, and rumors had it that he once salvaged a treasure worth 110 million from the ocean.

    But for someone like Mo Fan that made such immense contributions, he could only live an ordinary life, collecting a month salary from the company. On top of that, he had an ordinary appearance, kept to himself, and couldn't even find a wife in the end. Back then, Mo Wuji was picked up by Mo Fan by chance, and eventually, they relied on each other heavily.

    Finally, during one of the salvage trips, Mo Fan never returned, which meant that no one really cared for Mo Wuji anymore. At that point in time, he was only 11.

    As Mo Wuji had become mature at that young age, he was able to live on his own despite being 11. The inheritance Mo Fan left behind was also sufficient for him to complete his university studies.

    After graduation, Mo Wuji even went back to search the area in the sea that Mo Fan had disappeared in, but nothing came out of it.

    Based on subsequent investigations, Mo Wuji found out that the Mo family had treated Mo Fan as a piece of salvage equipment as he was part of a very distant branch of the family. Moreover, Mo Fan was a little too honest and old-fashioned. If it were anyone else, they would be able to get a share of at least a million after salvaging a treasure worth over 100 million, but Mo Fan only took a few thousand dollars as a reward.

    On the other hand, Wen Xiaoqi was a classmate of Mo Wuji from back when he studied in Chang Luo First Middle School.


    Even though decades had passed, Chang Luo First Middle School was still around, albeit looking more run down than before. The only thing missing was that familiar figure on the school grounds.

    Mo Wuji stood at the gate of Chang Luo First Middle School, gazing at the numerous students wearing the school uniform streaming in and out, and an unspeakable feeling began moving within him.

    He was once just like this together with Wen Xiaoqi. Every day, they would go home together after school, and meet at the same location, at the same time, before heading to school. Eventually, both of them were admitted to Jin Nan University, which was the present day Jing Yang Star School. It was at Jing Yang Star School that Xia Ruoyin overshadowed Wen Xiaoqi.

    Why didn't he choose to get together with Wen Xiaoqi in the end? Instead he choose Xia Ruoyin? Mo Wuji suddenly thought of a woman named Yue Lingshan from a novel. She didn't choose to be together with her senior brother but went with the person that wanted to kill her instead.

    Could love not blossom if both parties knew each other too well?

    Mo Wuji's eyes began to redden. He knew that this was not the real reason. It was because he simply did not know how to love another person. More importantly, it was because he had slept with Xia Ruoyin once.

    If it were still the Mo Wuji from decades ago, he would still think that he had forced himself onto Xia Ruoyin out of a drunken stupor.

    But the Mo Wuji now knew that it was definitely not the case. Since young, he had developed an independent and mature mindset, and after that many years of a close relationship with Wen Xiaoqi, he never did anything out of line. How could he have bedded Xiao Ruoyin within half a year of entering university?

    No matter what the reason was, the fact remained that he slept with her, so he couldn't just abandon her. Hence, from that moment on, he started drifting apart from Wen Xiaoqi.

    Although he had intentionally distanced himself from Wen Xiaoqi, she did not complain at all, continuing her trips to his dorm, and silently tidied up his room and helped him with little errands. As long as she caught wind of any issues, she would secretly help him settle them.

    In those days Mo Wuji was just like an ostrich - with his head in the sand, pretending that he didn't know what was going on, and devoting all of his energy and time on researching solutions.

    Only now did he realise that Xia Ruoyin had followed him just for his knowledge and talent for medicine. If he hadn't published multiple revolutionary medical papers in high school, if he didn't create a solution that could increase one's vitality, if he didn't go to university and receive the invitation of the greatest medical research institute in the world...

    Without all that, would Xia Ruoyin have known who he was? Would Xia Ruoyin have used drugs to trick him into bed? Xia Ruoyin dared to do all that and even knew what his personality was like. She knew that as long as she slept with him, he wouldn't shirk the responsibility.

    What a devious woman. Mo Wuji took in a deep breath of cold air as he thought of this.

    "Your surname is Mo?" A slightly raspy voice appeared beside Mo Wuji. When he lifted up his head, a lady not older than 30 came into sight.

    This gave Mo Wuji a shock. The lady actually had a few similarities with him. On top of that, he could feel a sort of relation by blood.
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