Chapter 843: Foolish Woman

    Chapter 843: Foolish Woman

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    As he thought about bloodlines, Mo Wuji's heart couldn't calm down anymore.

    His reborn self looked very similar to his original self, and after cultivation, his appearance changed to become even more alike to him in his previous life.

    This woman could recognise him and was connected to him by blood. Could she be a relative of his? That wasn't very possible. Even if the other party was one of his relatives, it shouldn't provoke such a strong blood connection within him. At most, it would be a brief feeling.

    Suddenly, Mo Wuji thought of one possibility. Back in the day he had slept with Xia Ruoyin once, could it be...

    As he thought of this, his hands began to shiver. If this woman was Xia Ruoyin's descendent, how would he deal with her?

    "May I ask if your surname is Mo?" The lady realised that Mo Wuji's reaction was a little off, so she prompted him with another question.

    Only then did Mo Wuji respond. It's impossible. She couldn't be Xia Ruoyin's descendant, because someone like Xia Ruoyin would definitely reveal such information to make him more loyal to her.

    Moreover, Xia Ruoyin was by his side almost everyday, and even when he drank tea, the tea was warm, all because she stuck by him and took proper care of him while he dove into his research. So how could he not know if she was pregnant?

    Sighing, Mo Wuji spoke softly, "That's right, my surname is Mo. You look rather similar to me, may I ask who are your parents?"

    Just as the lady was about to speak, her expression changed. After turning around, she pulled Mo Wuji along as she walked away, "Let's leave first, we'll talk about this later."

    "Qingche, who is he?" Although the lady was the one pulling Mo Wuji, a tall, well built man still blocked them.

    The woman named Qingche replied with a grunt, "This is my cousin. I have something on now, get out of my way."

    After giving Mo Wuji a glance, the man did not rebut what Qingche said since Mo Wuji indeed looked rather similar to Qingche.

    "Qingche, there's only a few days left, have you not come to a decision yet?" The man asked again.

    Biting onhis lips, Qingche responded, "Tomorrow, I'll give you an answer tomorrow."

    "Good, I'll find you in school tomorrow. Don't forget what you just said." After he finished speaking, the man scanned past Mo Wuji with a cold gaze before turning around and leaving.

    All this while Mo Wuji remained quiet. Even till now he did not know what kind of relation he had with this woman named Qingche. But he didn't believe that that man stopped her because he was interested in her.

    Although Qingche had a refreshing look, with well proportioned features, but yet wasn't really an extremely beautiful woman. On the other hand, that tall man was very handsome and exuded a sort of noble aura. Qingche, however, obviously had a humble background. Even her clothes were kind of worn out.

    As expected, Qingche did not live in a very good house. It was a room not more than 30 square meters on the bottom floor of an old building. Other than a pile of books, there were only a few old cupboards in it.

    After entering the room, Qingche poured a cup of water for Mo Wuji, and asked while sitting opposite him, "Is your grandpa Mo Wuji?"

    Once he heard her ask whether his grandpa was Mo Wuji, he knew that he had a real connection with Qingche. It wouldn't be some branch of his uncles or aunts, otherwise she wouldn't know the name "Mo Wuji".

    Sadness welled up in Mo Wuji's heart. The only woman that he had sexual relations with was Xia Ruoyin, and since Qingche asked if his grandpa was Mo Wuji, this meant that she was definitely Xia Ruoyin's descendent, and Xia Ruoyin gave birth to a child without telling him.

    Xia Ruoyin was unforgivable in his eyes, but this child was totally innocent.

    "My name is Mo Qingche. My grandfather was also Mo Wuji." Seeing a glint of sadness appear in Mo Wuji's eyes, Qingche heaved a sigh of relief and explained.

    Upon hearing this, Mo Wuji tried his best to soothe his own emotions while he asked, "What are your parents' names? What is your grandma's name?"

    Since Mo Qingche had said that her grandpa was Mo Wuji, she was definitely his descendant. Worldly affairs were just as such. Today, he looked even younger than Mo Qingche, but he was her grandpa.

    "Then what's the name of your grandma?" Mo Wuji knew that her grandma was Xia Ruoyin, however he couldn't resist asking this question.

    "My grandma is called Wen Xiaoqi..."

    "Crack!" Even though Mo Wuji was an Immortal Emperor, his hands couldn't help but quiver, knocking over the cup of water on the table.

    "It's impossible, completely impossible, your grandma can't be Wen Xiaoqi." Mo Wuji stood up in disbelief. The two of them might have been in love, but there was never anything that went beyond their boundaries.

    Mo Qingche was not affected by Mo Wuji's actions, and she spoke calmly, "I should refer to you as cousin right. It seems like grandpa told you everything, so you must think that my grandma is that b*tch named Xia Ruoyin."

    This sentence cooled Mo Wuji off. He knew that things couldn't be so simple. However, he did not tell her straight up that he was Mo Wuji, instead, he sat down and probed further, "Qingche, tell me everything. No matter what it is, I'll take responsibility."

    Yet, she shook her head lightly. Mo Wuji appeared so downtrodden, so how could he take any responsibility for her?

    "For us to have met today, it must be because grandma is looking over me from heaven. I brought you here today because there's something very important I have to pass to you." Mo Qingche warmly explained.

    "Explain why your grandma is Wen Xiaoqi first, passing anything to me can wait." Mo Wuji cut her off.

    Nodding her head, she spoke, "Even if you didn't bring this up, I would have told you anyway. Actually this was recorded in grandma's diary, and that diary was given to me by my grandma, so how could I not know?"

    "Your grandma is still around?" Mo Wuji stood up again.

    Sadly, Mo Qingche replied, "How am I supposed to hand over the item from the Mo family if you're so wishy washy? Eh, something's not right..."

    When she reached this point in her sentence, she seemed to recall something and stood up to inspect Mo Wuji from head to toe. A full minute later, she muttered in a confused manner, "Grandma said that grandpa was killed by that b*tch, Xia Ruoyin, so how could you appear here..."

    At this moment, Mo Qingche slammed her hand on the table, "I understand now. Men are indeed nothing good. Grandpa must have had a third woman secretly behind Xia Ruoyin and grandma's back. This is because Xia Ruoyin was still a virgin after killing grandpa, so you are definitely not her grandson. But that's not right, how could it be such a coincidence. The Xia family just found me and wants to take something that belongs to me, while you simply just appeared. Could it be that grandma was deceived, and you are really Xia Ruoyin's grandson..."

    When Mo Wuji heard the second half of Mo Qingche's statement, he felt a little guilty. He really had Cen Shuyin, but as he listened to her last couple of sentences, everything began to fall apart, and he asked with an ugly look on his face, "You said that people from the Xia family came looking for you?"

    "You're not Xia Ruoyin's grandson? If you are, then take it that I never said anything at all and please leave." Mo Qingche said without hesitation.

    In response, Mo Wuji calmly refuted, "I have nothing to do with Xia Ruoyin. Even if there is, it's only hate towards her."

    This statement made Mo Qingche stare at Mo Wuji for a good period of time, and after ascertaining that he was not lying, she nodded her head, "I believe you, a member of the Xia family would not be as down and out . Xia Ruoyin killed our grandpa, Mo Wuji, so she's naturally our common enemy."

    He didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and without any prompting from him, she carried on, "Back then, my grandma's family was poor, and grandpa loved to do research. However, medical research is an expensive venture. After entering university, Xia Ruoyin was interested in grandpa's talent and hence provided all sorts of equipment, laboratories, and materials for his research...

    Grandma's heart was always with grandpa, but all she could do was to help him with some errands. Grandma never stopped grandpa from getting together with Xia Ruoyin even though she knew Xia Ruoyin's true intentions as she knew that Xia Ruoyin could help grandpa in ways she could not, until one day..."

    When Mo Qingche reached this point, her eyes turned red and she paused for a moment. By then, emotions were swirling inside Mo Wuji's heart. He recalled that he had told Wen Xiaoqi that the labs and research materials were provided by a research institute specialising in medical research. This was because he had given the patents for a few of the medicines he had created to that institute, and also signed some contracts with them. So how did this have anything to do with Xia Ruoyin's family? The Xia family was at most a middleman.

    Soothing her emotions, Mo Qingche continued with her story, "Until one day, a woman from Jin Nan University went to my grandma and kneeled in front of her while confessing that she already had someone that she loved, so she begged grandma to secretly tell grandpa to let her go..."

    "What was the meaning of that?" Mo Wuji had a bad feeling about this.

    Mo Qingche explained, "That woman said that Xia Ruoyin requested for her to sleep with grandpa for a night at Jing Shang Hotel..."

    Now Mo Wuji completely understood everything. It was indeed Xia Ruoyin who played some tricks to get him drunk, even using some drug. Obviously, she did not intend to lose her virginity to him. Moreover, after drugging him, she used another woman to replace her while he was in a groggy state.

    However, this woman that Xia Ruoyin found as a substitute did not dare to plead with the powerful Xia family, nor did she dare to plead with him, and only went to Wen Xiaoqi. After all, he had been immersed in his research in Jin Nan University, and other than Xiao Ruoyin, the other person that was close to him was Wen Xiaoqi.

    This was a devious woman indeed. No wonder Xia Ruoyin always avoided this topic, and wanted their second time to only be on their wedding night. If Mo Wuji wasn't sure why Xia Ruoyin killed him before, now he definitely understood her intentions. He had concocted such a drug, so it wasn't unusual for this sort of woman to kill him.

    "My grandma was very kind hearted, and on top of that she also loved my grandpa from the bottom of her heart. Hence she hid inside the room, and took the place of that woman after Xia Ruoyin left. How silly was she..." Mo Qingche sighed after saying her piece. Inside she really felt that her grandma was stupid to do such a thing.
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