Chapter 844: My Name Is Mo Wuji

    Chapter 844: My Name Is Mo Wuji

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    "Is your grandma still around?" The guilt in Mo Wuji's heart began to build up. He knew that if he did not fanatically pursue his research without a care in the world back then, he wouldn't have lost Wen Xiaoqi, and she wouldn't have lived a life of solitude and sorrow.

    At the same time, Mo Wuji was aware that without all of this, there wouldn't be him standing here today. Without the channel opening solution, he would just have been another begrudged soul even after reincarnating.

    There was nothing wrong with creating the channel opening solution, but it wasn't right for him to have been an ostrich and not think about Wen Xiaoqi.

    Mo Qingche shook her head, "My grandma has long passed. Grandma and grandpa once studied at Chang Luo First Middle School, and after grandma died, I came here to be a teacher."

    "So where is your grandma buried at now? What about your parents?" Mo Wuji probed further.

    To this, Mo Qingche replied, "My father failed at being an entrepreneur and incurred heavy debts. In the end, he wanted to try his luck at the casino, but he simply lost even more. My mother then died of depression. Soon after, as my father had owed too much to the casino, they chopped off both his hands, and he died in a hospital bed. My grandma had always lived in Jing Yang. Once she caught wind of this, she secretly brought me away. Otherwise, based on the brutal nature of that casino, I probably wouldn't have gotten off easy either.

    After grandma passed away, I followed her wishes and buried her at Jingshou Mountain, together with grandpa. Who knew that grandpa's tombstone was made of pure jade, and when other people found out about that, the area became a digging ground. Hence I quickly relocated both grandpa and grandma's remains to a small village in Chang Luo City. What made me puzzled was that grandpa didn't even have any remains. The inside of his coffin was empty. I only dared to come back to grandma's alma mater to teach only because Planet Diyuan found out about the casino, and it spent almost all of its resources to deal with them."

    This story stunned Mo Wuji. Never did he imagine that his descendants would have such a tough life.

    "Where are your father's remains?" Mo Wuji sighed to himself.

    "My father's and mother's ashes were scattered into the ocean. This was my father's last wishes."

    "Bring me to see your grandma." Mo Wuji felt a profound feeling of sadness. He couldn't even suppress this sadness. The rate of healing of his sea of consciousness started to slow down too.

    After Mo Qingche finished speaking, she grabbed a shovel by the door, opened the door, took away the mat, and began digging at the door. The concrete was quickly broken apart by her, and she dug up a box from inside, before filling up the hole with concrete again.

    These actions left Mo Wuji speechless. This Mo Qingche actually tried the best she could to hide something outside of the house.

    The box was opened up by Mo Qingche, and she took out a plastic bag. There were a few layers of plastic, which revealed a few pieces of yellowish paper filled with words after being opened up. On top of that, there was a well preserved diary.

    "This was left behind by grandma. The diary is grandma's too. You're a man of the Mo family, so I'll pass it all to you." Mo Qingche handed over the pieces of paper and diary to Mo Wuji.

    As he received the items, Mo Wuji didn't open up the diary, instead, his gaze fell on the few yellowish papers and understood what was going on. The contents of these papers were the incomplete formula that he used as reference while doing research into the channel opening solution.

    He had obtained that incomplete formula by chance, but now that he saw it again, how could he not realise that this was given to him by Wen Xiaoqi by some means? This was just a copy, while the original had already been destroyed by him.

    "This formula is very valuable. I heard that grandpa was killed by Xia Ruoyin over this. Leave once you take it, and if there's a chance in the future, you can produce the thing listed inside this formula. Perhaps the Mo family will have a chance to prosper from it." Mo Qingche spoke extremely seriously.

    Grabbing the formula and diary in is hands, Mo Wuji sent them into his storage ring.

    "Where have you hidden those items?" Mo Qingche stared at Mo Wujji with a surprised expression. She suspected that Mo Wuji was performing some sort of magic, making something disappear into thin air.

    However, he did not answer her question, instead replying with one of his own, "You mentioned that it was the Xia family that wanted this formula. What are you going to do when they come looking for you again since you have already given it to me?"

    Mo Qingche shook her head again, "There's nothing I can do. I'll just leave straight away. We cannot leave together, you'll go your way, I'll go mine. I gave you the items, and even though we have the same grandpa, I'm very poor now, so I can't help you out financially."

    "You think the Xia family will let you go? I suspect that right outside the area, there's a lackey of the Xia family monitoring you." Mo Wuji did not suspect this, and neither did he have to extend his spiritual will out to check, he just knew.

    "Unless it's something big, there's nothing that I, Mo Qingche, have not seen before. What is there to be afraid of? If you're afraid then please leave first." Mo Qingche replied uncaringly.

    "Pack up everything you need and leave with me, then bring me to take a look at your grandma's final resting place." Mo Wuji sighed.

    Surprisingly, she didn't object to this, very willingly responding, "Ok. That's right, till now I still don't know your name. I can't just keep calling you 'cousin' right."

    Mo Wuji stared at Mo Qingche, and Wen Xiaoqi's figure seemed to appear before his eyes. Memories of their time together in Chang Luo flashed through his mind.

    "Hey, I'm asking you a question. What are you staring at me for?" Mo Qingche was very unhappy at his unresponsiveness.

    "My name is Mo Wuji."

    Just as she had lifted up her cup of water and was about to take a sip, she spat out all of the water in her mouth after hearing Mo Wuji's reply.

    But this water did not hit him and just fell to the ground.

    "You said that your name is Mo Wuji. You have the same name as grandpa..." Mo Qingche didn't dare to continue this line of thought. No matter how unfilial, he shouldn't dare to take the same name as their grandpa. Unless this person was her grandpa, but this was simply not possible.

    With a look of complete seriousness, Mo Wuji nodded his head, "I am indeed Mo Wuji. Just as you must have guessed, I can be considered to be your grandpa."

    "You're a lackey of the Xia family? Have you come to swindle me of my stuff?" Mo Qingche accused Mo Wuji loudly.

    With a sigh, Mo Wuji refuted her, "This might sound a rather impossible, but it's really happening, listen to my explaination..."


    On a mountainside of Jing Shou Mountain, four men in black clothes stopped Tan Zhenman.

    Tan Zhenman had come here t look for Mo Wuji, but she never expected that four black clothed men would block her way.

    "What are you guys doing?" After the initial fright, she calmed herself down. After all, she had taken lessons from Mo Wuji, that mysterious expert, so how could she be afraid of a few ordinary black clothed men?

    "Nothing much, we just need you to cooperate with us and follow us to meet our boss." One of the four sniggered.

    Tan Zhenman's face darkened, "I'm sorry, I don't have the time. Get out of my way."

    "That's not up to you to decide." All four of the men charged at her simultaneously.

    Inside, she began to panic, forgetting that she could use her lightness skill to easily weave through these four men. At this point, she drew out a dagger without hesitation and slashed out.

    "Sss...Sss...Sss...Sss..." Four spurts of blood splashed out. Before any of the four men could get close to Tan Zhenman, they were killed by this blade. Each of them had a slash mark on their necks, the precision of which made her doubt her eyes.

    Fearful, Tan Zhenman took a few steps back. She looked down at the dagger in her hand. When she took action just now, she could clearly sense the location of the men's necks and she direct slashed in those directions.

    "How strong." She mumbled to herself, repressing the discomfort in her heart.

    She didn't mean that she was strong, but that Mo Wuji was indeed very strong. Just with an hour's guidance, and a month of self-training, she had come to possess such impressive techniques. So how powerful would Mo Wuji himself be?

    Tan Zhenman looked at the four men that she had just killed, then swept her gaze through the surrounding Jingshou Mountain. At this moment she knew that she had lost a great opportunity that day. It was already very lucky of her to have met an expert like Mo Wuji, so how could she meet one like him a second time?

    There was also the issue of these four men. Without any investigation, she knew that these were men of the Xia family. Usually, she was not one that bore grudges, and the only time she stood out was during the Three Star Exam. Only the Xia family could find out her exam results this quickly, and only the Xia family would come to capture her after finding that out.

    Now that she had killed members of the Xia family, other than passing the exam of the Space Navigation Federation and leaving for Planet Diyuan, there was not other option left.

    As she thought of this, Tan Zhenman kept her dagger, and decided to return to Qi Shu City.
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