Chapter 845: Xia Familys Power

    Chapter 845: Xia Family's Power

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    After Mo Wuji finished speaking, Mo Qingche stared at him out of disbelief, only responding a good while later, "Are you an idiot or do you take me for an idiot? Why don't you say that you can fly instead..."

    In the middle of her sentence, Mo Qingche suddenly stopped. She discovered that Mo Wuji gradually went higher, and she exclaimed when she looked down, "You really can fly..."

    At this point, Mo Wuji landed, and spoke in a serious tone, "That's right, everything I've said is true."

    Then, he grabbed out with his hand, creating a black-hole-like crack in midair. Once Mo Qingche's gaze fell on the black hole, a dizzy feeling began to overwhelm her. She felt as though the black hole crack let to an endless world. The space surrounding them shuddered, and she found herself floating as if she was in a giant ocean.

    Thankfully, the black hole soon reverted back to its original state, which made her heave a sigh of relief. Without any prompting, Mo Wuji explained, "This is the void that I tore open. Don't think that this black hole is just right in front of you. Once you go in, it's like entering a vast space that's who knows how many hundreds of million of light years away from Earth. In the void, a random blade of wind can turn you into nothing."

    "You're really my grandpa. You must teach me, is this immortal cultivation?" Mo Qingche became very agitated. Finally, she believed Mo Wuji's words, and grabbed onto his arm tightly.

    If there weren't Planet Diyuan, perhaps she might not have believed him. But since Planet Diyuan had been discovered, and it was rumored that the beasts on Planet Diyuan were powerful beyond measure, so how could what Mo Wuji said not be possible?

    Patting Mo Qingche's hand down, Mo Wuji said, "You really aren't anything like your grandma."

    "It's enough for me to be like you. Teach me. I'll bring you to where grandma is..." Mo Qingche became a little incoherent.

    "Let's go." Mo Wuji nodded his head. He originally didn't plan on leaving Mo Qingche alone on Earth since he wouldn't be returning after he left.

    Once she heard his instructions, she quickly tidied up her clothes, "Let's go, erm... Forget it, I'll just call you grandpa."

    A short while later, Mo Qingche had calmed down and held her hand to her forehead. Calling a man that looking younger than her 'grandpa' really didn't sit well with her. However, she also felt that Mo Wuji was speaking the truth, and she also had some innate feeling that he was indeed her grandpa.

    "Someone's here." Once Mo Wuji's completed his sentence, a knocking sound came from the door.

    This made Mo Qingche rather puzzled as very few people came knocking on her door since she moved in. Before she went to open the door, the knocking sound grew louder.

    In a swift motion, she opened up the door, and a man and woman appeared before her.

    "You're Mo Qingche? Mo Si's daughter?" The woman asked upon seeing Mo Qingche.

    Deep inside, Mo Qingche felt uneasy, but she still nodded, "That's right, I'm her."

    The woman carried on with a snort, "Mo Qingche, do you know that your father owes our casino a large sum of money?"

    These words cause Mo Qingche's heart to sink. She didn't know why these people would come to chase their debt at this time, hence replying in an impatient manner, "I know, but do I look like someone that can return that money to you guys? If I had the money, I wouldn't be living in this house."

    However, the woman calmly retorted, "If you don't have money, you can use other items as collateral. As long as it's something left behind by your family."

    In an instant, Mo Qingche knew what was going on, and replied with a cold face, "You're also here for the formula?"

    Obviously, the objective of the Xia family was found out by the casino, and they wanted to intercept the formula before she handed it over to the Xias.

    "If you have the formula, we can use that as collateral. If you don't, you'll have to come with us." The woman remained expressionless.

    "Let's go, the formula is with me. Bring me to the casino, I'll personally hand it over to your boss." Mo Wuji stopped Mo Qingche, who was about to continue speaking.

    If it weren't for his still-damaged sea of consciousness, his spiritual will would have swept outwards long ago. Before his sea of consciousness healed fully, he didn't want to use any spiritual will from it. The spiritual will in his spirit storage channel was also meant for repairing his sea of consciousness, hence he wouldn't use it for a few ants either.

    Even if the casino didn't come here today, Mo Wuji would have gone searching for them once his sea of consciousness had healed. Out of 10 rounds of gambling, 9 probably had cheating involved. He knew that Mo Si was very likely cheated by the casino even without visiting it. If it were just swindling Mo Si's money, then that would just be it. But they actually chopped off Mo Si's two hands. He would be a rather useless Immortal Emperor if he couldn't at least collect on this debt.

    "You want to go to the casino?" The woman sized Mo Wuji up with a shocked expression on her face. When she realised that he had some resemblance to Mo Qingche, she knew what his intentions were.

    "Lead the way." Mo Wuji said impatiently.

    "Ok." Without any further delays, the woman turned around and started walking.

    At this point, Mo Qingche kept quiet. If this was before she knew that Mo Wuji was an immortal cultivator, she would have tried her best to hide or escape with him. But now that he had revealed that he was an immortal cultivator, in her mind no amount of lackeys could match up against him.


    On a summit in the South Pole.

    A flying ship stopped, opening its doors, and out stepped a man with numerous scars on his face. This man was a good 1.9m tall, well built, and exuded a bloody aura from his entire body. Behind him, there was another middle sized fat man.

    Over 10 people of various skin colours gathered over almost immediately, all greeting at the same time, "Instructor Xi Li, Star Enforcer Kan Er."

    The man with the scar on his face was Planet Diyuan's number 1 expert, Xi Li, and was also the overall instructor for the entire planet. The fat man was the Space Navigation Federation's number 2 in charge, Kan Er, who was only Second Star Enforcer, only second to the First Star Enforcer, Yu Yiwei.

    Although Xi Li's rank wasn't as high as Kan Er's, but his influence in the Space Navigation Federation greatly exceeded Kan Er's, possibly being even on par with Yu Yiwei.

    Xi Li wore a serious expression, and he asked after nodding, "Why don't I see Ka Sanuo?"

    "Head Enforcer Ka Sanuo went to Hua Xia's Qi Shu City. I heard that a student that achieved full marks for the Three Star Exam appeared there." Replied Federation Committee Member Woolf.

    Upon hearing this, Xi Li slightly frowned. To him, there were quite a few students that achieved full marks on the exams every year, and all it took was hard work to achieve this, so why did Ka Sanuo have to make a trip in person?

    One look at Xi Li's face was all it took for Woolf to know what he was thinking about, hence Woolf quickly explained, "It wasn't full marks for the written component, but for the practical component. She received full marks for every single aspect of the practical component..."

    "What? There's such a student?" Xi Li exclaimed, and a his eyes gleaned. His objective for returning here this time was to oversee student admissions, and in reality he also knew that it was almost impossible to recruit extremely talented students. Without these geniuses at Planet Diyuan, they might just have to retreat back to Earth in the end.

    "Yes, not only did she achieve full marks for all aspects of the physical component, she completed the whole thing in less than two hours." Woolf added on.

    "Quick, bring me to Qi Shu City now. Immediately." Xi Li didn't even think about resting inside the house and gave these orders in an instant.

    The situation on Planet Diyuan was worsening by the day, and his potential was near maximised already, so leading the planet had begun to become out of his hands. Full marks for the Three Star Exam's physical component was something that even he couldn't do back in the day. Not only that, his score was also much too far off from full marks.


    "Pui!" Tan Zhenman spat out a mouthful of blood as she stumbled into Qi Shu City's Observatory Plaza. She knew that this was her only way to live.

    After killing the four experts with a slash each, she didn't expect the Xia family to deal with her that quickly. But to her surprise, once she came out from Qi Shu's Ju Feng Airport, she was shot straight away. If weren't for the fact that the other party didn't intend to kill her, perhaps she would have already become a dead soul.

    She swiftly ran all the way till she reached the Observatory Plaza. However, as she had been running frantically since she was shot, by the time she reached this location, she had damaged her internal organs.

    The Space Navigation Federation's Three Star Exam venue in Qi Nan Prefecture was the Observatory Plaza, hence there was a small branch here. If the Space Navigation Federation couldn't help her, then she could only wait for death.

    "Tan Zhenman, are you going to shirk off the responsibility after killing men at a whim?" Before she could step into the Space Navigation Federation's exam hall, two men stopped her.

    "You're Tan Zhenman?" A man about two meters tall excitedly rushed forward.

    "You're Head Enforcer Ka Sanuo?" Since Tan Zhenman had been stopped by men from the Xia family, she had already lost all hope. However, at this moment she actually saw Ka Sanuo, someone who was definitely one of the top five members of the Space Navigation Federation. She had seen him on television more than once too.

    Ka Sanuo answered, :That's right, I'm Ka Sanuo...What's wrong with you? You're injured?"

    After he had arrived here, Ka Sanuo did not manage to find Tan Zhenman, which made him very frantic. Who knew that she would come knocking on his door of her own accord. When the excitement faded away, he then realised that her waist was covered in bloodstains.

    One of the men that blocked Tan Zhenman stepped forward, stretched his hand out to Ka Sanuo while speaking, "Head Enforcer Ka Sanuo, Tan Zhenman just killed four men. We were about to take her away."

    Now Ka Sanuo finally understood where the injury on Tan Zhenman came from. Hence he loudly commanded, "Tan Zhenman is a three star genius of the Space Navigation Federation. I don't care who you are. You don't have the authority to take her away."

    He was so angry to the point that he did not bother extending his own hand to shake the man's hand. These men shot a student who achieved full marks for the Three Star Exam, which was simply too bold a move.

    "Oh really?" The man that was about to bring Tan Zhenman away coldly chuckled. "I'm from the Xia Family Federation. Head Enforcer Ka Sanuo, do you mean that men of the Xia family can be killed at one's whim?"

    This stunned Ka Sanuo. If there was someone or something that the Space Navigation Federation feared, it would naturally be the Xia family. The Xia family controlled the body tempering fluid, which was what the Space Navigation Federation urgently required. Because of it, the Xia family would earn disgusting amounts of money from the federation.
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