Chapter 846: Scary Experts

    Chapter 846: Scary Experts

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    "Take her away." Seeing that Ka Sanuo was stunned, the man that claimed to be from the Xia family laughed coldly while another went forward to grab Tan Zhenman.

    "Splat!' A bright light flashed, and after that a spurt of blood exploded. The man that reached out towards Tan Zhenman fell onto the ground with his eyes opened up wide. There was a bloody hole through his throat, and a three inch long blade lay on the floor behind him. That blade actually pierced through his throat completely.

    A tall man with an extremely intimidating aura walked over, staring at the remaining man, "Even the Xia family cannot take a genius of the Space Navigation Federation away."

    "Head Instructor Xi Li." Ka Sanuo instantly exclaimed in joy when he saw the man that approached them.

    "Xi Li, even if you're the head instructor of the Space Navigation Federation, you can't kill men of the Xia family as you please." The remaining Xia family man declared loudly.

    However, Xi Li didn't bother with this guy, instead looking at Tan Zhenman warmly, "You're not bad. Don't worry, no matter how daring the Xia family is, they can't take away someone of the Space Navigation Federation. Head Enforcer Ka Sanuo, immediately arrange for Tan Zhenman to receive treatment, then I'll bring her away from here."

    On the way to Qi Shu City, Xi Li had investigated everything thoroughly. Tan Zhenman had passed the Three Star Exam with full marks and the Xia family wanted to take her away, but she killed four of them. While escaping back to Qi Shu City, she was intercepted by men from the Xia family.

    'My Xia family has always respected the Space Navigaition Federation and also Instructor Xi Li. However, we don't fear the Space Navigation Federation. Our Xia family's men aren't people that others can kill at a whim, not even for those from the Space Navigation Federation." A chilling voice echoed from behind.

    Following which, a yellow clothed man walked out. This man was about 1.85m tall, and had a slender face despite being a male, which made him appear rather weird. Behind this man, there were five muscular men in brown.

    "Xia Fengkuang?" Xi Li could ignore all members of the Xia family except for this man before him.

    Xia Fengkuang's name wasn't self-given, but established through fights on Planet Diyuan. Back in the day, this slender faced man killed an uncountable amount of beasts on Planet Diyuan. Once he entered his battle mode, he would execute extremely wild movements. Regardless whether it was man or beast that he faced, he wouldn't back off until the other party died.

    Although Xi Li didn't battle with him before, but he knew that this man was an expert. At this point, Xi Li was aware that there was a good gap in strength between the both of them, but he still couldn't kill Xia Fengkuang. There weren't many experts on Earth in the first place, hence the death of Xia Fengkuang would be a great loss to the cause.

    "You're not my match. Even if all of you attack at the same time, you still won't be my match." Xi Li calmly said.

    "Ha ha, I didn't fight you in the past not because I'm afraid of you, but because the Space Navigation Federation is the cash cow of my Xia family. Today, let me see if you, Xi Li, are qualified to call yourself number 1..." Xia Fengkuang ordered as he dashed towards Xi Li, "Bring that woman that killed men of the Xia Family away. If anyone gets in the way, kill them without exception."

    "Roger!" The five brown clothed men following Xia Fengkuang leapt at Tan Zhenman.

    With a cold snort, Xi Li threw a punch at Xia Fengkuang, at the same he opened his other hand, shooting out six beams of light.

    "Pew pew pew!" Six streams of blood spurted out. Including the member of the Xia family that remained at the Observatory Plaza, six people fell to the ground, each of them penetrated in the throat by a blade.

    Tan Zhenman simply stood there staring at the six men, stunned and shivering. Whne the six men leapt towards her, she had reacted as well, but because of her injury, she couldn't even draw her dagger.

    On the other hand, Xi Li used six flying knives to kill six people with a wave of his hand. Obviously, he was much more capable than she was. At the same time, she realised how powerful cold steel was. If a gun was used, it would definitely not be able to kill the six of them at once.

    "Boom!" Xi Li's fist connected with Xia Fengkuang's, blowing Xia Fengkuang back, with him spitting out a mouthful of blood in midair.

    "You..." Xia Fengkuang sat on the ground, staring at Xi Li in chock. He was sure that Xi Li's strength had more than doubled since he had left Planet Diyuan. In the old days, Xi Li was not this strong for sure, so his Xia family's intel had some error.

    "I won't kill you. Please leave. Tell Mr Xia You, the Space Navigation Federation and Xia family will still have a cooperative relationship." Xi Li calmly told Xia Fengkuang as he stared at the man lying on the ground.

    However, Xia Fengkuang did not respond to his words, directly pilling out a circular token two inches in radius and throwing it out.

    A bright light shot into the sky, and even though it was daytime, the light still blew open the fog in the air, shining brightly for all to see.

    Seeing the firework that shot upwards, Xi Li frowned as he said, "Xia Fengkuang, no matter how many men from the Xia family you call over, it's useless. If the Xia family dares to use explosive weapons in Qi Shu city, don't blame the federation for being unpleasant."

    Xia Fengkuang only stared at Xi Li, not speaking a single word.

    "Is that it?" A voice suddenly rang out. Following which, Xi Li noticed that another person had suddenly appeared. This seemed to be an extremely young man.

    "Who are you?" Xi Li trembled in his heart. After years of battle with the wild beasts at Planet Diyuan, he could clearly sense that this man was much more dangerous than most of those beasts.

    Although the other party did not make any moves yet, that sort of oppressive aura made it difficult for him to catch his breath.

    He, Xi Li, was the number one expert after all, and he also had some special opportunities on Planet Diyuan, but this person could still suppress him with such ease?

    The strong will hardened through long periods of battle with wild beasts gave Xi Li the mental fortitude to let out a roar, step forward, and throw out a punch.

    "Since you're confident in your fist, let me give you one too." The man threw a punch while speaking.

    "Crack!" Xi Li could clearly hear the bones in his fist shattering, and just like Xia Fengkuang moments ago, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

    "Who are you? Why are you so strong?" Xi Li's eyes were filled with shock as he fell butt first onto the ground.

    "Xia Zhi." The young man casually said, at the same time gradually approaching Xi Li.

    When she saw this, Tan Zhenman rushed forward to help Xi Li up, frantically pleading with the young man, "You can't kill Instructor Xi Li."

    "Ha ha." Xia Zhi chuckled, "If I, Xia Zhi, want to kill anyone, no one can stop me. Initially, I thought that I would just be passing through Qi Shu City. Who knew I would have to really join the fight."

    Tan Zhenman desperately pleaded once more, "If you don't kill Instructor Xi Li, I'll tell you guys my secret."

    She was very aware that the reason the Xia family wanted to take her away was for the secret she had.

    This made Xia Zhi stop in his tracks, coldly staring at Tan Zhenman, "Speak."

    The icy stare made her feel a sort of coldness that would determine whether she lived or died, just as if a poisonous snake was staring at her. She forcibly suppressed the fear in her heart and explained, "An expert not from out world taught me some techniques. He told me to wait for him here at the beginning of next month and he would continue instructing me then..."

    "Very good, I'll come at the start of next month. If you two dare to leave Observatory Plaza by a single step, I will wipe out everyone in the Space Navigation Federation and all members of the Tan family. Of course, you guys will die as well." Xia Zhi coldly spoke.

    As he spoke, he suddenly threw out two silver needles which were as thin as a cow's hair, and they buried themselves in Tan Zhenman;s and Xi Li's chests. Following which, Xia Zhi waved his hand, and a formless blade slashed across Kan Er's neck.

    Even when Kan Er fell to the ground, he didn't know how he had died.

    After finishing these last few acts, Xia Zhi turned and left.

    Although in the recent years, the climate and environment had become worse, and most people wanted to leave Earth, law and order was still rather intact. Many people had died on Observatory Plaza, but the surrounding crowds had been dispersed long ago, and the entire area cordoned off.

    All participants for the Three Star Exam were sent away too, leaving only personnel from the Space Navigation Federation, Ka Sanuo, Xi Li, and Tan Zhenman on the plaza.

    "There's no use, I know that you were trying to delay it by days, but Xia Zhi has already progressed to a stage that's frightening beyond my imagination. Even some of the most vicious beasts on Planet Diyuan are not as impressive as he is." After the plaza quietened down again, Xi Li spat out a mixture of saliva and blood while slowly speaking.

    "No, The expert i know is stronger than Xia Zhi." Tan Zhenman quickly explained.

    Upon hearing this, Xi Li was stunned. Since when did this many experts appear on Earth?

    Only some time later did he ask, "Are you sure that guy is stronger than Xia Zhi? Do you know how Xia Zhi killed Kan Er just now? That was the inner qi blade of legends. I always thought that these things never existed, but it seems like I was wrong."

    This time Tan Zhenman became a little more doubtful, as she replied hesitantly, "The person that taught me shouldn't be weaker than him..."

    Xi Li simply sighed, "If an expert like Xia Zhi went to Planet DIyuan, I would definitely give up the position of head instructor to him. I don't understand why he still wants to remain on earth. Sigh."

    The few of them remained silent, but after awhile, Xi Li carried on, "Ask that expert to stay away. He's definitely not Xia Zhi's match. If I hadn't seen Xia Zhi yet, and I heard that someone could produce a student like you, I would have personally gone to invite your master over. But if he came over now, it would just be another life lost."

    Tan Zhenman shook her head, "He won't come. I just wanted to delay Xia Zhi before going to look for him."

    When he heard these words, Xi Li was speechless. There was actually someone with such naive thinking in this world.


    "We're here, the two of you can get out and follow me inside." The woman at the front seat of the car said to Mo Wuji and Mo Qingche who were seated behind.

    "Grandpa, this is Xi Guan Casino, Calm Sea District's largest casino, and also one of the 10 largest casinos in the world." Mo Qingche softly explained to Mo Wuji. After a few hours of close interaction, she could call him 'grandpa' without any awkwardness.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head. In front of them were two grand skyscrapers. The plaza of the skyscrapers had over 10 security guards patrolling, and in between the buildings, four gigantic words were erected: Xi Guan Organisation.

    Ignoring the lady, Mo Wuji directly walked to the building on the right. His spirit storage channel had already scanned through the entire building, giving him a clear view of all the different entertainment venues, gambling halls, and the meeting that was going on in the top floor of the right building.
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