Chapter 847: Another Step Forward

    Chapter 847: Another Step Forward

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    As he walked into the grand skyscraper, Mo Wuji exclaimed to himself.

    If it were at Cosmos Edge or Immortal World, he wouldn't have even set foot into the building. Instead, he would have used his immortal elemental energy to crush both of them to bits.

    However, he couldn't do that here. This was Earth, where he was born; his home planet. There were many innocent people inside the skyscraper, and since the beginning of his cultivation, he had understood something very important about his dao.

    He could be so brutal and unfeeling before because he had a conviction and a baseline. His dao became increasingly complete over time also because he had no regrets and followed his principles.

    Thus, he did not grind the buildings to dust, not even killing those who killed Mo Si without distinguishing between right or wrong, instead coming here to get an answer from them.

    A formless gate seemed to open, and at this moment, Mo Wuji felt as though as his sea of consciousness was extremely cooling. The sea of consciousness, that initially had an unknown time till being completely healed, had suddenly totally recovered in an instant without any warning.

    "Crack!" The bottleneck for Mo Wuji's cultivation level seemed to break open as well, and a new world appeared before him: the healed sea of consciousness expanded by multiple times and extended outwards. On top of that, his spiritual will became more condensed, and the realm of his sea of consciousness became firmer.

    Streams of dao aura from the heavens and earth surrounded Mo Wuji, forming countless runes that vanished in his dao, causing him to become increasingly ordinary.

    Finally, intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage. Mo Wuji heart suddenly calmed down. He had become enlightened on many things. Sometimes one's cultivation level could also be advanced under circumstances other than having the presence of dense immortal spiritual energy and top grade laws. He had just crossed the boundary between elementary and intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage not with the laws of heaven and earth, but with a breakthrough in his own laws.

    This was his dao, his immortal mortal dao. Everything was built on his own world.

    Deep in his heart, an unexplainable desire surfaced, and even though it was very blurry, Mo Wuji knew that one day, this desire would become increasingly clear to him.

    When Mo Wuji stopped, Mo Qingche, who was walking behind him, stopped as well. Those two people that brought him over wanted to scold them, but sensed a sort of boundless aura. This sort of boundless and endless aura was something they could not understand, but it could make them feel how insignificant they were. Under this aura, they were ants. No, they weren't even considered as ants.

    Thankfully, this aura disappeared as quickly as it had come. Once they looked at mo Wuji again, they could sense that something about him had become more ordinary than before. Even a random passerby would attract one's attention more than him.

    "Grandpa..." Mo Qingche regained her senses and asked out of concern.

    Patting her head, Mo Wuji sighed, "Qingche, the path with me is destined to be a lonely one, much lonelier than you would expect..."

    "Grandpa, I'm not afraid. I'm already used to being lonely." Mo Qingche declared.

    But Mo Wuji shook his head, "You don't understand the level of loneliness I'm talking about... Before we leave, if you have any friends, say goodbye to them. There won't be any chance for us to return here in the future."

    "Please follow me upstairs." The woman that brought Mo Wuji over started to respect him a little more.


    "Wait outside." When they reached the top floor of Xi Guan Building, the woman instructed Mo Wuji before going to knock on the door.

    In reality, it was because her boss was simply too interested in the item that Mo Qingche had, otherwise she wouldn't dare to interrupt him meeting at this time.

    "There's no need for that." Mo Wuji stepped forward. Without touching the woman, she subconsciously backed off.

    Before the woman could understand what was going on, Mo Wuji kicked down the doors to the meeting room.

    "Bang!" The door broke, and everyone in the meeting room jumped up from shock.

    "It's you?" The man at the head of the table recognised Mo Qingche who was standing behind Mo Wuji, and he immediately shouted, "You're really ballsy, barging in here. Security, chop this guy's legs off..."

    The order to search for Mo Qingche was given by him, but never did he imagine that she would bring someone who dared to kick down the meeting room at the top floor of the Xi Guan Casino.

    "Splat, splat!" The security guard didn't even have the time to come over as two flashes of blood spurted out. The man who was about to cut Mo Wuji's legs off had his own suddenly split open. He then fell only the large chair behind him.

    This reduced the entire meeting room to silence. All those present were naturally not ordinary men, and each of them had some level of training. However, none of them knew how Mo Wuji chopped off Fei Youqi's legs because neither Mo Wuji nor Mo Qingche made any moves since they entered.

    "Who are you? When did I, Fei Youqi, offend you?" Although both his legs had been cut off by Mo Wuji, Fei Youqi's hands still reached for his handgun.

    He still desired for the Mo family's formula, but he didn't make a move yet.

    "It looks like I won't be treating you unjustly. I only kicked down your door and you want to chop off my legs? The order to chop Mo Si's hands off here was given by you back then right?" Mo Wuji casually commented.

    "Mo Si?" The pale Fei Yousi repeated out of confusion. He seemed to remember who this 'Mo Si' was, but in the next moment he raised up his hand and fired multiple shots at Mo Wuji.

    Even though he shot many times, but only bullet flew out, while the rest seemed to be jammed in the gun, not able to exit the barrel.

    "There's no need to look at your handgun, I only allowed one bullet to be fired, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to shoot a single one out."

    Upon hearing Mo Wuji's words, Fei Yousi looked up instinctively. To his surprise, the single bullet was floating right in front of Mo Wuji.

    The room was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. At that moment everyone knew that Mo Wuji wasn't someone that they could afford to offend.

    "I don't know..."

    Right after saying those words, Fei Youqi felt as though as he couldn't control his mind any more as he spoke, "Mo Si's arms were chopped off by Hong Yi. He set up the trap to make Mo Si bet his house and..."

    "There's no need to explain any further, who is this Hong Yi?" Mo Wuji's tone turned cold.

    A bald man man over 50 quickly spoke up, "I am Hong Yi, Mo Si's arms were chopped off by me..."

    Mo Wuji's gaze swept across the remaining men, and he clearly saw that every single one of them had some evil energy from unjust souls lingering in the aura. All those were were able to enter this meeting room indeed had stained their hands quite a bit.

    Sighing, Mo Wuji said, "Let's leave it at that. Qingche, we're leaving."

    After finishing his sentence, Mo Wuji turned and left, leaving Mo Qingche puzzled as to why her grandpa would let these people off. But she didn't say anything as she already knew that this grandpa of hers wasn't that simple...

    "Grandpa, this is not the elevator..." Seeing that Mo Wuji brought them to the end of the corridor, Mo Qingche quickly pointed out.

    "I know..." When Mo Qingche heard these two words, she shockingly discovered that she was already on the ground.

    As she turned around to look at the top floor, she felt that her grandpa was too kind. If she were so capable, things wouldn't have stopped with just cutting Fei Youqi's legs off. At the very least, that guy named Hong Yi would be crippled.

    "This person is very strong..." Only after Mo Wuji vanished did Fei Youqi say this while shivering.

    Hong Yi also wiped the sweat off his forehead. He had said this to himself unknowingly just now.

    Get out of here quickly. This was the only thought in everyone's mind.

    However, just when this thought popped into their head, the space around them started to twist and bend, and a crushing feeling overwhelmed them.

    "Grandpa, did we fly down?" Mo Qingche forgot how afraid she was and asked out of curiosity.

    "Not really, we only took a step down. You'll know how to do this very soon if you follow me." Mo Wuji smiled. With his current abilities, Mo Qingche's cultivation level would naturally increase by leaps and bounds if she cultivated with him.

    Clenching her fist tightly, Mo Qingche's heart beat wildly in her chest. She never thought that such extraordinary things would happen to her.

    A short moment later, she eased herself and asked, "Grandpa, why did you let Hong Yi off the hook? He's the person that killed my father..."

    While she spoke, Mo Qingche took another look at the meeting room on the top floor. Her jaw dropped when she saw that the top two floors of the building were in ruins and subsequently disappeared.

    Obviously, the two top floors had been turned to dust. The twin buildings that were originally of the same height now had the building on the right a good bit shorter that that on the left. If it weren't for the unsettled dust, she would have assumed that something was wrong with her eyes.

    Mo Wuji's voice rang out, "Qingche, the cultivation world is many times for brutal than the mortal world. You must remember not to be merciful towards your enemies. Being kind to them means being cruel to yourself. However, my dao has a baseline, and its own principles."

    If it were any other cultivator, such as Immortal Emperor Lun Cai, perhaps it wouldn't have just been the top floor of the building that was destroyed, but the entire planet.

    There were many things that Mo Wuji couldn't teach Mo Qingche and could only let her experience for herself.

    "Yes grandpa." Mo Qingche quickly replied. She witnessed the brutal side of Mo Wuji that easily reduced two floors of a skyscraper to dust. Obviously, no one in those two floors were alive.

    As Mo Wuji's spiritual will spread outwards, he easily saw that Tan Zhenman was seriously injuried by someone and also pinned by a Soul Fixing Needle. However, he didn't really care about this. Instead, his gaze fell on the back of a small village.

    There was a grave that had grass growing all over it. A gravestone with the words 'Grandma Wen Xiaoqi's grave, erected by unfilial granddaughter Mo Qingche.' was erected in front of it.

    "Grandpa, let me bring you to grandma's grave. The gravestone was carved by me..."

    Mo Qingche didn't continue speaking as she sensed that something was off with Mo Wuji.

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