Chapter 848: The Unusual Quake

    Chapter 848: The Unusual Quake

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    Following which, Mo Qingche felt a little dizzy, and the next moment she realised that she was standing in front of her grandma's grave.

    Her grandma's gravestone was hand-carved by her, but because she didn't know the format for gravestones, she carved two simple sentences based on her own format.

    "Grandpa, how did we..." A few words into her sentence, Mo Qingche stopped herself. Since her grandpa could bring her out of a building a few tens of storeys high, there was nothing unusual about bringing her to grandma's grave in an instant.

    She also didn't dare to probe further as the sadness in Mo Wuji's eyes was very apparent. In this moment, she felt like her grandpa: just a simple, ordinary person, not an immortal.

    Previously, she thought that her grandpa was heartless as he abandoned grandma who was sincerely in love with him. Only after Mo Wuji explained the situation did she feel that her grandpa was very distant, like an illusion. But now she felt that her grandpa was very real, possibly even the most pitiful as her grandma knew part of the story and Xia Ruoyin knew another part of it, while this grandpa knew nothing at all.

    She felt that it was right for grandma to lie to grandpa in her own way. She also felt that it was right for Xia Ruoyin to lie to grandpa in her own way too.

    Upon seeing the grass and weeds growing all over grandma's grave, Mo Qingche was a little guilty. Because of her job, she only came back to visit grandma once every Qingming [1].

    Mo Wuji stood in front of Wen Xiaoqi's grave for a good hour, completely motionless. Mo Qingche, on the other hand, didn't have the endurance of her grandpa, so she just sat at one side, waiting.

    When it was sunset, Mo Wuji finally let out a sigh, raising his hand to clear away all the grass around Wen Xiaoqi's grave. After which, he took out a pile of high grade immortal crystals and encircled the grave with them. Then, he planted a few immortal flowers too.

    Originally, he wanted to move the entire grave into his Undying World, but gave up on this idea.

    Although he was reincarnated, he didn't understand much about the process. Even after cultivating to Immortal Emperor, there were still some things beyond his reach. Wen Xiaoqi was a mortal who had never cultivated, so if he moved her remains into the Undying World, who knew if it would affect her reincarnation?

    Perhaps she would not remember anything about her past life after reincarnating, but Mo Wuji didn't want to affect her reincarnation process still.

    "Grandpa, I'm afraid that others will dig up all these beautiful flowers that you've planted here." Seeing Mo Wuji earnestly planting flowers on the grave, Mo Qingche commented at the side.

    "No one will touch anything here." Mo Wuji stood up and threw out tens of array flags.

    The surroundings gradually faded away. In the end, it appeared as though nothing was here.

    "Where's grandma's grave?" Mo Qingche was shocked.

    Staring at the vanished location for a good while, Mo Wuji then spoke, "I've placed some protection over it. Even if the Earth no longer exists, no one will be able to disturb your grandma."

    He had set up an immortal array which wouldn't even be scratched if the planet exploded. Once this array received any attacks, no matter where he was, he would be able to sense it. Inside the array, he also left a small strand of his spiritual will behind.

    Mo Qingche heaved a sigh of relief. She wanted to ask why her grandpa dumped grandma and chose that evil woman, Xia Ruoyin. However, she kept this question to herself. Even though Mo Wuji appeared younger than her, he was still her grandpa.

    "Grandpa, where are we going?" Mo Qingche could sense Mo Wuji's sadness, and took the initiative to ask.

    "To the Xia family. The Xia family earned quite a lot from the formula i developed. It's about time for me to take it back." Mo Wuji slowly walked down the hillside after speaking.

    Seeing that grandpa didn't use any immortal techniques to whisk her away, instead choosing to walk, Mo Qingche didn't to probe any further into this matter.


    The Xia family was the most powerful family on Earth. There were no more than 10 families that could be considered family federations, and the Xia family was the first to be given this title.

    However, the Xia family didn't have many assets, other than a few super luxury hotels in various large cities, there was only a pharmaceutical organisation.

    This pharmaceutical organisation was based in Jing Yang City. Out of the 11 districts in Jing Yang City, the 11th district, Lian Mai District, was where this organisation resided. It was the only company in the district.

    The entire Lian Mai district included Xia family's pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, medicinal plant greenhouse, pharmaceutical research and development center, pharmaceutical purifying center...

    On top of these, there were many villas of the Xia family. All of the workers in the manufacturing plant could live in a villa of their own. It was rather obvious how rich the Xia family were.


    Mo Wuji brought Mo Qingche in front of a large sign board which was beside a eight lane wide road. The sign board had these words on it: Xia Family Organisation Pharmaceutical Center, no unauthorised personnel beyond this point.

    A few hundred meters away from this sign board, there was a large gate that had at least seven to eight men, possibly security personnel, standing around it.

    "Grandpa, this is Jing Yang City's Lian Mai District. No one can enter Lian Mai District unless you have an entry pass." Mo Qingche quickly explained as she saw that Mo Wuji had brought her outside of Lian Mai District.

    As Mo Wuji's spiritual will had already scanned the entire Earth, he knew very clearly that the Xia family only had this one pharmaceutical research and development center.

    Nodding his head, Mo Wuji replied, "Then let's not go in and just observe from here."

    Lian Mai District... Meridian Refining District [2], a mere incomplete solution and they dared to call it meridian refining.

    Regardless whether it was complete, the formula was developed by him years ago, and he didn't intend to allow the Xia family to continue earning a fortune off it.


    Even though the Lian Mai District only had one branch of the Xia family's business, the area wasn't that dead. Quite the opposite, due to the presence of too many employees, the whole district turned into a city within a city.

    Of course, the location with the greatest population density was still the Xia family's Body Tempering Fluid's manufacturing area, where factories were linked in an entire row.

    It was during working hours, hence every factory had many people streaming in and out, while also producing the loud rumbling of machinery.

    But just at this moment, everyone felt vibrations in the ground.

    "Earthquake!" A shrill voice rang out, and all personnel within the factories and various research centers starts heading for the outside.

    An earthquake was occurring indeed, causing all factories and research centers to shake violently, as though as they would collapse at any moment.

    However, though these factories shook more and more, they simply did not fall. This gave those escaping a chance to live. Facing imminent death, everyone frantically charged outside and headed towards open areas or fields.

    The Xia family's investment in Lian Mai District was indeed an insane amount. Even though there were countless factories, villas, and research centers, there were still many wide open fields and soccer pitches; one could even find top notch golf courses.

    After everyone escaped to these open areas, they realised that only the factories and research centers were shaking. Once they were out, the vibrations disappeared. They could clearly see that it wasn't an earthquake, but instead only those particular buildings were wobbling.

    When the initial panic wore off, a few of the researchers immediately thought of taking away their important research materials. Hence they hastily grabbed notebooks and a few folders, but to their surprise, once they picked up these items, their legs felt as though they were were a thousand kilos heavy. No longer could they take a single step forward.

    It seemed like energy returned to their body after throwing away the items in their hands. This sort of freaky scenario made them give up on the idea of touching anything in there and just run for their lives.

    "Grandpa, what's happening inside Lian Mai District? It seems like there's some commotion." Mo Qingche, who was standing outside, could sense that something was going on.

    "Nothing much, I'm just taking back some things that belonged to your grandma and me." Mo Wuji explained. He couldn't just massacre everyone here. What he could do was to destroy all of the research in this area.

    "Did everyone get out? Why haven't any ambulances come after such a long while? The paramedics have not arrived either?" A bald man shouted after reaching the vast golf course.

    "Not a single building has fallen after shaking for so long, so everyone should have escaped right? But none of our calls are going through..."

    "Boom boom boom!" Just as these words left the man's mouth, the previously wobbling research center and manufacturing factories began to collapse. What stunned everyone was that they had never witnessed an earthquake like this, because only dust was produced from the collapse. There wasn't even a single complete brick, and no building pieces could be seen either...

    The earthquake had turned all the buildings to dust? What earthquake was this?

    "Qingche, let's go, to the Xia family..." Mo Wuji knew that there were more people that he wanted to kill inside, but he wouldn't act today.

    As long as he lifted the connection restrictions on this area when he left, the Xia family would gather at once.


    Xia You held the phone in his hand in disbelief, with buzzing sounds echoing in his head. He even wondered if he was dreaming? A freak earthquake in Lian Mai District had turned all research centers, manufacturing plants, and warehouses to dust while not a single person was injured. Was this some story out of a storybook?

    Regardless whether this was a story, Xia You knew that it was definitely not a simple earthquake. There had to be someone behind this, possibly using some terrifying explosives to blow up all the Xia family facilities. However...

    Not a single person was injured. Was there such an explosive in the world? If there were, then this story would be much more of a fantasy story.

    "Xia Fengkuang, immediately bring some men to Lian Mai District and seal off the entire area..." Xia You commanded.

    "Uncle You, Fengkuang has already..." Xia Zhenni, who passed the phone to him, quietly commented.

    This woke Xia You up, and he calmly spoke, "Immediately inform Xia Ji to seal the Lian Mai District, then inform Xia Family Pharmaceutical's main members to meet in meeting room 1. Also, ask Xia Zhi to return at once, remember, at once..."

    "Roger!" Xia Zhenni quickly replied as she shuffled out of the room.

    [1] Qingming, also known as Tomb-sweeping Day, is a day that people go to pay their respects to their ancestors at cemeteries, graves, memorial halls, etc.

    [2] Meridian Refining's hanyupinyin/romanisation is also lian mai, albeit with different intonation.
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