Chapter 849: Im Here To Collect My Debt

    Chapter 849: I'm Here To Collect My Debt

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    "Qingche, after I finished settling things with the Xia family, we'll be leaving Earth. Are you sure there's nothing you need to leave behind? You must know that cultivating dao also means cultivating destiny, cultivating life, cultivating enlightenment, cultivating everything you can feel. Happiness, Anger, Sadness, all forms of emotions are included. I don't wish that you have some lingering thoughts about this place, which might make you lose the opportunity to go further in cultivation!" Standing outside the residential area of the Xia family, Mo Wuji stopped and spoke seriously to Mo Qingche.

    "I..." Mo Qingche really wanted to say that she did not have any connections left and it would be ok to leave Earth immediately. However, after listening to what Mo Wuji said, she couldn't help but stop herself from saying just that.

    She had never cultivated the dao of the heavens and earth, but she knew that her grandpa would not deceive her. It could be that grandpa came back to resolve some issues that he never finished back in the day.

    "Grandpa, there are indeed some things, but..."

    Mo Qingche didn't know how to bring this topic up. She originally had a boyfriend, named Wen Rong. However, due to issues with the Mo family's solution formula, she chose to break up with her boyfriend.

    The reason that the solution's formula was leak was this boyfriend of hers. There was one occasion when she said that the solution's formula wouldn't be any worse than the Xia family's by a slip of her tongue. To her surprise, Wen Rong actually asked her to show him the formula.

    Her grandma had repeatedly instructed her that this was the only piece of inheritance of the Mo family and she could only reveal it to a male of the Mo family, so how could she show it to Wen Rong? Even if Wen Rong were married to her, she wouldn't want to disregard her grandma's wishes, much less if he was just her boyfriend.

    What made her infuriated was that Wen Rong actually passed this news on to the Xia family for some unknown benefits. This was the last straw. Without any hesitation, she broke up with him.

    "I know. Sit down." Mo Wuji gestured at Mo Qingche, refusing to allow her to explain any further, then casually setting up a defensive array.

    Once Mo Qingche was seated, he wrapped a bunch of Billion Years Immortal Wood Marrow around her. At this point, his sea of consciousness had recovered, and his cultivation level had crossed into intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage, hence the process of helping Mo Qingche cleanse and open her consciousness was a relaxed one. With the help of the Billion Years Immortal Wood Marrow, in half an incense's time, the entire process was completed.

    "I..." When Mo Qingche regained her senses, she realised that her mind was many times clearer than before. Many things that she couldn't understand previously suddenly became obvious. What's more, he entire body was extremely relaxed, giving her the illusion that she could fly at this moment if she wanted to.

    "Grandpa, have I become an immortal?" Mo Qingche excitedly asked.

    Shaking his head, Mo Wuji replied, "I've only helped you to pave the way for cultivation. You still have to rely on yourself for future cultivation."

    Of course, he didn't treat her as he treated Tan Zhenman. As Tan Zhenman did not choose to become his disciple, he naturally would not have taken out the Billion Years Immortal Wood Marrow to enhance her aptitude and expand her spirit channels. Since Mo Qingche was sure that she wanted to follow him to cultivate, he could only help her build a good foundation. How much she achieved in the future would completely depend on her.

    Thus, Mo Wuji did not impart any techniques to her.

    After he finished with his piece, Mo Wuji passed a necklace over to Mo Qingche, "Wear this necklace on you, it will automatically recognise you as its owner. Ok, I'm going to settle some things with the Xia family so you should go to tie up your loose ends, sever your connections with people, then I'll bring you away."

    "But how will I find you?" Mo Qingche asked.

    "There's not need for that. I'll know where you are." Mo Wuji replied with a smile.

    Sensing the changes in her body, Mo Qingche's confidence was boosted greatly, and she quickly responded, "I'll be going then. I'll take at most two days to settle my things."

    "Wait." Mo Wuji took out a ring, gave it to her, then he poked her hand, causing a single drop of her blood to land on the ring.

    "This is a spatial ring. Your large bag can be stored inside. Only you will be able to use the ring, and all you have to do is use your willpower." He explained as he handed the ring over.

    "Ah..." This time, Mo Qingche was really stunned.


    The Xia family was able to become the number one family not just because they had the Meridian Refining Solution. Once Xia You gave the order, many members of the family rushed back to meeting room one.

    Back in the day, the head of Xia Family, Xia Zhiding, once said that the Earth's environmental condition was worsening by the day, so the Xia family had to have a sort of sensitivity to danger and definitely could not just hole up in the empire of their ancestors while enjoying themselves.

    The descendents of the Xia family achieved this indeed. The children of the Xia family that had the slightest bit of talent were basically all sent to Planet Diyuan. To others, going to Planet Diyuan was extremely difficult, but to the Xia family, it was as simple as making a phone call.

    When Xia You appeared in the meeting room, all of the core members of the Xia family had all arrived.

    "I believe everyone knows what has happened. All of the solution refining facilities in Lian Mai District were completely destroyed. This seems rather absurd, but it's the truth. I didn't want to believe it at first..." Xia You sat at the head of the room, and even though he tried to suppress his emotions, this anger still couldn't be contained.

    "Regardless who it is, he can forget about living since he dared to lay his hands on the Xia family." Before Xia You could complete his sentence, an old man sitting beside Xia You angrily shouted out.

    This was Xia Zhidao, Xia Zhi's uncle, and the younger brother of the previous family head, Xia Zhiding.

    "I suspect that the Space Navigation Federation is behind this. Only they have the resources and balls to do it. As for why, it's probably because our Xia family severely injured Xi Li..." Another stepped forward to speak.

    Xia You frowned slightly, and before he continued speaking, a voice echoed from the outside, "It's not the Space Navigation Federation, they don't have the ability to do so. The Space Navigation Federation's Xi Li was pinned by me on Qi Shu's Observatory Plaza, hence he can't move at all. Even if it were him, he wouldn't be strong enough to break through the defensive array I set up."

    Following the appearance of this voice, a young, long haired man walked in.

    "Xia Zhi, you're back." While Xia You was the family head, he dared not act rashly. Xia Zhi might have looked young, but in reality he was much older than Xia You.

    Not only did Family Head Xia You rise, everyone else, including Xia Zhidao, also stood up.

    There was already one person that took the initiative to moving a chair to the side of Xia You, and Xia Zhi went over to sit down on it. Only after Xia Zhi sat did the rest of them sit as well.

    "Xia Zhi, you know who did this?" Xia You asked carefully.

    With a snort, the young man replied in a low voice, "This man is not simple. I went check the scene of the incident out. This was probably the work of an extremely strong cultivator."

    This news made Xia You's hands shake, knocking over the porcelain cup right beside him. Hot water splashed on his foot, but it seemed as though as he did not feel any pain.

    Cultivator. Other people might not be familiar with this term, but not Xia You. This was because the Xia family had two cultivators, one was Xia Zhi, and the other was Xia Ruoyin who had gone missing years ago. It was also Xia Ruoyin who brought back the formula for the Body Tempering Fluid too.

    Xia Zhi was the younger brother of the long vanished Xia Ruoyin, hence Xia You guessed that Xia Zhi's cultivation technique was left behind by Xia Ruoyin. However, Xia Zhi did not mention anything about releasing the technique for the other members of the Xia family to cultivate with, and he didn't say much about that either.

    "Then what will happen to out Xia family?" After listening to Xia Zhi's words, Xia You's chest was filled with rage. His rage would have some effectiveness against weaker member of the Xia family, but once it came to those stronger than the Xia family, he naturally was a little lost.

    "Family head, don't worry. My elder sister was able to build the family up back then, and before I leave, I'll naturally eliminate all threats to the family too. I've just broke through to a new level, so as long as this person is still on Earth, no matter where he's hiding, I'll be able to hunt him down." Xia Zhi mockingly spoke, revealing a great confidence behind his words.

    When Xia You heard this, he was immediately jolted up, and said without hesitation, "Then I'll get the Space Navigation Federation to stop all flying objects from leaving Earth right now."

    He knew how impressive Xia Zhi was, while the elder sister of Xia Zhi was at a level that he didn't even want to imagine. Hence, he did not bear any suspicion towards Xia Zhi's words.

    "There's no need for that, I didn't hide myself." Another voice echoed out, following which, Mo Wuji waltzed into the Xia family's meeting room.

    "Who are you?" Xia You stood up in shock. When the Xia family had a meeting, it would have been an exaggeration to say that the air from the outside couldn't come in, but at the very least, no one would be able to enter. Xia Zhi could do so because he was one of the core members of the Xia family.

    Without waiting for Mo Wuji to carry one, Xia Zhidao asked shakily, "Could, could you be a descendent of Mo Wuji?"

    Based on their investigation, Mo Wuji did not have any descendants remaining after he was killed. Even the woman that spent the night with him had been murdered by Xia Ruoyin right after. But if that was so, who was this person before them that posed a striking resemblance to Mo Wuji?

    "You're the one that destroyed our research center?" Xia Zhi also shot up from his seat. He could not sense how scary Mo Wuji was, as Mo Wuji didn't seem any different from an ordinary person from where he stood. It seemed like he had overestimated Mo Wuji.

    "Yes, I destroyed it. I'm here to collect some debts. Destroying that area was only the first step. The second step is to come to the Xia family and kill some people." Mo Wuji coldly remarked.

    After finding out that the woman with him that night was Wen Xiaoqi and Xia Ruoyin was just using him all the while, Mo Wuji decided he wanted to use the lives of the Xia family to pay for the debt.

    Xia Zhi chuckled coldly, and tried to grab Mo Wuji while shouting, "Then I guess you're going to lose your life..."

    But Xia Zhi was stopped mid sentence as he found out that his legs could no longer touch the ground and his outstretched arm could not move. The space around him seemed to have froze, fixing him on the stop.
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