Chapter 850: Grudge

    Chapter 850: Grudge

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    "Not bad, you were actually able to reach Spirit Building Stage on Earth. Your talent indeed warrants such pride." Mo Wuji casually commented.

    But he wasn't just spouting nonsense. For Xia Zhi to be able to use a few decades to cultivate till Spirit Building Stage on a resource and spiritual energy deficient Earth, he must have been a genius amongst geniuses. Even in the cultivation world, he would be a core disciple of a sect.

    "You can actually sense my cultivation level?" Xia Zhi's face was drained of colour. How frightening was it for him to see Mo Wuji as a mortal while Mo Wuji could detect his cultivation level.

    "How is Xia Ruoyin related to you?" Mo Wuji spoke with a completely cold tone, as he felt that this Xia Zhi had some connection to Xia Ruoyin.

    Xia Zhi replied solemnly, "Xia Ruoyin is my elder sister. Her cultivation level is more than a hundred times stronger than mine. If you dare to lay a hand on me, she will definitely kill you in revenge when she returns."

    "Oh, Xia Ruoyin has left Earth?" Mo Wuji frowned slightly. No matter how much Xia Ruoyin cultivated, she couldn't have reached that high a level on Earth. Although Xia Ruoyin was much more talented that Xia Zhi, could she really leave Earth?

    Xia Zhi's mindset of a cultivator kicked in and he finally cooled down. Taking in a deep breath, he spoke, "You still have a disciple in my hands. I've used a unique method to suppress her, if..."

    Without waiting for Xia Zhi to finish speaking, he drew out two needles as thin as a cow's hair, "Are you talking about these two needles?"

    "You..." Xia Zhi couldn't take it anymore, and cold sweat flowed down his back, soaking his clothes.

    The higher the level one cultivated to, the more one valued his own life. An expert like Xia Zhi that stood above all other men would have valued his life much more than an ordinary person.

    With a random grab of his hand, Mo Wuji could remove the needles from inside Tan Zhenman and Xi Li despite them being a few thousand kilometers away in Qi Shu City. This sort of ability was beyond what Xia Zhi could sense.

    "Tell me where Xia Ruoyin went, how she went there, and I'll keep your corpse intact." Mo Wuji threatened.

    "You should be Mo Wuji right? You were considered friends with Xia Ruoyin of my Xia family, and we are also cultivators. Now you're going to deal with mortals like us. Don't you feel guilty?' Xia Zhidao totally understood now. This person in front of him wasn't Mo Wuji's descendant, but Mo Wuji himself.

    Since a member of the Xia family could cultivate and maintain his appearance for decades, so why couldn't Mo Wuji do the same? Back when Xia Ruoyin hadn't started cultivating yet, she still had to steal the formula from Mo Wuji.

    "I don't know, you can't kill me..." Without the ability to move, Xia Zhi was covered with sweat. Bead after bead of sweat dripped down from his forehead.

    By this time, Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered to continue with this bullsh*t, hence he drove his spiritual will directly into Xia Zhi's consciousness.

    In a few breath's time, he withdrew his spiritual will and had an ugly look on his face. Xia Zhi really did not know how Xia Ruoyin left Earth, but only knew that she did so. His cultivation technique was given by Xia Ruoyin. At the same time Xia Ruoyin had told him to focus on cultivating and she would come back to bring him away eventually.

    Without the patience to linger around here any longer, Mo Wuji opened his hand and drew a blood out of Xia Zhi's forehead. This drop of blood was brought into mid air, after which rune after rune was inscripted into it. Following which, ripples invisible to the naked eye formed around it and they began to spread outwards, as though as someone had thrown a pebble into a calm pond.

    As the drop of blood was levitating in mid air, Mo Wuji didn't ask any questions, turning and walking out of the meeting room of the Xia family. At the same time, the chains on the ten over men inside the Xia family's underground prison broke off on their own, and all of the automatic doors in the prison opened as well.

    Only when Mo Wuji's figure disappeared from sight did Xia You dare to heave a sigh of relief, "Uncle Zhidao, is this man really Mo Wuji?"

    Xia Zhidao's face turned green as he let out a small breath, "That's right, this man is Mo Wuji. Back then it was Ruoyin who killed him, but who knew that he didn't die in the end..."

    "What?" When Xia Zhidao suddenly paused, Xia You probed further.

    Frowning, Xia Zhidao continued, "That's not right. I'm sure that Mo Wuji was killed..."

    Back then, both he and Xia Zhiding were outside the laboratory, hence he could clearly recall that Xia Ruoyin's father entered the lab after Xia Ruoyin stabbed Mo Wuji once, adding on tens of stabs onto Mo Wuji's body. His head was nearly chopped off as a result. How could Mo Wuji not have died after being inflicted such a terrifying amount of damage?

    If Mo Wuji died, then who had just came in?

    Xia Zhi suddenly felt like his body was mobile again, and he declared, "I want to leave this place immediately, that Mo Wuji didn't lay a hand on us this time, but we never know about the next time...|"

    He stopped abruptly mid-sentence. Fear and disbelief were reflected in his eyes, and moments later, his entire body blew up.

    Just as though as a tap had been opened, after Xia Zhi's body blew up, Xia You's and Xia Zhidao's followed suit.

    In the Blood Culling divine technique that Mo Wuji used, all males of the Xia family would be killed by the divine technique once 15 year old or older. No matter where they were, as long as it was still on Earth, they wouldn't be able to escape this.

    Everyone in the meeting room was of the highest echelons of the Xia family, hence in Mo Wuji's eyes, they had to be part of the main branches of the Xia family. He never expected that there would be two men remaining.

    A bloody stench emanated from the meeting room, and these two men shakily stood up, looked at each other, before charging out without hesitation. Even if they were idiots, they would have known that they were not part of the Xia family in the first place, and precisely because of this, they were able to cling onto their lives.

    Even if they were members of the Xia family, after surviving this ordeal, they would no longer identify as one, much less if they weren't a member at all.


    Mo Wuji calmly walked out of Jing Yang City. His heart was much lighter than before. The thorn that had been pricking deep in his heart had finally disappeared completely.

    As for murdering all males 15 years old and above in the Xia family main branch, he didn't feel guilty about it either. Xia Ruoyin killed him without telling him the reason, even when he was her lover. Thus, one could see how cruelly the Xia family treated others.

    Compared to other cultivators, he still had his own baseline. If it were any other, even the most docile of people, would probably massacre the entire Xia family.

    From this day on, the issue between him and Xia Ruoyin would totally end. At this point, Xia Ruoyin was no different from people like Lun Cai and Murong Xiangyu.

    After staring at Jingshou Mountain for a good while, Mo Wuji took a step out and vanished. He was ready to set up a defensive array and a elemental energy restoration array for Earth.

    With his current level of cultivation and Array Dao, he could even set up a defensive array for an entire star system, hence a grand array to purify the elemental energy of Earth was nothing much.

    Array flags were integrated one after another into the space around Earth, and a slight amount of immortal spiritual aura was added in as well.

    The foggy layer of dust haze that covered Earth's surface was instantly sucked away, as if someone had used a large vacuum cleaner on the area. The destroyed ozone layer was also rapidly healed by Mo Wuji's defensive array.

    The Earth that had not seen any sunlight for a long time finally had a few rays of light landing on certain areas.


    Gua Cheng City, a medium city, the home of Xian Zhiyang.

    Zhiyang could be considered an ordinary person in Gua Cheng, because Xian Donghai of the Xian family had good business acumen, earned some money, and used it to set up a mould company. The rest of the Xian family were pulled into the mould company and each of them possessed a small percentage of the company's shares.

    However, there were many internal arguments in the Xian family due to a very simple reason: Xian Donghai's son, Xian Zhiyang, suddenly returned from school and began to invest in real estate.

    How could an average mould company earn that much money? No matter how cheap land was, after Xian Zhiyang had his go at it, his funding started to run out.

    "We don't wish to continue arguing. Convert our shares into money and give it to us. Since you want to buy the entire Earth, we won't care that much anymore." Xian Dongxi was Xian Donghai's younger brother, and also the largest shareholder with 7% to his name.

    "It was Donghai that brought you guys into the mould company, and you're still in the process of finding other jobs." Xian Donghai's wife was enraged. These brothers and sisters were all thankless wretches, completely forgetting how Donghai treated them in the past.

    "How much money/" Xian Donghai was tired of scolding his son any more, and now he just wanted to find a way to raise the money for his relatives.

    "We have a combined 13% of shares, which adds up to 5.21 million. We don't want that much from you, so just give us 5 million and we'll be square." Xian Dongxi spoke again.

    Before Xian Donghai could reply, Xian Dongyang stood up, "Dad, I'll go to borrow the money."

    After speaking his piece, Xian Dongyang called Tan Zhenman. He was just an acquaintance of Tan Zhenman, possibly even not acquainted with her at all. Back then, it was Mo Wuji that told him to invest in real estate, hence he wanted to ask if Tan Zhenman passed the Three Star Exam. If Tan Zhenman really did, then he must have judged Mo Wuji correctly. If that was the case, he intended to take a loan from her, as the Tan family was much wealthier than the Xian family.

    However, if Tan Zhenman did not pass the Three Star Exam, he could only try sell the land at a dirt cheap price, gather 5 million, and give it to these heartless relatives.


    In the Observatory Plaza of Qi Shu City, Xi Li and Tan Zhenman stared at each other. They had been stuck here for days, and even their meals were bought by some workers from the outside. Just now, they felt that the thin needle which could kill them at any moment had disappeared, and they could sense that no matter how far they walked, it wouldn't be a problem. On top of that, both of them had regained their strength.

    "What's going on?" Tan Zhenman asked in disbelief.

    Xi Li had a little more experience, and while it was very unusual, he could feel that someone far away had taken these needles out from their brain.

    "Zhenman, someone should have helped to remove those needles from our bodies." Xi Li couldn't believe what he was saying, but his senses shouldn't have betrayed him.
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