Chapter 851: True Freedom

    Chapter 851: True Freedom

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    Tan Zhenman stared at Xi Li for some time before speaking, "If what you said is true and someone helped us, it could only be the guy that taught me..."

    She didn't know how to address Mo Wuji. 'Elder brother' seemed inappropriate. 'Master' wasn't right either, as she had declined going under his wing, which probably was the greatest regret of her entire life.

    "It's your master?" Xi Li asked.

    But Tan Zhenman could only smile while shaking her head, "No. Even though he taught me some technique, I declined taking him as my master."

    "..." Now it was Xi Li's turn to stare at Tan Zhenman in disbelief. If such an expert took him as a disciple, he definitely wouldn't turn him down. He couldn't understand what Tan Zhenman was thinking back then.

    Seeing Xi Li's surprised expression, Tan Zhenman sighed, "Back then I only thought about going to Planet Diyuan. I didn't want to remain on Earth at all, but that man required me to stay on Earth as his disciple."

    "Ah?" Xi Li didn't comprehend the rationale behind this. The Earth's environment was already polluted to a frightening extent, even to the point that the Earth might start breaking down. So what was the use of staying on Earth? On top of that, he couldn't understand why Tan Zhenman was so adamant about going to Planet Diyuan till she gave up being that man's disciple.

    "Senior Xi Li, what should we do now?" Tan Zhenman might have been cleansed by Mo Wuji, but she still did not possess much battle experience, hence she did not know whether to stay or to leave.

    In a low voice, Xi Li responded, "We'll leave right away. If it was that man that saved us, then the Xia family's Xia Zhi would definitely have been killed by him. Otherwise, saving us would be pointless because Xia Zhi would murder us once we leave this place. If we leave the plaza and Xia Zhi does not appear, then we would know what had happened."

    "Ding Ling Ling!" Xi Li's mobile phone suddenly rang, which made him scramble for it. After picking up, he only heard a few sentences before hanging up with a look of shock on his face.

    "Senior Xi Li, what's the matter?" Tan Zhenman quickly asked.

    Taking in a deep breath, Xi Li explained with a rather weird expression, "Just now the Space Navigation Federation informed me that the Xia family's pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in Jing Yang City's Lian Mai District were all destroyed, and not a single bit was left behind. On top of that, all males of age in the Xia family were killed..."

    Both of them stared at each other again. Even though Tan Zhenman was still in school, she knew very clearly how scary the Xia family was. Adding Xia Zhi to the mix, the Xia family was definitely the number 1 family on Earth. They were the most powerful and profitable. What kind of power would be required to destroy them in such a short period of time?

    "Zhenman, where was the elder that taught you those techniques from? Where does he live? Can I pay a visit to him?" Xi Li gazed at Tan Zhenman intently.

    If he could invite Mo Wuji to Planet Diyuan, then the migration of Earth would be more or less successful. The beasts on Planet Diyuan were definitely not a match for an expert of this calibre.

    Unfortunately, Tan Zhenman shook her head, "I only know that his name is Mo Wuji. That's right, he was brought to school by a schoolmate of mine..."

    Just as she spoke till this point, her mobile phone rang as well. She quickly picked up the call, and became emotional upon hearing Xian Zhiyang's voice on the other end of the line.

    "Zhiyang, where are you?" Tan Zhenman agitatedly asked. She couldn't find Mo Wuji, and only Xian Zhiyang could.

    As he heard Tan Zhenman's emotional voice through the phone, Xian Zhiyang was stunned for a few seconds, then he said, "I'm at Gua Cheng City..."

    Since when did he become so close with Tan Zhenman? For her to directly call him 'Zhiyang'? And with a tone that sounded like she was talking to an old friend which she had not seen for years?

    "I'll come over immediately. You won't be leaving right?" Tan Zhenman's voice was still quivering.

    This string of events made Xian Zhiyang stare at his phone, speechless. Was he the one trying to find her, or was it the other way around? Why did it seem like she really wanted to find him from the tone of the tone of her voice?

    Hence, he quickly followed up, "I'm not leaving. Oh yes, Tan Zhenman, I have something I need you to help with..."

    "What? Just tell me, and I'll help you if I can." Tan Zhenman said unhesitantly.

    "Well..." Xian Zhiyang hesitated for a moment, but still continued, "I'm short of some money, and need to borrow five million from you. I spent all my money on buying land. Once the price of land increases, I'll return the money to you as soon as possible."

    Without a second thought, Tan Zhenman immediately replied, "Sure, send me your card number. I'll transfer the money using my phone."

    When Tan Zhenman put down the phone, Xi Li thought, 'Who was that? Tan Zhenman actually became so emotional?'

    "Senior Xi Li, the person that called was my schoolmate, the one that brought Senior Mo to our school. Because he did so, I got to know Senior Mo, and gained an opportunity."Tan Zhenman quickly explained.

    Xi Li also became agitated, "So can we visit this schoolmate now?"

    "Beep beep!" A new message popped into Tan Zhenman's phone, and in it was Xian Zhiyang's card number.

    "Sure, he's in Gua Cheng City. I've already talked to him about it, so wee can head over immediately." Tan Zhenman spoke while transferring the money to Xian Zhiyang.

    "Ok, let's leave right away." Without even greeting any of his colleagues here, Xi Li quickly walked out of the plaza.

    Once they took a step out of the plaza, and there wasn't any danger, Xi Li knew that Xia Zhi had been killed by that senior for sure.


    After Xian Zhiyang hung up the phone, he suddenly realised that he forgot to ask if Tan Zhenman passed the Three Star Exam.

    She was simply too emotional on the phone, to the point that he thought that they were good friends.

    "Have you borrowed the money?" When Xian Zhiyang was thinking about whether he should make another call, Xian Dongxi probed.

    "Beep beep!" His phone received a new message, and after looking at it, Xian Zhiyang solemnly told everyone, "The money is here, please sign the contracts, once that's done, I'll transfer the money over to everyone."

    With cash on hand, everything was easily executed. The contracts for transfer of shares were ready and in a short period of time, everyone finished signing them. Then, Xian Zhiyang transferred the money to Xian Dongxi and the others.

    Once Xian Dongxi received the money, his frown was turned upside down. He chuckled while talking to Xian Zhiyang, "Zhiyang, earning money isn't easy nowadays. You can't compare yourself to the men from those large families just because you've gone to study at a university in a big city."

    Xian Zhiyang coldly replied, "There's no need for you to worry about how my family spends our money. I won't be seeing you out, please leave."

    "Elder brother, something's not right..." Just at this moment, Xian Zhiyang's sister exclaimed as she ran into the room.

    "What's wrong?" Xian Donghai asked.

    "The sun has rose, and the haze is gone. On top of that, there's no longer any weird smell in the air..."

    Without any further explanation, everyone in the house charged outside. No one could remember when was the last time that they had seen the sun.

    Indeed, the sun had appeared in the sky. More accurately speaking, the haze that covered the sun had been blown away. All they could see was that the haze seemed to have been sucked away by some unknown entity. Not only was the haze gone, the weird smell in the air was gone as well.

    No one knew how long it had been since rays of sunlight directly hit their faces. The sky was blue, the air was fresh, as though as the entire place was a utopia.

    Other than the Xian family, everyone else in the world rushed out of their homes and offices, raised their heads to admire the clear blue skies, and took in deep breaths of clean, fresh air.

    Cheers and celebrations erupted in every corner of the globe. Countless people knelt on the ground, thanking god for returning their original home to them.

    At this moment, everyone could feel true freedom. Being able to freely breath clean air, that was true freedom. There was nothing complicated about it. All it took was fresh air.

    "The haze is really gone..." Xian Dongxi came to a realisation. He turned around to look at Xian Zhiyang and Xian Donghai, and felt like he had been cheated by them.

    "Donghai, did you guys know that things would turn out this way, hence you tricked us?" Xian Dongxi's heart was filled with regret. He demanded for two to three million dollars, only to lose hundreds of millions.

    He knew very clearly how cheap the land that Xian Zhiyang bought was.

    Agitated, Xian Zhiyang clenched his fists. He did not have to ask Tan Zhenman anything now as it was obvious that everything Mo Wuji told him was true. The environment on Earth was now better than one century ago, so why go to Planet Diyuan?

    The large plots of land that he bought was finally going to make him rich.


    Tan Zhenman, who had not boarded the plane yet, also stopped in her tracks. The entire Qi Shu City discovered that in a short period of time, the haze covering the city like a blanket was rapidly sucked away, revealing blue skies, white clouds, sunlight, and green grass. The previously rancid air was replaced by a fresh mixture which even brought a tinge of sweetness with it.

    Clenching his fists tightly, Xi Li stared at the sapphire blue skies. If Earth was restored, was there a need to go to Planet Diyuan?

    "I understand now!"

    Both Tan Zhenman and Xi Li said these three words at the same time. Tan Zhenman understood what Xi Li understood as well: why Mo Wuji asked her not to go to Planet Diyuan. It was because the Earth would be restored to its former glory, a place of luxury without pollution or weird smells.

    She also understood why Mo Wuji asked Xian Zhiyang to buy land. With this transformation of Earth, all land prices would shoot through the roof. While she didn't know how much land Xian Zhiyang had bought, it was clear that his net worth could possibly far exceed that of the Tan family.

    "If this was the work of that senior, he's just too powerful...' Xi Li mumbled to himself as he shivered in excitement.

    Tan Zhenman also clenched her fist, saying with great conviction, "Senior Xi Li, it could only be that senior that can restore the blue skies and clean air of Earth. It must be him, because he said..."

    At this instant, Mo Wuji was already a deity-like figure in Tan Zhenman's heart. She couldn't believe that someone like her had actually received instruction from someone like him.
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