Chapter 852: Refining The Sage Dao Talisman

    Chapter 852: Refining The Sage Dao Talisman

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    Mo Qingche stopped at the gate of Xihe University, and just like everyone else, she stared at the increasingly clear sky blankly, breathing in the air that became fresher by the second.

    Countless people cheered; countless people knelt down and cried. Mother Earth which had been abused by them had finally been restored. They could once again freely breath everywhere.

    With a similar emotion in her heart, Mo Qingche gazed at the sapphire blue sky. Back when she was just born, Earth's environment was already in a rather devastated state, which inspired her father to give her the name 'Qingche'[1].

    Now she could finally see clear [2] skies and breathe the clear [2] air.

    While she didn't see Mo Wuji, deep inside she knew that only her grandpa could do something like this. At this moment, she suddenly felt immense pride because this was what her grandpa did, and it was the farewell present he was leaving behind for Earth before leaving the planet.

    All of the bad memories vanished from her heart, and the shadow of Wen Rong disappeared as well.

    She did not have to look for Wen Rong anymore, as she had surpassed her past, hence to her, it was just like some water that flowed past or some ice that melted.

    "Qingche, you finally came looking for me." A surprised voice rang out, and a yellow clothed man rushed out of the university.

    Within a few steps, he was right in front of Mo Qingche, and he frantically said, "Are you finally convinced of the idea? As long as we can link up with the Xia family, what does going to Planet Diyuan mean. Qingche, we don't have to go to Planet Diyuan now either. The Earth's environment has been restored, so we just have to go to the Xia family's pharmaceutical group..."

    Wen Rong was no Xi Li. Even though the Xia family had been wrecked for quite some time, he was still unaware.

    "Wen Rong." Mo Qingche interrupted him. Raising her head towards the sky, she replied, "I wanted to bid you farewell, but once I arrived here, I suddenly understood many things. Hence, I'm no longer here to look for you, and I don't think there's any greetings I have to make either. Since there was no beginning, why would there be an end? I only wanted to take a look at my alma mater. Back in the day I studied here for a few years, so perhaps this is the only place I want to see before leaving."

    Mo Qingche's family was very rather poor, and she possessed average looks. Add that to the slightly proud personality she inherited from her grandma, it wasn't unusual that she didn't have many friends here.

    "You're going to Planet Diyuan? Did you bring me up with them..." Wen Rong was shocked, and quickly move forward to grab her arm.

    However, before his hand could touch her, a faint light knocked him backwards.

    This made Wen Rong stare at his hand, not registering what had just happened.

    Ignoring Wen Rong, Mo Qingche spoke at the sky, "Grandpa, there's nothing worth remembering left here for me. I want to leave."

    Just as her last word left her mouth, a faint rainbow formed around her.

    Wen Rong looked on as she vanished into the vast space, without a clue of what was going on.


    "Grandpa, were you the one that restored the Earth's environment?" Mo Qingche excitedly asked after appearing beside Mo Wuji.

    With a chuckle, Mo Wuji replied, "That's right, I did it. I'm also going to set up a defensive array, so I'll send you to my world first."

    At this point, he felt very excited as well, because he could feel a formless power that the Earth was giving him. Although he couldn't utilise it yet, but it seemed like this power was very important.

    "What world?" Mo Qingche asked with a puzzled expression.

    However, Mo Wuji gave a weird look. He couldn't send Mo Qingche into the Undying World. It wasn't that no one had entered the Undying World before. Ao Sangzi and Ao Xia of the Dragon Clan hid in his Undying World for a short period of time.

    "What's wrong?" Mo Qingche asked as she saw her grandpa frown slightly.

    "It's nothing much, I'll just set up a defensive array to protect the Earrth, then I'll bring you out of here." Mo Wuji didn't want to continue thinking about it. The Undying World was his, so it was just a matter of time before he found out what was the cause of this.

    "Grandpa, after you protect the Earth, does that mean flying ships can no longer enter and leave Earth as they please?" Mo Qingche clarified.

    "No, my defensive array will not affect any flying ship. It will only affect the highest tier of living things that cultivate. Under my defensive array, if any cultivators or extremely strong demonic beasts arrive, they will be instantly killed."

    "What are demonic beasts?" Mo Qingche was very curious.



    A mere few days later, Mo Wuji completed the setup of Earth's defensive array. After which, he drew out his own flying car and brought Mo Qingche away from Earth. Only when the flying car entered space did Mo Wuji call out Shuai Guo and Da Huang.

    Now, he wanted to find some way to refine the Sage Dao Talisman in his sea of consciousness. Only after it was refined would he be able to obtain the items inside of it. Thus the flying car was handed over to Shuai Guo to control, while Da Huang was to serve as a guard because Mo Qingche had never cultivated before, despite the fact that his flying car had a defensive array of its own.

    The laws in space were weak, and on top of that the flying car was isolated by the defensive array with his aura, hence both Shuai Guo and Da Huang did not face suppression by the laws when they came out.

    "Qingche, Da Huang and Shuai Guo are friends. I'm going into closed door cultivation for some time. During this period, they will keep you company. Once we reach the sect, I'll teach you how to cultivate. We're in space, and the laws are not complete, so you don't need to cultivate for now." Mo Wuji urgently wanted to refine the Sage Dao Talisman, thus he quickly gave these instructions after bringing Da Huang and Shuai Guo out.

    "Don't worry my lord, leave everything to me." Shuai Guo patted his chest confidently.

    Upon hearing this, Mo Qingche stared at Shuai Guo and exclaimed, "A bird that can talk?"

    Since Mo Wuji wanted to get back to the Immortal World as soon as possible, he didn't have the time to explain everything and just went into the cabin and set up restrictions all around. His consciousness delved into his sea of consciousness. In the space of such a low level world, there was nothing to be afraid of.

    However, Da Huang commented snidely, "It's not a bird. It's just a mosquito."

    "Hehe, a Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito is a mosquito, but have you seen a bird that more impressive than a Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito? I wouldn't even want to be a bird. Elder sister, are you a discipline of my lord?" Shuai Guo chuckled and immediately spoke to Mo Qingche with a fawning look on his face.

    Finally regaining her senses, Mo Qingche quickly replied, "Mo Wuji is my grandpa. My name is Mo Qingche."

    "So you're my lord's grandchild?" Shuai Guo frantically bowed after hearing this, and while joy rose up in his heart, he spoke with complete seriousness, "Oh sure. Since your surname is Mo, it'll be enough if you to call me Big Brother Shuai Guo in the future."

    Seemingly afraid that Da Huang would stir up trouble in front of Mo Wuji, Shuai Guo added on, "This is Da Huang. You can call him Brother Da Huang, but of course, you can refer to him as second brother as well. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you, I became acquainted with my lord earlier, and Da Huang only came to know him much later. As for the titles of big brother and second brother, I'll leave that up to you."

    With a grunt, Da Huang retorted, "I'm still much stronger than you."

    By now, Mo Qingche realised that this Shuai Guo was somewhat special, and didn't really give a hoot about who's big brother or second brother. She just asked curiously, "Shuai Guo, you're really a Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito?"

    "You know of Bloodthirsty Blood Mosquitos too?" Once Shuai Guo heard Mo Qingche bring up the topic of Bloodthirsty Black Mosquitos, he immediately replied respectfully.

    Nodding her head, Mo Qingche replied, "Of course I do. The Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito was one of the five greatest beasts of the savage period. You're really one of them? So you've eaten a Grade 3 Virtuous Golden Lotus before?"

    Upon hearing this, Da Huang couldn't take it any longer, and responded impatiently, "It's just dreaming. It only has a little bit of the bloodline of Bloodthirsty Black Mosquitos."

    "That's already very impressive." After all, Mo Qingche knew that Bloodthirsty Black Mosquitos were beasts of legends, but she never imagined that she could see one today.

    When these words left her mouth, Shuai Guo became even happier and said to Mo Qingche, "Da Huang isn't that capable, and he even wanted my name. However, my lord had given me the best name, so he could only be called Da Huang."

    "Shuai Guo is the best name?" Mo Qingche stared at Shuai Guo in shock.

    Shuai Guo responded proudly, "Naturally. Do you know what Shuai Guo means? Let me educate you, it means handsome and grand."

    "Puaa!" She couldn't keep her laughter in any longer, and then said, "That's right, this name is indeed handsome and grand."


    The giant Sage Dao Talisman in the sea of consciousness was suppressed by runes, but Mo Wuji could still sense the dao ripples circulating around it.

    Although his sea of consciousness was many times stronger than before, he didn't dare to underestimate this Sage Dao Talisman. After using a few tens of array flags to suppress the talisman further, Mo Wuji took out the Kun Wu Sword and levitated it over the Sage Dao Talisman for insurance.

    Completing these steps, Mo Wuji's spiritual will slowly seeped into the Sage Dao Talisman.

    The moment that his spiritual will entered the talisman, it felt like a dam had broken apart and countless inscriptions gushed out.

    Different grades of inscriptions continuously flowed into Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness. While is sea of consciousness surpassed that of an Immortal Emperor, he couldn't take it anymore. There were only two choices available. The first was to exit the Sage Dao Talisman this instant. As he had just entered it, there was still enough time for him to exit.

    The second was to try to absorb these inscriptions and make them his own.

    In the end, Mo Wuji didn't exit the Sao Dao Talisman. He had a feeling that since this was his second time entering the talisman, if he backed out now, he would never be recognised by it. This meant that he would never be able to refine the Sage Dao Talisman once he exited.

    [1] Another term with a the same hanyupinin means clear.

    [2] The homophonous term for 'Qingche' is used here
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